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ORIGIN: Central America.

TEMPERAMENT: Peaceful. Mostly used in community tanks. Excellent for people new to Tropical Fish.

CARE: Feed with tubifex worms and live foods. Some aquarium salt in the water will prevent fish deseases from entering your aquarium. Easy to breed and look after.

WATER CONDITIONS: pH 7.0 - 7.5 and a temperature of 25 - 28*C (77 - 82*F)

GENDER: The gender can be easily told by the male's anal fin (gonopodium). Females grow bigger and have a rounded body.

BREEDING: Platys are livebearers. Plants are an advantage to the baby Platys, as they can hide from the parents that may eat their fry. Breeding livebearers is easy, so you only have to wait a while to get young in your tank. The babies should be removed from their birth tank as soon as they are born and placed into a separate tank to be certain they survive. The parents are not as carnivorous as other live bearers so dont be too worried if the babies are not hiding.

COMMENTS ON THE PLATY:Platys are livebearers and they are very easy to breed. For good babies breed your best looking Platys. I have heard that they can breed with Swordtails but haven't tried this yet. They are very active and nice to look at. I give them a 7/10!

Last Updated: 17 Jan 2002

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