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NATURAL HABITAT: Southern and Central parts of South America, Caribbean.

SIZE: Mollies can grow up to 4".

COLOUR: Mollies can come in all different colours but are mainly black.

SHAPE: They are similar to the Sail Fin Molly but they have a smaller dorsal fin set back more.

TEMPERAMENT: Peaceful. Mostly used in the community tanks. Not really a good beginners fish.

CARE: Feed with tubifex worms and live foods. Mollies enjoy plants so put lots of live plants in the tank. Mollies like their water slightly salty so add a little aquarium salt and the mollies will be fine.

WATER CONDITIONS: pH 7.0 - 7.5 and a temperature of 25 - 28*C (77*C - 82*F)

GENDER: The gender of mollies can be identified by the male's anal fin (gonopodium).

BREEDING: Mollies are a little harder to breed than other livebearers although they can still be bred. Some aquarium salt in their water will help them grow faster, make them more active, breed and give them more colour.

COMMENTS ON THE MOLLY: These fish where named after a french man named Mollien. They are very facinating but a challenge to breed. Dont be worried about keeping them and their young together if they do breed, because they do not eat their young like the Swordtails and Guppies. The Sailfin variety is very popular and in my opinion are the best livebearer fish that i know of. I give the Molly a 7/10 and the Sailfin a 8/10!

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Last Updated: 17 Jan 2002

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