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Gambusia - Mosquito Fish

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NATURAL HABITAT: The lakes and waters of Florida America.

SIZE: Fully grown males can grow to about 0.75" and the females can go up to about 1.5".

COLOUR: Generally the gambusia are light brown or browny gray. They resemble the guppy in shape and colour.

SHAPE: Basically the same as the guppy, maybe a bit smaller. They are faily symmetrical and the fins are equal.

TEMPERAMENT: Fairly peaceful but can get a little agressive

CARE: Feed them well with mosquito larvae as they are known for killing these bugs very fast. They are extremely easy to keep but very hard to find.

WATER CONDITIONS: Use a temperature of 15 - 30*C

GENDER: The gender can be identified by the males anal fin. (gonopodium)

BREEDING: Follow the rules of the other livebearers. Although there isnt really any! Put the temperature at about 24*C.

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Last Updated: 17 Jan 2002

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