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How To Install Cracked Games\Programs, And How To Use Their Cracks

I'm using the "Lego Star Wars PC Game" file as an example. This how-to works the same on all games\programs.

Lets start off with the start. Unextracting a file. 99% of all files, will extract using 7-zip file extracter.

(1.) Start by right clicking your file. In the menu, select 7-zip -> your file\

Sometimes those files will have an extension (the last three letters after the dot) of .r01 or .r001 with multiple other files along with it. To extract those files, find the .rar file. If thats not there, then look for the first file that looks something like .r01 or .r001. They will extract the same.

After you extract your files, they should have an image file (the extension will be .iso .daa .nrg etc...(there are tons of others, those are just the more common that I have listed)) like the one in the picture named "Lego Starwars Pc Game Crack.iso". There might also be a .txt or nfo, and sometime these files tell you how to install the game\program.

Your files may look different than this. I use a multiple of different programs to make sure the files I download are legit. Those programs have their own icons, and your programs have their own icons. I'm not trying to make this confusing. So I will stick to the basics with the programs 7-zip and alcohol 120%.

Now we need to open the image file. Start up Alcohol 120%. After Alcohol is up, find an empty virtual drive in the bottom panel of Alcohol. It will say "No Media - Ejected" on the right side of the drive. (as shown in the picture) Right click on the top of the drive, and select "Mount Image..."

After you have selected to "Mount Image", you will see the "Open" pop-up box. With this, navigate your way to your image file (as the example in the picture "Lego Starwars Pc Game Crack.iso"). Then either double click the image file or click the image file then click the "Open" button. After the image is opened, wait a moment. The autorun will take over. (this may take a couple of minutes, depending on what else is running on your computer (even if you think nothing else is running, there is always something running.)

I can't really put a picture here, because all game\programs install differently, sorta. I mean they are all different, but they basically do the samething. After the autorun takes over, the install starts. Most people know how to install 99.9% of games\programs. That .1% somebody else knows how to install, and that somebody is probably me. So if you have a problem, ask. Don't be or get imbarrassed, it happens to all of us. I'm good at somethings, your good at others.

I will link how-to do keys here later.

After you get done installing the file. Go back to Alcohol 120%, back to the virtual drive that you opened your image into, and right click on that drive. Select "File Explorer" from the menu.

Next, look in the left pane of the explorer. There you should see a folder Named "Crack", "Vitality", "FLT", or something similar. Most of the time it will be named "Crack", if not then it's the name of the person of whom cracked the game\program. If you don't see anything like this, then look in the folder where the image (.iso) is at. Sometimes they only put the crack in the origanal folder. If you can't find the crack in either place, you can look at the bottom of this web page for a link to GameCopyWorld, and search for it yourself.

Once you have the crack, you need to either copy it or move it over to the games parent directory. To get to the parent directory, it will be in (using the left pane to navigate, click on the + signs): C:\ -> Program Files\ -> (whatever the name of the company who made the game\program (you can find this out by going to the start button -> All Programs -> the last folder in that list (it will be hightlighted, or you will see the new folder). That will give you the name of the maker). In the LegoStarWars, I had to goto C:\ -> Program Files\ -> Giant\ -> Lego Star Wars Game). If you can remember where the game\program was installed to, that would get you there quicker. After you have copied, or moved the crack over, it will ask you if you want to replace the current file. You should click yes. Then close out the explorer.

Alcohol 120% should be back on top. Goto the virtual drive that you put the image in. Right click on the drive, and select "Unmount Image". Then close Alcohol 120%, and close anything else that might be open. Then either double click on the desktop icon, or goto the start button -> All Programs -> the game folder -> then the game.

The Links

This is the place to search for cracks and Trainers. Make sure theres not a cheat before you download a trainer. Trainers don't always work, especially if there is a cheat

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