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Membership in the Afghanistan Perceivers is open to all persons with a interest in Sherlock Holmes.  The cost is $15.00 per year and all members receive invitations to all events and a Canonical name of a character from the stories.  A list of our current membership is below.  For more information or to join the Afghanistan Perceivers please email Vic Lahti:

Current Membership


Member Name

Canonical Name and Character Sketch

SirHugo.jpg (26792 bytes)

Bob Bandelier


Sir Hugo Baskerville In the Hound of the Baskervilles, he was a Devonshire Lord  who lived at the time of the Great Rebellion (1647), and who cursed the Baskerville Family with his lecherous behavior.  He kidnapped a local maid for his amusement and  pursued her across the Grimpen Mire with hounds when she escaped.  According to the Baskerville legend, he was killed by an enormous hell hound. 
Clara Walte Bowman TBA—New Member.  Canonical name yet to be assigned by the super secret Canonical Names Committee.

Dean Clark


Dr. Leslie Armstrong--The physician  friend of Godfrey Staunton in The Missing Three Quarter.  He was described as a man of deep character and a man with alert mind, grim, ascetic, self-contained and formidable.  Dr. Armstrong impressed Holmes with his brilliant battle of wits leading Holmes to compare his intelligence with that of Professor Moriarty.  Armstrong was one of the heads of the medical school at Cambridge and a thinker of European reputation.

Evelyn Clement

Violet WestburyThe loyal fiancée of the murdered Arthur Cadogan West in The Bruce-Partington Plans.  She was the last person to see West alive and reported that she and West were walking to the theatre when her fiancée dashed off into the fog after passing the Woolwich Arsenal.  She never doubted the innocence and patriotism of West.
Randy Clement


Jack Croker—Was a sea captain who fell in love with Mary Fraser in the Abbey Grange.  He accepted her marriage to Sir Eustace Brackenstall, but could not accept the contemptuous abusive behavior toward Lady Mary  and killed the brute in a life or death struggle.  He is described as a very tall, young man with a golden moustache, blue eyes, and sun burned skin.   
Stephanie Colburn
Hatty Doran—The only daughter of a wealthy American who was married to Lord St. Simon in the Noble Bachelor.  She disappeared after their wedding breakfast, much to the surprise of her husband, who hired Holmes to track her down.  Miss Doran was described as impetuous, volcanic, fearless, wild and free, and somewhat of a Tomboy.  Not surprisingly, she dumped the stuffy English Lord for an American miner.

Sylvie Dale


Grace Dunbar—The governess to the children of J. Neil Gibson in The Problem at Thor Bridge.  She was arrested for the murder of Gibson's wife, Maria and Holmes was hired to clear her.  Miss Dunbar was described as a brunette, tall, with a noble figure, a commanding presence, and appealing dark eyes.  She used her influence over Gibson to guide in using his great wealth for good.  Holmes described her as a remarkable woman.
Su Davis

TBA—New Member.  Canonical name yet to be assigned by the super secret Canonical Names Committee.
adair.jpg (80065 bytes)

Margaret Easton

Hilda Adair—Daughter of the Earl of Maynooth and Lady Maynooth, and sister of Ronald Adair.  With her mother she discovered Ronald Adair’s body in the Empty House. 

Noel Fairbrothers



Duchess of Balmoral--The wife of the Duke of Balmoral and mother of Lord Robert St Simon in The Noble Bachelor.  She was at the wedding of St. Simon to Hatty Doran but was not accompanied by the Duke.  It likley indicates a broader minded and more liberal attitude toward her son's marriage to an American heiress.  She is also the mother of  Lady Clara St. Simon and Lord Eustace St. Simon.


Lenora Garner
Lady Frances Carfax—The sole survivor of the late Earl of Rufton who became the object of a frantic search by Holmes and Watson through  Switzerland and England in The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax.  Lady Carfax had come to great danger at the hands of a supposed missionary, Dr. Shlessinger.


LordHope.jpg (27778 bytes)

Bill Gent

Lord Trelawney HopeThe Right Honorable Trelawney Hope was the secretary of European affairs who had a potentially dangerous letter stolen from his dispatch box in the Second Stain.  He was described as a dark, clear-cut, and elegant man, endowed with every beauty of mind and body.

LadyHope.jpg (19023 bytes)

Marsue Gent


Lady Trelawney Hope—In the Second Stain , she was the wife of the Secretary for European Affairs who pressed Holmes for details of her husband's case and left abruptly when Holmes refused.  She was described by Watson as a beautiful woman of delicate charm.

Sara Goswick
Violet SmithIn the Solitary Cyclist, she was the daughter of James Smith, a conductor at the Imperial Theater, who became a music teacher.  After the death of her uncle, Ralph Smith, she became the object of a plot to marry her for her uncle's inheritance.  Watson described her as a young, beautiful woman, tall,  graceful, and queenly.  Holmes noticed her spatulate fingers from which he deduced her occupation.
Bill Janssens

Francis Hay Moulton—An American gold prospector in The Noble Bachelor who secretly married Hatty Doran and then went off to make his fortune.  He was reported to have been killed in an Indian attack, but showed up at the last minute to reclaim his wife before she married the very stuffy, Lord St. Simon. 

Richard Kearns


Duke of Balmoral—A nobleman of the St. Simon family and onetime secretary for foreign affairs.  He was father of Lord Robert St. Simon of the The Noble Bachelor and it was rumored that he had been forced to sell some of his artworks.  He was a noted horseman, and horse breeder running Isis in the Silver Blaze.  He was also a gambler, losing 420 pounds in one night to Col. Sebastian Moran in The Empty House. 

Joe Kestner


Alec MacDonald—A Scotland Yard Inspector who appeared with Holmes in The Valley of Fear.  He was described as a tall, bony figure with bushy eyebrows, exceptional strength, and keen intelligence.  He was a silent, precise man of a dour nature and had a hard Aberdonian accent.

Beryl Kolafka Alice Turner—Is the daughter of John Turner, the squire in Boscombe Valley Mystery.  She is in love with James McCarthy who is suspected of killing his father, Charles.  She hire Lestrade to prove James' innocence and the Inspector enlists the help of Sherlock Holmes to sort out the mystery.  Watson describes her as one of the most lovely women he had seen in his life. 

Vic Lahti


Trevor (“Jack”) Bennett—The professional assistant to Professor Presbury and fiancé of the professor’s daughter, Edith, in The Creeping Man.  He was described as tall, handsome, well dressed, and elegant.  He hired Holmes to determine the reason for the Professor’s strange behavior.   Edith called him “Jack” for some inexplicable reason.

Brakenstall.jpg (18089 bytes)

Jane Langston


 Mary, Lady BrackenstallThe young, beautiful, and long suffering wife of Sir Eustace Brackenstall in the Abbey Grange.  She was originally from Australia and fell in love with Jack Croker, a first officer on the ship to England.  She married, however, Sir Eustace, a drunkard who beat her and set fire to her dog.  She shielded the murderer of her husband from the police.  Holmes refrained from exposing her out of a sense of justice.
John Leonard James McCarthy—The son of Charles McCarthy who is accused of murdering his father.  His innocence is proven by Sherlock Holmes' investigation in The Boscombe Valley Mystery.  He was in love with Alice Turner but would not marry her due to a unfortunate spontaneous marriage to a bar maid.  

Jim McUsic


Henry Baker—A member of the goose club at the Alpha Inn in The Blue Carbuncle, he lost both his hat and his goose in an attack by ruffians.  Holmes deduces from the hat that Baker was a sedentary man, middle aged, and had grizzled hair.  Baker was a man of learning and letters who spent his daytime hours  in the museum.

Marian McUsic

Queen VictoriaFor his services to the crown in the Bruce-Partington Plans, Holmes spent the day at Windsor and returned with a fine emerald pin.  When Watson asked if he had bought it, Holmes answered that it was a present from a certain gracious lady in whose interests he had once been fortunate enough to carry out a small commission.  
Patricia Miller Mary Sutherland--Was the daughter of a deceased plumber in A Case of Identity.  She hires Holmes to find her fiancé who abandoned her at the altar.  Mary was a typist and was described as a rather large woman who dressed stylishly.  
Lyn Morgan

Julia Stoner--Was the stepdaughter of Dr. Grimesby Roylott and the twin sister of Helen Stoner in The Speckled Band.  She became engaged to be married and was murdered by Dr. Roylott in order to keep control of her inheritance.  After having been bitten by Roylott's snake, she cried, "It was the band! The speckled band!"

Richard Morgan

Dr. Mortimer--A country physician from Dartmoor who first called upon Holmes for advice in the matter of the Hound of the Baskervilles.  He was described as a tall, thin man with a long nose, and gray eyes behind a pair of gold rimmed glasses.  As a dabbler in the science of phrenology he coveted Holmes' skull. He proved to be a great friend of Sir Henry Baskerville and a help to Holmes, but tended to believe in the legend of the Hound and the supernatural.
Rob O'Bar James Dodd—A former soldier from the Boer War, he asks Holmes to help him find his "closest pal" Godfrey Emsworth in The Blanched Soldier. Dodd is currently working as a stockbroker and is describe as a virile young man with a short beard and a military manner. The subtext of the story indicates that Dodd and Emsworth had an intimate relationship. 


James Perry

Billy—A youth named Billy served as a page at Baker Street in several stories.  In The Mazarin Stone he is described as a wise and tactful page who helped Holmes in his loneliness and isolation.
Sarah Ann Robertson Helen Stoner—The step daughter of Dr. Grimesby Roylott in the Adventure of the Speckled Band.  She turns to Holmes in fear for her life from her stepfather.  She is described as a woman of thirty but her hair was shot with premature gray.   
Ferrier.jpg (32778 bytes)

Marty Sauer


Lucy Ferrier—Known as the Flower of Utah, she was the adopted daughter of John Ferrier in A Study in Scarlet.  She fell in love with Jefferson Hope, but was forced to marry Enoch Drebber, becoming his eighth wife.  She died within a month of her marriage and became the cause for vengeance.
darklady.jpg (24630 bytes)

Ann Shelby


The Dark Lady —The wife of a nobleman and statesman who was blackmailed in the story Charles Augustus Milverton and whose husband died of a broken heart upon receiving the indiscreet letters.  She was described as having a dark, handsome, clear-cut face,  glittering eyes, and a straight, thin-lipped mouth set in a dangerous smile.  Her name is never mentioned, but she was a noble celebrity with a time honored title.  Holmes and Watson observed her shoot Milverton repeatedly with a revolver, but she was allowed to escape out of sense of justice.
Brad Sinor Barker—Is a private detective in London in The Retired Colourman hired by the family of a man who was missing.  He is referred by Holmes as his hated rival upon the Surrey shore.  He is described as tall, dark, mustached, military man who wore smoked glasses.
Sue Sinor Violet Hunter—Is a young woman in The Copper Beeches who asks Holmes advice after being offered a position as governess with the condition that she cut her hair. 
Karla Sparks TBA—New Member.  Canonical name yet to be assigned by the super secret Canonical Names Committee.
Jody Walsh Brenda Tregennis—Was a member of the Tregennis family of Cornwall in The Devil's Foot and was found dead in the house.  She was described as an attractive woman even in death.  She was also the mistress of the African explorer, Leon Sterndale. 
Watson.jpg (23593 bytes)

John Watson

Dr. John H. Watson—Longtime associate, friend, and chronicler of Sherlock Holmes who first appeared in A Study in Scarlet.  He is known for his loyalty, honor, and lack of deductive skills. He was an army surgeon in Afghanistan where he was wounded. His first meeting with Sherlock Holmes is the source of this society's name: "You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive."  Watson is often described as sturdy, well built, attractive to the ladies, and a conservative dresser.


Brooks Williamson Mr. Melas—Was a Greek linguist and interpreter who was a neighbor of Mycroft Holmes in The Greek Interpreter.  Mr. Melas was kidnapped twice and forced to translate the the words of Paul Kratides who was kidnapped by a gang of criminals. 
Brian Wilson Carlo the Mastiff—A dog owned by Jephro Rucastle in The Copper Beeches.  Rucastle threatened Violet Hunter with the dog, but it could only be controlled by the Toller the groom.  Carlo attacked Rucastle and he was saved only because Watson shot it with his revolver. 
Sherry Zyskowski Flora Miller—A danseuse at The Allegro and former intimate friend of Lord St. Simon in The Noble Bachelor.  In love with St Simon she caused a scene at his marriage to Hatty Doran and was forcibly ejected from the wedding reception by the butler and footman.  Because she was seen talking to Hatty Doran before she disappeared she was suspected of murdering the woman.