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HK/CETME Services/Pricing

We are introducing services and kit building for the HK/CETME battle rifles. We provide full Kit Builds with  epoxy-based finishes, baked (air-brushed) or un-baked.

Click here to see our kit building procedure and pics

HK USC vent slot milling (similar to UMP) $100 and Black dye job $60 (both $150, see picture below) 








We currently offer the options shown  below. If you have service requests for other than those shown, please feel free to email us. We also provide our customers with digital pictures of their project work (during the project). This is a new service that has been well received by our customers. Thanks for checking with us! And to our loyal customers...THANKS for your business!

Important Note

Good quality G3 part kits seem to be in short supply. Nice quality CETME parts kits are still available at very reasonable cost. We suggest building on a CETME parts kit using a G3 type receiver with the improved rear barrel sight. You will basically have what amounts to a G3 with nice wood furniture and simplified trigger pack.


Note: All laws and regulations apply.

Choose your Options:


Full Kit Build without finish work

Click here to see our Kit Build procedure




Epoxy-based paint:

Baked and Air-brushed - $150

Unbaked - $80

Individual Services below:  

Grip frame and trigger pack conversion to semi-auto per ATF specs:

Clipped ears - $80; Fake pin look - $100

Cocking tube straightening (best we can) $20
Remove de-mil'd receiver stub from trunnion and save cocking tube $45
Remove receiver scrap from cocking tube while keeping cocking tube sleeve in tact (done with lathe)  $40
Remove soldered front sight post $35
Remove barrel from trunnion $50
Press/headspace/pin barrel in trunnion $180
Re-align, solder, and pin sight post only (for bad alignment jobs) $50
Weld cocking tube and trunnion to receiver $100
Install paddle mag release per ATF specs (parts should be in your parts kit) $125
Permanently install muzzle device (1100+ degree silver solder per ATF) [We use high quality Harris Safety Silv 40% silver wire, not jewelry paste] $45
Cut-off, crown, lap, and thread barrel (We start threads on lathe for more accuracy) [Note: Send your muzzle device with barrel for fitting] $55
Note: Some barrel operations, to be done properly, must be turn able on lathe. Barrel provided to us not in receiver.  
Hand-paint selector lettering (stampings must be deep enough to hold paint) $35
HK USC vent slot milling (similar to UMP) $100 and Black dye job $60 

USC_Black_Right.jpg (65561 bytes)


(both $150)

Prices Subject to Change


Turnaround time for machine work generally, is roughly 3-4 weeks in our shop. Full kit builds roughly 2-3 months. Email us for current estimated turnaround time.

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