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HK/CETME Kit Building

Our HK/CETME pages are under construction...more information and pics will be provided as we can get to it. Thanks for checking!


Our kit building procedure:


* Remove old flash hider

* Cut cocking tube from trunnion

CockingTubeCut.jpg (82189 bytes)

* Cut scrap stub metal from cocking tube on lathe, preserving sleeve  

PreservedCockingTubeSleeve.jpg (73103 bytes)

* Remove scrap metal from trunnion 

CutScrap.jpg (312364 bytes)

* Remove soldered sight post from barrel

* Remove barrel from trunnion if needed

* Trigger pack and grip frame mods:

- Notch front of trigger pack per ATF specs

TrigPackCut.jpg (193072 bytes)

- Install US trigger parts if needed

TrigPackPieces.jpg (185599 bytes)

- Weld/braze support shelf in grip frame

CETME_HandGripShelf.jpg (135140 bytes)

- Make/silver solder selector stop on grip frame

CETME_HandGripLeft.jpg (151346 bytes)

- Retain fake front pin look (silver solder pin ends on each side of grip frame)

GripFrameComplete.jpg (181366 bytes)

- Cosmetic touch up and epoxy painting of grip frame (Matte Black left below, Semi-Gloss right below)

Matte_Blk_Grip.jpg (124739 bytes)  Semi-Gloss2.jpg (132959 bytes)


* Locate and drill weld holes in receiver (5 places)

* Prepare receiver for cocking tube and barrel pressing

* Press barrel into receiver

* Align cocking tube

* Press cocking tube into receiver and check for function

* Solder sight post and weld retaining pin on barrel

BarrelCockingTube.jpg (79857 bytes)

* TIG weld cocking tube and trunnion to receiver (Stainless receivers MUST be painted; Read notes below carefully)

BrazeRcvrLeft.jpg (63386 bytes)  BrazeRcvrRight.jpg (52340 bytes)

* Cosmetic touch up and epoxy painting of upper (Matte Black left below, Semi-Gloss right below)

Matte_Blk_Upper.jpg (39250 bytes)  Semi_Gloss_Upper.jpg (34621 bytes)

* Install paddle (extra charge; see note below) or standard mag release parts

* Install barrel type or paddle wheel rear sight parts if needed

* Fit buttstock to receiver

* Install muzzle device if needed


Completed Kit with Welding and Fitting Details

CETME_Complete_left.jpg (30565 bytes) CETME_Complete_right.jpg (27881 bytes)

CETME_Weld_detail.jpg (70742 bytes)  CETME_grip_right.jpg (117003 bytes)

CETME_left.jpg (85515 bytes)  CETME_right.jpg (101295 bytes)

G3's in Matte Black and Olive Drab Epoxy 

G3s_1.jpg (50902 bytes)  G3s_2.jpg (54976 bytes)



  1. You supply all parts, including the required US made compliance parts.
  2. Stainless receivers MUST be painted rather than Parkerized.
  3. All rifles will be TIG welded at cocking tube to receiver and trunnion to receiver.
  4. TIG welding provides focused heat and CAN be Parkerized.
  5. Extra charge for installing paddle mag release per ATF specs. You supply parts. $100 (Note: Can't install on some receivers)

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