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About me

My Hobbies

Mountian Biking:
I ride a '01 Specialized Stumpjumper M4 Comp. It has most of its factory components including Manitou Mars Elite fork, Shimano XTR rear der., LX front der., and Mavic 225 rims. I also have the Time Alium pedals which are great... at times. They are easy in, but a bit too easy out. They make up for that by being able to take one hell of a beating and clearing mud easily. Overall, I am very happy with this bike's performance. I am a 200 lb. rider who is very hard on my bikes. The only problem I have had is when one of my front chain rings literally bent in half on a hard downshift (I had to carry the bike for a few miles in the rain...) Otherwise I could not be happier with the bike. It fits me great and I recommend it to anyone out there who is semi-serious about biking.

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More to come soon... well, when I get the time anyway!