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Welcome to Oksana Baiul-Ice Princess,One of the oldest and last still-active Oksana sites on the Internet.This is my tribute to one of the most beautiful,talented and courageous people I know.The way she has overcome the many obstacles in her life should be an inspiration to us all.Any information on Oksana is always welcome and is vital to the continuation of this site.For best viewing of this site ,please use the 1024 x 768 screen resolution setting on your computer.Thank you and enjoy your stay!! Sincerely , Scott Banker(webmaster).

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Oksana Baiul-Ice Princess is not an official site and does not have any contact with Oksana Baiul or her management.

Please report any errors or problems to the webmaster.Thank You.It also appears that
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Updated:March 20th,2005

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