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Jochamo's Cover page on Rocky Mountain News

Raising top quality Labrador Retrievers for over 25 years.

Cherokee pup 2003 Jochamo at 3 yrs old Cherokee Pup 2003 A Lexi/Riley pup. Alycia with Riley at 18 months

"Behold the Labrador. Though he be just a dog, he is our loyal companion, our good and trusted friend."

We have a few older puppies available. Check the available link below for additional information! Get your deposits in early on our litters for best choice!

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We are a State inspected and licensed facility.

We have been breeding top quality, picture perfect Labrador Retrievers in our home and family kennels for over 20 years and we take great pride in the quality of our Labs. We are not a puppy mill. We are professional breeders that care about the health and happiness of our companions. We work in conjunction with our veterinarian to provide the best home and breeding environment for our four legged family members. Our breeding Labradors have champion pedigrees in both hunting and show.

We breed for beauty, health, and disposition. Most of our Labrador's are English style with big wide heads and chests. All of our breeding Labradors are obedience trained family companions that are calm natured, highly intelligent, loving and very friendly. We follow a specific breeding program and only breed our females once every 12 - 18 months.

We raise a limited number of chocolate, black and yellow (including light cream and fox red) pups each year. Our yellow pups range in color from solid white to Fox red depending on the breeding pair. All of our pups are well socialized from the moment of birth. ALL puppies are veterinary inspected at 3 days when their dew claws are removed and again at 6 weeks. They are de-wormed at 3, 4 1/2 and 6 weeks and have their 1st shots.

Our Labradors have an inherited instinct to retrieve, and do make excellent field, retrieving, and agility dogs, but their calm, good natured, loving dispositions and intelligence also make them excellent companion and aid dogs. Our pups HAVE the disposition to fit into a family situation and the intelligence and instinct to keep up with the most adamant bird hunter.

We would also like to mention an organization that helps find homes for the animals of soldiers being deployed who have to find a home for their animals. We fully support our men and women overseas and appreciate the sacrifice they make for our freedom so when we get the chance to help them, we do. This link is to an organization that places their family companions in loving homes. They are in need of volunteer homes as well as financial support. I hope that you will check them out and help support this wonderful organization.

Guardian Angels for Soldiers Pet

We produce PICTURE PERFECT labrador puppies and adults. Please view our BREAKING NEWS section below for information about some of our gorgeous puppies and grandpuppies who have gained national attention in photographs.


Two of our adult chocolate Cherokee Belle/Cowboy pups are the featured canines for Kirkland's brand dog beds and throws on the Costco website as well as the model for some of Sams Clubs dog beds. Their photos have been used in ads, labeling and posters for the products. See the ad at and enter item # 294064 or item # 293965 to see the ad. These boys are owned by the Bellon family in Texas.

MORE EXCITING NEWS. Jochamo, a yellow male pup from Lexi's 2007 litter was featured on the cover of The Rocky Mountain News ( in 2008. This good looking Labrador is owned by Chris Stiebler. See his photo in the above lefthand corner and on the Buyers Comments page. You might also check out 1WorldWater. This company donates a bottle of water to third world countries for every one you purchase! Jochamo pictured above left is owned by Chris Striebler, owner of this wonderful company! Jochamo is also featured in the above left corner of our guarantee page for making the cover of Gear Grab!

WOW, MORE GREAT NEWS. Several of our Grandpuppies have made the cover of Cabelas Fall 2010 Womens catalog which will be out SOON. These puppies are from a gorgeous yellow female sold to Shana Allen of Good Lab Outfitters ( in Fredericksburg, Texas. We are in the process of asking the photographer for the rights to add this gorgeous photo of our beautiful grandpuppies to our website. In the meantime, once the catalog has been issued, you can visit to view the photo. Remember the catalog won't be out for a few weeks!

And the GREAT NEWS keeps coming in. We've made website of the day from Next Day Pets for our outstanding website and won the Quality Dog Website Award. We are proud of what we do and the awesome quality of the puppies we produce and we know you will LOVE OUR PUPS!

Photo taken above of Alycia Martindale and Martindale's Rimshot Riley taken by Luke Allen of Photo of Lexi, a 2007 Labrador Retriever pup from our Lexi and Riley taken by Ned Grace Photography. CLICK HERE for NED GRACE PHOTOGRAPHY.

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