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NAME - Ross
AGE - 22
LOCATION - Oklahoma
HEIGHT - 5' and 11"
WEIGHT - 155 lbs

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I just started working on this page so its not yet done.
I like to play soccer. I like pretty much any sport. I also work out alot. I also like to party, and hang out. I am pretty happy with life and i think thats the most important thing there is; to be happy. Ohh and I am a dork, but its ok, cause i have fun.
Just take some time and look around my page, there will be new stuff everyday. Be sure to sign my guestbook, peace.

Alternative Rock -
The Kicks
Maroon 5
Stephen Speaks
Story of the Year
The Darkness
Something Corporate
Tom Petty
Pink Floyd
The Verve
Verve Pipe
Linkin Park
Taking Back Sunday
Cold Play
Green Day
Third Eye Blind

Rap & Pop -
Dr. Dre
Tech Nine
Ja Rule
Bone Thugs N Harmony
Tu Pac

Country -
Dierks Bentley
Chris Cagle
Garth Brooks

Other Music Links -

Real World
Car and Driver
Dragonball Z
Just Shoot Me

Boiler Room
Empire Records
Road Trip
Full Metal Jacket
Cold Blooded
Cruel Intentions
Dazed and Confused
Office Space
Getaway in Stockholm
The Godfather

NFS Underground
True Crime
Golden Eye
Fifa 2004
Madden 2004
Vice City

If yesterday was a difficult day, rest assured that things will ease up somewhat. Even still, sometimes the noise of life seems extraordinarily loud to you. Today may be one of those noisy days, but you might also be up for engaging the action rather than hiding away from it. You don't have to make any big decisions, even if it seems like you do. Instead, just enjoy what you can.

-March 27, 2004

Keep a tight grip on your tongue on Monday and Tuesday, or you may find yourself blurting out things you later regret. Your emotions tend to get the best of you, so try to keep them in check. Your charm will be at its peak Wednesday and Thursday -- take advantage of it by hosting an impromptu party. Work or other projects may have you tied up in knots Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Instead of obsessing about everything you have to do, get out and live a little -- you'll be a lot more productive if you let it go for a little while before putting your nose back to the grindstone.

March 22 - March 28, 2004

You begin March on top of the world. For the first three days you can do no wrong, and for the first week all mistakes are forgiven. Invincible heroes and willing accomplices feel that the good times will never end. But between the 8th and 10th, you face the realities of indifference and resistance. How you deal with this may determine events for the foreseeable future. Reconnect with your fan base on the 11th and 12th. Draw power and refreshment from the people that care about you. You'll need all this from the 13th through 18th when enemies hide behind sugarcoated lies, allies tell it like it is and your cranky side threatens to betray your real motives. On the 19th and 20th you stop this crazy world in its tracks for a sweet, emotional farewell to winter, only to have the first days of spring roll relentlessly over you from the 21st to 23rd. Don't worry about being too nice, though, because the real you shines through on the 24th, paying manifold dividends through the end of the month. Look for deep personal satisfaction on the 29th and 30th, if it doesn't find you first.

March, 2004

Don't make too many New Year's resolutions -- January finds you less than focused. The longer your list, the less likely you'll make a dent in it. Put some of this stuff on hold for later. After January 21st, avoid guilt about your love of variety; there's nothing wrong with having more than one flavor. Valentine's Day could be interesting. February 20th unlocks the part of you that really wants to come out. After the first week in March, lost initiative is recovered and your enthusiasm is back.
Spring takes you by surprise; you like your inward state, and you're not ready to surrender it. April 19th or 20th will surely drag you out of this late hibernation. Even as you launch into a five-month period of great accomplishments, you already have something to show for it. Bring out that list of resolutions on May 5th and start crossing them off. Maybe you're not yet completely in your element, but through late June you do just fine in whatever conditions dominate from moment to moment.
Life restarts when summer rolls in on June 22nd. You're happy and so's everyone else by the 29th. Time flies without any complaints to hold it back. Late in July you're feeling satisfied -- and strong enough to take on other people's loads. You can feel your community expanding. August is full of the joy -- and the frustration -- of deeper involvement and the shifts in your life this brings. Starting on the 23rd, you find transformed vision and clear communication. Celebrate: It doesn't get much better than this.
Autumn brings changes -- from September 23rd through at least October 14th, you feel imposed upon by the limits you thought you'd transcended. A flood of water energy on the 24th saves you from drying up and blowing away. Nostalgia for the old days is healthy and fun until November 11th: After that, find some new energy. Then maybe your dreams are coming true, or maybe this is a taste of what could be. Thanksgiving shows you what needs change, and December shows you where to start.

The year 2004

More pictures coming soon


San Jose Earthquakes
Kansas City Wizards
Manhattan United
Real Madrid
AC Millan


Kansas City Chiefs
Chicago Bears
Green Bay Packers

College -
Oklahoma Sooners
Big 12

- "Chicks are for fags."

- "Scars heal, glory fades, And all we're left with are the memories made. Pain hurts, but only for a minute. Yeah, life is short so go on and live it, 'Cause the chicks dig it."

- "Days swiftly come and go.
I'm dreaming of her;
She's seeing other guys.
Emotions they stir.
The sun is gone,
The nights are long.
And I am left while the tears fall."

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