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Luke Skywalker (Hoth Attack)

This is the first sculpt of Hoth Luke that we've gotten in nearly 7 years, or so. I have to say this is one superb sculpt. Hasbro used the Scan technology used on 2002 Saga sculpts. This is the first Luke figure we've gotten that resembles Mark Hamill. His Hoth clothing is sculpted very well as his jacket's skirt and his belt are sculpted separate from the figure piece and despite his holster not working, it is still sculpted very well done.
Luke Skywalker (Hoth Attack) has 8 points of articulation. His articulation points are at his hips, waist, ball-jointed shoulders, neck, and there is also a pivot joint on his neck allowing him to look up , down, or forward.
Luke's paint application is done very well. The two copies of this Luke I bought have no paint splotches save a black tiny splotch on his neck. It is hardly noticeable. The best part of the paint application on Luke is his bloodied up face from being attacked by the Wampa. 
Luke comes with 3 main accessories. He comes with a lightsaber with a removable blade (so that you can place the lightsaber hilt in a hole in the Ultra Wampa's Ice Cave Base), a pair of oversized goggles (which appear to be a rehash of Chewbacca's goggles from the POTJ figure) and a Ice Cave Base. His Ice Cave base looks magnificent and is supposed to attach to the top of the Ultra Wampa's Ice Cave Base so that you can put Luke in it upside down reaching for his lightsaber to recreate the scene from the movie.
Luke Skywalker (Hoth Attack) has no Action Feature as Hasbro did away with these for the Basic Figure Line in 2003. I'm rather disappointed in this respect as this would have been the PERFECT chance for a metal lightsaber hilt and a magnet in Luke's hand for him to Force Attract while hanging upside down in his Base when it is attached to the Ultra Wampa's Base.

Overall, I must say I can't find ANY fault with this figure except for his lack of Force Attraction Feature with his lightsaber and the Oversized Goggles. However, I tried the goggles out and have noticed they still look big, but look the best on top of his Hoth Hat. I think these were meant to be placed on a piece of ice sticking up out of the Ultra Wampa's Ice Cave Base. Luke Skywalker (Hoth Attack) looks magnificent in his package and outside of his package either displayed on his Base or with his Base hooked up to the Ultra Wampa's Base with him hanging upside down. I give this figure the highest score possible.

Grade: A+

UPDATED: 1/28/04
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