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Princess Leia Organa (Imperial Captive)

This is the first Leia that we've gotten in the Saga Line. Also, this is NOT a new figure. It is basically a rehash of the Princess Leia Organa with New Likeness that we got back in POTF2. This time around, Leia's face looks 100 times better than the nicknamed "Monkey Face" Leia that we got back in 1995. Her hood is a separate sculpt from the figure which is great, as well as her skirt is sculpted separate from the figure but is held together this time. It seems her HoneyBuns are sculpted to the figure's head unlike past Leia's where her long hair is a separate sculpt glued to her head.
Because this Leia is a rehash of a POTF2 sculpt, she has basic POTF2 articulation: 6 points (Neck, Shoulders, waist, hips). Nothing big here except it would have been nice had they revamped her elbows or something. 
Luke's paint application is done very well. The two copies of this Luke I bought have no paint splotches save a black tiny splotch on his neck. It is hardly noticeable. The best part of the paint application on Luke is his bloodied up face from being attacked by the Wampa. 
Leia comes with 3 accessories. She comes with a Sporting Blaster, a Blaster Rifle, and a clear Star Wars Figure Base. I enjoy these packed-in figure bases a lot.
This Leia has no Action Features as no POTF2 figure had them. Nuff said.

Overall, it's hard to review this figure as it is a rehash for one. Another, it's a rehash of a POTF2 figure. Why they couldn't have just made an entirely new sculpt is byond me. Still, this is the first HoneyBun-haired Leia that I've ever owned which is nice. I'm not giving this figure a grade of A-, A, or A+ due to it being a POTF2 rehash in the Saga line of superb sculpted figures.

Grade: B

UPDATED: 1/28/04
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