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Han Solo (Endor Raid)

My, my my, the sculpt of Han Solo. Well, first off, Star Wars figures have evolved so much from the days of POTF2's He-Man Buff style. Han looks just like he did in the Endor Bunker scenes of ROTJ. This is the first Han figure that Hasbro used the Face scanning technique on, so this Han actually has a stunning likeness resembling Harrison Ford.
Han Solo (Endor Raid) has 7 points of articulation (Neck, Shoulders, right bicep, waist, and hips). His action feature kind of gets in the way of his waist and right shoulder articulation, though. Overall, not that bad of articulation.
The particular figure that I own has some pretty good paint application. Not a single splotch of paint. The only complaint I have in this area is his vest. In the film, his vest has always been black. On this figure, his vest is blue. This just doesn't sit right with me.
Han Solo comes with two suction cup Grenades and his trademarked blaster pistol. I tried out the Grenades and they stick to a surface rather well. His blaster pistol is smaller than POTF2 blasters, which I think is pretty good.
The dreaded 2002 Saga Action Features strike again on Han Solo (Endor Raid). Lots of people overlook this Han figure because of his Action Feature. I did myself, for the longest time. I finally gave in and bought this figure and realized that his action feature works very well. There is a white button on the left side of his waist that you push down and he turns to draw his blaster. The white button doesn't look that bad when you think about it. That is because it is in the shape of a peg that has always been on past Han Solo figures' belts. I like this action feature a lot. Also, I experienced a bit of Nostalgia from this figure due to this Action feature. If you've ever played Super ROTJ for the Super Nintendo, you would know that when you play as Han Solo, he has a special feature where you can throw grenades at enemies. Well, this figure rotates when doing his Action Feature pretty much the same way that Han does in the SNES game when throwing grenades. If you put one of Han's accessories in his hand enough to where its loose but can still stay in his hand, when you push the button, he can throw the grenade JUST like he did the the video game.

Overall, I love this figure. He comes with a working Holster to place his blaster pistol in when it is not in use. Working Holsters have always been very cool looking and are done rather well. I'm giving this figure a high score for the great sculpt and the Nostalgic Action Feature. I can't bring myself to give it a perfect score (A+) though, because the Bluish Vest bothers me somewhat.

Grade: A-

UPDATED: 1/27/04
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