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Anakin Skywalker with Lightsaber Slashing Action! (Deluxe)

Enter Anakin Skywalker (Deluxe). This figure is considered one of the worst Anakin figures from AOTC ever made. He has an Oversized Belt and a weird cloth-goods type Jedi Tunic. The Oversized Belt is big in order to fit the Tunic better. Underneath the Tunic is the worst set of Arms that you've seen on an action figure. He head is stuck in "SCREAMING" mode to display his Anger. Despite his mouth being hugely open, this face sculpt looks pretty good.
Enter Geonosian Warrior. Not much here except he can split apart. He is based somewhat off the regular Geonosian Warrior in the Saga set. Also, this figure is rather naked. I don't think this guy has ever heard of a thing called "pants!"
Anakin Skywalker (Deluxe) has 6 points of articulation. His articulation points are at his hips and shoulders. Anakin does not have neck articulation due to his Action Feature.
Geonosian Warrior has 5 points of articulation. His articulation points are at his neck, shoulders and wings in his back. This is pretty basic articulation. I do not understand why he doesn't have leg articulation. 
Anakin Skywalker does not have nor does his need that much paint applications. They are just on his Headsculpt, belt, and body. This is one brown looking figure, but then again that's all his Jedi tunic is in AOTC anyways.
Geonosian Warrior has a pretty good paint job. However, from looking at the regular Geonosian Warrior figure from the Saga line, I've come to the conclusion that this figure is a little too green in color. When I think about that, it's not that bad. Why? Because it distinguishes this Geonosian from other Geonosians.
Anakin Skywalker comes with 5 accessories. These accessories are a blue-bladed lightsaber, a green-bladed lightsaber, Geonosian Warrior Piece A, Geonosian Warrior Piece B, and Geonosian Warrior Piece C.
The Geonosian Warrior comes with no accessories, as he is somewhat considered an accessory, himself.
Once again a Saga 2002 figure with an Action Feature. Anakin Skywalker has special Lightsaber Slashing Attack. This action is weird. He moves his arms in a "scissor-like" cutting motion. Because of this Special Feature, his arms are weirdly shaped as a chunk is taken out of his torso in two spaces. Luckily, his weird soft-goods Tunic covers these ugly chunks.
Geonosian Warrior has two Action Features. One is that you can move his wings around to where he looks like he's flying, or you can move them down to where he looks like he's on the ground. His second Action Feature is splitting apart! He can split apart at the waist and right through his torso. 

Overall, I have mixed feelings about Anakin Skywalker and the Geonosian Warrior. Anakin Skywalker doesn't look good in a Diorama, which is what I've been planning in doing with my figures lately. However, due to the flaw of almost EVERY Anakin figure having his Tunic skirt in such a large action pose, thus restricting putting the figure in a Jedi Starfighter, I like that this Anakin has a soft-goods tunic. Why? because this Anakin can actually fit perfectly into a Jedi Starfighter. The Geonosian Warrior is a different story. The pegs that connect his three parts are horribly weak, so as a figure by himself, he sucks because he constantly falls apart. However, apply some Super Glue in two places and connect his three pieces to form one Action Figure. By this way, he is actually a good looking figure and is nice to play with or display on your shelves or in a Diorama. I'm not giving this Deluxe Figure set that high of a grade because of the many flaws, but it is still otherwise a nice set.

Grade: C

UPDATED: 1/27/04
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