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K.A.P. Kids Against Poverty

Kids Against Poverty

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It is not fiction...

Welcome to the Kids Against Poverty (K.A.P.S.) website! This site is intended to chronicle how a group of kids from rural Southeast Texas fights poverty in their community and throughout the world. Can a group of kids really make a difference? Come along and follow our awesome journey!

In the Beginning...

The K.A.P. ministry started when nine year old Emily saw the urgent need for food in Africa. "When I see these children on the news, it makes me feel sad. I don't want another baby to die because her mother can't buy food," Emily says. She had an idea to make and sell necklaces and bracelets. Emily's mom contacted the International Missions Board and told them of her plan. IMB agreed to send all funds collected to African missions. Emily couldn't stop there! She decided to invite the youth of her church to join in. Enthusiasm spread, and K.A.P. was formed.