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Terms of Use

This set is linkware but may be purchased for $45US.

This set may NOT be altered in any way ... that includes
resizing, cutting, mixing with other sets, etc.

You don't have to use everything in this set, or set it up
this way, but no part of the set may be used with any other
background set.

This set may NOT be used as stationery in emails.

My logo must appear on the same page that the graphics
appear. Please link back to:

Font used is Californian FB.

Suggested text colours are:

LINK - #F3E5F2

Click here to pick up the zipped file, which
includes my original html document.

Please do NOT link directly to the graphics on this site.



16 April 2003.

All graphics on this page are © of Lil Kitty, 2001-2003.