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May God Bless those who serve and bring them home safely to us.

The Poetry of Justin Scoggins

Copyright 2003-2004 Justin R Scoggins

Below are a few of my poems.
I will add more at a later time.
I would like to thank everyone for the awards and the comments given.
Please feel free to sign my book.
I enjoy hearing from you.
I will try to finish this site soon.
Thank You.

Chat Room

Click here to chat live with me.
All chat with Publishers will be private and password protected.
E-mail me to arrange an appointment and login information.
Central Standard Time
Thank You.
(I will not be available for chat through July and September.)

About Myself

(This page also includes an untitled poem at the bottom of the page.)

An Angel In My Eyes

Goodbye My Love

I Miss You

I Will Prevail


Prayer For Peace

Prayer of The Heartbroken




What I Need

When I Pray

You Lose

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