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I can finally say that I'm over you now.
Never again will I be so naive, I vow.

Though heartache was the cost,
I have gained from my loss.

After all you put me through,
I'm a stronger person now because of you.

I'm harder now than I was before.
Pain doesn't come as a shock to me anymore.

I won't be caught off guard again.
I'm now more cautious about who I love, and who I label a friend.

This was a hard lesson learned.
From now on my trust will only be given to those who have earned.

I'm leaving this conflict with my pride,
for once I'm setting your feelings aside.

Why have consideration for someone selfish like you?
No more bending over backwards the way I used to do.

Never again will I walk a mile out of my way.
No longer do I care what you have to say.

I demand respect and will accept nothing less.
If you want my love then you will have to pass the test.

I now have a rule by which I'll live.
Never again from a relationship will I accept less than I give.

With this heartache came a lesson and so much more.
I'm stronger now than I ever was before.

Copyright 2003 Justin R Scoggins