"My Love
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"My Love"

Never have I felt this way.
My love for you grows stronger with each and every day.
Nothing can conquer our love or bring us defeat.
The day that I met you I became complete.
I was united with you My Love.
My soul-mate, a gift to me from The Lord Above.
The one I live to hold tight.
The one I dream of day and night.
The one that is perfect for me.
The one for which these eyes were made to see.
For your voice alone My Dear,
God has given me the ability to hear.
For the scent of your perfume and hair as well,
God has given me the sense of smell.
The one whose lips mine were made to kiss.
God gave me the ability to taste for this.
The one whose embrace I need to feel so much!
For that I was given the sense of touch.
The one for which God gave me this heart.
The one that will love you til death do us part.

Copyright 2006 Justin R Scoggins

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