[Part d]
[Continued from Part c]
"...no nation which signs this [UN] Charter can justly maintain that any of its acts are ITS OWN BUSINESS, or within its own domestic jurisdiction, if the SECURITY COUNCIL says that these acts are a THREAT TO THE PEACE." - WILLIAM CARR [187]
"...the teacher...can do much to prepare the hearts and minds of children for global understanding and cooperation...At the very HEART of all the agencies which will assure the coming of WORLD GOVERNMENT must stand the SCHOOL, the TEACHER, and the ORGANIZED PROFESSION." - JOY ELMER MORGAN (former editor of the "NEA Journal" - National Education Association) [188]
"I think the subject which will be of most importance politically is MASS PSYCHOLOGY...It's importance has been enormously increased by the growth of modern methods of PROPAGANDA...Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class (ELITE). The populace will not be allowed to know HOW its convictions were generated." - BERTRAND RUSSELL, Philosopher, Educator and ATHEIST [189]
"In the struggle to establish an adequate world government, the TEACHER...can do much to prepare the hearts and minds of children for GLOBAL UNDERSTANDING AND COOPERATION...At the very top of all the agencies which will assure the coming of world government must stand the school, the teacher, and the organized profession." - JOY ELMER MORGAN (Editor of the "NEA Journal") [190]
"...To achieve WORLD GOVERNMENT, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas...The re-interpretation and eventual ERADICATION OF THE CONCEPT OF RIGHT AND WRONG which has been the basis of child training, the SUBSTITUTION of intelligent and rational thinking for faith in the certainties of the old people, these are the belated objectives...for charting the changes in human behavior." - BROCK CHISHOLM (Head of the World Health Organization) [191]
"...Russia, in self-defense, has EVERY MORAL RIGHT to seek atomic bomb secrets through military espionage if excluded from such information by her former fighting allies!' " - JOSEPH E. DAVIES (US Ambassador to the Soviet Union 1936-39) [192]
MARCH 21st
"When the news first came that Japan had attacked us my first feeling was of RELIEF that...a CRISIS had come in a way which would unite all our people. This continued to be my dominant feeling IN SPITE OF THE NEWS OF CATASTROPHES which quickly developed." - HENRY STIMSON, US Secretary of War [193]
"The establishment of the UNITED NATIONS EDUCATIONAL, CULTURAL AND SCIENTIFIC ORGANIZATION marks the culmination of a movement for the creation of an international agency for education...Nations that become members of UNESCO accordingly assume an obligation to REVISE THE TEXTBOOKS used in their schools...Each member nation...has a duty to see to it that nothing in its curriculum, courses of study, and textbooks is CONTRARY to UNESCO's aims." - I. L. KANDEL of Teachers College, Columbia University [194]

*The United States Senate refused to ratify a treaty with UNESCO several years ago and we withdrew from the organization. When Klinton got in, he ignored them and brought UNESCO in, using their auspices to confiscate our lands, parks and waterways - throwing the people off their legally-owned land, in the process! [OL]
"In the future development of school programs, the SERVICE PROGRAM will receive increasing emphasis until the school becomes in fact the agency to which ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE COMMUNITY TURN when in need of assistance." - WALTER COCKING [195]

*The "Service" part of the program recommends schools provide "health and medical services for children and adults, child care services, feeding services, social welfare services..." Sound like a typical American school today, doesn't it? [OL]
"Although the ultimate need for an organization stronger than the United Nations must be clear to any thoughtful observer, the question of what type of organization is realistically possible at the present time is the real issue...There is no indication that American public opinion, for example, would approve the establishment of a SUPER STATE, or permit American membership in it.
"In other words, time - a long time - will be needed before world government is politically feaseable...this time element might seemingly be SHORTENED so far as American opinion is concerned by an ACTIVE PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN in this country." - ALLEN W. DULLES, BEATRICE PITNEY LAMB [196]
"...when MacArthur issues a warning against Communist activity in Japan, John Carter Vincent takes it upon himself to reprimand the General, charging that the General is instituting an ANTI-SOVIET campaign in violation of the State Department's directives to use Japan for 'building a BRIDGE OF FRIENDSHIP to the SOVIET UNION'." - HELEN LOMBARD [197]

*Hmmm. Does that last expression sound slightly familiar? What kind of a "bridge" ARE the Klintons building, I wonder? [OL]
"The dramatic offer of MR. JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER, JR. of the sum of $8,500,000 for the purpose of acquiring a tract of land in the City of New York along the East River, between 42nd and 48th Streets led to the adoption of the proferred New York site." - LELAND GOODRICH and EDVARD HAMBRO [198]
"...The United States made an interest-free loan of $65,000,000 to pay for the [United Nations] building." - "Foreign Affairs"
"The United States has NO JURISDICTION. No representative of administrative, judicial, military, or police authority of the United States may enter that zone without permission of the Secretary-General. In short: as long as the seat of the United Nations remains within the United States, the area occupied by the United Nations is considered as EXTRATERRITORIAL [separate from the United States] with full diplomatic privileges and immunities." - LOUIS DOLIVET [199]
"The First Amendment has erected a wall between church and state. That wall must be kept high and impregnable. We could not approve the slightest breach." [200]

*Appendix B will be covering the TRUTH behind this statement in detail.
"I agree that NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY is the ROOT of the EVIL...[but]...The question of procedure remains. Can the root be pulled up by ONE MIGHTY REVOLUTIONARY HEAVE, or should it first be loosened by digging around it and cutting the rootlets ONE BY ONE?" - PHILIP C. JESSUP (CFR - Future World Court Justice) [201]
"Conflicts of meaning exist in the United Nations charter itself, as well as in speeches delivered under its auspices. Take the expression 'HUMAN RIGHTS,' for which a definition was actually sought in San Francisco. The Russians wanted 'THE RIGHT TO WORK' included, which was frowned upon by some, and both the British and Russians opposed the American wish to include 'THE RIGHT TO FREE ENTERPRISE;' both also grew perplexed when it was proposed to bring in practically the WHOLE BILL OF RIGHTS. The search was quickly ABANDONED for the sake of expediency..." - EDGAR SNOW (Internationalist and UN Supporter) [202]
"We will offer the CHRISTIAN WORLD unheard of PEACE overtures, and these nations, stupid and decadent, will leap at the chance to be our friends; they will WILLINGLY COOPERATE in their own destruction. Then, WHEN THEIR GUARD IS DOWN, AND THEY HAVE GONE TO SLEEP, we will SMASH THEM with our clenched fist." - DMITRI MANUALSKY, Soviet Diplomat
Remember William Z. Foster's predictions about the "American Soviet Government" in his book 'Toward Soviet America' back in 1932? Well, the following might give us a glimpse of what we have to look forward to as another Communist Satellite:

"It is a period of calculated destruction. The Russian method of occupation follows a certain pattern necessitated by the difference between the East and West in standards of living.
"After a spearhead of disciplined troops which destroys any remaining opposition, PROPAGANDA SHOCK TROOPS arrive. Their job is to DESTROY ALL EVIDENCE OF HIGHER THAN RUSSIAN STANDARDS OF LIVING in enemy territory, before the ordinary soldier appears upon the scene. A man who eats at a table and sleeps on a bed is considered a BOURGEOIS [middle class to wealthy]. BOXES are to be substituted for TABLES and STRAW for BEDS. In Hungary such a policy meant DESTRUCTION of WORKERS' and PEASANTS' HOMES as well as those of the WEALTHY classes." - JOHN F. MONTGOMERY [203]

*And what will become of our nicer things we spent a lifetime to acquire? They will be CONFISCATED by our new RUSSIAN AND CHINESE MASTERS. Thank you, Bill and Hillary!
MARCH 12th
To CONTROL THE PEOPLE better, the internationalists create a "COLD WAR" between Russia and its former allies. Truman takes full advantage of the situation:
"...Truman announces a doctrine of international resistance to communist aggression. The TRUMAN DOCTRINE guarantees American aid to any free nation resisting communist propaganda or sabotage." - World Book

*Or at least, so goes the official line. But, according to retired British Intelligence agent, DR. JOHN COLEMAN, the Truman Doctrine actually is a creation of the one-world-order Shadow Government. Let's take a look:

"The existence of the NATIONAL RECONNAISSANCE OFFICE (NRO) is known to only a handful of people outside of the COMMITTEE OF 300, until Truman stumbles upon it quite by accident. CHURCHILL had a hand in setting up the NRO and he is reportedly livid when Truman discovers its existence. Churchill, more than any other servant of the Committee of 300, considers Truman his LITTLE-MAN FROM INDEPENDENCE 'WITHOUT ANY INDEPENDENCE AT ALL.'
"This refers to Truman's every move being controlled by FREEMASONRY...NRO's annual budget is not known to the Congress of the United States, and it is responsible to only a select few in Congress. But IT IS A CREATURE OF THE COMMITTEE OF 300 to whom its reports are routinely sent EVERY FEW HOURS." - DR. JOHN COLEMAN [204]
"STANDARD OIL can be considered an ENEMY NATIONAL in view of its relationships with I.G. Farben after the United States and Germany had become active enemies." - JUDGE CHARLES CLARK
"As you teach about the UNITED NATIONS, lay the ground for a stronger United Nations by developing in your students a sense of world community. The United Nations should be TRANSFORMED into a limited WORLD GOVERNMENT...Teach about the various proposals that have been made for strengthening the United Nations and the establishment of WORLD LAW.
"Teach those attitudes which will result ultimately in the creation of a world citizenship and world government...We cannot directly teach loyalty to a society that does not yet exist, but we can and should teach those skills and attitudes which will help to create a society in which world citizenship is possible." - WILLIAM CARR [205]
"To channel the energies of education toward the establishment of a genuine world order, an order in which the NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY IS SUBORDINATED TO WORLD AUTHORITY in crucial interests affecting peace and security...an order in which 'world citizenship' thus assumes at least equal status with national citizenship...The SCHOOL should become a CENTER OF EXPERIMENTATION in attaining communities of uncoerced persuasion." - DR. THEODORE BRAMELD [206]
"There is urgent need for a program of education for WORLD CITIZENSHIP that can be made a part of every person's general education...It will take SOCIAL SCIENCE and SOCIAL ENGINEERING to solve the problems of human relations...The competitive principle must give place to the principle of cooperation...East and West are coming together in ONE WORLD ORDER...
"The role which education will play officially must be conditioned essentially by policies established in the STATE DEPARTMENT...and by MINISTRIES OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS in other countries. Higher education must play a very important part in carrying out in this country the program developed by UNESCO...The UNITED STATES OFFICE OF EDUCATION must be prepared to work with the State Department and with UNESCO." - "Report by President Truman's Commission on Higher Education"
"Because the masses are notoriously shortsighted and generally cannot see danger UNTIL IT IS AT THEIR THROATS, our statesmen are forced to DECEIVE them into an awareness of their long-run interests." - THOMAS BAILEY (Historian) [207]
"The UNITED NATIONS is ZIONISM. It is the 'SUPER-GOVERNMENT' mentioned many times in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, promulgated between 1897 and 1905." - HENRY KLEIN (Jewish Lawyer) [208]
"The general philosophy of UNESCO should be a scientific WORLD HUMANISM, global in extent and evolutionary in background...In its education program it can...familiarize all peoples with the implications of the TRANSFER OF FULL SOVEREIGNTY FROM SEPARATE NATIONS TO A WORLD ORGANIZATION...
"Tasks for the media division of UNESCO (will be) to promote the growth of a common outlook shared by all nations and cultures...to help the emergence of a single world culture...even though it is quite true that any radical eugenic policy of CONTROLLED HUMAN BREEDING will be for many years politically and psychologically impossible, it will be important for UNESCO to see that the eugenic problem is examined with the greatest care, and that the public mind is informed of the issues at stake so that much that NOW IS UNTHINKABLE may at least become thinkable." - SIR JULIAN HUXLEY (First Director-General of UNESCO) [209]

*EUGENICS is the "study of ways in which the physical and mental quality of a people can be controlled and improved by SELECTIVE BREEDING, and the belief that this should be done. The idea was abused by the Nazi Party in Germany during the 1930s to justify the attempted extermination of entire groups of people..." - Webster's New World Encyclopedia

*And of course, the New World Order crowd wouldn't dream of "abusing" this idea: after all, they only want to RID themselves of between 70% to 90% of us - not ALL! Got a few questions: WHO will be qualified to "select" what "physical and mental qualities" are desirable [and WHAT will qualifies them?].
Who AREare these people who will be deciding who may live and who must DIE in this "selective breeding?" [In Nazi Germany, as I recall, it was a MADMAN who decided the Jews were unfit to live!] Oh, and, by the way, WHO plays the Supreme god and chooses the one who names the "SELECTOR"? Remember how much simpler it was when Jehovah GOD was in charge of "selective breeding?" Just a few things to think about. - [OL]
"...the preservation of international peace and order may require...FORCE to be used to COMPEL a nation to conduct its affairs within the framework of an established WORLD SYSTEM. The most modern expression of this doctrine of collective security is in the UNITED NATIONS Charter...enduring peace cannot be achieved so long as the nation-state system continues...
"It is a system of international anarchy [i.e., revolution, upheaval] - a species of jungle warfare. Enduring peaace cannot be attained until the NATION-STATES SURRENDER TO A WORLD ORGANIZATION the exercise of jurisdiction over those problems with which they have found themselves unable to deal singly in the past." [210]

*Interesting. Those of you who are old enough - try to think back to the Forties and Fifties. Compare it with today. When was there more "international anarchy" - then or now? Nearly every country on earth seems to be fighting today - and UN TROOPS ARE IN EVERY ONE OF THEM. Coincidence? I think that "FORCE" is being used quite well right now - and it will CONTINUE until the "NATION-STATES SURRENDER" to it!
"...a 1948 study published by Program F [the code name given fluoride studies] scientists shows that 'evidence of adverse health effects from fluoride was CENSORED by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) - considered the most powerful of Cold War agencies - for reasons of 'NATIONAL SECURITY.'
"One would necessarily have to ask WHAT the perceived threat was to national security, if fluoride had been found to be TOXIC by the American Dental Association. Did they perhaps perceive a potential threat as proceeding from the American PEOPLE? '...Up to EIGHTY PERCENT, in some cities - now have dental FLUOROSIS, the first visible sign of EXCESSIVE FLUORIDE EXPOSURE, according to the U.S. National Research Council. (The signs are whitish flecks or spots, particularly on the front teeth, or dark spots or stripes in more severe cases).' " - "Journal of the American Dental Association"
"The president of the American Bar Association begins a nationwide tour, giving speeches on the dangers of Treaty Law:
'The doctrine that the treaty power is unlimited and omnipotent and may be used to OVERRIDE the Constitution and the Bill of Rights...is a doctrine of RECENT origin and largely derived from Missouri v. Holland.' " - FRANK E. HOLMAN [211]
"Psychologist B.F. Skinner's 'WALDEN II' is released, in which he proposes a formula for 'a PERFECT society or NEW and MORE PERFECT ORDER.' Walden portrays a world in which:
"Children are reared by the STATE, rather than by their PARENTS and are trained from birth to demonstrate only desirable behavior and characteristics."
"Skinner's ideas will be widely implemented by educators in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s under the 'VALUES CLARIFICATION' and 'OUTCOME BASED EDUCATION' programs. - DENNIS CUDDY, Ph.D. [212]
Educators, who advocate regional federation, European federation and eventual world government, publish a preliminary WORLD CONSTITUTION, to REPLACE our United States Constitution:
"The Constitution provides for a 'World Council,' along with a 'Chamber of Guardians' to ENFORCE world law. Also included is a 'Preamble,' calling upon nations to SURRENDER THEIR ARMS to the world government, and includes the right of this 'Federal Republic of the World' to SEIZE PRIVATE PROPERTY for federal use." - DR. DENNIS CUDDY, Ph.D. (One-time consultant to the US Dept. of Education) [213]

*Hmmm. Now, isn't this interesting? It almost sounds like THIS is the Constitution our political leaders have been SWEARING ALLEGIANCE TO for the last few years, rather than the US Constitution! Think about it: what is the government trying to do now? Gun "CONTROL?" Wasn't that the exact same technique that HITLER used, just before demanding a complete SURRENDER of their arms?! And what was UNESCO's story in Utah and Kentucky and Tennessee, not to mention New York, New Jersey, etc., etc.? Oh, yes: SEIZING PRIVATE PROPERTY FOR FEDERAL USE!
"...we have not been told precisely what this crisis [Soviet threat, i.e., "Cold War"] is, what form of danger we are to prepare against. Nevertheless we are told, it is a tremendous crisis and *CONGRESS OUGHT TO DO ALL THE THINGS THE PRESIDENT ASKS WITHOUT STOPPING TO DEBATE THEM...To get these programs approved Congress is bombarded with alarums and excursions...We have a right to expect more than that from our leaders." - "Crisis" [214]

*Sound familiar? The difference today is the Klintons don't ask - they DEMAND! [OL]
During House Hearings on the STRUCTURE of the United Nations, members of Congress discuss their ideas for a federal union plan:
"The FEDERAL UNION PLAN would secure freedom, recovery, and peace by uniting the United States and OTHER civil liberty DEMOCRACIES in a federal union of the free, modeled on the United States Constitution...Civil liberty democracies are those nations that have proved most capable of assuring the individual freedom of speech, press, and other basic liberties covered by our term, bill of rights..." - "Structure of the United Nations Hearings" [215]

*How did our OVER-paid "representatives" get to be so CLUELESS? Or are they just plain LYING? Their bill of rights is not intended to PROTECT our GOD-given rights, as OUR Bill of Rights does.
Under the Federal Union Plan and the World Constitution, rights come from the STATE...who can [and WILL] take them BACK - at THEIR discretion! Oh, well: through the Looking Glass and back to the Rabbit Hole!
With Congress' blessings and assistance, the United Nations Charter is created - modeled on the COMMUNIST Constitution, [not ours!] - and our Constitutional Republic is quietly converted into a "Democracy" [without the knowledge or consent of the People!] Now we have to listen to Congress explain how "democracies" are going to be set up as a world "Republic," "modeled on the United States Constitution"(!) I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP! But, let's get back to our Committee on Foreign Affairs' Hearings:

"A federal union of the free is an interstate government so made as to keep you, the citizen, FREE AND SOVEREIGN. In the union, as in your nation or state, YOU elect the lawmakers, and their laws are enforced on you individually. Power is divided between the union and YOUR national government with a view to advancing thereby YOUR liberty, prosperity, peace...
"The UNION's powers should include the SOLE right to conduct foreign relations, maintain armed forces, issue currency, regulate commerce and communications between member nations, grant union citizenship. It should, of course, have the power to tax, and to uphold the bill of rights...Freedom for ALL MEN EQUALLY[!] through an ever-growing federal union of the free - that, in short, is the federal-union plann." - "Structure" Id

*HOGWASH!!! How does one remain "free and sovereign" under an unGodly, ELITIST world government?! Just exactly HOW do these brainless intellectuals propose to "ADVANCE" our "liberty, prosperity, peace," while - at the same time - STRIPPING US of our SOVEREIGNTY, CONSTITUTION, ARMS, and BILL OF RIGHTS - not to mention, drowning us in regulations, treaties, international laws, all enforced by sadistic "PEACEKEEPERS" who, if they aren't shooting or torturing you, are standing guard over Klinton's new AMERICAN GULAGS???
Does anybody else remember that, back before these heathen imbeciles took over, this already WAS the "Greatest Nation on Earth" because it WAS free and - most IMPORTANTLY - "under GOD"?[!]
"When I became a Communist, I was finishing the last part of my Master's thesis at Columbia, the end of 1934 and beginning of 1935. I would say that my studies in Vassar had gotten me to the point where I WAS A COMPLETE PUSHOVER FOR COMMUNISM. I would say that is the GENERAL TENDENCY, not only in Vassar, but in a goodly number of colleges...I grew up to womanhood without becoming acquainted with the AMERICAN government...This fault, I think, runs all through our educational system." - ELIZABETH BENTLY [216]
MAY 14th
"...the Jews proclaim the independent STATE OF ISRAEL, and the British withdrew from Palestine. The next day, neighboring ARAB NATIONS INVADE ISRAEL in an attempt to help the Palestinian Arabs destroy the new Jewish state. When the fighting ends, Israel holds territory BEYOND the boundaries provided by the UN PLAN. EGYPT and TRANSJORDAN hold the rest of Palestine. About 700,000 Arabs flee from the Jewish state and become refugees in neighboring Arab countries." - World Book Encyclopedia

*ATTENTION: According to the Biblical Timeline, the clock started ticking with the return of Israel to their Homeland. Be vigilant. When you hear an announcement of a "SEVEN-YEAR Peace Treaty," you will know that JESUS The CHRIST WILL BE RETURNING at the END of that seven years - and the Final Battle will commence between JESUS and SATAN for this earth and the souls of its inhabitants. WARNING: WITH THE ELECTION OF BILL AND HILLARY KLINTON, we began a headlong dash for: ARMAGEDDON [WWIII]!
"How far can the life of nations, which for centuries have thought of themselves as DISTINCT and UNIQUE, be merged with the life of other nations? How far are they prepared to sacrifice a part of their SOVEREIGNTY without which there can be no effective economic or political union?...Out of the prevailing confusion a new world is taking shape...which may point the way toward the NEW ORDER...That will be the beginning of a REAL United Nations, no longer crippled by a split personality, but held together by a COMMON FAITH." - SIR HAROLD BUTLER [217]

*THIS, of course, is exactly WHY our government keeps importing millions of immigrants from all over the world: in the ensuing confusion [not to mention the rewriting of history] none but a handful remember what being an "American" MEANS! No "effective economic or political union," let alone a one-world government, is possible without SOMEBODY selling out OUR SOVEREIGNTY.
Did YOU agree to give up your American citizenship, in exchange for being just one of 6 billion world citizens, under the rule of RUSSIA, RED CHINA, IRAQ, etc.? Did anybody ASK you? I would have to say so far they are very successful in creating the best incentive for the birth of a New World Order: the "prevailing confusion" today is GREATER than anytime in human history!
"The American people will never KNOWINGLY adopt Socialism, but under the name of 'LIBERALISM,' they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program until one day America will be a Socialist nation WITHOUT KNOWING IT HAPPENED." - NORMAN THOMAS (Socialist Party's Presidential candidate 1928 through 1948)

*Today, Americans not only knowingly accept Socialism - they EMBRACE it, in the name of "civil rights" and "political correctness." And THAT, Ms. Sarah McLendon, Old Friend, is "what is WRONG with being a LIBERAL!"
"Smearing good people like Lauchlin Currie [former administrative assistant to President Roosevelt], Alger Hiss and others is, I think, unforgiveable...Anyone knowing Mr. Currie or Mr. Hiss, who are the two people whom I happen to know fairly well, would not need any denial on their part to know they are not Communists. Their records prove it." - ELEANOR ROOSEVELT [218]

*Currie and Hiss were both convicted of being Communist spies. [OL]
"The rights of human beings cannot be considered outside the perogatives of governments, and the very understanding of human rights is a GOVERNMENTAL concept." - ANDREI VISHINSKY [219]

*In other words, according to the Communists, our rights DO NOT come from God. We were not born with them. They are not "inalienable rights" - as we are finding out today, as one by onne, we are being stripped of our Bill of Rights! According to Vishinsky - and now the KLINTONS - we have NO rights, except those created and permitted by GOVERNMENTS!
"The UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS, adopted by the General Assembly in Paris...without a single dissenting vote, is one of the fundamental documents of this age...The message does not come from this or that positive legal system, this or that special religion, this or that special outlook on life. The message comes from the combined and considered views of ALL SYSTEMS...RELIGIONS...CULTURES, and ALL OUTLOOKS." - CHARLES MALIK (Former UN General Assembly President) [220]

*That's a lie: the message comes from both a special religion - HUMANISM - and a special outlook on life - COMMUNISMM. If you doubt this, try praying to the Christian God anywhere near the UN! As for the Communism, just read the speeches and the record of who the UN backs in any given conflict.
"Greek shipping magnate, ARISTOTLE ONASSIS expands his fleet, with the help of American lawyer, Burke Marshall, [who] assists him in the purchase of surplus US 'Liberty' ships." - BRUCE ROBERTS [221]
Also in 1949, the US Army begins 20 years of SIMULATED GERM WARFARE attacks against AMERICAN cities. During this time, they conduct at least 239 OPEN AIR tests. - Illuminati Outline of History

*Don't let them fool you: these were NOT "simulated!" And the program has never ended: that is EXACTLY what they are doing today - using high-flying jets to spread "chemtrails" - a lethal cocktail of chemical and biological agents - intended to reduce the American people's ability to defend themselves by 70-90 percent!
"The KINDERGARTEN...has a significant part to play in the child's education. Not only can it CORRECT many of the ERRORS OF HOME TRAINING...it can prepare the child...for membership in the world society...As long as the child breathes the POISONED AIR OF NATIONALISM, education in world-mindedness can produce only precarious results...it is most frequently IN THE FAMILY that the children are INFECTED with nationalism..." - "Towards World Understanding" Vol. 5 - UNESCO
"...Today it is estimated even by Jacob's grandson, John Schiff, a prominent member of New York Society, that the old man sank about $20,000,000 for the final TRIUMPH OF BOLSHEVISM in Russia. Other New York banking firms also contributed.." - "New York Journal-American"
"Once a matter has become, in one way or another, the subject of regulation by the United Nations, be it by resolution or the General Assembly or by convention between member States [Nations] at the insistence of the United Nations, that subject CEASES TO BE a matter being 'essentially within the DOMESTIC jurisdiction of the member States...' " - MOSES MOSKOWITZ (UN Staff Member) [222]
"...It will take a long time to prepare peoples and governments of most nations for acceptance of and participation in a world government...we will have to be willing to WORK PATIENTLY until peoples or governments are ready for it..." - AMBASSADOR WARREN AUSTIN (Chief of the US Mission to the UN) [223]
"...teachers and school administrators (should) come to see themselves as social engineers. They must equip themselves as 'CHANGE AGENTS'." - KENNETH BENNE (President of American Education Fellowship) [224]
Senator Glen Taylor tries once more to get his fellow senators to support a resolution calling for a WORLD ORDER, claiming:
"the present Charter of the United Nations should be changed to provide a true world government constitution," admitting, however:
"We would have to SACRIFICE CONSIDERABLE SOVEREIGNTY to the world organization to enable them to LEVY TAXES IN THEIR OWN RIGHT..." - SENATOR GLEN TAYLOR (D-ID) [225]
Taylor's confederate, Senator Wiley calls it: '...a consummation devoutly to be wished for' and says, 'I understand your proposition is either change the United Nations, or change or create, by a SEPARATE CONVENTION, a world order.' - SENATOR ALEXANDER WILEY [226]
NOVEMBER 12-13th
REP. BROOK HAYS of Arkansas, introduces House Concurrent Resolution 64. [It] has over 100 co-sponsors, including two future Presidents - REP. GERALD FORD of Michigan and REP. JOHN F. KENNEDY of Massachusetts - and a future Presidential candidate - SEN. HUBERT H. HUMPHREY. It reads:
"Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That it is the sense of Congress that it should be a fundamental objective of the foreign policy of the United States to support and STRENGTHEN the UNITED NATIONS and to seek its development into a WORLD FEDERATION...with defined and limited powers adequate to preserve peace and prevent aggression through the enactment, interpretation, and enforcement of WORLD LAW..." - "To Seek Development of the United Nationns into a World Federation." - "House Concurrent Resolution 64" [227]

*Well, fellas. You got your wish. Now, take a look around you: does it LOOK like these "defined and limited powers" are "adequate to PRESERVE PEACE and PREVENT AGGRESSION?"
If everybody is just one big, happy, globalist family - WHY are all these nations ARMING THEMSELVES WITH NUCLEAR WEAPONS and WHY are troops from so many nations training so hard right here in AMERICA for a FUTURE ASSAULT on CIVILIANS? Most importantly, WHY are the "mock training towns" modeled exactly like AMERICAN TOWNS - rather than EUROPEAN, or MIDDLE-EASTERN?? WHO are you preparing to assault?
The VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS draw up a Resolution, asserting their official position and spelling out their objections to a world federation:
"Whereas it has been proposed that the United States of America become a part of a world federal government; and
"...this program...would entail the SURRENDER OF OUR NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY and...bring into being a form of government whose authority would SUPERSEDE that of the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES Government; and
"...institute a system of laws where-by AMERICAN CITIZENS COULD BE TRIED BY ALIENS in controversion of the provisions of the Constitution of the United States; and
"...the Veterans of Foreign Wars is composed solely of men who have WORN THE UNIFORM OF THE UNITED STATES on FOREIGN SHORES and in HOSTILE WATERS in time of war and from their personal experiences are familiar with the traditions and operations of other countries; and
"...many of our comrades rest forever in foreign soil and their SACRIFICES were made to retain the dignity and SOVEREIGNTY of the United States of America: Now therefore, be it
"Resolved by the FIFTIETH ANNUAL CONVENTION of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, That we hereby declare that we are UNALTERABLY OPPOSED to any program which would entail the SURRENDER of ANY PART of the SOVEREIGNTY of the United States of America IN FAVOR OF A WORLD GOVERNMENT..." - "VFW Resolution No. 27" [228]
"A campaign that might have changed the whole history of relations between the Western World and Soviet Russia was permitted to FADE AWAY...These were DECISIONS MADE AT HIGH LEVEL and for reasons beyond my field and my knowledge...
" 'It is incomprehensible why DIVISIONS WERE WITHDRAWN FROM THE FRONT,' according to one Geman general whom we interviewed after the war. 'Whatever the reasons, it is sure they all accrued to the benefit of the GERMAN HIGH COMMAND'." - GENERAL MARK CLARK [229]
"The United Nations represents not a final stage in the development of world order, but only a PRIMITIVE STAGE. Therefore its primary task is to create the conditions which will make possible a more highly developed organization." - JOHN FOSTER DULLES [230]
"...What our educated Americans have not understood is that the RED REVOLUTIONIST does not promote his cause with debate and discussion. He knows that ideas are planted in minds...by certain PROPAGANDA techniques. For one thing, neither Socialism nor Communism is to be successfully sold under these labels. They must be given OTHER NAMES.
"Second, the Communist product must be sold in PIECES - not in one big package. Third, the sales job must be done by people who are not suspect...people who DENY they are Communists or socialists - and who sell their product in our SCHOOLS, our conservative NEWSPAPERS...our MAGAZINES...our RADIOS and in our MOVING PICTURES...And I repeat, it is not to be sold in one package.
"You buy one little idea today, another little idea tomorrow. Someone else buys a third idea the next day, and so on, until presently you will be perhaps so far on the way to communism that TURNING BACK WILL BE MORE DIFFICULT THAN GOING FORWARD." - JOHN T. FLYNN [231]
"Unless you portray any role given you in a manner to FURTHER the revolution and the Class War, you have no right to call yourself an artist or an actor. You must do this REGARDLESS of what the script says or what the director tells you.
"Even if you are nothing more than an extra, you can portray a society woman in a manner to make her appear a VILLAINESS and a snob - and you can portray a working girl in such a way so as to make her seem a sympathetic VICTIM of the capitalist class." - JOHN HOWARD LAWSON (Lecturing to a class of student actors in Hollywood) [232]
In 1950 The Federal Council of Churches change their name to the NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CHURCHES...
"If you are a member of any congregation whose pastor and church are members of this Judas organization, you and your contributions are helping the ILLUMINATI'S plot to DESTROY CHRISTIANITY and YOUR FAITH IN GOD AND JESUS CHRIST...!" - MYRON C. FAGAN [233]
"One of my lucky experiences was...chancing upon the February 27, 1950 issue of...'LIFE,' shortly before my second appearance before the Un-American Activities Committee. I bore the copy with me to the witness chair. It contained an illustrated article on the ATOM BOMB. I learned for the first time that a plutonium pile consists of giant blocks of GRAPHITE, surrounded by heavy walls of concrete and honeycombed with ALUMINUM TUBES. In these tubes, it was related, are inserted slugs of natural uranium, containing one per cent of U-235. The intensity of the operation was declared to be governed by means of CADMIUM RODS.
" 'Graphite, cadmium, aluminum tubes' - where had I met these words before? In the Russian lists of Lend-Lease figures which I had added to the Jordan diary. Re-examining those pages, I discovered that during the four-year period 1942-45 we contributed to the Soviet Union 3,692 TONS of natural graphite, 417 TONS of cadmium metals, and tubes in an entry designating 6,883 TONS of 'aluminum tubes.' The figure for cadmium was arresting in view of its EXTREME SCARCITY in this country and because of the fact that it occurs...sparsely - if at all - in the Soviet Union. Under war stimulus, American production of cadmium ROSE from 2,182 short tons in 1940 to 4,192 in 1945.
"It was interesting to find that in 1942-45 we shipped to Russia 437 TONS of COBALT - a staggering amount when collated with American production, which was nothing before the war, and increased to 382 TONS in 1942 and 575 in 1945...'Cobalt,' says [a chemical engineer who was consultant to one of the war agencies], 'was one of our highest SCARCITY materials. If I had known that so large a proportion was going to the Russians, I should have suspected them of being at work on the bomb.' Incidentally, Cobalt was the first item to be RESTRICTED by President Truman in the Korean emergency.
"Almost as curious was the discovery that we shipped to Russia more than 12 TONS of THORIUM SALTS and COMPOUNDS. Two other elements alone, besides uranium and plutonium, are FISSIONABLE. They are Protoactinium and Thorium. The former may be disregarded because of its rarity in nature. But THORIUM, which is relatively plentiful, is expected by physicists to RIVAL URANIUM some day, or even supplant it, as a SOURCE OF ATOMIC ENERGY. Then there were CERIUM and STRONTIUM, of which the Soviet Purchasing Commission obtained 44 TONS. Both metals...figured in Colonel Kotikov's dossier on experimental chemicals...
"In any event, it is heartening to know that, on the whole, our uranium embargo stood firm...The steadfastness of the General Groves organization against Russia was the more admirable in that it was challenged by MR. HOPKINS, with the power of the White House behind him." - GEORGE RACEY JORDAN [234]
The Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee introduces Senate Concurrent Resolution 66. The introduction begins:
"Whereas, in order to achieve universal peace and justice, the present Charter of the United Nations should be CHANGED to provide a true WORLD GOVERNMENT CONSTITUTION." - Congressional Record
"We shall have world government, whether or not we LIKE it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by CONQUEST." - JAMES P. WARBURG [235]
JUNE 27th
"...I have ordered the Seventh Fleet to prevent any attack on FORMOSA...The Seventh Fleet will see that this is done." - HARRY S. TRUMAN [236]
"...In effect, beginning with the second day of the war, our Seventh Fleet is assigned to PROTECT THE RED CHINESE who, five months later, will ATTACK OUR FORCES in Korea." According to entries in General Douglas Mac Arthur's diary, he is ordered to:
"...isolate the Nationalist-held island of Formosa from the Chinese mainland. The United States Seventh Fleet is turned over to my operational control for this purpose, and I am specifically directed to PREVENT any Nationalist attacks on the mainland, as well as to defend the island against Communist attacks."
The decision to move across the 38th Parallel into North Korea presents him with "...problems of the greatest import. It immediately raises the shadow of RED CHINESE INTERVENTION. Actually, the possibility of such intervention has existed ever since the order from Washington...to neutralize Formosa, which in effect PROTECTS the Red China mainland from attack by Chiang Kai-Shek's force..." - GENERAL DOUGLAS MAC ARTHUR [237]

*For those of you unfamiliar with this war, CHIANG KAI-SHEK and the nationalists were the GOOD guys! [OL]
"...The President of the United States, in complete DEFIANCE of the Constitution, plunged us without consultation with Congress into a distant Oriental war in pursuit of ends no one understands, and involving costs and consequences we cannot measure.
"The President would not do this - he would not dare - IF...there had not been created in our minds a collection of assumptions and attitudes that had broken down completely the normal resistance which our people would raise against so strange and daring an enterprise. Before this was possible, SOMETHING...HAD TO BE DONE TO THE MINDS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE..." - JOHN T. FLYNN [238]
A 33rd-degree Mason warns that CHRISTIANITY is a threat to the survival of Freemasonry: "Any teaching which is completely antagonistic to all that we consider sacred, in religion, in morals and in government, is subversive of those fundamentals...Our first duty, therefore, becomes one of self-preservation, which includes defense of those principles for which we stand and by which we live..." Proving that the principles of Freemasonry SUPERSEDE THE US CONSTITUTION, Baum adds:
"This nation was nurtured on the ideals of Freemasonry...its leaders...know that our AMERICAN DEMOCRACY...IS FREEMASONRY IN GOVERNMENT..." - HARRY L. BAUM [239]
"That all-encompassing BLUEPRINT for converting the United States into a SUBSERVIENT UN MILK COW [the UN Charter], is even more frightening in light of President Harry S. Truman's claim...that
'...there is no longer any real DIFFERENCE between domestic and foreign affairs'." - ROBERT W. LEE [240]
After a brilliant landing at INCHON, General MacArthur's troops drove [the Chinese Communists] back across the 38th parallel, LIBERATING NEARLY ALL OF KOREA up to the Yalu River, which marks the border of China. To halt the Chinese Communists' advance across the Yalu, MacArthur ordered the river's bridges bombed. Within hours, his order was countermanded by General Marshall:
"I realized for the first time that I had actually been DENIED the use of my full military power to SAFEGUARD THE LIVES OF MY SOLDIERS and the SAFETY OF MY ARMY. To me, it clearly foreshadowed a future tragic situation in Korea, and left me with a sense of inexpressible shock." - GENERAL DOUGLAS MAC ARTHUR [241]
Later, the commander of the Chinese forces admits:

"I never would have made the attack and risked my men and my military reputation if I had not been ASSURED that WASHINGTON WOULD RESTRAIN GENERAL MAC ARTHUR from taking adequate retaliatory measures against my lines of supply and communications." - GENERAL LIN PIAO [242]
"...[It is] beyond my comprehension that we would COUNTENANCE a situation in which CHINESE SOLDIERS KILLED AMERICAN YOUTH in organized, formal warfare and yet we would FAIL to use all the power at our command to PROTECT those Americans." - GENERAL MARK CLARK [243]
"A textbook called 'I WANT TO BE LIKE STALIN' (published in 1947), written by SOVIET COMMUNISTS and translated from the Russian, is part of the civics course REQUIRED today of all senior pupils in Chicago public high schools, 'The Tribune' learned yesterday. The translator and editor of the volume is George S. Counts of Teachers College, Columbia University, a pioneer of the so-called 'progressive' education movement, whose sympathies for Russian communism in the early 1930s are reflected in this book..." - "Chicago Pupils Study How To Be Like Stallin" - "The Chicago Tribune"
"The majority machinery of the UNITED NATIONS, UNESCO, or any similar organization created on behalf of world order should be so greatly strengthened that NO MEMBER COUNTRY...CAN...REFUSE to abide by its own POWER-BACKED decisions." - THEODORE BRAMELD [244]
"The members of the council (CFR)...have used the prestige that their wealth, their social position, and their education have given them to lead their country toward bankruptcy and military debacle. They should look at their hands. There is blood on them - the dried blood of the last war [WWII] and the fresh blood of the present one (Korean War)." - "Chicago Tribune"
"Here we may recall the parable of JESUS in the early days of His mission - the parable of the man who sowed GOOD SEEED in his field. But when the blade was sprung up and brought forth good fruit, there were TARES [weeds] also. And when his servants went to him and told him what they had found, he said - AN ENEMY HATH DONE THIS WHILE WE SLEPT." - JOHN T. FLYNN [245]

I don't shock easily anymore, but this report shocked me. I know there are a lot of quotes pertaining to Jews, but remember the "Jews" they are talking about in this report are the same ones Jesus chastised in the Bible as a "generation of vipers."

They are NOT Israelites - or God's Chosen Ones. They are Pharisees - PHONIES. The ones in this report are undoubtedly the descendents of the ones Jesus was admonishing - and they, too, sold out to Satan. But, then again, remember: Satan's children can be found in EVERY race and culture! So, don't blame the normal Jewish people for what they do or say. After all, would YOU want to be blamed for what KLINTON does?

See you soon - and Godspeed! The OUTLAWLADY


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