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         "The appearance of America's TWO TOP COMMUNISTS, Hall and Winston, at Jackson's funeral indicates his importance. They were honoring their HERO...Those who refuse to face the Communist danger often point to the relative handful of dues-paying members of the Communist Party in the United States - ten to twenty thousand - as evidence that the Communists are weak and ineffective. The record of Dr. Sidney Jackson shows the tremendous and tragic impact just ONE Communist has had and can have through STIRRING AND AGITATING OTHERS TO DO THE COMMUNISTS' WORK. At his funeral, Ohio state Communist party chief Jim West said: 'We in the Communist Party are proud of his membership and HIS LIFE'S WORK.'
         "The official program for the memorial service showed that West's eulogy of Professor Jackson was followed by the playing of the 'INTERNATIONALE,' the anthem of the World Communist movement." - JOHN A. STORMER [191]


         "A military spokesman said a medical pack taken from the body of a dead terrorist, killed in a recent contact with security forces, contained a variety of pharmaceutical products made in Western Europe, as well as the usual communist-made items. He said the labels on the items each bore makers' names and country of origin. Each label clearly bore the name UNICEF.
         "In May last year the UNICEF ANNUAL REPORT showed that the organisation was providing 'aid' to the four Southern Africa TERRORIST MOVEMENTS recognised by the Organization for African Unity. The report - presented by the organisation's Executive Director, Mr. Henry Labouisse - showed that UNICEF as well as providing cash support for the terrorists, was giving what the report described as 'HUMANITARIAN AID AND SOCIAL SERVICE TRAINING' to members of the terrorist organisations. A senior officer at Combined Operations said that the captured medical kit 'was hardly of the type that a social worker, dealing with children's ailments, would carry. 'The contents,' he said, 'indicate clearly that IT WAS A COMBAT PACK." - "BULAWAYO CHRONICLE" 7/23/79


         "By the standards of today, the U.S. offers both CHEAP ENERGY (?!) and CHEAP LABOR - and the all-too-rare plus of political stability...In Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Sweden, average wages for manufacturing workers now EXCEED comparable U.S. wages by as much as 20%." - "BUSINESS WEEK" 7/9/79
         "The erosion of our confidence in the future is threatening to destroy the social and political fabric of America...We've always had faith that the days of our children would be BETTER than our own. OUR PEOPLE ARE LOSING THAT FAITH. Not only in government itself, but in their ability as citizens to serve as the ultimate rulers and shapers of our democracy...In a nation that was proud of hard work, strong families, close-knit communities and our FAITH IN GOD, too many of us now tend to worship SELF-INDULGENCE and CONSUMPTION. Human identity is no longer defined by what one DOES but what one OWNS.* But we've discovered that owning things and consuming things does not satisfy our longing for meaning...
         "For the first time in the history of our country a majority of our people believe that the next five years will be WORSE than the past five years. Two-thirds of our people do not even vote...As you know there is growing DISRESPECT for the government and for churches and for schools, the news media and other institutions...We were sure that ours was a nation of the ballot, not the bullet, until the murders of JOHN KENNEDY and ROBERT KENNEDY and MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.W
         "We were taught that our armies were always invincible and our causes were always just, only
to suffer the agony of VIETNAM. We respected the presidency as a place of honor until the shock of WATERGATE. We remember when the phrase 'sound as a dollar' was an expression of absolute dependability until ten years of INFLATIONR began to shrink our dollar and our savings. We believed that our nation's resources were limitless until 1973, when we had to face a growing dependence on FOREIGN OIL.T These wounds are still very deep. They have never been healed..." - PRESIDENT JIMMY CARTER 7/15/79

          [NOTES: *For which we can thank the ILLUMINATI and YOU!
        WAnd ALL of these were CIA hits, ordered by the "300."
         RGee! I guess we aren't suppose to know about the FED and the BANKSTERS!
        TCreated by your BOSS (Rockefeller) and the GLOBAL THUGS (GTs) selling out our country! All in all, I would say you were very SUCCESSFUL, Mr. "President"  - you and all the rest of your fellow MOBSTERS! - OL]

         Carter then quoted several 'ordinary people.' "And I like this one particularly from a black woman who happens to be the mayor of a small Mississippi town: 'The big shots are not the only ones who are important. Remember, YOU CAN'T SELL ANYTHING ON WALL STREET UNLESS SOMEONE DIGS IT UP SOMEWHERE ELSE FIRST'."
         "If FEMA has a predecessor document, it must be EXECUTIVE ORDER 11490 signed by RICHARD M. NIXON on Oct. 28, 1969. In consolidating emergency functions, this massive 40-PAGE FIAT dealt with 21 executive orders and two Defense Mobilization Orders. The document describes, in part, proposals to 'develop plans and procedures for the provision of LOGISTICAL SUPPORT* to members of FOREIGN FORCES, their employees and dependents as may be present in the United States under terms of BILATERAL or MULTILATERAL AGREEMENTS which authorize such support in the event of a NATIONAL EMERGENCYW...Further declarations found in Nixon's 11490 cover labor conscription and control of the money supply...

         [NOTES: *"...the procurement, maintenance, and transportation of military material, facilities, and personnel" - WEBSTER'S NINTH NEW COLLEGIATE DICTIONARY
        WAnd why - if it's a "national" emergency - would we need FOREIGN forces?!!! - OL]

         "It is interesting that Executive Order 11490 was NOT issued as a White House press release, NOR was it printed in the WEEKLY COMPILATION OF PRESIDENTIAL DOCUMENTS. Due to reasons of workability, a cloak of secrecy was not feasible. However, this was not a document which was supposed to be readily accessible. ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI, co-founder of the Trilateral Commission and National Security Council Advisor to President Jimmy Carter in the late 1970s, wrote the MASTER PLAN together with NSC staffer SAMUEL HUNTINGTON. Four years earlier in KYOTO, Japan, Huntington had delivered a disturbing paper ADVOCATING THE END TO DEMOCRACY and its replacement with a 'CRISIS MANAGEMENT' form of government (such as we have today).
         "President Carter's Executive Order 12148, dated July 20, 1979, retroactively made effective July 15, gave FEMA life. That fiat REVOKED 13 previously issued Executive Orders, AMENDED 19 others, and cited as authority 13 federal statutes.
         "It should be noted that the great bulk of executive orders deal with matters OUTSIDE THE OPERATIONS OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH. These presidential edicts become law when published in the 'FEDERAL REGISTER.' It has been the style of some presidents to cite specific legislation as their authority to issue certain executive orders. As DE FACTO LEGISLATION without debate and oversight, they are quite UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Yet, they stand completely UNCHALLENGED by CONGRESS and the HIGH COURT, the two supposedly countervailing branches of government.
           "Moreover, much of the ENABLING LEGISLATION is plainly unconstitutional and SHOULD HAVE NO FORCE OF LAW. The reality is that the most marvelous legal document ever to spring from the mind of man, our U.S. Constitution, has been rendered nearly INOPERATIVE. Fully realizing that a legitimate bill to establish FEMA would never survive the legislative process given agency turf battles and serious concerns of a handful of congressmen Carter created the monster WITH A STROKE OF HIS PEN." - ROLAND C. EYEARS [192]


         "The shock of this winter's home heating costs will be felt with particular force by the poor. The poorest fifth of American families already spend 13 percent of their income on home energy (while the richest fifth spend 3 percent of theirs)...NECESSITY STAMPS, for food, energy, or housing...would allow recipients to decide for themselves HOW MUCH HUNGER TO TRADE FOR HOW MUCH WARMTH." - THE "NEW YORK TIMES" 8/13/79


         "...CASTRO COULD NOT HAVE SEIZED POWER IN CUBA WITHOUT THE AID OF THE UNITED STATES. American Government agencies and the United States press played a major role in bringing Castro to power...As the U.S. Ambassador to Cuba during the Castro-Communist revolution of 1957-59, I had first-hand knowledge of the facts which brought about the rise of Fidel Castro...THE STATE DEPARTMENT CONSISTENTLY INTERVENED - positively, negatively, and by innuendo - to bring about the downfall of President Fulgencio Batista, thereby making it possible for Fidel Castro to take over the Government of Cuba." - EARL E. T. SMITH (Former U.S. Ambassador to Cuba [193]


Letter to the Editor of the
Symptoms in Vietnam Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange

         "To the Editor - AGENT ORANGE is an herbicide containing equal parts of 2,4-dichlorophenoxy- acetic acid and 2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid. It was used extensively in Vietnam as a defoliant. A TOXIC CONTAMINANT is dioxin, 2,3,7,8-tetracholodibenzo-p-dioxin. A ten-month study of 78 Vietnam veterans who claimed exposure to Agent Orange yielded many findings:

         "85% of the men experienced a RASH that was resistant to treatment. Using immunofluores- cence in one patient, a skin biopsy specimen showed intraepithelial and intercellular IgA, IgG, and IgM. In 53% of the patients, the rash was aggravated by SUNLIGHT. JOINT PAIN occurred in 71%, STIFFNESS in 59%, and SWELLING in 45%. HYPERSOMNOLENCE occurred in 44% of the men and EXTREME FATIGUE in 80%. SINUS BRADYCARDIA and PREMATURE VETRICULAR CONTRAC- TIONS were not infrequent. Persistent neurological complaints were TINGLING (55%), NUMBNESS (60%), DIZZINESS (69%), HEADACHES (35%), and AUTONOMIC DYSCONTROL (18%). Severe psychiatric manifestations were DEPRESSION (73%), SUICIDAL ATTEMPTS (8%), and VIOLENT RAGES (45%). An INABILITY TO CONCENTRATE occurred in 17% and bouts of SUDDEN LAPSES OF MEMORY were seen in 21%. Patients have described fearful episodes of suddenly not knowing
where they were going; IT WAS AS IF THEIR THOUGHTS HAD LEFT THEM. There was also a LOSS OF LIBIDO in 47%. Three patients DIED OF CANCER. Another 10% have been TREATED FOR CANCER.
         "The Vietnam veterans demonstrated a large number of gastrointestinal ulcerations. Complaints related to the gastrointestinal tract included ANOREXIA (41%), NAUSEA (59%), VOMITING (13%), HEMATEMESIS (8%), DIARRHEA (51%), CONSTIPATION (31%), and ABDOMINAL PAIN (24%). HEPATITIS was reported in 10% and JAUNDICE in 5%. Nineteen percent of our group had CHILDREN WITH GROSS BIRTH DEFECTS. One or more MISCARRIAGES were experienced in 13% of the wives. There were reports of STERILITY; semen analysis showed LOW SPERM COUNTS and ABNORMAL FORMS. The two most frequent genitourinary findings were BROWN URINE (23%) and HEMATURIA (9%). A KIDNEY biopsy specimen in one patient was pathological, with an UNKNOWN ETIOLOGY. Other as yet unexplained symptoms were BLURRED VISION (54%), DYSPNEA (8%), GYNECOM- ASTIA (4%), and GALCTORRHEA (5%). This group of veterans has in general been chronically ill.
Patients complained of frequent infections and allergies. The mean age of the group was 31.7 years. BOTH UPPER AND LOWER SOCIOECONOMIC LEVELS WERE REPRESENTED.

         "The aforementioned information is intended to create an awareness of a substance known as DIOXIN. This chemical may cause a variety of symptoms, and physicians should be aware of its potential." - GILBERT BOGER, M.D. [194]


         "...We used to CONDEMN the SLAVE SHIPS when they brought over the slaves from Africa. We haven't changed much, except now we're bringing the GOODS instead of the slaves. It's the same type of labor. So, they tell farmers and farmworkers, 'You'd better straighten out or we'll go to South Africa or somewhere...' As long as there's some new area to exploit, they're going to do it. You have problems when there are VERY FEW AT THE TOP, and a VERY LARGE LOWER CLASS. A wise man summed it up some years ago. He said:
         'I feel more anxiety today than even in the midst of war. AS A RESULT OF THE WAR, THE CORPORATIONS HAVE NOW BEEN ENTHRONED, and an era of corruption will follow in the high places. The moneyed powers will endeavor to PROLONG their reign on the prejudice of man, UNTIL ALL WEALTH IS AGGREGATED IN THE HANDS OF A FEW, and the REPUBLIC is DESTROYED...' " * - ABRAHAM LINCOLN

         [NOTE: *Y'all must admit Lincoln certainly was a very wise and prophetic man. Perhaps his wisdom came from his studies of the Bible - particularly Revelation. I do find it rather interesting, though, that the corporate bosses of our present government system ("Democratic Socialism" - as in Hitler's Germany) refer to their Presidential ADVISORS (CFR designees) as "WISE MEN!" - OL]

         "And sure enough, THEY'VE GOT EVERYBODY FIGHTING EVERYBODY, the Black fighting the white. This has to change. The farmers and ranchers and labor unions should be together going after the guy at the top. That's the problem - nobody's focused on who's really controlling the national economy. Everyone's focused on this little group, or that little group, or even that big group. But we all have basically the same problem. WHO'S DOING THIS TO US? Your government owes you something - our government does. It owes you a chance - the pursuit of happiness - it owes you the Preamble, an opportunity, and a fair price for whatever you do produce. Every worker is worth his hire...
         "WE'RE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT. It's just hard to tell people that and make them believe it. WHEN ARE PEOPLE GOING TO SAY 'WE'VE HAD IT?' It's always happened that there comes a point where the people either give in and adapt, or they won't adapt and they find their own form of adaptation ...history has shown there's no other way. This is what Americans are looking at right now. Are we as farmers (or mechanics, or contractors, or small businessmen, etc.) going to be extinct, are we as a country going to be...a country of consumers, unproductive, or are we going to hear A DIFFERENT STORY A HUNDRED YEARS FROM NOW from our graves? Maybe we'll hear, 'OH, AMERICANS... THEY HAD ENOUGH AND DECIDED TO CHANGE HISTORY, SO THEY REVOLTED AND GOT RID OF ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHO WERE TRYING TO CONTROL THEM...' And the same question that's facing us is facing all the other people around the world." - TOM STEVENSON (farmer - Colusa County, CA) [195]
         " 'The GOVERNOR wouldn't call and make an appointment. He'd come down here JUST LIKE HE OWNED THE PLACE. He'd come and go as he pleased,' recalls former inmate JOHN SHOCK of young Governor Clinton's visits to the Arkansas prison where blood was harvested from infected inmates. The lucrative PLASMA COLLECTION CONTRACTS that were awarded to CLINTON Campaign Finance Chairman LEONARD DUNN of Health Management Associates, are estimated to have generated MILLIONS of dollars in revenues. John Shock was a prisoner in the Arkansas Prison from '73 to '79 and experienced the consequences of the prison plasma operation on his own body. Nine years ago he had a transplant to replace the liver that he lost to a hepatitis C infection he believes he got through his participation in the plasma donation program. In an exclusive interview with 'Washington Weekly,' he explains in detail under what conditions the plasma program was run. Due to UNTRAINED INMATES working in the plasma center, the RE-USE OF NEEDLES, and the LACK OF SCREENING of the inmates donating plasma, infections with HEPATITIS (and later HIV) were passed on, not only to other
inmates, but later to THOUSANDS OF CANADIAN HEMOPHILIACS that used contaminated blood products manufactured from the prison blood.

         SHOCK: "I was in the prison from 1973 to about 1978-1979 and I participated in the plasma program for about 2 1/2 to 3 years, going every week to 'bleed' in the plasma center inside the prison facilities. The plasma center had three people that worked in there and they had what they called INMATE ORDERLIES. At the time I had no opinion on it. You don't think about it when you are going through this system. But afterwards, after thinking about the way they operated that place, I WOULDN'T HAVE LET MY DOG GO IN THERE. It wasn't clean, it wasn't sanitary, you didn't know who was sticking you, you didn't know what kind of background they had, they could have been a junkie before they came in. That might have been the ONLY EXPERIENCE that an inmate orderly had, sticking HIMSELF with drugs. As far as any of the inmates in there, I do not believe that they had ANY medical experience at all."
         SHOCK: "...I know people that got DRUGS or got different things for coming and bleeding. They would go in and bleed and then they would get what they wanted."
         QUESTION: "How do you know about this?"
         SHOCK: "Well, when you have got a friend that goes over and bleeds and he comes back and he's got some POT or he got some OTHER kind of drug, now there's only one place he could have gotten it."
         QUESTION: "What kind of drugs was it?"
         SHOCK: "There was just about ANYTHING that you wanted. There were the same drugs in the prison as on the street and you could get them even faster. There was COCAINE, there was HEROIN, POT, ACID, a little bit of EVERYTHING." - RICKI MAGNUSSEN [196]

         SHOCK: "It was common knowledge that [Prison Director] ART LOCKHART and the other officials that were there, were letting stuff go on that shouldn't have been going on. Like INMATES RUNNING THINGS and doing the blood testing before they'd let you bleed, and all different kinds of things. Art Lockhart would allow these people in HMA to come in to bid on it and he would give these people a contract on it. And the people would say 'IF YOU GIVE US THE CONTRACT WE'LL GIVE YOU A KICK BACK.' And it was the whole prison system was involved in it. They all had their hands in it, one way or another."
         SHOCK: "There would be certain times that they (GOVERNOR CLINTON, CONGRESSMEN and various other OFFICIALS)  would come in and they would have everybody in an uproar, cleaning the place up, doing this and doing that, making good impressions. The Governor wouldn't call and make an appointment. He'd come down here just like he owned the place. He'd come and go as he pleased. We would have the Governor, we would have senators come in and go through the whole place and they would check out everything that was associated with the prison."
         QUESTION: "And he went to the blood program facilities and checked them?"
         SHOCK: "Yes, he did. But I wouldn't say that he was really CHECKING anything. HE WAS JUST DOWN THERE TO LOOK AROUND." - RICKI MAGNUSSEN [197]
         QUESTION: "And was the program running as usual while he was there?"
         SHOCK: "Yes, it all went on like normal. THEY DIDN'T CHANGE ANYTHING. They didn't take the inmates and run them out of there. They didn't put more 'free' people in there to do stuff. They kept the same program going just like the normal routine. You could hardly get close to them, hearing what they were saying, but everybody has got their own suspicions."
         QUESTION: "And what were the suspicions?"
         SHOCK: "THE GOVERNOR WOULD HAVE TO KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON IN THE PRISON. He is the main man, he runs the place. He knows every single thing that is going on. It's hard to explain. The Governor knows EVERYTHING that is going on and he knows that HE'S GOING TO GET A KICKBACK ON THIS and that is why he lets it go on. Anybody that has got any sense or any morals to themselves they wouldn't normally let stuff like that go on. If the Governor knows what's going on, he's got to be getting SOMETHING out of it...Every one of them should PAY for it somehow or another, I don't care. They should be LOCKED UP, SHOT, I don't care. They should not have let it go on the way they did."
         QUESTION: "So who do you think should be made responsible?"
         SHOCK: "The state of Arkansas all the way down to the bottom of the plasma system. THE PEOPLE THAT RAN THE GOVERNMENT, the people that ran the SYSTEM, they should be the ones that should be paying for this. I hope I live long enough to see it." - RICKI MAGNUSSEN [198]
         "This is my 1979 UPDATED REPORT on the CONCENTRATION CAMP PROGRAM of the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE of the United States...in case the American people do not voluntarily adopt a new constitution less troublesome to those who desire dictatorship, there is EXECUTIVE ORDER #11490, which will include its predecessors when it is cited herein. The Executive Order authorizes the secretaries of the various agencies to prepare for any 'national emergency' type situation - including, but not limited to, those specified in the Executive Order itself. If you read the Order, there is nothing at all left to the imagination. For ANY CONCEIVABLE PRETEXT, a national emergency  may be declared based upon this frightening decree, dated October 1969.
         "The Order itself was prefaced in March of 1969 by another Executive Order that established the federal regions and their capitals. All the departments of the government were involved, including the L.E.A.A. (Law Enforcement Assistance Administration) and H.E.W. (Health, Education, and Welfare). CONGRESSMAN LARRY MC DONALD has revealed to Congress that various GUERRILLA and TERRORIST groups were being FINANCED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. If they (the terrorist groups) actually began in search of activities, Executive Order #11490 would be activated. But as mentioned previously, if you will read Executive Order #11490, you will see that a 'national emergency' may be declared for any conceivable pretext whatsoever. If the order itself WERE activated, HERE IS WHAT WOULD HAPPEN (Could this be our very near future?):
         "The next day you and your family would be standing in front of your local POST OFFICE with your neighbors the front doors bursting with block-long lines of people WAITING TO BE REGISTERED. After waiting in line with your family for hours, you finally get channeled through the doors. Once inside, you overhear the postal clerk with his sidearm on telling a frightened registrant, 'Look there is nothing I can do. The truck behind the building will take you to a WORK CAMP where you have been assigned. Your wife has been assigned to a FACTORY and there's nothing I can do.' Then your son or daughter looks up at you with a quivering voice and asks, 'Dad, why are we here?'  "...Well, you see there's much more to life in a 'FREE COUNTRY' than paying your mortgage. You have to be AWARE OF WHAT IS GOING ON and act accordingly and participate in government, that is, GET INVOLVED. Examine the
organization chart on Executive Order #11490 to discover how WE HAVE ALL HELPED FINANCE (through our tax dollars) THE MECHANICS OF THE OVERTHROW OF OUR CONSTITUTION. Executive Order #11490 designates certain authorities to the OFFICE OF PREPAREDNESS - which in turn designates authority to the various departments of the federal government." - WILLIAM R. PABST [id. FN#3]
         "If the Order were implemented, the Post Office department would be responsible for a national registration. The STATE DEPARTMENT would be responsible for the PROTECTION of the UNITED NATIONS PERSONNEL or PROPERTY and PREVENTION of ESCAPE from THE UNITED STATES. The DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE would be responsible for its EXPROPRIATION OF INDUSTRY; direction of service and national production system, CONTROL OF CENSORSHIP; and COMMUNICATION EXPROPRIATION of non-industrial facilities. The COMMERCE DEPARTMENT would be responsible for EXPROPRIATION, SELECTION and INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION OF COMMODITIES (which would be the actual LOOTING of the United States), CENSUS INFORMATION and HUMAN RESOURCES
         "The TREASURY DEPARTMENT would be responsible for COLLECTION OF CASH AND NON-CASH ITEMS and the RECREATION OF EVIDENCE of assets and liabilities. The JUSTICE DEPARTMENT would have concurrent responsibility with the DEPARTMENT OF STATE for PREVENTION OF ESCAPE FROM THE US; for REPLENISHING the stockpile of NARCOTICS; for a NATIONAL POLICE FORCE; for CORRECTIONAL and PENAL INSTITUTIONS; for mass feeding and housing of PRISONERS and for use of prisoners to augment manpower - which would be SLAVE LABOR.
         "The FEDERAL BULK (Reserve - which is NOT a FEDERAL bank) would be responsible for REGULATION of withdrawal of currency. The G.S.A. (General Services Administration) would be responsible for CONFISCATION OF PRIVATE PROPERTY for government use. H.E.W. would be responsible for NATIONALIZATION OF EDUCATION (which the Department of Education has ALREADY done), HEALTH SERVICES, HOSPITAL and MENTAL institutions. The LABOR DEPARTMENT would be responsible for RECRUITING...REFERRING...and ALLOCATING MANPOWER so each particular person that was registered at the post office in this national registration would be TOLD where he (or she) was going to work. H.U.D. (Housing & Urban Development) would be responsible for emergency ENFORCEMENT...CONTROL and MOVEMENT OF PASSENGERS and the emergency operation of the ALASKAN RAILROAD.
         "There are two specific agencies here that we need to look at and to keep in mind. They are: H.E.W. and the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT, as those two agencies are related to the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE. The various military departments are part of the Department of Defense. Under it, we have the Secretary of Army, Chief of Staff, Deputy Chief of Staff of Personnel and law enforcement, U.S. Army's forces command, and continental Army Reserve & National Guard. And under that we have the four armies dividing up the United States. Under the FIFTH ARMY we have the PROVOST MARSHAL, who is directly connected to the Deputy Chief of Staff for law enforcement personnel. Under the provost Marshall for the Fifth Army we have the 300 MILITARY POLICE PRISONER OF WAR (POW) COMMAND at Lebonia, Michigan." - WILLIAM R. PABST [id. FN#3]
         "At this point I quote from retired ADMIRAL ELMO ZUMWALD's book, 'On Watch:' KISSINGER states, 'I believe the American people lack the will to do the things necessary to achieve parity and to maintain maritime superiority.  I believe we must get the best deal we can in our negotiations before the United States and the Soviets both perceive these changes and the balance that occurs. When these perceptions are in agreement, and BOTH SIDES KNOW THE US IS INFERIOR, we must have gotten the best deal we can. Americans at that time will not be happy that I have settled for second, but IT WILL BE TOO LATE.'
         ZUMWALD said: 'Then WHY NOT TAKE IT TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE? They will not accept the decision to become SECOND BEST while we are in a position of Gross National Product TWICE THAT OF THE U.S.S.R."
         KISSINGER responded: 'That's a question of judgment. I judge that WE WILL NOT GET THEIR SUPPORT, and if we seek it and tell the fact as we would have to, we would lose our negotiating leverage with the Soviets.
         ZUMWALD stated: 'But isn't that the ULTIMATE IMMORALITY in a democracy; to make a decision for the people of such importance WITHOUT CONSULTING THEM?'
         KISSINGER stated: 'Perhaps, but I DOUBT THAT THERE ARE ONE MILLION who could even UNDERSTAND the issue.'
         ZUMWALD responded: 'Even if that presumption is correct, THOSE ONE MILLION CAN IN- FLUENCE THE OPINIONS OF THE MAJORITY of the people. I believe it is my duty to take the other course.'
         KISSINGER responded: 'You should TAKE CARE, lest your words result in a REDUCTION in the Navy budget.'
         "Another interesting fact to consider is that in the PINE BLUFF ARKANSAS ARSENAL - '3-Z' is stored. It's a NERVE GAS which creates sleepiness, dizziness, stupor, and the incapacity to move about. According to the 'Associated Press,' the agent can be SPRAYED BY AEROSOL, INJECTED OR SPRAYED OVER LARGE AREAS BY A BOMB. The Military has admitted that one potential use of the gas is for CIVILIAN CONTROL. So whatever they've planned, they've also planned a way for you to go to your destination in a TRANQUIL state of mind. H.E.W., by law, is operated in conjunction with the UNITED NATIONS through the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO). Back in 1948, the International Congress on Mental health U.N. organization - declared in its pamphlet, 'Mental Health and World Citizenship, ' that, 'prejudice, hostility or excessive nationalism may become deeply imbedded in the developing personality WITHOUT AWARENESS on the part of the individual concerned. In order to be effective, efforts of changing individuals must be appropriate to the successive stages of the unfold- ing personality. In the case of almost any group of individuals, change will be strongly resisted unless an attitude of acceptance has first been engendered.
         "Principles of mental health cannot be successfully furthered in any society unless there is progressive ACCEPTANCE of the concept of world citizenship,' the document states. 'Programs for social change to be effective require a joint effort of psychiatrists and social scientists, working together in cooperation with statesmen, administrators and others in positions of responsibility." The three phases of the development are:
         1) Mental hospitals for segregation, care and protection of persons of unsound minds.
         2) Community Mental Health Care Centers so that persons may be treated in their own
         3) Child Care Centers for dealing with early difficulties of NATIONALISM in a child's life.
         "Two years earlier, Major General G. B. Chisholm, Deputy Minister of Health in Canada - who later became director of United Nations World Health Organization - explained, 'SELF DEFENSE may involve a NEUROTIC when it means DEFENDING ONE'S OWN EXCESSIVE MATERIAL WEALTH FROM OTHERS WHO ARE IN GREAT NEED. This attitude leads to war...'  So his solution to the problem is: 'LET'S REDISTRIBUTE THE WEALTH AMONG EVERYONE.' Further, the RE-INTER- PRETATION and eventual ERADICATION OF THE INDIVIDUAL'S CONCEPT OF RIGHT AND WRONG - which has been the basis of child training are the belated objectives of practically all EFFECTIVE psychotherapies. Now if we digress even further, to BERIA, the director of the SOVIET SECRET POLICE in the 1930's, we see he explained the Communist political strategy through the use of 'mental healing' of psychiatry:
         'PSYCHO-POLITICS is the art and science of asserting and of maintaining a dominion over the thoughts and loyalties of individuals, officers, bureaus, and masses, and the effecting of the CON- QUEST OF ENEMY NATIONS through mental healing. You must work,: he stated, 'Until every teacher of psychology unknowingly or knowingly TEACHES ONLY COMMUNISTIC DOCTRINE UNDER THE GUISE OF PSYCHOLOGY.' If you look at the Russian manual of instruction of psycho-political warfare, we see in chapter nine, 'Psycho-political operations should at all times be alert to the Opportunities to organize for the betterment of the community mental health centers'." - WILLIAM R. PABST [id. FN#3]
         "Now, under the new national Mental Health program, at this moment there are more than 600 of these community mental health centers across the United States. The whole thing was promoted by DR. STANLEY F. YOLES (phonetic spelling), who was the director of the National Institute of Mental Health in 1969. He stated back then, that the newest trend in treating mental illness is care at local health care centers where the patient is not isolated from his (or her) family and friends. They have been working on this program for 46 years publicly, and now across the U.S. - through your tax dollars - you have 603 centers (to be exact), Community Health Centers that are all part of this program. This is how they are part of the program. (It has already happened): In the mid-1950's, there were set into motion an interesting chain of events. About 1956, the ALASKA MENTAL HEALTH Bill was proposed and later passed. It granted approximately $12 MILLION and ONE MILLION ACRES of public land to Alaska so that it could develop its own mental health program. Now this was a little abnormal since ALASKA ONLY HAD A LITTLE OVER 400 PEOPLE WHO WERE CLASSIFIED AS MENTALLY ILL!
         "After the bill was passed, Alaska passed its own enabling legislation to get into the mental health business. They started by adopting the essential elements of the Public Health Service Draft Act on the hospitalization of the mentally ill in the old 'interstate Compact on Mental Health" - now called the 'UNIFORM MENTAL HEALTH ACT.' There were NO provisions for JURY TRIAL in it or anything else. You would just be picked up and taken to the Alaskan-Siberian Asylum-INCOMMUNICADO - and the State would also CONFISCATE ALL OF YOUR PERSONAL AND REAL PROPERTY! They actually tried to do it in 1954 in the case of FORD vs. MILINAK (phonetic spelling), which declared the act as adopted in another state (the state of Missouri) as UNCONSTITUTIONAL
         "But the act itself STILL exists - and modified - but essentially in the same form, the Uniform Mental Health Act, to which approximately SIX states subscribe. And in passing most State Consti- tutions - if you will check them from the period of 1935 - made a part of their constitution the practice of having a person submit to a 90-DAY MENTAL EXAMINATION to determine his (or her) sanity, WITHOUT ANY PROVISIONS FOR A TRIAL BY JURY. This was part of the national program at that time. In this act, the governor could have ANYONE picked up and sent to the Mental Health Institution in Alaska or elsewhere. The results of rumors back in the '50s, were that there was in fact a sinister, FRANKENSTEIN-type mental health person in Alaska. I wrote to Alaska (the officials, that is) and asked them for a DESCRIPTION of the kind of one million acres that they were eligible to receive under the Alaska Mental Health Act. I also asked them for a copy of the INVENTORY they ran for their facilities back at that same time. Well, so far no answer. And probably, I will never receive an answer without a court order.
         "Through the years, there was a spot in Alaska that was continually referred to: Southeast of Fairbanks, southwest of Fairbanks, northwest of Fairbanks - somewhere near Fairbanks. Then I received information that a pilot had flown over the entire area once and had had his license revoked. So, for $1.85 each, I ordered the low-level navigation maps from the federal government for Alaska and located the ALASKAN-SIBERIAN ASYLUM FOR THE TREATMENT OF ENEMIES OF THE UNITED STATES. It's right where rumor over the past 20 years had placed it: SOUTHWEST OF FAIRBANKS. It stands out like a sore thumb! It's the only one of that geometric configuration within the state of Alaska, and you will note a black line running up through Fairbanks and down over near that area of the map. That is the RAILROAD that the Department of Transportation would take the emergency operation of under the Executive Order - if the Executive Order went into effect. H.E.W. would be responsible for
making a determination of whether or not you were MENTALLY DISTURBED because of your NATION- ALISTIC tendencies, your LOVE FOR THE UNITED STATES, or your ADHERENCE TO ANY POLITICAL OR RELIGIOUS DOCTRINE." - WILLIAM R. PABST [id. FN#3]
         "Let's look a little further into the type of program that the L.E.A.A. is paying for through the Department of Justice. The FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS - located in the backwoods of North Carolina, near a tiny village called Butner - is constructing a mammoth 42 ACRE RESEARCH COMPLEX for prisoners from throughout the East. WHO will be sent for experiments to test new behavioral programs and techniques? TARGET DATE FOR COMPLETING ON THE ENTIRE SYSTEM IS IRONICALLY 1984.
         "So, they're using right now, under the L.E.A.A. program, something called ANECTINE (phonetic spelling). PUNISHMENT for troublesome behavior within the prison is being done by DRUGS and SHOCK, likely to be the most selected examples of programs that have made use of anectine - a derivative of South American CURARE. Anectine was originally used as a beginning factor to ELECTRO-CONVULSIVE SHOCK. Such shocks applied to the head are so strong they can break and graze pores under the strain, resulting in muscle contractions. Anectine PARALYZES the muscles WITHOUT DIMINISHING CONSCIOUSNESS OR THE ABILITY TO FEEL PAIN. By first injecting the inmates with it, researchers can turn up the voltage AS HIGH AS THEY WANT without cracking the inmates' skeleton when his body is thrown into convulsions by the jolt.
         "What the anectine does, in short, is to SIMULATE DEATH within 30 to 40 seconds of injection. It brings on paralysis first, with the small rapidly moving muscles in the nose, fingers, and eyes; then in the diaphragm and the cardiovascular system. As a result, THE PATIENT CANNOT MOVE OR BREATHE, AND YET REMAINS FULLY CONSCIOUS, as though drowning and dying. This is from the 1974 publication, 'HUMAN BEHAVIOR'... I obtained the 1945 report of the O.S.S. (Office of Strategic Services) - the precursor of the C.I.A. - 7th Army, William W. Quinn, Colonel G.F.CA.C.of the G2, on the liberation of DACHAU, a concentration camp during the liberation in Germany. It contains much groupings of information, but the relevant portion of the report concerns itself with the section on the townspeople. Quoting from his report, on why the people of this little town didn't complain or didn't overthrow oppressors, but just continued to GO ALONG AND GET ALONG - EVEN THOUGH THEY LOST THEIR FREEDOM in the process. I quote:
         'These words crop up again and again. They are the rationalization of a man who admits that he was a member of the Nazi party. 'I WAS FORCED TO DO SO BY BUSINESS REASONS,' they state. We were lied to in every respect but they admit THEY KNEW THE CAMP EXISTED. But, they saw the work detail to the inmates passing through the streets under guard, and in some instances the S.S. behaved brutally even towards the townspeople. When asked if they realized that within the last three months before the liberation 13,000 MEN LOST THEIR LIVES WITHIN A STONE'S THROW OF WHERE THE PEOPLE LIVED, they claimed they were SHOCKED and SURPRISED. When asked if they never saw transports of dead and dying pass through the streets along the railway, they referred only to the last one. They insist that MOST OF THE TRAINS CAME IN AT NIGHT and that they were SEALED cars. Did they never ask what was in the endless procession of cars that came in full and always went out empty?  A typical reply was, 'We were told it was all ARMY MATERIAL and booty from France.' It is established that anyone who stated that he saw only one train come in in the daytime was
telling a flat LIE. There are quite a few such people in Dachau'." - WILLIAM R. PABST [id. FN#3]
         "The ANALYSIS OF THE ANTI-NAZI ELEMENT of the town: 1) The people KNEW what was going on in the camp, even ten years prior to liberation; 2) The town did a THRIVING BUSINESS from the concentration camp guard; 3) NINETY PERSENT ARE GUILTY and have dabbed themselves with the blood of innocent human beings; 4) The people are to blame for their COWARDICE - they were all too cowardly. They didn't want to RISK anything - and that was the way it was in all of Germany. The conclusion of this report written on Dachau in 1945 on the liberation of the concentration camp APPLIES TODAY. The conclusion is as follows: If one is to attempt tremendous task and accept the terrible responsibility of judging a whole town, assess it en masse as to collective guilt or innocence of all its inhabitants for their complicity in committing this most heinous of crimes, one would do well to remember the fearsome shadow that hangs over everyone in this state in light of the SIMILAR CON- DITIONS THAT NOW PREVAIL IN THE MIDST OF OUR OWN CIRCUMSTANCES.
         "So you can see how the whole program is related here. My lawsuit was against one single aspect of the total program: The ENFORCEMENT arm of the conspiracy. THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE UP THE CADRE THAT IS GOING TO OCCUPY THE CONCENTRATION CAMPS WHERE ENEMIES OF THE U.S. WILL BE PLACED. Remember Solzhenitsyn's words in the 'Gulag Archipelago': 'RESISTANCE should have begun right there but IT DID NOT begin. YOU AREN'T GAGGED, you really CAN and you really OUGHT to cry out that arrests are being made on the strength of FALSE accusations. If many such outcries had been heard all over the city arrests  would  have no longer have been so easy. THEY, THE TYRANTS, CAN'T WORK IN THE PUBLIC EYE. These people who were so apathetic, hoping that nothing was really wrong, that nothing would happen to their persons and property, sat back and watched. The anarchists, financed by multinational interests, looted and pillaged their country. If you think that all (that) is necessary is to pay your house notes, to pay your TV notes, to go vote when there is an election, and to stand back during the rest of the year and watch as your country and way of life are REPLACED BY A SYSTEM IN WHICH YOU WILL BE A SLAVE IN A CONCENTRATION CAMP, YOU - NOT THE CONSPIRATORS - ARE GUILTY BECAUSE YOU - by silent acquiescence - INVITE TYRANNY AND OPPRESSION.
         "When you have to STEAL FOOD to eat BECAUSE OUR PRODUCTION IS FOR FOREIGN USE because the Department of Commerce - through Executive Order 11490 and its predecessors - is responsible for international distribution of our commodities, don't sit in the culvert hiding and eating and wondering what happened because YOU MADE IT ALL POSSIBLE. When YOUR FAMILY IS SPLIT UP and spread across the United States TO DO SLAVE LABOR and YOU NEVER SEE YOUR LOVED ONES AGAIN, it will be YOUR fault because you did NOTHING to prevent it. ONCE WE LOSE OUR FREEDOM, WE ARE NEVER GOING TO REGAIN IT. That is why we must stand together to prevent the loss of our freedom as citizens of the United States. Thank you very much." (Conclusion of taped report.) - WILLIAM R. PABST [id. FN#3]

[Continued in Part VIIa]

         To make things easier for our readers, I have separated individual articles and speakers by TRIPLE ASTERISKS (***). Wherever you see a SINGLE asterisk (*) separating paragraphs (or couplets) in a single article, it is by the same author. All emphasis is my own. This is the end of the Subversive Seventies and another unauthorized look at history - IN THEIR OWN WORDS. I am going to take some much-needed personal time off, but I will be back in after the first of the year with the first installment of the AWESOME (and sometimes awful) EIGHTIES. Til then (Godwilling and the Lord doesn't come first!), Godspeed and have a GREAT holiday season! - YOUR  OUTLAWLADY


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