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        "The United States is becoming increasingly difficult to govern because of a fragmented, inefficient system of authority and procedures that has developed over the last decade and now appears to be gaining strength and impact, according to political leaders, scholars, and public interest groups across the country." - JOHN HERBERS [154]


        "...faced with a lawsuit for violating the open-meeting provision of the Federal Advisory Act, [the VA] agreed to invite scientists who were not employed by the chemical industry...[and] established an ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON THE HEALTH-RELATED EFFECTS OF HERBICIDES...
        "Although the advisory committee was a good idea in principle, it was clear from the beginning that the VA intended to ask for its advice only AFTER CRUCIAL DECISIONS HAD BEEN MADE, placing the committee in the position of a surgeon who is called in for consultation a few hours after an operation has been performed." - FRED A. WILCOX [155]
        "As a practical matter the advisory committee has been INEFFECTIVE as a device to obtain scientific advice on Agent Orange matters. This is a result which is the agency's BY DESIGN, not the fault of committee members." - NATIONAL VETERANS LAW CENTER [156]
        On December 14, 1978, [PAUL] REUTERSHAN succumbed to the cancer that had destroyed much of his colon, liver, and abdomen. In the months before he died, Reutershan founded AGENT ORANGE VICTIMS INTERNATIONAL, and spent all of his waning energies trying to inform the American people about his belief that his cancer was the result of his exposure to a herbicide called Agent Orange. But the VA denied, and STILL denies, any connection between exposure to Agent Orange and the many illnesses Vietnam veterans suffer.
        "Just three weeks before he died, however, Reutershan did receive a disability check from the VA. 'He was too weak even to sign it,' his sister told reporters. Two days after his death, Paul's mother received a letter from the Veterans Administration requesting that THE CHECK BE RETURNED." - FRED A. WILCOX [157]
        "According to those involved in Bush's first political action committee, there were several occasions in 1978-79, when Bush was living in Houston and traveling the country in his first run for the presidency, that he SET ASIDE PERIODS of up to 24 HOURS and told aides that he had to fly to Washington for a SECRET MEETING of FORMER CIA DIRECTORS. Bush told his aides that he could not divulge his whereabouts, and that he would not be available." - BOB WOODWARD & WALTER PINCUS ("Washington Post") Former CIA chief Stansfield Turner denies such meetings took place.
        "...I told him that I wanted again to talk about the NEW IDENTITY PROGRAM.* And I had some other questions for him, specifically. I told him I wanted him to help as a road map. I told him personally, face-to-face, I could use your name in a story tomorrow...but quite honestly it's not just your name that I want, I said, it is specific information. I want to know, one, whether or not this thing ever existed, and HOW it worked. I personally believe that the program began, almost accidentally, as early as 1979, not by intent or not by design. But by these people that videotape talks about, and some other cases that came out, and people also that GENERAL KALUGIN talked about, when he gave information that was sent back home by Vietnam in 1979. That in 1979 the program got started only because here came these Americans back who either were late returnees, or DESERTERS, or TURNCOATS,W or whatever, but who had been MIA, who had been POW. And what do you DO with them?
        "And because of what the United States had intended to do, or was doing, and court-martialing  of BOBBY GARWOOD, you could not have all of these OTHER people showing up, without essentially doing, being fair and maybe putting THEM under suspicion or court-martial. I think that's basically how it started. There is historical precedent to this. Some of the TURNCOATS, actually people who were captured from KOREA, the 23 or so who came back under the table, or SECRETLY, not openly. And the American public, by and large, did not know about that. They knew a couple.of cases, but they did not know the great number for many years...
        "Early on, my personal belief was that like only nine - when I say early on, I mean like when I first became aware of this supposed program, I thought that the number was only eight or nine, but later there were larger numbers, in part because of FATHER SHELTON's story, but because of other stories. And so I told Leard the ballpark figure. And he says, yes. He says, in that range. He says, but don't get caught up with specific numbers, he says, because PEOPLE WILL USE A SPECIFIC NUMBER TO GET OFF THE ISSUE, or off the - I'm looking for a word - from under this situation. In other words, if I come up and if I say I understand that there were 109 brought back, and it's actually 108 or you've got two others who are coming and so it's really 111, they'll say no, there's nothing to that. So he said not to get stuck on the numbers. The number that we use in the story, I think, is APPROXIMATELY 275 or something like that..." - DEPOSITION OF DAVID E. HENDRIX (Reporter - "Press-Enterprise" Riverside, CA) [158]

        [NOTE: *This was one method of getting rid of several hundred (or more) embarrassing and too talkative problems. We are just touching on it in this report. We will go into detail in the next one (the Eighties).
       WThe other method for getting rid of them is an old familiar "government" ploy (used frequently during the LAST administration!): DESTROY THEIR CREDIBILITY by smearing their names and painting them as COWARDS and TRAITORS. Boy! Aren't THEY the perfect ones to talk?!!! - OL]

        "...JIMMY CARTER...authorized the CIA to go in and try to make the SANDINISTAS look to be EVIL. So in 1979 [when] they came in to power, immediately we tried to cast them as totalitarian, evil, threatening Marxists...they had ABOLISHED the death sentence...RELEASED 8,000 NATIONAL GUARDSMEN they had in custody, they COULD have kept in prison...launched a LITERACY campaign to teach the people to read and write [which is something that the DICTATOR SOMOZA...had never bothered to get around to doing]. While they were building 2,500 CLINICS to give the country something resembling a public health policy, and access to medicines, we [were] labeling them 'totalitarian dictators,' and attacking them in the press - working with this newspaper `LA PRENSA' which - [Washington admitted] - the U.S. GOVERNMENT FUNDED: a propaganda arm.
        "[REAGAN and the State Department] claimed [the Sandinistas] were building a war machine that threatened the stability of Central America. Now the truth is, this small, poor country had been attacked by the world's richest country under conditions of war, for five years...the deaths sustained, the action they suffered - made it A LARGER WAR PROPORTIONALLY THAN THE VIETNAM WAR was to the U.S. In addition to the CONTRA activities, [the] U.S. Navy ships supervised the mining of harbors, sent planes in and bombed the capital, U.S. military planes flew wing-tip to wing-tip over the country, photographing it, [doing] aerial re-connaissance...we claimed that the force the Sandinistas built up - which was obviously purely defensive - was an aggressive force that threatened the stability of all of Central America." - JOHN STOCKWELL [159]
        "We claimed the justification for this was the ARMS that were flowing from NICARAGUA to EL SALVADOR, and yet in 5 years of this activity, President Reagan [was unable] to show the world one shred of EVIDENCE of any arms flowing from Nicaragua into El Salvador. We launched a campaign to discredit their elections. INTERNATIONAL observer teams said these were the FAIREST elections they had witnessed in Central America in many years. We said they were fraudulent, they were rigged, because it was a totalitarian system...we said, the elections that were held in El Salvador were models of democracy to be copied elsewhere in the world. And then...we learned that THE CIA HAD SPENT 2.2 MILLION DOLLARS TO MAKE SURE THAT THEIR CHOICE OF CANDIDATES...would win. They did everything, we're told, by one of their spokesmen, indirectly, but STUFF the ballot boxes..."
        "We claim the Sandinistas are responsible for the terrorism that's happening anywhere in the world. `THE COUNTRY CLUB OF TERRORISM' we call it. There's an incident in Rome, and Ed Meese goes on TV and says, `that country club in Nicaragua is training terrorists...' Meese was correct, of course. There WAS a 'country club of terrorism in Nicaragua - and MANY, MANY more places around the world. But, it wasn't the Sandinistas doing the training. IT WAS OUR VERY OWN CIA. And they continue to do so today. An article in 'Newsweek' in September of 1981 discussed how the CIA put together a force of Somoza's ex-guard. They described it as `the only truly evil, totally unacceptable factor in the Nicaraguan equation.' Noting that neither the White House nor the CIA pretended it ever could win, 'Newsweek' asked, `what's the point?' They concluded that by attacking the country, the Sandinistas can be forced into a more RADICAL position, giving the Congress and the media more ammunition to attack them." - JOHN STOCKWELL [160] (In other words, they were being deliberately SET UP! - OL)
        "...a person can only keep so many problems and concerns in his head at any one time. If new problems or concerns are added, some existing ones must be given up. We keep track of what Americans have given up and have taken up.
        "The United States is rapidly shifting from a mass industrial society to an INFORMATION SOCIETY and the final impact will be more profound than the 19th century shift from an agricultural to an industrial society. Starting in 1979, the number one occupation in the U.S. became CLERKING - replacing laborer and farmer. In this latter statement is a brief history of the United States." - JOHN NAISBITT (advisor to Lyndon Johnson, Eastman Kodak, IBM, American Express, the Center for Policy Study, Chase Manhattan, General Motors, Louis Harris Polls, the White House, Institute of Life Insurance, the American Red Cross, Mobil Oil, British Petroleum, etc.) [161]
        "FEMA was created by President Carter under Executive Order #12148. Its legal authorization is Title 42, United States Code 5121 (42 USC Sec. 5121) called the 'STAFFORD ACT.' During activation of Executive Orders, FEMA answers only to the National Security Council which answers only to the President (which makes him a virtual dictator - or KING!). Once these powers are invoked, NOT EVEN CONGRESS CAN INTERVENE OR COUNTERMAND THEM FOR SIX MONTHS.* (Where in the US Constitution does it authorize THAT?!)
        "What Clinton, or Reagan, or any other president did when writing an EO, was to direct his Cabinet member(s), in this case FEMA, to take specific action to carry out the directives of the EO. Where Jimmy Carter had created FEMA by Esecutive Order in 1979, Robert Safford took it a step futher and pushed a bill through in 1988 that made it LAW.W This legislation made FEMA a bonafide DEPARTMENT like Justice. Where the EO is critical to the USC (United States Code) and Title 50, is in interpreting the law how that department or FEMA, should conduct itself when declaring they will tell the states, national guard, military forces, or whomever, to confiscate extra hoarded food or medical supplies or whatever...We must also consider any PDD (Presidential Decision Directives) ok, so who is going to determine how much food we have in our house - why FEMA of course. And the amount depends on the need of all...not YOUR needs or MY needs...but the WELFARE' of the NEEDY..." - HOLLY DEYO [162]

        [NOTES: *Of course they can! FEMA is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and Congress (the voice of the people) can override them - if they have the courage. But, of course, we know that won't happen, because Congress has already been bought and paid for!
       WNow isn't THIS interesting: all this time they have been trying to convince us that an Executive Order is ALREADY "LAW!" So, does that mean that all those hundreds of EOs must now be made into "departments" in order for them to be LEGAL? My, this just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser!! - OL]

        "The TRILATERALIST COMMISSION...is intended to be the vehicle for multi-national consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by SEIZING CONTROL OF THE POLITICAL GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES...In my view The Trilateral Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power political, monetary, intellectual [SCHOOLS], and ecclesiastical [RELIGIOUS]. All this is to be done in the interest of creating a more peaceful, more productive world community. What the Trilateralists truly intend is the creation of a worldwide economic power superior to the political governments of the nation-states involved. THEY BELIEVE THE ABUNDANT MATERIALISM THEY PROPOSE TO CREATE WILL OVERWHELM EXISTING DIFFERENCES. As managers and creators of the system THEY will rule the future." - SENATOR BARRY GOLDWATER (R-AZ) (former Presidential candidate) [163]
"A WORLD GOVERNMENT will be established in order to PROVIDE A
                                                                                                - V.A. ALLAIN [164]

        [NOTE: *HORSE HOCKEY! What they plan is to redistribute of the world's resources AMONG THEMSELVES! - OL]

        At the height of the Korean "police action" (3/3/51), the Editor-in-Chief of the "Dallas Morning News" wrote: "If the nation is to draft or even to enlist its manpower in national defense, the nation owes some sort of guarantee to the CANNON FODDER that it will not be SACRIFICED toward DEVIOUS methods of foreign policy or of war policy that somebody in high office is unwilling to lay on the line. They (U.S. soldiers) face the hazards of death with sublime courage. But they have a right to demand that their leaders must not stack the cards or load the dice against them." - MAJOR GENERAL WILLIAM B. RUGGLES [165] Recalling the situation in Korea as a Colonel in command of the 5th Regiment, the Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps from 1968 to 1971 observed:
        "It bothered me deeply that I was required to submit TWENTY-FOUR HOURS IN ADVANCE a DETAILED PLAN OF ATTACK for approval by the UN Command Headquarters. It bothered me because it soon became apparent that each time we attacked, THE ENEMY WAS WAITING FOR US. We could not achieve surprise. We could not RETAIN anything we won...
        "We could, of course, have WON the Korean War, but VICTORY WAS NOT THE GOAL OF THE UN OFFICIALS who manipulated events. I didn't realize it at the time, but the United Nations structure makes sure that the undersecretary of the Security Council, who is responsible for military matters - is ALWAYS from the Soviet bloc!" - GENERAL LEWIS W. WALT, Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps (Ret.) from 1968 to 1971 [166]
        "ENLIGHTENED SOCIAL ENGINEERING is required to face situations that demand global action now. Education is a long-term solution...Parents and the general public must be reached also (convinced of the necessity of a global perspective). Otherwise, children and youth enrolled in GLOBALLY-oriented programs may find themselves IN CONFLICT WITH VALUES ASSUMED IN THE HOME. And then the educational institution frequently comes under SCRUTINY and must PULL BACK." - JOHN GOODLAD [167]
        "A group that is bound and determined to PROTECT AN INDIVIDUAL'S RIGHTS to say, read, or watch anything he wants, DRAWS THE LINE when RELIGION is involved. If they had their way, religious groups would be forced again to meet in SECLUDED BASEMENTS or perhaps even CAVES to insure that no 'innocent' bystander was forced to listen to their message. Whatever happened to the concept that religious liberties should be PROTECTED Constitutional liberties? Rather than recognizing, as our Founding Fathers did, that freedom TO worship is the most FUNDAMENTAL of U.S. liberties, the ACLU interprets 'freedom to worship' as 'freedom FROM worship.' If they had their way, the PILGRIMS never would have been allowed to hold religious services.
        "Time and time again, the ACLU has gone to bat for HOMOSEXUAL groups to hold meetings in public school rooms after normal schoolhours. And time and time agains, the ACLU has fought to keep that SAME right from being granted to RELIGIOUS groups. In fact, in 1979, the ACLU went so far as to sue the public school system in Sioux Falls, Iowa. Why? They wanted to STOP the singing of 'SILENT NIGHT' at Christmas assemblies. Three years later in the state of Washington, a high school planning to put on the rock opera 'JESUS CHRIST, SUPERSTAR' as its spring play was warned by the ACLU that that was RELIGIOUS INSTRUCTION and that if they kept it up, they could expect 'more drastic action'." - DANIEL J. POPEO [168]
        "Early on in the ABORTION DEBATE, many put forth the proposition that having an UNWANTED child would give rise to greater instances of CHILD ABUSE. But the OPPOSITE has been proven from the horrible experiment carried on since the Roe vs. Wade decision. Since 1973, the number of reported cases of child abuse has INCREASED by 1,497 PER CENT (!), from 167,000 in 1973 to 2.5 MILLION in 1991 (from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services). In an article in the 'Canadian Journal of Psychiatry' entitled 'Relationship Between Abortion and Child Abuse' some candid observations are made about the relationships between abortion and child abuse:
        'The rate of increase in child abuse parallels the rate of increase in abortions [in industrialized nations]. A woman, to abort her helpless young, must OVERCOME HER INSTINCTUAL IMPULSE to attend to the little one's helplessness...Even the woman who has undergone SEVERAL abortions, on seeing her limp fetus, experiences a profound PSYCHOLOGICAL SHOCK that can produce a serious illness...There appears to be...a DECREASE in the VALUE OF CHILDREN to society. GUILT is one of the major factors causing battering and infanticide.
        'There are intolerable feelings of SELF-HATRED, which the parent TAKES OUT ON THE CHILD. Abortion results in guilt and guilt contributes to child battering. Abortion contributes to lowered self-esteem, which contributes to child battering. BATTERING ALSO INCREASES GUILT, which could lead to more FREQUENT abortions of subsequent pregnancies. The SURVIVOR SYNDROME, a mixture of guilt and anger, may be experienced by CHILDREN in a family where an abortion was done. Their guilt produces depression, often exhibited as irritability and lethargy, which to the parents smacks of rudeness and disrespect, the very things that trigger many batterings. In some instances, a guilt- ridden child unconsciously triggers parental hostility because he feels that he should be PUNISHED for his aggressive feeling.
        'You killed my baby brother, you better go ahead and kill ME'...Abortion on request not only increases the rates of child battering at present, but it will increase the tendency to batter and abort in succeeding generations. Abortion, producing guilt in both the mother and in the children who survive,
increases the probability of displaced hostility, which results in battered or MURDERED children." - P. NEY [169]
        "This article, written in 1979, delineates how parents harden their hearts to the point of death toward their own offspring. Even in nature many animals and insects ferociously protect their offspring from other predators. AMERICA HAS DESCENDED LOWER THAN THE LEVEL OF BRUTE BEASTS AND INSECTS to the point of sanctioning, funding and defending the killing of the unborn worldwide. America has become AN ASSASSINATOR OF THOSE UNABLE TO DEFEND OR SPEAK ON THEIR OWN BEHALF.*
        "Could we say that the U.S. is in the KILLING BUSINESS disguised as 'REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS' and 'MENSTRUAL REGULATION?' Can we expect to go to 'health departments' and hospitals for vaccinations and drugs and NOT BE DECEIVED? Can we say for sure that we 'know' what is in the medications and vaccinations given? With no sanctity for human life and placed upon the level of a disease, what prohibits the surgery from extending from the unborn and aged to the UNFIT and SOCIALLY UNACCEPTABLE? Where will the line be drawn NOW?" - "THE WINDS" [170]

        [NOTE: *Amazing, isn't it? Many of the same compassionate "ANIMAL rights" people - claiming to "speak for those unable to speak or defend themselves" are in the forefront of a woman's "right to choose" - to KILL her helpless unborn young - ALSO "unable to speak or defend themselves." Which PROVES they have more respect and "compassion" for animals than they do for humans! - OL)

        From 1951 to 1963 (the year they kicked GOD out of school), the rate of births per 1,000 unwed mothers went from a little over 13 to only approximately 15. Eight years later (when ROE v. WADE became the law of the land - which, of course, the Supreme Court had no Constitutional right to do) the figure had risen to 22.5 per 1,000. Eight years later (1979) the figure had skyrocketed to nearly 35 per 1,000. - [171] But, these shocking figures are only the beginning of the changes that took place as a result of the SOCIALIZATION and HUMANIZATION of America. Of these, from 1955 to 1963 (BEFORE Divine Law was rejected), approximately 4 to 5 were unwed girls UNDER THE AGE OF 15. From then until 1975, the figure had risen by FIVE TIMES to 26 per 1,000 - and approximately 20 of these were aborted.  SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE (STDs) - Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Chancroid, Granuloma Inguinale, Lymphogranuloma Venereum, and AIDS - actually went DOWN from 400 per 100,000 in 1955 to approximately 350 in 1963. But from 1963 to 1975, it shot up to an appalling 1300 PER 100,000! The divorce rate in this country DROPPED from 2.7 out of every 1,000 in 1950 to 2.2. in 1962. Then THE SUPREME COURT THREW GOD OUT OF SCHOOL, and the number MORE THAN DOUBLED to 5.2 out of every 1,000. - [172]
        Of course, it wasn't merely the SEXUAL aspects that were drastically changed, as a result of throwing out our children's MORAL COMPASS (i.e., God and the Ten Commandments). It affected EVERY part of their life. For instance, during this same period, SAT scores plumeted from 980 in 1963 to 890 in 1979. - [173] Since then, SAT tests have been LOWERED to accomodate the "DUMBING DOWN" of our present generation of would-be students. Today, EVERY child can go to college - no matter what his or her financial, educational (or lack thereof). Uncle Sam or the big corporations eagerly PAY for everything. Why? So this new generation can be properly 'RE-EDUCATED' INTO THE GLOBALISTS' MIND-SET.
        As anybody with eyes can see, violence has kept step with this rising immorality: from 1963 to 1979, VIOLENT CRIME rose from around 250,000 a year to 1.7 MILLION a year. - [174]. It has grown exponentially ever since: today we have the dubious distinction of having the HIGHEST rate of violent crime IN THE WORLD. And yet, Klinton insisted to his final day in office that today America is enjoying the "GREATEST PEACE" in our HISTORY - and they call this "PROGRESS!"
"The kindergarten program presented in 1977...exceeded the boundaries of
what is CONSTITUTIONALLY PERMISSIBLE under the Establishment Clause."
                                                                                        - "FLOREY v. SIOUX FALLS
                                                                                           SCHOOL DISTRICT" 1979


        On January 8th..."having concluded that at least 400 veterans might have been poisoned by herbicides...[VICTOR] YANNACONE (along with a group of Long Island lawyers) filed a class action suit against DOW [CHEMICAL], et al. on behalf of 'all those so unfortunate as to have been and now to be situated at risk, not only during this generation but during GENERATIONS TO COME."* - FRED A. WILCOX [175]

        [NOTE: *Sadly, it DIDN'T stop the risk for "generations to come." In only a little over a decade, a new generation was exposed to a new government experiment: the "GULF WAR SYNDROME." And today, it's ANTHRAX shots. The risk Yannacone referred to was exposure to AGENT ORANGE, of course. - OL] The lawsuit demanded:

        "An immediate ban on all advertising, promotion, distribution, marketing and sale ofthe contaminated herbicides; "A declaration that the corporate defendants are trustees of the public health, safety and welfare, with a fiduciary (i.e., trust; confidence) responsibility to the public.
        "Disclosure of everything the companies know about the dangers of the contaminated herbicides. "Establishment by the companies of a tax-exempt reserve fund sufficient to cover damages from use of the herbicides (reimburse the VA and Social Security Administration for benefits, compensate victims and their families and protect consumers from any attempt to pass along cost of damages resulting from use of utility or railroad rights-of-way." - "BARRISTER" Magazine [176]

        "Peking last week celebrated the advent of Sino-American relations with SODA POP, champagne toasts, demands for FREE SPEECH and FREE SEX, and a binge of DISCO dancing - most of which, as the Chinese have been quick to learn, goes better with COKE." - "TIME" Magazine 1/15/79
        "When President Carter visited me I told him: 'I do not particularly like Somoza or his regime, as you know. But if the Sandinistas unseat him and replace him with a CASTRO-picked Government it will have a profound effect on Nicaragua's neighbors and certainly TOUCH OFF A SLIDE TO THE LEFT in my country.' It was as though he did not hear a word of what I had said. He told me: 'Oh, Mr. President, you must do something to help me GET RID OF THIS SOMOZA'." - PRESIDENT LOPEZ PORTILLO (Mexico) [177]
        "CARTER forced the IMF and World Bank to halt credit to Nicaragua; embargoed its beef and coffee; and most importantly, PROHIBITED WEAPONS SALES TO ITS MILITARY, and pressured our ALLIES to do the same (even compelling Israel to recall a ship bound for Nicaragua with munitions). Unknown to most Americans, President Somoza, before his brutal assassination, EXPOSED THE CARTER CONSPIRACY to depose him in his book 'Nicaragua Betrayed.' It contains the transcripts of tape recordings Somoza made of visits to his office by U.S. officials. After the MARXISTS took power in Managua, the Carter administration pushed through Congress $75 MILLION IN AID FOR THEM." - JAMES PERLOFF [178]


        "Currently it costs $441 per month (PLUS rent) for a four person public assistance family to maintain the same level of living that had been provided for them in the spring of 1969...The present basic cash grant of $258 per month (exclusive of rent) for a four person family has not changed in amount since it was fixed at that level in July 1974. Inflation since July 1974 has so eroded the purchasing power of the $258 non-rental grant that it is now worth only $198 in the market place." - COUNCILWOMAN RUTH MESSINGER [179]
        "I'm going to be self-sufficient down on the plantation - grow all my own stuff, and I won't have to go to anybody WHEN THE WORLD FALLS APART AND THE DOLLAR WON'T BUY ANYTHING anymore. But, you know, THERE'LL BE A REVOLUTION and they'll come and take it away from me." - TED TURNER [180] (Now who's being "PARANOID"?!)
        "What EARTHQUAKE of history has occurred? None. All of it was PLANNED...White's BRETTON WOODS CONFERENCE set policies which our government has followed, WITHOUT DEVIATION, UNDER ALL PRESIDENTS, since the end of World War II. These policies were intended to accomplish four major objectives:
    (1) "Strip the United States of its monetary gold reserve by GIVING the gold to other nations;
    (2) "Build the industrial capacity of other nations, at OUR expense, to ELIMINATE AMERICAN
    (3) "Take world markets - and much of the American domestic market - away from American
    (4) "Entwine American affairs with those of other nations until the United States could not have
          an independent policy, but would become an interdependent link in a WORLDWIDE
          SOCIALIST CHAIN." - DAN SMOOT [181]
        "According to AFL-CIO statistics the average non-farm worker with three dependents took a CUT of about $3.50 a week from 1972 to August 1978. His nominal wages SOARED from $121.09 to $184.09, but measured in 1967 dollars his real earnings (after federal taxes) SHRANK from $96.64 to $93.12. Constructions workers fared worse, DOWN by $15 a week, and those in financial and real estate LOST $7 a week in real earnings. The only workers who did better were those in transportation and public utilities: over a six-year period their rates JUMPED by the grand sum of 40 CENTS A WEEK." - SIDNEY LENS [182]


        "READ IT AND WEEP...Between the fall of Vietnam and the fall of the Shah of Iran the United States has suffered a series of shocks signaling a STEADY EROSION OF U.S. POWER throughout the world...The entire U.S.-created post-World War II global economic system is in danger of destruction." - "BUSINESS WEEK" [183]
        "In 1976, as well as on March 20, 1979, I went to the sheriffs Department in Houston to see if our local sheriff's Department had been infiltrated by these plans. Well, it appears so. I was put in contact with a Lt. Kiljan (phonetic spelling) who is in charge of some secret unit in the department. I asked him if he had participated in MILITARY TRAINING WITH MILITARY PERSONNEL here in the Sheriff s Department He DENIED it, and when I asked him if he would TESTIFY so under oath he became angry and stated, 'YOU ARE JUST AN ORDINARY CITIZEN. I DON'T HAVE TO TELL YOU ANYTHING.'
        "I later discovered that Lt. Kiljan is the EX-DIRECTOR of the Houston branch office of the U.S SECRET SERVICE. Now where does his MONEY come from? The area is administered by the Houston-Galveston Area Council. In this REGIONAL-GOVERNMENT plan, each federal region is divided into state clearinghouses, and each state clearinghouse is divided into area clearinghouses. And for our area we have the Houston-Galveston Area Council...It serves as a CONDUIT FOR FEDERAL FUNDS* in two major areas L.E.A.A. and H.E.W
        "Most everybody thinks this organization (the Houston-Galveston AREA Council) is for the development of the area - the geographical area here in Houston. But it is not. IT IS FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF L.E.A.A. and H.E.W. PROJECTS. Now this finds its counterpart in EVERY community across the U.S. (That means YOURS! - OL)  It provides for these agencies a liaison for inter-governmental communications, interaction and coordination.
        "I examined their projects to see what they were doing. This region-government program
distributes federal funds for two major purposes: 1) RADIO HOOK-UPS between every police agency
in the state to Fort Sam Houston, and: 2) MENTAL HEALTH PROGRAMS,W including programs for the mentally ill having priority of beds and hospitals." - WILLIAM R. PABST [id.FN#3]

        [NOTES: *Still wondering why your taxes are so high - or why we are so deep in debt to the International Banksters?
       WHmmm. Reckon this could include mind-control experiments? - OL]

        "His centers of interest greatly exceeded the framework of hippy culture, society and its changes, spreading to the paranormal, telepathy, transmission of thoughts even to extraterrestrials...He has demonstrated a capability to talk about people and events, certainly part of any discussion of science, but the rigor and competence to analyze technical subjects is absent. "His network soon spread to 26 COUNTRIES and beyond the iron curtain to the SOVIET UNION, very advanced at the time in this research. He participated in seminars for foundations and centers of research (Esalen Institute, Princeton Institute of Advanced Studies, Institute for the Study of Human Potential) where there would be off-beat scientists, moviemakers, artists and intellectuals as well as agents of the CIA...Several of his friends and correspondants of the period were VICTIMS OF AGGRESSION OR UNEXPLAINED FOUL PLAY. His files, available under the Freedom of Information Act, reveal nothing more than information on his early ANTI-WAR ACTIVITIES in the 60s. Nothing in the mostly declassified files of the CIA or KGB considered him worthy of attention..." - STEVEN LEVY [184] No. Believe it or not, we are NOT talking about BILL KLINTON. Read on:
        "On 28 March 1979, the police found in his Philadelphia apartment the remains of his girlfriend, HELEN MADDUX, native of Tyler, Texas, where her father was a notorious pro-Nazi. The young woman had mysteriously disappeared 18 month earlier in September 1977, and IRA EINHORN was the last person known to have seen her alive. Einhorn asked friends to investigate a 'pro-Nazi' angle of Fred Maddux, who parachuted into France on D-Day. They found NOTHING. "For those who would like to think that there was some kind of plot, an error, an accident or an unfortunate and temporary loss of control on his part, the well-established trial testimony shows, first that the perpetrator inflicted many DEEP SKULL-CRUSHING BLOWS and then dumped the (perhaps STILL-LIVING) girl into a STEAMER TRUNK in a grotesque manner that indicated no compassion for the fact that this was a human being.
        "This trial testimony revealed that, just after Holly's disappearance, Einhorn tried to get help to DUMP THE TRUNK INTO THE RIVER, that he thereafter refused to let anyone approach the enclosed porch and closet from which the foul odor emanated. He continued with his CAREFREE manner, showing no signs of being haunted by this act. There were two previous incidents in which he gravely assaulted girls...He then wrote lyrically about this in his diary, drawing upon his extensive readings in Nietzschean-type philosophy, implying that he was ENTITLED to this behavior...An investigation led by two private detectives, ex-agents of the FBI, paid by the family of the missing, led to the arrest..." - ANNIKA FLODIN ((Einhorn's wife) opposing the demand for his extradition [185]
        "Less than two weeks before he would be accused of murder, the man who called himself the UNICORN flew home to Philadelphia. It was March 15, 1979, the cusp of a new era, and the Unicorn was at the peak of his powers. Here was a man who had stood shoulder to shoulder with top yippies when the anti-war protesters levitated the Pentagon in 1967 - but only two days earlier had been rubbing elbows with PRINCE CHARAM PAHLAVI-NIA, nephew of the SHAH OF IRAN. They had driven back to London together after the Unicorn addressed an intimate gathering sponsored by the prince - a conference 'where environmental, ecological and spiritual concerns meet internationally.' The Unicorn's turf. A month before that, he was in PRAGUE, meeting with government officials to help promote relations between America and Yugoslavia, and arranging a centennary celebration of NIKOLA TESLA, a legendary Yugoslavian inventor. And just months before that, the Unicorn was at HARVARD, lodged in the Establishment's belly as a Fellow in the KENNEDY SCHOOL OF GOVERNMENT.
        "The whole thing verged on a goof, a cosmic giggle, a sudden hit of irony unleashed by canabis truth serum. Yet Ira Einhorn, who had adopted the Unicorn nickname in the Sixties, was utterly serious. He had gone from a MEDIA GURU WHO PROMOTED LSD and organized Be-Ins to an Establishment- approved, self-described 'PLANETARY ENZYME,' a New Age pioneer who circulated vital information through the bloodstream of the body politic. Without making changes in his outlook or lifestyle, Ira Einhorn and his pro-planetary vision had attracted the attention of some very powerful people: LEADING-EDGE SCIENTISTS, influential POLITICIANS and CAPTAINS OF INDUSTRY. Through his networking, consulting, lecturing and writing, Einhorn was doing his best to INJECT THE VALUES OF THE SIXTIES INTO THE GLOBAL MAINSTREAM, and amazingly, he was making some headway." - STEVEN LEVY [186]
        "These days, Einhorn looked more like a Sixties creature than ever - LONG BROWN-TO-GRAY HAIR KNOTTED IN A PONYTAIL, THICK GRAYING SANTA CLAUS BEARD, LOOSE-FITTING DASHIKI, AND RATTY CORDUROY PANTS. But his appearance was not so much social gambit as physical fact. No Philadelphian would need to question the striking look of this man only two months from his 39th birthday. The answer to the puzzle was tautological: Ira looked that way because he was Ira. In the days after he returned from England, Einhorn vigorously resumed his routine of keeping watch on the planet and stage-managing his efforts to save it. Mornings in his tiny W. Philadelphia apartment he would telephone business contacts, SCIENTISTS, EDITORS - anyone who ventured into his orbit and seemed susceptible to the latest on what he considered the TRANSFORMATION TO A NEW AGE. Favorite topics included Uri Geller, the Israeli psychic; evidence that Western intelligence agencies were actively suppressing information about UFOs; and Soviet studies of the paranormal...
        "On March 19, 1979, after a busy morning on the phone and lunch at La Terrasse with a woman who had recently awarded him a $5,000 GRANT to continue his work, Einhorn hopped a train to New York. He met with two close friends, one of them the managing director of a prominent INVESTMENT firm, the other an EXECUTIVE VICE-PRESIDENT of AT&T. Then, in a crosstown hop that could well stand as definitive of his present existence, he rode in the phone company executive's LIMOUSINE to former radical JERRY RUBIN's apartment, where Einhorn would stay the night. The Sixties veterans rapped until 2. The next day, Einhorn saw futurist ALVIN TOFFLER, whom he was instructing in the hands-on aspects of computer conferencing. Then he was off to Washington, to the CONGRESSIONAL CLEARINGHOUSE FOR THE FUTURE. His hectic pace would not abate until a week later, when his life changed forever. On March 28, homicide detective MICHAEL CHITWOOD and six other police officials arrived at Ira Einhorn's second-floor apartment at 3411 Race St. in Powelton Village shortly before 9 a.m. with a warrant to search for any evidence relating to the disappearance of one Helen 'HOLLY' Maddux, 32. Holly Maddux was the woman Einhorn had lived with on and off since 1972. A blond, Texas-born beauty, she was shy and waif-like. People who described her always seemed to use words like DELICATE and ETHEREAL. Einhorn had not seen her since September 1977, when, he told friends, she went out to shop at a nearby food co-op and did not return..." - STEVEN LEVY [187]
        "Chitwood virtually ignored the apartment. He walked purposefully to a French door on the north wall, removed a maroon blanket that was hung over the door, and stepped onto a screened-in, unheated porch. On the east wall of the porch was a closet. After breaking off a thick Master padlock on the closet door with a crowbar, he found two-foot-wide shelves crammed with cardboard boxes, bags, shoes and other paraphernalia. Some of the boxes were marked ''Maddux.' On the floor of the closet was a green suitcase, the name ''Holly Maddux' and a Texas address on the handle. Behind the suitcase was a large black steamer trunk.
        "When Chitwood opened the trunk, he found pages from the 'Philadelphia Evening Bulletin' dated September 15, 1977, and pages from the 'New York Times Book Review' of August 7, 1977. Underneath the newspapers was a layer of styrofoam packing material. Scooping the foam aside, Chitwood saw something else. At first he couldn't tell WHAT it was - it looked wrinkled and tough. Then he made out the shape: A WRIST, PALM AND FIVE FINGERS, CURLED AND FROZEN IN THEIR STILLNESS. Chitwood dug a little deeper, following the shriveled, rawhide-like hand, down the wrist...and saw an arm, still clothed in a plaid flannel shirt. Chitwood backed away from the trunk. He removed a pair of rubber gloves. He headed to the kitchen to wash his hands. There, he turned to Ira Einhorn, who was maintaining a studied nonchalance. 'We found the body,' he said. 'It looks like Holly's body.' 'YOU FOUND WHAT YOU FOUND,' said the Unicorn.
        "On April 3, Ira Einhorn's friends appeared at his bail hearing to verify his reputation as the benevolent, energizing spirit of his generation. The witnesses were sober, substantial members of the community, described in the newspapers the next day as 'UPPER-CRUST PROFESSIONALS.' His lawyer was ARLEN SPECTER, who is now a United States senator.
        "In all his years on the bench, Common Pleas Court JUDGE WILLIAM MARUTANI had never seen such an impressive array of character witnesses. There was a CORPORATE ATTORNEY, a lecturer at an IVY LEAGUE university, an Episcopal REVEREND. Now a Vice-President at BELL TELEPHONE was describing Ira Einhorn's reputation as EXCELLENT.' And here was an ECONOMIST, the former London bureau chief of the 'WALL STREET JOURNAL'. The economist was followed by the DERMATOLOGY CONSULTANT, who was followed by the BUSINESSMAN, who was followed by the PLAYWRITE, who was followed by the RESTAURANTEUR...So many prominent people were ready to bestow equally vigorous honorifics that Einhorn's lawyer had them stand at their seats and acknowledge that their experiences of the defendant were congruous with the testimony thus far. THERE SIMPLY WAS NOT ENOUGH TIME FOR THEIR PRAISES..." - STEVEN LEVY [188]

        [NOTES: In late June of 1962, Ira wrote "SADISM - sounds nice - run it over your tongue -
CONTEMPLATE WITH JOY THE PAINS OF OTHERS as you expire with an excruciating satisfaction. Project outward the vision of inward darkness. Let no cesspool of inner meaning be concealed. Reveal the filth that you are. KNOW THE ANIMAL IS ALWAYS THERE...sacred mystery of another person must be preserved - only DEATH can do that."
        Four years later, on March 14, 1966, he wrote "How ridiculous the thought of KILLING JUDY appears, yet I held it in my mind just four short hours ago - this particular ability of man is both his horror and his JOY." Three days later he tried to kill her with a Coke bottle. Neighbors rescued her. No charges were filed. Is this an unusual incident? For our own sanity, we would like to believe it is. But nothing I have put in my reports has chilled me quite so much as this story - because it reveals the VAST NETWORK OF EVIL THAT HAS SNARED THE WORLD'S LEADERS. As for it being an
unusual incident, I fear the most "unusual" thing about this story is that IT MADE THE NEWS AT
ALL! Perhaps the following article will explain WHY - OL]


        "At the height of the Cold War, the Central Intelligence Agency looked into ways to 'KNOCK OFF KEY GUYS' through such 'NATURAL CAUSES' as cancer and heart attacks, it was disclosed yesterday. Heavily-censored CIA documents from a quarter-century ago show the agency considered performing experiments on terminal cancer patients under the guise of 'LEGITIMATE' MEDICAL WORK. The documents do not indicate, however, whether the talk about inducing cancer and heart attacks got past the memorandum stage. The papers - released under Freedom of Information act requests - were researched by MARTIN LEE of the Washington-based ASSASSINATION INFORMATION BUREAU.
        "The CIA project apparently started with an undated, unsigned note indicating concern about the vulnerability of U.S. leaders to assassination by 'natural causes.' The memo referred to studies by the Office of Strategic Services, the World War II predecessor of the CIA. 'KNOCK OFF KEY PEOPLE,' the heavily censored document said. 'HOW KNOCK OFF KEY GUYS...NATURAL CAUSES...' The next pertinent document was a February 4, 1952, 'draft memorandum' from 'Chemical Branch, Research & Development.' The paper reported inspecting a lab for possible use in 'MEDICAL RESEARCH' involving psysiologically active chemical compounds. 'HUMAN SUBJECTS would be available for work that could be carried out as LEGITIMATE MEDICAL RESEARCH,' it said. 'Extensive animal facilities exist for OTHER kinds of research'." - ALLEN L. BARKER [http://www.cs.virginia.edu/~alb] [189]
        "VA regional offices have been instructed to send copies of completed ratings of HERBICIDE- RELATED claims to headquarters for review. In addition, regional offices have been instructed to request information from a veteran's service record to verify herbicide exposure. However, service records normally do not contain specific information on chemical exposure. As a result, responses to such requests are NEITHER VERIFIED NOR DENIED by military service record personnel.
        "In order to substantiate their claims for disability, veterans are asked by the VA to produce information that DOES NOT EXIST [In 1980, the VA rescinded the requirement that veterans prove exposure]. It is difficult to imagine that the VA was unaware that the Department of Defense, whose records would presumably 'verify' the veterans' exposure to herbicides, had already stated that:

    (1) NO such personnel records were maintained,
    (2) it would be difficult to estimate meaningful exposure data because the POTENTIAL
         for exposure varied widely among personnel, and
    (3) only a FEW military personnel would have been exposed directly to spraying." - COMPTROLLER GENERAL OF THE UNITED STATES [190]


        "One collage professor played a key role in developing the pressure which resulted in the tragedy at KENT STATE. In a real way HE was responsible for the Kent State tragedy which ROBBED AMERICA OF THE VICTORY IN VIETNAM THAT 58,000 AMERICAN BOYS DIED TRYING TO WIN. The professor's name was DR. SIDNEY JACKSON. He was a professor of library science at Kent State. He was also the FIRST faculty advisor on the 'Kent Committee to End the War in Vietnam.' That was the organization which laid the FOUNDATION for the protests which ended in the deaths of a number of them - and PRODUCED THE MARTYRS THE COMMUNISTS NEEDED to spark nationwide disillusionment with the Vietnam war effort.
        "Had you called Sidney Jackson a Communist in 1970 you might have been sued - but his COMMUNIST PARTY MEMBERSHIP and his role in the Kent State tragedy were made public by the Communists themselves after his death. He died in May, 1979. His obituary was published in the 'DAILY WORLD,' the official Communist newspaper. It read: 'KENT, Ohio, May 15 - Over 350 faculty members, students, unionists, and townspeople attended services here for Dr. Sidney L. Jackson, senior professor of library sciences at Kent State University. Dr. Jackson died in his sleep May 7. He was 64 years old. HE HAD BEEN A MEMBER OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY SINCE 1936.'
        "While they are ALIVE and working to gain influential positions in organizations, etc. Communists HIDE their party membership. Once they die, however, the Party BRAGS about their party affiliation and their activities. Jackson's importance to the Communist Party is pointed up by the top Communist leaders who attended his funeral. The article says:
        'Among the speakers were HENRY WINSTON, chairman and GUS HALL, general secretary of the Communist Party USA, and JIM WEST, Ohio chairman of the CPUSA...Jackson authored many books and over 1000 articles and reviews; had helped organize a fuculty union, edited a number of publications and held leading responsibilities in state and national library associations...He was VICE PRESIDENT OF THE KENT STATE CHAPTER OF THE NAACP...[and] served as the FIRST FACULTY ADVISOR OF THE KENT COMMITTEE TO END THE WAR IN VIETNAM..'
[Cont. in Vi]


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