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        "RMAs are born, develop, and die in specific strategic contexts, each composed of an array of social, economic, political, and military factors. The strategic context of the current RMA is dominated by the transformation of the global system from the Cold War to post-Cold War period. This shapes CONFLICT SHORT OF WAR and influences the utility of U.S. military force. During the Cold War, the most strategically significant form of conflict short of war - then called 'LOW-INTENSITY CONFLICT' - was revolutionary insurgency in Third World...protracted GUERRILLA WAR perfected by Mao and Giap, insurgents, usually supported by the Soviet Union, China, or their proxies, sought to overthrow fragile, pro-Western regimes...The dominant strategic logic was what French counterinsurgent theorists called 'DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS.'* [131]...
        "Eventually, AMERICANS assumed responsibility for the counter- insurgency paradigm; VIETNAM replaced Malaya and Algeria as the seminal event. The culmination of Cold War-era thinking was the 1990 release of Field Maunual (FM) 100-20/Air Force Pamphlet (AFP) 3-20, 'Military Operations in Low Intensity Conflict.'..." - U.S. ARMY WAR COLLEGE [132]

        [NOTE: *This is precisely the state of our nation today. Our government and military are no longer restricting these techniques exclusively to foreign situations or war-time conflicts. They are now being applied to DOMESTIC targets and situations, i.e., "WE THE PEOPLE!" Think about BLACK HELICOPTERS, MIDNIGHT LIVE-AMMO "TRAINING" SORTIES, police "SWAT" teams, the IRS, BATF, and "CHEMTRAILS" - not to mention LAND AND WATER GRABS - as we continue examining this official publication put out by the U.S. Army War College. - OL]

        "...The military objective of attacks or raids in a conflict short of war is to damage or destroy high value targets of an adversary in order to seize and maintain the political or military initiative, and to demonstrate U.S. capability and resolve. [133] ...sometimes such operations are covert and executed by unconventional or special operation forces...Emerging RMA technologies should improve the U.S. military's capability in these types of operations. Terrestrial, aerial, and space-based, autonomous, wide-ranging, HIGH-SPEED COLLECTING DEVICES CAPABLE OF ON-BOARD PROCESSING WILL IDENTIFY PRECISE TARGETS AND PROVIDE NEAR-REAL-TIME INFORMATION ABOUT THE ADVERSARY'S DISPOSITIONS.* Distributed INTERACTIVE SIMULATIONS and VIRTUAL REALITY DEVICES will train the forces and be used to rehearse the strikes. And automation-assisted C3 systems will synchronize and control lethal, stand-off, precision-guided weapons systems in near- simultaneous attacks. [134]

        "Information technology could be used to conceal the intent to strike and, later, provide the evidence of a successful strike...the potential impact of emerging technology on more 'traditional' operations in conflict short of war such as terrorism, counternarcotrafficking, peace enforcement, and counterinsurgency is more ambiguous...(OK: Here we go!) In the near future every American...could be equipped with an ELECTRONIC INDIVIDUAL POSITION LOCATOR DEVICE (IPLD). The device, derived from the electronic bracelet used to control some criminal offenders or parolees, would continuously inform a CENTRAL DATA BANK of the individuals' locations. Eventually such a device could be PERMANENTLY IMPLANTED UNDER THE SKIN,W...Implantation would help preclude REMOVAL of the device (although, of course, some terrorists might be willing to REMOVE A PORTION OF THE HOSTAGE'S BODY if they knew where the device was implanted). The IPLD could also act as a form of IFFN (identification friend, foe, or neutral)...

        [NOTES: *Think about it: we know the globalists are the ones who both own and fund advanced weaponry. Their goal is a one-world government - with them, of course, as the rulers. Q: Who are their enemies? A: The COMMON PEOPLE. So, why would they need to prepare for war against any single nation? All this training and research to create more technologically-advanced weaponry is in prep- aration for their WAR AGAINST THE PEOPLE (i.e., Americans)
       W"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, TO RECEIVE A MARK IN THEIR RIGHT HAND, OR IN THEIR FORHEADS; And no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." - REVELATION 13:16,17  Recently, I watched with fascination a TV special about this new technology. They showed tiny computer chips that will be embedded in the hand or forehead of customers, which can easily be read by scanners and eliminate the need for cash or credit cards. When the hand is placed over the scanner (or a hand-held scanner is run across the customer's forehead) the information goes into the computerized cash register - which in turn is transmitted to a satellite. EVERYTHING about that person and his history is maintained in one of the HUGE data banks we just read about in the US Army War College handbook. Anything a banker, government agent, doctor, etc, or the military might want to know about you can be obtained through these data banks within minutes. Now comes the big question: HOW DID THE BIBLICAL PROPHETS KNOW ABOUT THIS THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO? Could it be because there really IS a God - and HE KNEW FROM THE BEGINNING OF TIME exactly how everything was going to END? Hmmm. - OL]

        "The second emerging technology with direct application in noncombatant evacuation operations (NEOs) is the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). UAVs will be able to conduct rapid reconnaissance of possible evacuation routes (or ACCESSES! - OL) and identify threats during the evacuation (or raid - OL). Their small size will make them less conspicuous than either ground vehicles or manned air platforms. Large numbers of fast UAVs could cover multiple exit routes, thus complicating any attempt to interfere with the NEO. In combination with 'WRIST-RADIOS,' high-altitude long endurance (HALE) UAVs could provide NEO notification capability via SCRAMBLED TV/RADIO to Americans (or AGENTS - OL) on the ground. [135]
        "When a NEO required combat action, stand-off, precision-strike weapons systems could allow small military teams to accomplish missions, which today require companies or even battalions. Equipping these small units with ADAPTIVE CAMOUFLAGE* could also reduce the visibility of NEOs. The less visible an operation, the less provocative; the less visible military teams are, THE HARDER TO INTERFERE WITH THEM (or PROTECT yourself from them! - OL).[136]

        [NOTE: *Do  yourself a favor and read the footnotes at the bottom of this article - especially #136. You won't believe what they are doing now! - OL]

        "...If the Army develops the aerial capability to BROADCAST and ALTER TELEVISION SIGNALS, it could remove a key and essential weapon from the terrorist arsenal - media coverage. Finally, some authors have speculated that advances in nonlethal weapons may make it possible to disable and capture terrorists or 'GLUE' INCOMING CAR BOMBS TO THE STREET (or cars? - OL). At least one analyst has suggested using 'SOFT KILL' weapons, such as HIGH ENERGY RADIO FREQUENCY (HERF) GUNS and ELECTRONIC PULSE TRANSFORMER (EMP/T) BOMBS, to interdict narco- trafficking flights by damaging or destroying their avionics. [137] Like combatting terrorism, counter- narcotrafficking operations are primarily a law enforcement function, WITH THE MILITARY PROVIDING SUPPORT.
        "Because narcotraffickers operate like terrorists, much counterterrorism technology can be used against them. In fact, narcotraffickers are even more likely than terrorists to rely on radios, cellular telephones, fax machines, and computers.* This greatly increases their VULNERABILITY to ELECTRONIC INTELLIGENCE GATHERING and disruption. For example, REMOTE INTRUSIVE MONITORING of the financial computer networks of offshore BANKS (your money!) could identify the deposits associated with money laundering. If desired, such accounts could be ELECTRONICALLY EMPTIED..." - U.S. ARMY WAR COLLEGE id.

        [NOTES: *Any of you happen to notice how hard they are pushing cell phones lately? THEY ARE THE WORST. Not only can they monitor you wherever you go (even if the phone is shut off) but they can also transmit subliminal suggestions while you are using it. The new TVs and personal computers are also being used this way. - OL]

        "Let's face it, there's no way we could have had an ATHEIST CONVENTION 10 years ago. Everything today is much better.(Ouch!) Part of the reason is PUBLIC EDUCATION." - MADALYN MURRAY O'HARE (at an atheist convention in San Francisco) [138]
        "It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by CHRISTIANS; not on religions, but on the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST!" - PATRICK HENRY
        "Around midnight on Friday, June 27, 1969, Deputy Inspector Seymour Pine of the New York Police Department reviewed procedures with the men under his command in the public morals section. Under the pretense of liquor license violations, they were about to shut down a bar at 53 Christopher Street in Greenwich Village. It was a HOMOSEXUAL bar, and raids such as this had been a routine part of New York City 'morals' enforcement for decades...With military precision, the men surrounded the gay bar, Pine went inside, the management was presented with papers ordering a shutdown.: routine closure of the STONEWALL began. One by one the clientele were ushered out to Christopher Street, where they HAMMED IT UP playfully for the gathering crowd of Greenwich Village onlookers - hippies, gays, bohemians, the denizens of New York's most notoriously offbeat neighborhood. The mood was calm, even playful. UNTIL THE PADDY WAGONS APPEARED.
        "Within minutes, a FULL-SCALE RIOT was underway as the Village's gay men fought the police, removed colleagues from custody, and declared the immediate neighborhood 'HOME OF THE QUEENS.' Rioting would continue throughout the weekend, often with a joyous giddiness to it. By Monday morning everyone involved - both rioters and police - knew something dramatic had happened. OVERNIGHT, NEW GAY POLITICAL ORGANIZATIONS APPEARED, not only in New York City, but in other cosmopolitan American centers, notably SAN FRANCISCO and LOS ANGELES...a group calling itself the homophile Youth Movement...urged the city's gay population to boycott mob-controlled bars and demand an end to police raids." - LAURIE GARRETT [139]
        "Within days printed signs appeared all over the Village, stating bluntly for 'gays' and 'straights' alike: 'Do you think homosexuals are revolting? YOU BET YOUR SWEET ASS WE ARE!' The gay liberation movement burst like champagne from a highly agitated, just uncorked magnum. The politics of the movement, for many, went no further than open, unabashed displays of their previously closeted gay sexuality. Groups of gays in New York and San Francisco stood up, however, and publicly declared not only their identity but also their 'RIGHT' to their sexuality, and the two cities became magnets pulling long-suppressed homosexuals from the small towns of America; indeed, from all over the world... A year after the 'Stonewall Riots,' New York's activist homosexuals staged a COMMEMORATIVE PARADE in Central Park. It was attended by a crowd 'The New York Times' estimated at 20,000. The same day, 1,000 gay men marched in Los Angeles and about 100 in San Francisco...
        "No one could have imagined on that day in 1970 that a mere eight years later, June 27 would be commemorated in cities all over the world as GAY FREEDOM DAY, drawing crowds of well over 375,000 to San Francisco and tens of thousands more to the streets of Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Chicago. There would even be small sympathy gatherings in Paris, London, Amsterdam, and Berlin. By 1978, the U.S. gay rights movement mobilized massive protest demonstrations against a former beauty queen turned spokeswoman for the far right, ANITA BRYANT. The outspoken, 'pro-Christian' Bryant had become a leading advocate of both consumption of Florida orange juice and revocation of the hard-won civil rights recently afforded homosexuals in a few cities, notably San Francisco. The leader of San Francisco's gay community, HARVEY MILK, called upon
homosexuals nationwide to come to the city for the June 27, 1978 Gay Freedom Day parade to 'send
a message' to Bryant and other opponents of gay rights. And they did. By 1978 San Francisco's gays were a potent political force. According to the city's noted gay chronicler, Randy Shilts, GAY IMMIGRATION TO SAN FRANCISCO BETWEEN 1969 AND 1978 OUTSTRIPPED CALIFORNIA'S GOLD RUSH, adding 30,000 gay men to the population..." - LAURIE GARRETT [140]
        "...the ministers and second-level bureaucrats who run the country (Saudi Arabia) are mostly products of Western education - one wag has called them the 'California Mafia' because so many of them attended universities in that state." - "FORTUNE" Magazine 7/31/78
        "At this point in Western cultural history, it is an understatement to say that Eastern Metaphysics and the New Consciousness have gained a significant following in our society. Just ten years ago the funky DRUG-BASED spirituality of the hippie and the mysticism of the Western yogi were restricted to the counterculture. Today, both have found their way into the mainstream of our culturality. Science, the health professions, and the arts - not to mention psychology and religion - are all engaged in a fundamental RECONSTRUCTION of their basic premises...
        "Eastern metaphysics and the New Consciousness...derive their popularity in part from the fact that they directly challenge the oppressive assumptions of technocratic Western mentality.They have not been afraid to charge our rationalist, materialist, mercantile culture with depleting the quality of human life...Leaders of these movements have stepped into the VACANCY CREATED BY THE CHURCH'S PROPHETIC SILENCE. They call plastic plastic and poison poison in a society whose economy is built on convincing people that both are good for them. Moreover the followers...are hard at work developing workable ALTERNATIVES to the death-dealing culture they condemn." - "SPIRITUAL COUNTERFEITS PROJECT" [141]
        "SAMUEL HUNTINGTON...[the] Harvard professor who...was the architect of the program of 'FORCED URBANIZATION' (through bombing, burning, and strafing rural areas) designed to undercut the support base for the liberation forces during the Vietnam War...resigned his post on the National Security Council (NSC)...to become director of Harvard's Center for International Affairs." - HOLLY SKLAR [142]
        "Coming here on the campus-capital-campus shuttle THAT HELPED SPAWN VIETNAM, Huntington was an acknowledged expert on military forces, structure and warfare. He leaves as an outspoken advocate of 'economic diplomacy' to force the Soviets to behave themselves." - JIM HOAGLAND [143]
        "The UNITED NATIONS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS will consider allegations of police brutality in Memphis (TN) that could 'EMBARRASS THE COUNTRY,' a federal official said Wednesday [September 6, 1978]...He [Bobby Doctor, Southern regional director of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission] said the U.N. Commission on Human Rights has placed on its September 11 agenda a review of the charges. A U.N. spokesman in New York said the commission would meet Monday in Geneva, Switzerland." - "ASSOCIATED PRESS" [144]
        "Ostensibly to encourage agriculture and rural development, World Bank loans go overwhelmingly to build infrastructure - from roads to dams - that enriches local and FOREIGN contractors and consultants (not the PEOPLE!)." - "LOS ANGELES TIMES" [145]
        "There's a saying that the [World] Bank takes tax money from POOR PEOPLE IN RICH NATIONS to give to RICH PEOPLE IN POOR NATIONS." - "BARRONS"
        In October, 1978, a group of interfaith religious leaders addressed the United Nations, asserting:
        "...The crises of our time are challenging the world religions to release a new spiritual force transcending religious, cultural, and national boundaries into a new consciousness of the oneness of the human community and so putting into effect a spiritual dynamic toward the solutions of the world's problems...We affirm a new spirituality DIVESTED OF INSULARITY* and directed toward PLANETARY consciousness."

        [NOTE: In other words, no more freedom of INDIVIDUAL religions, i.e., Christianity, Buddahism, Islam, etc. There will be only ONE world religion permitted: HUMANISM (Luciferianism, Satanism) in the guise of GAIA: Mommy Earth! - OL]

        "On October 7th, it is announced that the U.N. Secretariat is launching a $500,000 publicity campaign to PROMOTE PALESTINIAN RIGHTS and CREATE A MODERATE IMAGE FOR THE P.L.O. in the United States and other Western countries. Scheduled for inclusion in the propaganda package is a film, 'Palestinians Do Have Rights,' in which TERRORIST LEADER [YASIR] ARAFAT is to play a leading role and be depicted in an entirely POSITIVE light. The film is eventually produced by the U.N. Division of Radio and Visual Services.
        "Congress sought to WITHHOLD $190,000 of the American share of the publicity campaign, as well as the $960,000 earmarked for the U.N. Special Unit On Palestinian Rights (which had been established in 1977 over U.S. objections). The Senate supported the cut, but the State Department eventually persuaded Congress to be content with a mere (and meaningless) statement of protest.*

        [NOTE: *What is wrong with this picture? No branch - much less department - is suppose to be stronger than Congress: they are the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE - the supposed OWNERS of this country! - OL]

        "The publicity campaign is timed to reach a peak on November 29th, with an observance of the first 'DAY OF SOLIDARITY WITH THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE.' The observance, which is sponsored by the P.L.O.-manipulated Special Unit on Palestinian Affairs, concludes with an exhibition sponsored by the P.L.O. The opening is briefly delayed while U.N. officials arrange to remove two especially embarrassing photographs - one showing Secretary-General Waldheim in conversation with terrorist leader Arafat in 1974, and the other depicting armed P.L.O. terrorists." - ROBERT W. LEE [146]
        "The PHOENIX /CIA TERROR PROGRAM,established by Thieu's presidential decree (in 1968), was literally written by CIA man, William Colby. The decree and future authorizations indicate that suspects can be arrested without a warrant or copy of charges and detained on the basis of police dossier hearsay evidence. Once arrested, the suspect cannot confront his/her accusers or see the dossier, and is denied bail, legal counsel, trial, or even a hearing. At best, one's case is reviewed by a provincial security committee, composed of military and intelligence officers. Under the Phoenix Program, all rights of due process are stripped.
        "Former Phoenix advisor, Wayne Cooper says 'OPERATION PHOENIX WAS A UNILATERAL AMERICAN PROGRAM,' and Klare (?) confirms this, saying: 'although most of the dirty work was performed by indigenous operatives, Phoenix was designed, organized, financed, and administered (not to mention financed) by U.S. authorities'...Phoenix demonstrated that the U.S. Government, through the CIA, will create, impose, and conduct an operation in another country (not anymore!)* withhout a semblance of a mandate from a given people or their representatives as long as the operation is considered in the interest of U.S. GOVERNMENTAL OBJECTIVES." - "COUNTERSPY" Winter 1978

        [NOTE: *Sadly, this is no longer true. After Klinton took office, that policy was changed forever: although the CIA's charter restricts them to foreign countries, under the protection of the "drug war," they now operate throughout our country. If you doubt it, check out some of the links in "The Outrage Corner" on my husband Michael's page: "JOSHUA'S SHADOW." In many cases those "men in black" are CIA - carefully masked and hooded to protect their identity. And as some of you have noticed, our FEDERAL Bureau of Investigation is now stationed in every country in the world. Of course, the reverse is also true: we now have police and military from every communist nation on earth training with our cops and military! - OL]

        At JONESTOWN, it was initially assumed that the large vat of drink containing poison was the cause of the suicides. Autopsies showed that 700 of the 900 had died of GUNSHOT WOUNDS and STRANGULATION - not poison. 'They had not committed suicide at all; they were brutally mass murdered. According to Jack Anderson, a tape made by Reverend Jones mentioned a man named Dwyer. RICHARD DWYER was the deputy chief of the U.S. mission to Guyana and accompanied REP. LEO RYAN to investigate the encampment. The Congressman was murdered but Dwyer was not affected. He claimed that Jone's reference to him was 'mistaken.' In 1959 he had began working for the CIA and had 'no comment' when Anderson asked if he was a CIA agent. Among the drugs found at Jonestown was CHLORAL HYDRATE - used in the CIA's secret mind control program known as 'MK ULTRA.' DID THE CIA SLAUGHTER 900 AT JONESTOWN TO COVER UP A MASSIVE-SCALE DRUG
        "JAMES WARREN JONES (1931-1978) was the founder and charismatic leader of PEOPLES TEMPLE. He began his career as a student minister in 1952 at a Methodist Church, and soon left when the church refused to allow African Americans in the service. He preached a 'social gospel' of human freedom, equality, and love, which required helping the least and the lowliest of society's members. Later on, however, this gospel became explicitly SOCIALISTIC, or COMMUNISTIC - IN JONES' OWN VIEW, and the hypocrisy of white Christianity was ridiculed while 'APOSTOLIC SOCIALISM' was preached.
        "Jones visited Father Divine and his mission in Philadelphia several times, and modeled himself after the black preacher who organized a large interracial religious group. Jones went so far as to encourage Temple members to call him 'DAD' and 'FATHER,' just as Father Divine did. He also asked his members to CONSIDER HIM THE INCARNATION OF CHRIST AND OF GOD. He warned his followers that a disastrous period of fascism, race war, and nuclear holocaust was coming. Jim Jones sincerely preached a message of SOCIALIST REDEMPTION, and 'in the end Jones left this world without making off with any of the Temple's substantial financial assets. Unless new and decisive evidence becomes available, there can be no basis to judge him a swindler out for personal gain." - JOHN R. HALL [147]
        "...two completely separate sources confirm that U.S. SPECIAL FORCES (GREEN BERETS) were in Jonestown within five or six hours. The first was a source from within the U.S. military, one Charles Huff from the U.S. Army Special Forces in Panama. According to 'Freedom' Magazine, he was 'one of the Green Berets who were the first American troops on the scene following the massacre.' He said they were into Jonestown within about five hours. Indeed, Clayton told the coroner's jury of the community falling completely silent following the deaths for 45 minutes, and that then, suddenly, there was a chorus of shouts, as well as GUNFIRE. The source of the sounds and the gunfire, has never been identified.
        "Huff elaborated that 'We saw many bullet wounds as well as wounds from crossbow bolts.' Huff noted that those with fatal BULLET or bold WOUNDS appeared to have been RUNNING TOWARDS THE JUNGLE that surrounded Jonestown. Huff said that the adults who had not been shot had been killed by 'INJECTIONS BETWEEN THE SHOULDER BLADES.' Then enigmatically, 'The killers escaped before the arrival of Huff and his team.' Huff also claims that of the troops EARLY into Jonestown, SIXTEEN of them later 'committed SUICIDE.' Given that only two Peoples Temple survivors committed suicide in the wake of the tragedy, sixteen 'suicides' amongst trained combat personnel defies believability. But sixteen 'suspicious deaths' is indeed a high figure, which compels investigation. WHO DESECRATED THE BODIES? Nearly no one escaped from Jonestown except for the tiny handful of people who ran into the jungle, and who were surely not responsible for any carnage. How could one not suspect that it was the Green Beret force itself who inflicted the purported damage?" - [http://www.jonestown.com/order/cia.htm]
        "An unexpected confirmation of U.S. troops clandestinely on site just showed up recently in a Russian book called 'THE JONESTOWN CARNAGE: A CIA CRIME' - Progress Press (Moscow). Their claim was that 'At about 18.00 [6 p.m. on November 18th], several S-141 military transport planes took off from military bases in Panama and Dover [Delaware] and headed for Guyana. The estimated time of flight was 3 hours 40 minutes. Two hours later, without notifying the local authorities in the area of Venezuela where the Americans had their private missions (which served as a front for CIA secret operations), three helicopters took off in the direction of Jonestown, which was 1 hour 10 minutes away.' What is startling in the Russian account, is that BOTH their account and the American account of the arrival of Green Berets, designate the country of origin as PANAMA.(!) The two independent reports tally with each other perfectly...
        "What were Green Berets doing at Jonestown in the middle of the night? The C-141 MEDEVAC plane to assist the survivors of the airport shooting, according to official State Department records, did not even arrive at Georgetown from Charleston, SC until 7:55 a.m.! The Green Berets, meanwhile, were flown in immediately, before the situation at Jonestown had even been officially ascertained.(!) They arrived IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, but not to assist medically - rather for secret, classified work specifically at Jonestown, leaving the injured at an airstrip only seven miles away, COMPLETELY UNATTENDED. Meanwhile, the MEDEVAC plane shows up on the official State Department log, but THE GREEN BERETS DO NOT." - id.
        "Was there any real concern for the people of Jonestown - their deaths, rapid evacuation of the bodies, possible survivors? MEDICAL personnel such as the Guyanese coroner, were not sent into Jonestown for TWO MORE DAYS! This bizarre reversal of priorities, involving moreover clandestine forces under separate command, is unsettling if not appalling, and requires investigation. Even the fact that confirmation of the suicides was received at 3:29 a.m. on the morning of the 19th, yet the incoming MEDEVAC personnel were not sent to investigate the death of over 900 people a mere seven miles away, implies not just lack of coordination between open and secret military commands, but utter DISREGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE. Lastly, retired U.S. Air Force Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty (also uncovered by 'Freedom' Magazine), claimed that 'The Joint Chiefs of Staff had prepared air shipments of HUNDREDS OF BODY BAGS...Within hours, they began to shuttle them down to Georgetown, the main city. They couldn't possibly have done that WITHOUT PRIOR KNOWLEDGE that it was going to happen. It shows that there was PRIOR PLANNING.'
        "...None of these many, many factors singly, may constitute 'proof' of a CIA conspiracy to first smear Jonestown, persecute it through government and the press, frame the killing of the Congressman on its people, then brutally cover it up in a mass of desecrated bodies and spliced tapes. But there are too many pieces to possibly ignore! It is long overdue to hold public hearings, A MEASURE THAT WAS NEVER TAKEN (and hasn't been to this day!). It is time for Washington to realize that the true assassins of the Congressman likely went free, as did the government agency who sent them there. America finally deserves the truth..." - id.
        The following come from tapes purportedly found at the site of the "suicides." These are just a small handful of excerpts, but I encourage you to check out the full transcripts yourself. Whether this was a CIA operation or not (which seems to make much more sense than a conveniently-timed "mass suicide"), one thing does become abundantly clear: Jonestown was definitely an experiment in COMMUNIST "UTOPIANISM" gone very, very bad. Perhaps it was because their leader was either drugged (self-administered? CIA-induced?), brainwashed, or just plain insane:

        "...When the ANTICHRIST can be BETTER than the followers of Christ, YOU GOT A WEAK JESUS, honey...He's mighty weak. When those that they call the anti-Jesus people are sweeter, lovinger more loving, more kind, more holy, more good, more gentle, more peaceful ¨ certainly more peaceful - more sharing¨ when the anti-Jesus people are more loving and sharing and kind and good than the Jesus people, you better look at your Jesus. He is indeed weak...

        "...if you're getting ready to go to heaven, you put on a robe. (Pause) Not going to take anything with you, just might as well go naked. If you're holy. 'Cause everything will be holy anyway, you'll be like you were in the first Eden, you'll be in the consciousness of Adam and Eve, you won't know any sin, (unintelligible phrase), you look at a cock, and it'll look like...an...emerald on a crown. Cock will look like a gem, and a breast will look...just...like one maybe the breast of an angel, and that's true...(High laughter) So you be back there naked, ready to go to heaven. The only reason preachers don't get naked is because they got too little to show, that's why they don't get naked...They can make themselves look more seductive with their fine clothes, but inside those fine clothes, they got those old wrinkles from eating the fat of the land while the people starve. Eating too much meat grease, while the people aren't even getting chitterlings..." - JONESTOWN AUDIOTAPE PRIMARY PROJECT TRANSCRIPT OF TAPE Q #1016
        "...Said, get on board, little children. WE'RE NOT GOING TO WAIT FOR HEAVEN, we're going to go out in Redwood Valley and BUILD HEAVEN, by God...a lot of you were racistic...afore you met me. You did see color, till you met your God on earth...THERE'S NO COMFORT IN...HAVING TO BE A SON OF GOD IN THE EARTH. There's no comfort in having to carry the world's weight on your shoulders. There's no particular comfort in knowing that YOU GOTTA WORK OUT YOUR SALVATION, that THERE'S NO HEAVEN TO FLY TO, there's only heaven if you BUILD one. Heaven'll never come, till you make it on earth...
        "...any number of these verses will support our life, teaching anything you pick in this Bible will support us more than what you've been preaching. 'No other doctrine, neither give heed to fables.' FABLES ARE SUPERSTITIOUS STORIES OF THE PAST. Now, hear this, brother. Fable is a superstitious story about a past. A LEGEND, LIKE PEOPLE WALKING ON WATERS in the past, or COMING FROM VIRGINS, without a father, in the past, or MULTIPLYING BREAD instead of a multiplicity of spiritual law uh, a legend that comes out of it that is actual bread, or FLYING UP IN THE SKY. THAT'S A FABLE...Don't talk about fables and genealogy. It's crap. Fables about NOAH IN THE ARK, and JONAH IN A WHALE, and A DEVIL IN THE HELL, PITCHING COAL ON A FIRE. That's a fable, A STUPID, DUMB FABLE that nobody would believe...I'm trying to keep from cussing. So when...I'm having a sense, if I look at you, somebody else looks at me. Then they listen. If that don't work, I will get my URINAL out and see if that will work...(High laughter) Hallelujah...You can make your beds in all your HELLS, and I'LL BE THERE. You can go to your IMAGINARY HEAVENS, and I will be THERE. There is no space vacant from my presence, for I am here, there, and EVERYWHERE. SOCIALISM..." id.
        "...ONLY THE LAWLESS LIKE CHURCH. Only the lawless like religion...But when you see the whole, then you know IT'S ALL SOCIALISM. It's all equality. It's all harmony. It's all goodness...For the ungodly, and for sinner, for the unholy, profane, for the murderers of fathers, and murderers of mothers, for manslayers, children killers, Vietnam destroyers, warmongers. That's who needs religion. (Pause) (SNEERS) GOOD AMERICAN CHRISTIANS...THE RIGHTEOUS SOCIALIST MAN DOES NOT NEED THE LAW. He does not need religion...He does not need ritual. He needs no songs about a future heaven, for he'll take any sod and clod of dirt and make it his heaven. Give him a moment, and HE'LL TURN ALL YOUR HELLS INTO HEAVEN. Just give him a moment, and he'll make a heaven out of all your hells that YOU RELIGIOUS PEOPLE HAVE CREATED...
        "...if you've got a gold mine, if you've found the treasure, what do you need with (voice rises to shout) a map? If you found the treasure, if you found God, why are you still back there in Matthew, Mark, Luke and back there in Romans, or back there in Deuteronomy, or Nehemiah, why are you back there when GOD, THE GOLD MINE, HAS COME IN THE MIGHT AND THE POWER OF SOCIALISM
in the midst of his people. Throw away your old written traditions...when you're truly socialist, don't talk to me...about stealing...I can do it well, too. Man, I could go into store and lift the store and they'd never know what happen. 'Cause I know when somebody's thinking, when they're looking, what they're doing. (Pause) Don't tell me, because I've had this gift for many a year...So what makes me not steal? I could steal, and get by. I am too socialistic to take that chance that even a passerby would see me. I KNOW THE ONLY CHRIST THE WORLD WILL SEE IS ME." Crowd: "YEAH!" - id.

        [NOTE: *I don't know about y'all, but I see the fingerprints of the CIA and the Humanist "New World Order"all over this little scenario! I would encourage all of you to check out other tapes, such as #134, #135, and #242. They are all fascinating. Are they legitimate? I will leave that question to you to decide. But if they are, Jim Jones sounds a whole lot crazier than David Koresh - despite the the news media's valiant efforts to paint them with the same brush! Of course they were both undoubtedly suffering from the same malady: MK ULTRA, i.e., MIND CONTROL! - OL]

        "In November 1978 the U.S. GAY RIGHTS MOVEMENT attained that dubious notoriety offered to all grassroots efforts whose leaders are assassinated because of their beliefs. HARVEY MILK, by then the city's first openly gay elected official - a member of the Board of Supervisors - was SHOT DEAD in his office, along with the MAYOR, GEORGE MOSCONE. The assassin was another supervisor and former police officer, DAN WHITE, who would later get a light sentence based on his creative plea of TEMPORARY INSANITY, caused by the overconsumption of sweets (HOSTESS TWINKIES). The jury's acceptance of the so-called Twinkie defense would be interpreted by the gay community as an obscene display of HOMOPHOBIA (FEAR OF HOMOSEXUALITY).
        "Milk's murder placed the political fate of the gay rights movement in the United States solidly in the ranks of other civil rights movements. If African-Americans resented analogies between their civil rights struggles and those of homosexuals - and there were strong protests over comparisons drawn between MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR and Harvey Milk, or between the Stonewall riots and ROSA PARK'S REFUSAL TO SIT AT THE BACK OF SEGREGATED BUSES - the sentiment had little impact on the youthful exuberance of gay activists.
        "A PARTY ATMOSPHERE pervaded the gay communities of San Francisco, New York, and to a lesser degree, Montreal, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Paris, London, Berlin, and Amsterdam in the late 1970s. Night after night the gay neighborhoods filled with men determined to make up for lost time, dancing through trysts with such haste that niceties, like PARTNERS' NAMES might be overlooked. 'I was an ecstatic slut,' Bobbie Campbell would say later of his days - and nights. A member of the SISTERS of PERPETUAL INDULGENCE, a group of humorous DRAG QUEENS who dressed in NUN'S HABITS for all major San Francisco public events, Campbell, and thousands of others like him, found plenty of time to indulge in the mass revelry.
        "Worldwide, the 1970s were a time of SEXUAL LIBERATION and EXPERIMENTATION for young adults - STRAIGHT AS WELL AS GAY - who poured into trendy metropolises from Nairobi to Amsterdam in search of the excitement and anonymity of urban nightlife. The BIRTH CONTROL PILL gave young women freedom from concern about unwanted pregnancy, and, for the first time in history, exploration seemed safe...In bars all over the world, young adults drank or danced to electronic music, their eyes peeled for potential partners. In the often harsh, alienating atmosphere of big, unfriendly cities, DISCOS PROVIDED INSTANTANEOUS INTIMACY. If there was potential danger in leaving the disco with a stranger, it might only enhance the sexual allure of the adventure. And for millions of women, particularly in developing countries, this new atmosphere provided what was often the only potential source of independent income: PROSTITUTION." - LAURIE GARRETT [148]
        "Finally, throughout the developing world new patterns of male employment appeared during the late 1970s and the 1980s. Young men, tied by marriage and family to their villages or small towns, COMMUTED TO LARGE CITIES FOR WORK. They made their mass exodus every Monday morning, converging on cities like Nairobi, Harare, Bombay, Lima, and Abidjan from the countryside, stayed in flophouses or workers' barracks until Friday night, and returned to their villages for the weekend. For many, a DISCO CYCLE set in: on city nights they might pick up a young lady - prostitute or not - but they returned on the weekends to their wives.*
        "Such things had happened in cities before. During the days of Aristotle and Plato, Athens was so replete with (homo and hetro) sexual activities that EVEN THE GODS HAD ORGIES. But the scale of MULTIPLE-PARTNERING during the late twentieth century was unprecedented. With over five billion people on the planet, an EVER-INCREASING PERCENTAGE of whom were URBAN residents; with AIR TRAVEL and MASS TRANSIT available to allow people from all over the world to go to the cities of their choice; with MASS YOUTH MOVEMENTS at their zenith, advocating, among other things, SEXUAL FREEDOM; with a FEMINIST spirit alive in much of the industrialized world, promoting female sexual freedom; and with the entire planet bottom-heavy with people under twenty-five - there could be no doubt that the size and drama of this world-wide urban sexual energy was unparalleled...Though the EMOTIONAL PRICE of all this anonymous sexuality was obvious to many participants by the close of the 1970s, its MICROBIAL TOLL was apparent only to those few public health authorities who were paying attention. IT WAS EASY TO MISS."W - LAURIE GARRETT [149]

        [NOTE: *One group summarized the situation this way: "Population shifts FROM RURAL TO URBAN areas, where STD (sexually transmitted disease) rates are higher, are proceeding rapidly in most parts of the world. Rural to urban migration generally results in an excess of men in urban areas and of women in rural areas. THE SEX RATIO IMBALANCES created in places of origin and places of destination may further INCREASE STD RISKS. In addition, increasing educational opportunities in developing countries, particularly for women, may DELAY MARRIAGE, also increasing STD risks. Similar demographic changes have caused dramatic social changes contributing to high STD rates in the UNITED STATES.
        "The differences between the values of youth and parents have been referred to as a 'Generation Gap.'** Many less developed countries are undergoing rapid social transition, with corresponding changes in values between generations...Among the many new values adopted, ALTERED SEXUAL BEHAVIORS will place this population at greater risk for acquiring an STD." - "INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY" [150]
       **When I was young we had large, extended families and had no idea there was a "generation gap." Maybe that was because we had frequent "family get-togethers" and lots of church socials?!
       WBut certainly not by the ones who were ORCHESTRATING and MONITORING all this activity - AND ARE STILL DOING SO TODAY!! - OL]

        "By the early 1970s, a 'YOUNG TURK' faction had gained control of the NEA...and launched into full-scale unionism...When Terry Herndon became NEA's executive director in 1973, he set about building a huge political machine...What is the NEA's ultimate goal? Herndon is blunt: 'To tap the legal, political and economic powers of the U.S. Congress. We want leaders and staff with sufficient clout that they may roam the halls of Congress and collect votes to REORDER THE PRIORITIES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA."* - EUGENE METHVIN [151]

        [NOTE: *Right. And change it from a Christian Republic ("of the people, by the people, and FOR the people") into a Humanistic Oligarchy (Dictatorship by the Elite)! - OL]

        "There are those who charge that the people chosen by the CARNEGIE CORPORATION to develop the objectives of national assessment were no more qualified for that task than were numerous others, of perhaps different perspectives. One critic has charged that the program has been characterized by elements of SECRECY on the part of those responsible for its formation, casting a SHADOW OF DOUBT upon it from its conception." - GEORGE HENDERSON [152]
        "...an ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act)-sponsored program...actually had the students of an ELEMENTARY school class collectively PUT THEIR PARENTS ON TRIAL - following which the mother and father were always found GUILTY." - SENATOR ORRIN HATCH (R-UT) [153]

[Cont. in Vh]


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