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        "The UNITED NATIONS WORKS RELIEF AGENCY (UNWRA), which ostensibly cares for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, has been effectively taken over by the PALESTINIAN LIBERATION ORGANIZATION (PLO) in that country and is actively involved in guerrilla causes...
        "A major PLO propaganda production and distribution operation is based in UNWRA headquarters in Beirut, and Palestinian guerrilla employees of UNWRA routinely pass along to the FATAH organization [of the P.L.O.] reports of Israeli troop movements gathered by United Nations truce observers stationed along the borders. Millions of dollars in UNWRA funds, originally CONTRIBUTED BY THE UNITED STATES FOR REFUGEE RELIEF, are diverted to pay for the international agency's activities in support of the PLO." - MICHAEL SCHIFF ("Soldier of Fortune") [105]
        "It seems that a P.L.O. official named Ahmad Jada was assigned to investigator Schiff (who spent eleven days posing as a PRO-P.L.O. journalist) and readily admitted to being a 'full-time employee of the United Nations' while simultaneously serving as 'COORDINATOR FOR THE FATAH, THE P.L.O., AND THE UNITED NATIONS' in Beirut, Lebanon. Jada's department and one other, located in the basement of a building in the U.N. compound, handled the production of P.L.O. propaganda and its distribution throughout the world.
        "When Comrade Jada asked Schiff what pictures he needed to supplement his supposedly pro-P.L.O. story, Schiff replied, 'anything that you have that can be good propaganda shots that will make the world stand up,' Jada declared, 'Oh we have quite a few of those,' boasting that U.N. PHOTOGRAPHERS 'do all our photography for us.' Jada and a colleague also admitted, according to Schiff, that 'the ONLY funds they have coming in are the funds ALLOCATED BY THE UNITED STATES to the United Nations Works Relief Agency.' Indeed:
        "He [Schiff] said he later asked Jada 'if the money is being used for this, what money is being used for the refugees?'
        "And he said the funds are allocated for the refugees, but they (the Palestinians working in UNWRA headquarters) have complete control over the funds in that building, to do with as they see fit. Jada told Schiff that they consider the PROPAGANDA OPERATION to be 'MORE IMPORTANT TOWARDS THE PALESTINIAN CAUSE' THAN REFUGEE RELIEF." - ROBERT W. LEE [106]
        "My CONGRATULATIONS on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the October Revolution
(the birth of Communism)." - DAVID ROCKEFELLER (Message to the Kremlin bosses) 11/77
        "...among the priorities of American education announced by newly appointed U.S. Commissioner of Education, Ernest J. Boyer, is GLOBAL education...He immediately set up a U.S.O.E. Task Force on Global Education." - "THE SOCIAL STUDIES PROFESSIONAL" [107]
        Two Sioux Falls kindergarten classes rehearse, memorize, and perform a Christmas program, entitled "THE BEGINNERS CHRISTMAS QUIZ" for their parents:
        TEACHER: "Of whom did heav'nly angels sing, And news about His birthday bring?"
        CLASS: "Jesus"
        TEACHER: "Now, can you name the little town where they the Baby Jesus found?"
        CLASS: "Bethlehem"
        TEACHER: "Where had they made a little bed for Christ, the blessed Savior's head?"
        CLASS: "In a manger in a cattle stall."
        TEACHER: "What is the day we celebrate as birthday of this One so great?"
        CLASS: "Christmas." - "FLOREY v. SIOUX FALLS SCHOOL DISTRICT" 1979
        "Imagine with me that black-bag professionals - working for a secret government agency - bug your home to eavesdrop day and night into every phone conversation, e-mail and fax coming from or to your home and business. Then imagine finding out that the warrant authorizing these bugs came from a SECRET COURT that does not need reasonable cause to issue a wiretap, its UNELECTED JUDGES meeting in a secret courtroom (a "star chamber") with NO ACCESS for OR your attorney. And if you are charged with a crime, you are not allowed information about your accusers.You are not even allowed to know which judge issued the surveillance order. Sound like Stalinist Russia, Honecker's East Germany or Hoxha's Albania? No, this real-life scenario is the United States, circa 1998.
        "In 1978, President Jimmy Carter signed into law the 'Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act' (FISA), which permits the secret bugging and wiretaps of individuals suspected of being agents of a hostile foreign government or international terrorist organization, even when the target of the surveillance is NOT SUSPECTED OF ANY CRIME. There is not a requirement for probable cause for FISA judges, who are chosen from the federal district court bench by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, to issue a wide-sweeping surveillance authorization against a citizen of the United States...
        "There are a number of frightening aspects to the whole FISA process. Primary among them is that the FISA COURT can authorize surveillance against US citizens in order to CIRCUMVENT the FOURTH AMENDMENT requirements that protect citizens from unreasonable searches. The Bill of Rights was adopted and incorporated into our country's Constitution to protect against this very procedure.
        "Secondly. Congress has allowed this super-secret court that is SEALED UP FROM PUBLIC VIEW on the 6th Floor at the Department of Justice Building to go without any review since its creation...Such a massive weapon against citizen's civil liberties needs regular comprehensive congressional oversight.
        "Thirdly, in over 10,000 requests for surveillance...NOT A SINGLE REQUEST HAS BEEN TURNED DOWN. Not one. Nada. Zero. Zilch. The FISA court remains a court of last resort for federal agencies that have failed to meet the Constitutional requirements of other federal courts and are eager to build a case against a suspect WITHOUT ANY SUBSTANTIATING EVIDENCE.
        "Using the pretense of 'NATIONAL SECURITY' to infringe on explicit Constitutional rights portends a frightening future for us all...With the mammoth growth of governmental powers, many Americans would be surprised to soon find that we are not sliding down the Big Brother slope, we may be at the BOTTOM of the hill." - PATRICK S. POOLE [108]
        "In its many-pincered attack against national sovereignty, the U.N. has designated certain tracts of land around the world as World Heritage Sites. So far there are twenty of these sites in the United States. In 1972, the U.S. State Department signed the WORLD HERITAGE CONVENTION, which was declared law in 1975 by President Gerald Ford. The treaty established 'an effective system of COLLECTIVE PROTECTION* for cultural and natural sites of outstanding universal significance.' All of the 146 nations that signed on to the treaty agreed that it is the duty of the international community to protect World Heritage Sites.
        "The World Heritage Committee was formed to implement the treaty under the direction of UNESCO, the United Nations Environmental, Scientific and Cultural Organization...In 1978, YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK was designated as the nation's first World Heritage Site. Since then, the U.N. has made its influence known inside and outside the park." - "THE WINDS" 9/26/97 [http://www.TheWinds.org]

        [NOTE: *Right. "Protection" - MOB-style! - OL]

        "What the world lives by at the moment just will not do...Countries like ours are full of people who have all the MATERIAL comforts they desire, yet lead lives of quiet (and at times noisy) desperation, understanding nothing but the fact that there is a HOLE inside them and that however much food and drink they pour into it, however many motorcars and television sets they stuff it with, however many well-balanced children and loyal friends they parade around the edges of it...it ACHES..." - "FESTIVAL FOR MIND AND BODY" 1978
        We've all heard of "SUBLIMINAL ADVERTISING" but I bet y'all never heard of "SNAPPING" before. Neither did I. It seems that "snapping" is "the way in which intense experience may affect fundamental information-processing capacities of the brain...The experience itself may...render the individual extremely vulnerable to suggestion. It may lead to changes that ALTER lifelong habits, values, and beliefs...TV stills the mind through REPETITION...in the...assault of MOMENTARY images upon vision...Television may also be a potent neutralizing force of human thought and feeling. Its incessant transmissions of information physically trains an individual to hear and observe WITHOUT STOPPING TO THINK...Advertisers have long known that this rapid-fire kaleidescope of consumption may make
television viewers more vulnerable to their suggestions." - FLO CONWAY & JIM SIEGELMAN [109]
        "One will notice in the coming years a great increase in the number of TV ads that use FLASHING or QUICKLY CHANGING* images. Researcher Bill Strittmatter explains the psychological principle involved in terms of the body's involuntary reaction to 'high-lighted moments or events' (i.e., a gunshot). Man's survival instinct causes him to immediately absorb critical sounds and images which are not common in daily living. If, therefore, TV ads fill THIRTY SECOND or ONE-MINUTE periods with quickly changing images which one does not ordinarily experience in daily life, then the body is in a constant ABSORBTION mode rather than engaging in thoughtful analysis." - DENNIS L. CUDDY, Ph.D. [110]

        [NOTE: *This is the REAL reason (not the high cost of TV time) for so many commercials between show segments today. Note also how illogical and inane they have become. This style of "advertising" neither requires, nor encourages thinking on the part of the viewing audience! - OL]

        David Spangler, who is on the Board of Directors of Planetary Citizens, has written many New Age books. In one of them, he states: "LUCIFER comes to give us the final...Luciferic initiation...that many people now and in the days ahead, will be facing for it is an initiation into the New Age" - DAVID SPANGLER [111] But, he goes even farther. Spangler warns:

"NO ONE will enter the New World Order unless
he or she will make a pledge to WORSHIP LUCIFER.
No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a

        "Let no man deceive you by any means; for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away (Rapture of the Believers) first, and that Man of Sin (the ANTI-CHRIST) be revealed, the Son of Perdition (SATAN); Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he AS GOD sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that HE is God." - II THESSALONIANS 2:3,4 (KJV)

        [NOTE: *Make no mistake about it: the so-called "New Age" religion goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden. It is LUCIFERIAN (SATANIC). And if you think we aren't ready for it, consider this quotation from back in the late 50s:
        "We need no commission, we have already too many. What we need is a man who is great enough to be able to KEEP ALL THE PEOPLE IN SUBJECTION TO HIMSELF (what a perfect description of the Anti-Christ!) and to lift us out of the economic bog (created by the Luciferian- worshipping-Illuminati) into which we threaten to sink. Send us such a man. Be he a god or a devil. We will ACCEPT him." - GENERAL PAUL HENRY SPOCK (WWII) How much more ready do you reckon the world leaders and their people are TODAY to accept Lucifer and the Anti-Christ? Let's face it: They already HAVE! And when we go along with them - where does that leave US? Think about it! - OL]

        "The HUMANIST MOVEMENT is...an absolute NECESSITY for our times. If it did not exist, we would have to INVENT it."* - PREFACE (to ASCD Report) 1978

        [NOTE: *No problem. Satan already invented it! - OL]

        "One sees the fruits of this (Humanist) Movement is such worldwide developments as...the establishment of the WORLD COURT, the UNITED NATIONS, UNESCO,...SOCIALIZED MEDICINE...In the United States the movement has found expression in the past 50 years in...EQUAL RIGHTS LEGISLATION, and most recently, in WOMEN'S LIBERATION...New goals for education must be holistic... Prime objectives must be the...production of self-propelled, autonomous...citizens...Truly effective education must be HUMANISTICALLY-oriented toward student self-concepts...Greater efficiency in the teaching of subject matter is NOT our most pressing need." - INTRODUCTION (to ASCD Report) 1978
        "Many educators committed to the GOAL of HUMANIZING education have been fearful that the accountability and 'Back to Basics' movements could turn back the advances in Humanistic education that have been made in the past decade." - ELIZABETH RANDOLPH (President - Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development [ASCD] )
        "[Humanistic Education] facilitates self-actualization...(and) recognizes the primacy of feelings... Subjects are taught WHEN A CHILD IS READY rather than at a given age or grade...Students will demonstrate a willingness to act upon freely chosen options...in a given situation (situation ethics)... Teachers help students understand the educational and social aspects of human SEXUALITY...Children and youth are trusted to make 'good' decisions in areas where they have experience or knowledge or, if they make faulty ones, are allowed to FOLLOW THROUGH...Evaluation...includes more than academic achievement." - MORREL CLUTE [112]
        "...The main objectives of the disinformation which is coming from Brezhnev and his Soviet policymakers are:
        (a) To reconfirm for US policymakers the essence of the larger Communist disinformation theme    that the Communist Bloc DOES NOT EXIST and that Communist ideology is DEAD;
        (b) To conceal the existing secret coordination between the Communist states and Communist Parties in the NON-Communist world in the implementation of their long-range strategy in its final phase'...
        "...Over the past fifteen years this analyst, in oral and written reports to the CIA and other Western services, has described various aspects of the Communist Bloc's long-range strategy, the new political role of the KGB and the role of disinformation...The West and its scholars underestimate the gravity of the COMMUNIST THREAT which is more serious than after the Second World War when the United States had a nuclear near-monopoly...
        "A special committee or group of qualified and reliable people should be set up by the US Government to study this problem...A confidential project along these lines was in preparation at this analyst's suggestion under the late French President Pompidou. President Pompidou was a scholar who had read Lenin's and Mao's works and Sun Tzu's treatise on 'THE ART OF WAR' which dealt with disinformation and its patterns. When President Pompidou died, the project was cancelled. But the point is, If the FRENCH could recognise the challenge, why cannot the AMERICANS? No other Western government has the capability to make such an assessment..." - ANATOLIY GOLITSYN [113]
        "If education is to meet the current and future needs of our society, HUMANISTIC OBJECTIVES and Humanisth thought must operate at the very heart of every school and classroom in the nation." - ARTHUR COMBS [114]
        "Five-hundred political sycophants and super-numeraries, representing a thousand regional government organizations and related associations, converged on the Sheraton Park Hotel, Washington, D.C. January 29th through February 2nd to attend a White House Conference on Balanced Growth and Economic Development, and to set the course America is to follow as we enter our third century. Focus of attention was (communist) John D. Rockefeller IV, Governor of West Virginia, principal financial sponsor, and Chairman of the White House Conference; President Jimmy Carter, member of the international Trilateral Commission, and lesser luminaries from federal agencies and state governments. The White House Conference was the debut of 'Jay' Rockefeller as public spokesman for the king-making dynastic trio: Nelson-David-John Rockefeller...Chairman of Chase- Manhatten Bank, DAVID ROCKEFELLER CONTROLS ALL TWELVE FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS AND, THUS - THE UNITED STATES...
        "During Theme IV workshop, South Dakota, 'Streamlining Government,' shared by Governor Richard Kneip, techniques and procedures were raised on how to make Councils of government legal by electing administrators to these substate REGIONAL units of government. Appointing elected officials from subordinate governmental units, i.e.: county commissioners, mayors, etc. to positions of limited authority in COG was proposed, a system WELL ADVANCED in some areas. The prevailing view, however, was that Councils of Government should be independent of public opinion so that regional administrators could speak for the region with no responsibility or control by either citizen or local government." - COMMITTEE TO RESTORE THE CONSTITUTION [115]
        "A singular divergent view, perhaps reflecting a state of growing alarm by elected officials who attended the Conference, was voiced by the Honorable Frederick B. Dent (former Secretary of Commerce, President, Mayfair Mills, Arcadia, SC), Chairman, South Carolina Delegation to the White House Conference: 'It seems apparent...that the nearly universal theme being expressed by the delegates from all regions is A GREAT DISSATISFACTION with the role the  Federal government is playing in our lives. Businessmen, labor leaders, elected officials all are telling Washington, 'Get off our
    "The States...asserted their view that the fundamental responsibility for growth rests with the free market sector and does not include responsibility on the part of the federal government to fashion a national growth policy. But, expression of this view has not been encouraged by either the staff or structure of the Conference. The Bureaucratic Interventionist theme has been evident to me even from the opening audio/visual presentation. The staff would apparently see a greater, rather than a reduced, federal role. I think the divergence between what the people's representatives say they WANT, and what the bureaucrats think they OUGHT to have, is tragic. The future growth and development of this Nation, and the happiness of the American people, is too critical to be left in the hands of a SELECT FEW'." - CTRTC [116]
        "Disenchantment with the Federal REGIONAL concept is evident at every level of the American society. An increasing number of Americans correctly view regionalism as a world government concept imposed upon the people WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT...Key to corrective action, bringing the federal government under citizen control, is the half-forgotten fact that the Federal Government is a creature of the States, which created it by the first three articles of the Constitution. The reason that the States and the people are burdened by unconstitutional acts of federal agents is that the STATE, as principal under the Constitutional contract, has failed to challenge UNLAWFUL ACTIONS by its agencts (the federal government).
        "The state legislature (the law-making body) is required under terms of the constitutional contract, to investigate any action which it deems to be in violation of the CONSTITUTION. If the State finds that its federal Agent has exceeded the delegated and LIMITED powers enumerated in the Constitution, the State, as Principal, must declare such acts ultra vires and void; must enact corrective statutes which will enforce provisions of the Constitution within the State, and must provide criminal sanctions for persons found guilty of violating the State law..." - CTRTC [117]
        "Our schools are taking on the aura of a psychiatric clinic, without taxpayer consent...The school child is immersed in a psychological environment in which he is cajoled, invited, seduced, even bludgeoned into seeking counseling...Almost all the (School Psychology) personnel are actually LAYMEN. The entire practice of school psychology may be seen as an intrusion of bureaucracy into the family structure. Further school counseling may not be LEGAL. In most states, school personnel may not practice psychotherapy on children.
        "By labeling it as 'counseling' instead of 'psychotherapy,' they may have invented a semantic subterfuge to CIRCUMVENT the law...There is no real evidence that the anxieties, neuroses, or eventual psychosis rate of children is in any way reduced by school intervention. There is the equal possibility that the effort is actually a neurotic stimulus. With our taxes, we are helping poorly trained specialists to tamper with the psyches of an already overpsychologized generation." - MARTIN GROSS [118]
        "Basically, suggestology is just another word for hypnosis...Actually, there is nothing deceptive or surreptitious in calling hypnosis suggestology or even relaxation because both of these words are descriptively accurate...The instructional system, called suggestopedia, is a unique combination of suggestion-relaxation...In a well-controlled study at Kent State University. Krippner used techniques in a summer REMEDIAL READING program. (In some instances, the process was called relaxation or suggestion instead of hypnosis.)
        "During the sessions, HYPNOSIS was employed to decrease tension while reading, to increase motivation and interest, and to increase attention span and concentration. It was also used to facilitate revisualization and reaudition of graphic symbols..." - ALTON HARRIS, JR. & DIANN MUSIAL [119]  SPRING
        "I died in Vietnam, but I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT." - PAUL REUTERSHAN (Victim of "Agent Orange") [120]
        Maude De Victor continued her interviews with the Vietnam veterans and their wives, contacting Bill Kurtis, a local television news correspondent. Skeptical at first, his interest grew when he examined her findings:
        "In March 1978, WBBM, a CBS affiliate in Chicago aired an hour-long documentary entitled 'Agent Orange, the Deadly Fog.' In the following weeks De Victor received hundreds of calls from veterans who were sick or dying from symptoms remarkably similar to those of laboratory animals exposed to TCDD-dioxin.
        "By 1978, articles about Agent Orange were appearing in local and national publications, and officials at the VA decided it was time to begin mapping a strategy for dealing with the veterans' complaints. First, the VA held a series of meetings from which VETERANS, INDEPENDENT SCIENTISTS, and members of the public were excluded. Meeting behind closed doors with representatives of the chemical industry, the VA established its 'NO Health Effects' position on Agent Orange, thus commencing what the National Veterans Law Center (NVLC) calls 'a two-year history of closed and secretive decision-making'." - NATIONAL VETERANS LAW CENTER [121]
        "In his attempts to justify the VA's policy on Agent Orange, [Max] Cleland (Secretary of Veteran's Affairs) often referred to his agency's 'Agent Orange Program Guide,' a seven-paragraph, one-page 'No Health Effects' document that set down the official line for DENYING all disability claims. The 'guide's' brevity, however, was not the only reason why veterans and their supporters rejected it as a scam sheet and hype...the VA had drafted the document 'in secret and without the participation of other government officials knowledgeable about the scientific evidence.'
        "Before long the VA faced yet another lawsuit, this time on behalf of veterans who might have been, or would be, affected by the program guide - perhaps several hundred thousand. The VA then astonished legal observers by declaring that VETERANS HAVE 'NO STANDING' (legal position or right) to 'challenge the agency's refusal to conduct rulemaking.' Lawyers representing the veterans noted that the VA made 'the rather incredible argument that Vietnam veterans had not been SUFFICIENTLY INJURED by the rule to challenge the fact that public rulemaking was not conducted before the rule was adopted and used...
        "The agency took the extraordinary position that it had the DISCRETION, unlike any other federal agency,* to decide whether it [would] COMPLY with its own regulations at 38 C.F.R. SI.12 which require the agency to conduct rulemaking...Confronting this lawless position compelled the obvious remark that such a view leads to a government of men, not law." - NATIONAL VETERANS LAW CENTER [122]

        [NOTE: *Actually, the VA is correct. They DO have this discretion: Thanks to Franklin Roosevelt, the Department of Veterans' Affairs (or Veterans Administration) is a SOVEREIGN entity not controlled by our Constitution, and therefore answerable to neither our Representatives nor our citizens!! See "Joshua Report" #26a, page 12, paragraph 3 for an explanation.
        While reading the following Veterans Administration (VA) Internal Memo, bear in mind the chemical being discussed so casually here is DIOXIN, "THE MOST TOXIC SMALL MOLECULE KNOWN TO MAN," according to Professor Matthew Meselson of Harvard, a dioxin expert. Also keep in mind that they were very democratic in the use of this spray: they sprayed our forests, rivers, and private lands at the same time they were spraying our men and women in Vietnam - although the spray used in Vietnam was 10,000 times stronger than the spray used in America! But even the level they used here was far more toxic than the VA's claims. - OL]

        1."During the Vietnam War, herbicidal war chemicals were utilized for defoliation of vegetation...
        2..."A large number of studies performed on man and several animal species have demonstrated that the four herbicides ('Agents' Orange, White, Blue, and Purple) have a LOW level of TOXICITY, both individually and when mixed. Furthermore they appear to be RAPIDLY absorbed and COMPLETELY excreted in both the human and the animal.
        3."Humans exposed repeatedly to these agents may experience TEMPORARY and FULLY REVERSIBLE neurological symptoms; however, the only chronic condition definitely associated with such exposure in humans is chloracne. Comprehensive animal studies...have demonstrated that very massive doses of these agents produce fatty degeneration of solid organs, gastrointestinal disturbances and thymic atrophy, all of which were REVERSIBLE after withdrawal of the chemicals.
        4."These studies have failed to confirm the suggestion in the Vietnamese medical literature that liver cancer, frequent abortions, and fetal birth defects occur among those exposed to the defoliants. In addition, no confirmation has been obtained for the experimental studies of one scientist who found that hepatic and pancreatic cancers followed prolonged exposure to one of the chemicals." - VETERAN'S ADMINISTRATION (VA) INTERNAL MEMO 5/18/78 [123]
        5."In contrast to the apparent low toxicity of the four defoliants, evidence has been adduced that a contaminant called DIOXIN found in some of the storage drums has a SIGNIFICANT POTENTIAL TOXICITY. Although its concentration of dioxin was variable in different drums, it was always found in MINUTE quantities (this is an outright lie!). Experimental evidence from animal studies indicates that this chemical is eliminated from the body fairly rapidly and that it produces its toxic effects rather promptly. All available data suggests that it is NOT RETAINED in tissues for prolonged periods of time. Accordingly, the recent suggestion by some observers that dioxin might still be detected in the fat tissues (I thought he just said "ALL" data? This data doesn't seem to agree!) of Vietnam veterans exposed to it appears to be implausible.
        6."Despite the generally negative results of human and animal studies of the toxicity potential of the Vietnam defoliants, a great deal of concern has been engendered among veterans and their families by MEDIA presentations on these agents. The VA is responding to these concerns by working collaboratively with appropriate experts (i.e., spin doctors) from the federal and private sectors in order to more adequately define the potential human toxicity of the defoliants for humans...
        7."Meanwhile, we request that all VA staff who are called upon to deal with veterans who are concerned about toxic effects from a possible exposure to the defoliants ADHERE to the following protocol (in other words, do it or else!):
        A."Every veteran who alleges defoliant exposure must receive prompt, courteous, compassionate consideration.
        B."If the veteran has no objective symptoms or signs, simple reassurance should be offered. The veteran should be told that a record of the medical examination will be kept for future reference, but that if the veteran does not now have symptoms and did not previously experience any, the likelihood
of herbicide poisoning is virtually zero.
        C."If the veteran presents with symptoms and signs which are not clearly explicable in terms of definable disease, a detailed history should be recorded on the VA form 10-10m, including such details the veteran may remember (one of the symptoms of Agent Orange exposure is loss of memory - OL) concerning his exposure to defoliant agents. This information can be checked against military data, if indicated." - VETERAN'S ADMINISTRATION (VA) INTERNAL MEMO 5/18/78 [124]
        D."In view of the remaining uncertainties on the long-term effects of the defoliants, All VA personnel should avoid premature committment to any DIAGNOSIS of DEFOLIANT POISONING. Similarly, entries in medical records should not contain statements about the relationship between a veteran's illnesses and DEFOLIANT EXPOSURE unless unequivocal confirmation of such a connection has been established. Accordingly, veterans in whom defoliant poisoning is suspected should be admitted to a VA hospital for appropriate work-up.
        E."If there is evidence suggestive of defoliant agent poisoning, pertinent data must be forwarded to the ADCMD for operations (n), VACO.
        F."No veterans other than those referred by DVE should be called in for the express purpose of having them EXAMINED FOR POSSIBLE DEFOLIANT POISONING.
        G."All VA forms 10-10m indicating that the veteran or the physician has material concern about the possibility of defoliant poisoning, should be preserved (placed on the back burner!) until further notification." - VETERAN'S ADMINISTRATION (VA) INTERNAL MEMO 5/18/78 [125]
        H."A 3x5 locator card should be developed by MAS so that VA forms 10-10m can be swiftly retrieved if the need develops. MAS staff have received instructions on how to develop these cards (I'll BET they have!). Significant administrative problems may be reported to VACO MAS (136D).
        I."If a patient who already is hospitalized intimates that he or she may have been exposed to defoliants, a statement to this effect should be entered in the medical record. If there are symptoms or signs which cannot be explained in terms of well-known medical entities, these should be appropriately
        J."Many agricultural and horticultural agents contain the same herbicidal chemicals as were incorporated in the Vietnam defoliants. Whenever there is suspicion of chemical poisoning, therefore, inquiry should be directed to OTHER SOURCES  OF INTOXICATION as well as the allegations concerning the Vietnam episodes. There also are many industrial sources of chemical intoxication whose manifestations are similar to the syndromes ascribed to the defoliants. A careful occupational history therefore is necessary.
        K."Staff of field HCF's who may be called upon to make public statements concerning the defoliants SHOULD NOT DO SO before reviewing their proposed expositions with the ADCMC for Professional Services, whose staff will provide the needed technical guidance (spin!).
        8."We trust that the foregoing guidance will be sufficient. If new information indicates a change of policy, additional directives will be issued. Should any problem arise which is not covered by this policy statement additional clarification may be sought by calling VACO Medical Service (Dr. Gerrit Schepers, ext. 389-2550). Any FREEDOM OF INFORMATION requests should be coordinated with VACO." - VETERAN'S ADMINISTRATION (VA) INTERNAL MEMO 5/18/78 [126]
        Is there a link between AGENT ORANGE and the GULF WAR SYNDROME? Was the sickening of our veterans done purposely, and if so, WHY? The following was sent to me by Nick Begich, the son of Rep. Begich (who was killed - along with House Majority Leader T. Hale Boggs in a plane crash in Alaska) and author of 'Angels Don't Play This HAARP.' (from all of us - thank you, Old Friend!). Although this begins in the 70s, it continues on through the 90s. I am going to make an exception with this article, and jump ahead a little, because the following is something you NEED to know and I don't want to take a chance on it getting lost (or blacked-out):

        "In the late 1970s Soviet military analysts, led by Marshall N.V. Ogarkov, began to write of an emerging REVOLUTION in the nature of warfare. [127] By the early 1990s, this idea had spread to the United States, leading strategic thinkers inside and outside the government to conclude that ongoing innovation represents a true turning point in history. [128] If this is true, the strategic implications are far-reaching. Revolutionary changes in the character of warfare, 'have profound consequences for global and regional military balances.' Andrew F. Krepinevich says. [129] But while it is clear that dramatic change is underway, its ultimate repercussions remain hidden.

        "In its purest sense, revolution brings change that is PERMANENT, FUNDAMENTAL, and RAPID. The basic premise of the revolution in military affairs (RMA) is simple: throughout history, warfare usually developed in an evolutionary fashion, but occasionally ideas and inventions combined to propel DRAMATIC AND DECISIVE CHANGE. This not only affected the application of military force, but often altered the geopolitical balance in favor of those who mastered the new form of warfare...In a time of shrinking defense budgets, emerging technology may allow the United States to maintain or even enhance its global military power [130]
        "...It is ironic that just as MARXISM reached final bankruptcy as a framework for political and economic organization, one of its BASIC NOTIONS gained new life. Karl Marx, after all, postulated that revolution can be deliberate rather than inadvertent; historical change can be created, engineered, and harnessed by those who understand it...The United States now faces...a crucial choice. We can choose to drive the current RMA further and faster than any of its predecessors...But conflict short of war - whether terrorism, narcotrafficking, peace enforcement or insurgency - is different. Even if the RMA does prove applicable to these problems, there are good reasons for deliberately LIMITING it. As the United States faces this dilemma, strategic considerations rather than our fascination with technology and enthusiasm for change must be paramount."

[Cont. in Vg]


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