[PART V d]

[Cont. from Vc]

        "According to the Senate Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights hearings in 1975, CONGRESS HAS ALMOST NO KNOWLEDGE AND NO OVERSIGHT - budgetary or otherwise -on Mount Weather. Retired Air Force General Leslie W. Bray, in his testimony to the subcommittee, said 'I am not at liberty to describe precisely what is the role and the mission and the capability that we have at Mt. Weather, or at ANY OTHER precise location.' Apparently, this UNDERGROUND CAPITAL OF THE UNITED STATES is a secret only to Congress and the US taxpayers who PAID for it."* - PATRICIAL NEILL [58]

        [NOTE: *The Russians have their own "Mt. Weather," under a different name- but, of course, WE aren't allowed to see IT! - OL]

        "YOUNGSTERS SHOULD BE TAUGHT HOW TO DRINK...(and alcohol) can be integrated into a balanced life-style...[The main obstacle] is parental resistance. Parents must be given to understand that the real hazard of alcohol comes from not knowing...what is entailed in establishing a life-style that accomodates the sensible use of alcohol...No one can prove that his way of living and doing is sacrosanct. And that is why ADULTS MUST MAINTAIN AN OPEN MIND* about juvenile drinking..." - LEE HAMES [59]

        [NOTE: *And, of course, that is EXACTLY what has caused all the problems in this country: ever since the 60s, we have worked so hard to keep our minds "open"  - that now, MOST OF OUR BRAINS HAVE FALLEN OUT! - OL]

        "I think the most important factor leading us to a secular society has been the educational factor. Our schools may not teach Johnny to read properly, but the fact that Johnny is in school until he is sixteen tends to lead toward the ELIMINATION OF RELIGIOUS SUPERSTITION. The average child now acquires a high school education, and this militates against Adam and Eve and all other MYTHS* of alleged history." - PAUL BLANSHARD [60]

        [NOTE: *Would somebody please explain to me what the difference is between a "myth" and "theory" - as in the "theory" of EVOLUTION?! - OL]

        "...the more talk about world government the less chance of achieving it, because it frightens people..." - SENATOR ALAN CRANSTON [61]
        "On April 20, 1976, after a rapid and thorough investigation, I filed suit on behalf of the People of the United States against various personages that had a key part in a conspiratorial program to do away with the United States as we know it. This is a progress report to you, the plaintiffs, you the People of the United States. The civil action number is 76-H-667. It is entitled, 'COMPLAINT AGAINST THE CONCENTRATION CAMP PROGRAM OF THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE.' It was filed in the U.S. District Court for the southern district of Texas, Houston division. The judge responsible for the case was Judge Carl Beau (phonetic spelling).
        "You have no doubt heard the story: Once upon a time, under the Nazi regime in Germany, a man worked on an assembly line in a baby carriage factory. His wife was going to have a baby, but the Nazi government would not let anybody buy a baby carriage. The man decided he would secretly collect one part from each department and assemble the carriage himself. When this was done he and his wife gathered up the pieces and assembled it. When they were finished they did not have a baby carriage. They had a MACHINE GUN.
        "And that is exactly the situation that I am going to present to you at this time. The center for the Study for Democratic Institutions recently completed a proposed constitution for the 'NEWSTATES OF AMERICA.' The Center is ROCKEFELLER-funded. To give you an indication of the type of constitution proposed, the term 'NATIONAL EMERGENCY' is mentioned 134 TIMES. The document did not have a Bill of Rights and the right to own arms was taken away. At the same time, HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION #28 awaited for calling a CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION on or before July 4, 1976. The presiding officer of such an event would have been NELSON ROCKEFELLER, Vice President and president pro tem of the Senate. This particular resolution awaited in committee. Obviously, money would not be spent on these massive programs unless there would be the chance for the actual implementation of such a scheme." - WILLIAM R. PABST (id. FN#3)
        "WITCH DOCTORS and other traditional mystics play a crucial role in looking after the sick in much of the developing world, and SHOULD GET MORE ENCOURAGEMENT FROM THE MEDICAL PROFESSION. So says the World Health Organization (WHO), the UN agency which fights disease around the world. Since these healers form the basic corps of primary health workers for about 90 percent of the rural population of the third world, WHO believes that they should be given SUPPLEMENTARY health training." - "THE INTER DEPENDENT" 5/76
        "What we find in the schools is the displacement of cognitive (ability to think) learning in favor of psychological or 'affective' or 'HUMANISTIC' education, which draws heavily on the human potential or self-actualization movements of Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow."* - SOLVEIG EGGERZ [62]

        [NOTE: *"Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the COLLECTIVE SOCIETY which is coming where everyone is interdependent." - JOHN DEWEY (the so-called "father" of education") "...our shools have been scientifically designed to prevent OVER-EDUCATION from happening." - WILLIAM TROY HARRIS (U.S. Commissioner of Education 1889-1906)

        [A changing world] "can no longer be accomodated by political forms and sovereignties developed in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries..." [It needs institutions] "to deal adequately with problems with which no existing nation-state can cope successfully ALONE."* - THE ATLANTIC COUNCIL (formal policy statement) 5/10/76

        [NOTE: *According to Dennis Cuddy, George Bush (CIA Director at this time) will become an Atlantic Council director two years from now. - OL]

        "I have never seen money change hands, but I know that money DOES change hands...last fall a vote changed hands at the U.N. for $600, and that was thought very bad for the REPUTATION of the institution...[because] votes are supposed to be worth MORE than that." - SENATOR DANIEL MOYNIHAN (D-NY) (former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.) [63]
        "The federal government answered my suit in June (1976) by filing an UNSWORN GENERAL DENIAL of everything that I had alleged. I spoke with the assistant U.S. Attorney in charge of the case and asked him if he had gone to the trouble to call any of the parties mentioned in the suits - since I had provided not only the addresses, but their telephone numbers to provide a FASTER means of investigation. He said he had not. He had not even done a MINIMAL amount of investigation of the case, but yet he filed a denial of my allegations.
        "I filed a motion in the meantime to take the deposition of the person who writes the TRAINING PROGRAMS for the concentration camp guards, Mr. Richard Burrage - the 75th Maneuver Air Command at Army Reserve Center at Houston, Texas - stating that in light of all the recent activity of government agents, one of the agencies involved might attempt to MURDER this KEY WITNESS, the author of the training camp program. The federal judge denied my motion, stating that I had not quoted ENOUGH cases to him justifying my request. However, he was also aware that there were NO cases existing on this set of facts, but as you will see as I go along with this report, he chose to ignore it. I then made an agreement with the assistant U. S. Attorney to take the deposition to Mr. Burrage. After I'd made the arrangements, the U.S. Attorney refused to voluntarily go along with taking the deposition. It is very difficult to find justice in our system of courts. It is a corruption-driven system founded upon the buddy system, and hence, the court rules are routinely overlooked or not followed." -WILLIAM R. PABST (id. FN#3)
        A special task force - consisting of Zbigniew Brzezinski, Richard Cooper, Richard Gardner, Henry Owen, Edwin O. Reischauer, Averell Harriman, Anthony Lake, Robert Bowie, Milton Katz, Abram Chayes, George Ball, and Cyrus Vance (ALL of whom are CFR!) - prepared President Jimmy Carter's first foreign policy speech: "The time has come for us to seek a PARTNERSHIP between North America, Western Europe, and Japan."* - PRESIDENT JIMMY CARTER [64]

        [NOTE: *We had absolutely NO need of a "partnership" with Western Europe and Japan, since we had already been trading with them for decades. This was not a "partnership" for OUR benefit. It was a corporate merger for the benefit of the ELITE ruling classes - with the TOTAL DESTRUCTION of America, her allies, and ALL of civilization as their goal. - OL]

        "In July of 1976, the following Civil Affairs groups met with the following airborne groups at a staging area in Fort Chaffee, AR A staging area is where military units meet before they go into action. They met with the 82nd Airborne and part of the 101st Airborne; the 32nd Civil Affairs group of San Antonio, TX headquarters; the 362nd Civil Affairs brigade from Dallas, TX; the 431st Civil Affairs Co. from Little Rock, AR headquarters; the 306th Civil Affairs group, U.S. Army Reserves, Fayetteville, AR commanded by Lt. Colonel N. McQuire (phonetic spelling) and William Highland. The 486th Civil Affairs company from Tulsa, OK; the 418th Civil Affairs company from Kansas City, MO; the 307th Civil Affairs group from Abilene, IX; the 413th company from Hanlin, LA, the 12th S.S. group, 2nd Battalion (headquarters unknown).
        "They were ready to go into action. The problem was, it appeared they were ready to take over the entire government of the United States as their mission set out. One man who attended this staging area talked to a Civil Affairs sergeant and asked him what his job was. The sergeant explained that the civilians of this country will really be surprised some day when the CIVIL AFFAIRS GROUPS begin to OPERATE THE GOVERNMENT.
        "Now, the Department of the Army still maintains that all is this not for the United States - yet this training continues here for us. The evidence is overwhelming: the plan exists for the imprisonment of MILLIONS of U.S. citizens. Even though all this information was presented to the federal magistrate, he still felt that no one was injured by such a plot." - WILLIAM R. PABST (id. FN#3)
        "On July 20, a hearing was held at the magistrate of Norman Black, U.S. District Court in Houston. The courtroom was completely filled with spectators. Although the news media had been
contacted, no representatives of the press were there. There is a NEWS MEDIA BLACKOUT on
this matter here in Houston.
        "Brief oral arguments were presented. The U.S. Attorney explained that I was not the proper person to bring the suit because, although the free exercise of my constitutional rights was threatened by the concentration camp program as alleged, it did not constitute my INJURY. The magistrate was impressed with the information I had thus far collected and stated that he would bring it to the attention of the federal judge. The U.S. Attorney tried to have my investigation of the case HALTED, but the magistrate would not go along that far with a pre-arranged decision.
        "As an additional indication of what I was up against, the original hearing was scheduled for 10:30 in the morning. However, The U.S. Attorney had SECRETLY HAD THE TIME CHANGED to 2:30 in the afternoon. The magistrate gave the U.S. Attorney permission to file for motion to dismiss because he felt that the concentration camp program - to be used for persons who exercise their freedom of speech - did NOT present any injury.
        "Now, on July 23 I had placed in the 'HOUSTON POST' and in the 'HOUSTON CHRONICLE' newspapers the following advertisement in the legal section. Quote: 'Solicitation for witnesses in Civil Action 78-H 667, Federal District Court of Houston, People extemporal William Pabst vs. Gerald Ford et al. The action titled: 'Complaint Against the Concentration Camp Program of the Department of Defense.' Attention: If you have participated in 'Operation Garden Plot,' 'Operation Cable Splicer,' the 300th Military Police Prisoner of War Command, or the Army Reserve Civil Affairs group, you may be involved in a program that needs to be disclosed for this suit. To give your testimony call or write; (and here I placed my name address and telephone number)." - WILLIAM R. PABST (id. FN#3)
        "As I previously mentioned, there is a news media blackout on the story here in Houston. BOTH NEWSPAPERS REFUSED TO CARRY THE AD. First, at the 'Houston Post,' I had to threaten them with a lawsuit to carry out the ad, even though I was paying for it. Then, at the 'Chronicle' I had to meet with the president and various vice presidents because a refusal from that paper had come up from their own lawyers. Both newspapers finally carried it, but only after two days of complaining. The initial response of both papers was, 'We don't carry stories like that' and: 'Don't you think that the people planning the concentration camps have OUR BEST INTEREST* in mind?' As you will hear for yourselves, the policies definitely do not reflect our best interests.
        "The next event that occurred was that the U.S. Attorney filed a 'Statement of Authority,' showing the reasons he could find why I should not be allowed to take depositions to get more information from the person who was writing the concentration camp guard training program. However, his brief was completely filled with misquotes of the law from many cases. He'd mention the case and then INVENT whatever the case should say. In my brief to the court at this point, I notified the judge of the violation of the law requiring HONESTY in such matters. But, the notification was ignored by the judge, who apparently sanctioned this most dishonest of acts, commonly known as 'QUOTING OUT OF CONTEXT'." - WILLIAM R. PABST (id. FN#3)

        [NOTE: *I'm sure they DID have the "best interests" of the OWNERS of those papers in mind! After all, they are PART of the globalist elite. That is not the same as the interests of the American PEOPLE, as a whole! - OL]

        "Numerous serious debates were held in Congress...concerning the International Financial
Institutions and their operations. Representative RON PAUL, Chairman of the House Banking Committee, made numerous references to the TRUE practices of the 'international' financial
institutions, including but not limited to, the conversion of $27,000,000 (27 Million dollars) in gold,
contributed by the United States as part of its 'QUOTA OBLIGATIONS' (Funny. Back in the days of the Roman Empire, it was simply called "tribute!" - OL), which the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND (IMF) sold under some very questionable terms and concessions." - "THE CONGRESSIONAL RECORD" 7/27/76 [65]
        "...EROTIC GIRLY MAGAZINES could be a valuable aid for teachers instructing high school students about sex." - DR. JOHN MONEY (Psychologist - John Hopkins University) [66] In a later article Mark Bowden will describe Money as [a] "leveler of sexual taboos, an avowed BISEXUAL."
        "My brief was filed on August 27. On August 31, formal arguments were set. The new courtroom of the magistrate was almost filled again. However, no one from the news media showed up for this hearing either. The few who were contacted had been told not to go; [or] THEY WOULD LOSE THEIR JOBS. At the hearing I introduced evidence that heretofore had never been introduced in any court of law in the U.S. The U.S. Attorney had denied, you will remember, everything in my suit without so much as even a tiny investigation. So, I introduced into evidence the following letter from the Department of the Army, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff of Personnel:" - WILLIAM R. PABST (id. FN#3)

        'On behalf of PRESIDENT FORD, I am replying to your letter 27 May, 1976, regarding a news article in the 'Dallas Morning News.' As much as he would like to, the president cannot reply personally to every communication he receives. Therefore, he has asked the departments and agencies of the federal government in those instances where they have SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE or special authority underlogued. For this reason your communication was forwarded to officials of the Department of Defense. Within the Department of Defense, the Army is responsible for custody and treatment of ENEMY PRISONERS OF WAR and CIVILIAN INTERNEES as defined under terms of the Geneva Convention of 1949. Therefore, the Army is prepared to detain prisoners of war and detainees as defined in Article IV of the 1949 Geneva Convention relative to the treatment of prisoners of war and protection of civilian persons.
        'It is U.S. POLICY that its Armed Forces adhere to the provisions of INTERNATIONAL LAW to set the example for other countries of the world to follow and respecting the rights and dignity of those who become victim of international conflict. It should be noted that the Army program is designed for implementation during CONDITIONS OF WAR between the U.S. and one or more FOREIGN countries. The Army had NO plans nor does it maintain detention camps to imprison AMERICAN CITIZENS during DOMESTIC crises.' - 1B SERGEANT, COLONEL G.S., ACTION DIRECTOR OF HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT

        "The problem with this letter is that IT'S NOT TRUE, and that's what I'm going to discuss at this point. First of all, in verifying the authenticity of the claims in the letter, I checked the Geneva text. There is NO article in the Geneva Convention entitled as the letter states. There is, however, on each of the classifications, 'PROTECTION OF WAR VICTIMS/ CIVILIAN PERSONS' and a separate article on 'PRISONERS OF WAR.' That was the first discrepancy. Then I turned to ARTICLE IV of the Geneva Convention. That article did not set up any requirements or authorizations for military units of any type and does not even suggest it. Hence, the second discrepancy.
        "The next problem with the letter from President Ford's representative is that it states that the prisoner of war guard program is set up for the implementation for 'Conditions of war between the U.S. and one or more (FOREIGN) countries." However, ARTICLE III of the Geneva Convention reads that the treaty applies to (and I am quoting): 'In case of an armed conflict, NOT OF AN INTERNATIONAL CHARACTER, occurring within the territory of one of the high contracting parties.' Obviously an armed conflict occurring WITHIN ONE'S OWN TERRITORY did not mean between one or more of the parties to the treaty, especially if only ONE is involved. Now, the EXAMPLES of this type of conflict are: CIVIL WAR, ARMED INSURGENCY and GUERRILLA activities. In other words, they're speaking of A DOMESTIC CONFLICT." - WILLIAM R. PABST (id. FN#3)
        "An even more shocking item is found in the pages of the 1949 GENEVA CONVENTION under
'Protection of War Victims/Civilian Persons.' You will find the index card, the identification card,
forms to be used for writing your family, and everything necessary for the ADMINISTRATION OF A
CONCENTRATION CAMP is contained in this treaty that the U.S. signed and ratified. Further, if
there is a CONFLICT in the U.S. involving ONLY the U.S. this convention or treaty can go into operation - which includes the procedures for setting up the concentration camps.
        "ARTICLE LXVIII of the Convention states (and I paraphrase): If you commit an offense that is solely intended to harm THE OCCUPYING POWER, not harming the life or limb of members of the occupying power, but merely TALKING AGAINST such a force - such as the Martial Law situation you can be imprisoned provided that the duration of such imprisonment is proportionate to the offense committed. Well, PRESIDENT DWIGHT EISENHOWER didn't feel that provision was STRONG enough. So he had the following additions placed in the treaty, which state: 'The U.S. reserves the right to impose the DEATH PENALTY in accordance with the previsions of Article LXVIII WITHOUT REGARD TO WHETHER THE OFFENSE IS REFERRED TO THEREIN ARE PUNISHABLE BY DEATH UNDER THE LAW OF THE OCCUPIED TERRITORY AT THE TIME THE OCCUPATION BEGINS'. So not only can you be imprisoned for having exercised freedom of speech; you can be put to death under the provisions of the Geneva Convention in 1949 for having exercised, or ATTEMPTING to exercise freedom of speech." - WILLIAM R. PABST (id. FN#3)
        "The next item that I introduced into evidence was a field manual; FM 41-1, 'Civil Affairs activities includes: 'item 4. ASSUMPTION OF FULL OR PARTIAL EXECUTIVE, LEGISLATIVE AND JUDICIAL AUTHORITY OVER A COUNTRY OR AREA.' So let's see what a 'country or area' is defined as in the same manual. It includes: 'SMALL TOWNS and RURAL areas, MUNICIPALITIES of various population sizes, DISTRICTS, COUNTIES, PROVINCES or STATES, regions of NATIONAL government.' Nowhere in the manual does it exclude this program from being put into effect right here in the United States. As a matter of fact, in Kearny, New Jersey, the Civil Affairs group went into that area and practiced taking over that governmental unit. Yet the Army, in it's letter of June 16, states that these programs are not for us. However, they are PRACTICED here in the United States UNDER CONDITIONS THAT CAN ONLY OCCUR HERE AT HOME.(!) The study outline of field manuals FM 41-10 on page j-24 under 'Penal institutions 1-B,' you see there is a program on CONCENTRATION CAMPS and LABOR CAMPS. [They] are always located NEAR EACH OTHER for obvious reasons.
        "Again on page d-4 of the same manual you'll find a SAMPLE RECEIPT for SEIZED PROPERTY; a sample receipt written in ENGLISH and containing terminology APPLICABLE TO ONLY U.S. TERRITORY. On page 8-2 of the same manual, under the heading 'TABLES OF ORGANIZATION AND EQUIPMENT,' we find that there are three other organizations that would be working along with the Civil Affairs operation: the CHEMICAL SERVICE ORGANIZATION, the COMPOSITE SERVICE ORGANIZATION, and the PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS ORGANIZATION, along with the various Civil Affairs organizations." - WILLIAM R. PABST (id. FN#3)
        "On the second day of September, 1976, the magistrate recommended to the federal judge that the case be dismissed. The sole basis for his reasoning to dismiss was that we have to be actually PHYSICALLY injured before we can maintain a lawsuit of this type. He did not feel that, although all this active planning, preparation and training was going on, that any U.S. citizen had been injured - even though the citizen may fear exercising his or her freedom for fear of being detained and imprisoned in a concentration camp at a later date.
        "The case of TATUM B. LAIRD, heard before the Supreme Court in 1974, is a case in point. It involved the Army intelligence's collecting apparatus, which was developing a LIST OF NAMES of persons who the Army felt were TROUBLESOME. The Supreme Court held that the making of lists of this type did not of and by itself present any injuries. The minority opinion in that case was that the injury in the case with a program such as this, made people afraid to use their freedom of speech for fear of being sent to jail for it. But the majority did not buy that argument.
        "The difference between that case and this case - although we also have the computer program - is that we have something much further past that point, the CONCENTRATION CAMP GUARD PROGRAM and the CIVIL AFFAIRS PROGRAM for the TAKING OVER OF ALL FUNCTIONS OF OUR GOVERNMENT. In light of that the federal judge said that this is not an injury. As a matter of act, the U. S. Attorney alleged that even if people were placed in concentration camps, IF THEY WERE ALL TREATED THE SAME they would STILL not have the right to go to federal court.(!!)
        "On the 20th day of September, I filed a memorandum to notify the magistrate and the federal judge that I had discovered that the federal government had a program for a number of years to SUSPEND our constitutional right of the writ of habeas corpus. This information substantiated the complaint. Habeas corpus is the name of that legal instrument utilized to bring someone before a judge when the person is being illegally imprisoned or detained so that he (or she) may obtain his (or her) freedom. The Constitution states that the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall NEVER be suspended." - WILLIAM R. PABST (id. FN#3)
        "I found the disturbing information in a report: 94-755, 94th Congress, 2nd Session Senate, April 26th, 1976, entitled 'INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITIES AND THE RIGHTS OF AMERICANS Book II.' On page 17-d, entitled 'First Amendment Rights,' the report states that more importantly 'the government surveillance activities in the aggregate, whether expressly intended to do so, to DETER the exercise of First Amendment rights by American citizens WHO BECOME AWARE OF THE GOVERNMENT'S DOMESTIC INTELLIGENCE PROGRAM.'
        "Beginning on page 54 it is stated that, beginning in 1946 - four years BEFORE the Emergency Detention Act of 1950 was passed - the FBI advised the Attorney General that it had secretly compiled a SECRET INDEX of potentially dangerous persons. The Justice Department then made tentative plans for emergency detention - BASED UPON SUSPENSION OF THE WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS.(!) Department officials deliberately avoided going to Congress. When the Emergency Detention Act of 1950 was passed, it did not authorize the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus. But shortly after passage of that act, according to a bureau document, Attorney General J. R. McGraft told the FBI to disregard it and to PROCEED WITH THE PROGRAM as previously outlined" - WILLIAM R. PABST (id. FN#3).
        "A few sentences later on page 55 it states, 'With the security index, use broader standards to determine potential dangerousness than those described in the statute.' Unlike the act, Department plans provided for issuing a MASTER SEARCH WARRANT and a MASTER ARREST WARRANT. This is the center importance: It is the same thing that I am alleging in federal court. Yet, the magistrate chose to ignore these facts also.
        "We have government officials not only ignoring the will of Congress, but doing the OPPOSITE of what the Constitution provides by planning illegally for the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus. In addition, as mentioned before, the master search warrant and the master arrest warrant are forms fed into the computer, which PRINT THE NAMES AND ADDRESSES ON THEM from the tapes previously prepared by the intelligence-gathering program.
        "As you are arrested, your home will be searched and anything found there may be confiscated. This program has existed since 1946 up to and including 1973, and without proper access to judicial discovery techniques. It can't be determined whether the same plan now exists under the same name or under another name altogether. This memorandum was filed on September 28 to make the court aware of the DANGER that our rights of freedom of speech and lawful assembly are in. But the court, on September 30 - after this notification was received - DISMISSED the case. however, in keeping with the practice of federal courts in Houston of actively participating in the OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, I was not notified of the dismissal until the 6th of October - which gave me just TWO working days to submit any further motion in a 10-day period before time starts running for the appeal.
        "What I have just said regarding the federal courts in Houston is not only MY opinion; The 'HOUSTON CHRONICLE' surprisingly, published an extensive document severely CRITICIZING the federal courts in Houston for MAKING UP THEIR OWN RULES AS THEY GO ALONG with the proceedings, a well as commenting on the COMMUNIST-LIKE SUPREME COURT ATTITUDE of the judges and the court personnel. My experience here has been that the court has returned to me almost every document I filed. Then after a big argument, they re-accept the document, stating that THEY JUST MADE A MISTAKE. In reality, the power structure doesn't WANT these types of cases in ANY federal court." - WILLIAM R. PABST (id. FN#3)
        "The term DIRECTOR, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms has been REPLACED with the term INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE." - CHARLES E. WALKER (Acting Secretary of The U.S. Treasury) [67] "REVENUE AGENT. Any duly authorized Commonwealth Internal Revenue Agent of the Department of the Treasury of PUERTO RICO. Secretary. The Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico. SECRETARY or his delegate. The Secretary or any officer or employee of the Department of the Treasury of PUERTO RICO duly authorized by the Secretary to perform the function mentioned or described in this part." [27 CFR º 250.11]
        "...there is no such organization within the Department of the Treasury known as the 'Internal Revenue Service' or the 'Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.' TITLE 31 U.S.C. is 'MONEY AND FINANCE'...the laws pertaining to the Department of the Treasury ("DOT"). Title 31 U.S.C., Chapter 3, is a statutory list of the organizations of the DOT. INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE AND/OR BUREAU OF ALCOHOL, TOBACCO AND FIREARMS ARE NOT LISTED WITHIN TITLE 31 U.S.C. AS AGENCIES OR ORGANIZATIONS OF THE DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY. They are referenced, however, as 'to be AUDITED'* by the Controller General in 31 U.S.C. Section 713." - WILLIAM COOPER [68]

        [NOTE: *(Surprise! Surprise!) The IRS has  never been AUDITED. - OL]

        "Rather than adding my voice to those who urge us to go 'back to the basics,' I would argue that we need to move ahead to NEW basics...Certainly cross-cultural understandings and empathy have become fundamental skills of human relations and intercultural rapport...the arts of COMPROMISE and RECONCILIATION, of CONCENSUS building, and of planning for INTERdependence, a command of these talents becomes 'basic'...As young people mature, we must help them to develop...a service ethic which is geared toward the real world...the GLOBAL SERVANT concept in which we will educate OUR* young for PLANETARY SERVICE and eventually for some form of world citizenship." - HAROLD SHANE [69]

        [NOTE: *They are not "OUR (your) young!" God gave these children to their PARENTS - to raise in HIS image - not as YOUR SERVANTS!!! - OL]

        "The STUDENTS IN OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS constitute, as my collegue Francis Keppel puts it, the nation's greatest and most attractive SUCKER list. Everybody who has anything to sell...a political nostrum...a global perspective - would naturally like to get at this market of future American adults, and get at them as early in life as possible." - HARLAN CLEVELAND (CFR) [70]
        "The task of bringing about the kind of TRANSFORMATION which will make education a better instrument for coping with INTERdependence is formidable. We need to SHED an inheritance of
PAROCHIALISM (i.e., national loyalty; patriotism) which we have been accumulating for the past
200 years...An important part of the problem of adapting education to help Americans cope with
GLOBAL INTERDEPENDENCE is the legacy which we have inherited from the past...Experimental activities should be undertaken to see to what degree formal learning experiences can shape the world views of Americans so as to make those views more compatible with (or at least LESS RESISTANT to) ADJUSTMENTS IN BEHAVIOR AND ATTITUDES necessary to cope more effectively with problems of interdependence...
        "Public opinion pollsters...suggest that the American people are more ready to cope (and in fact ARE coping) with interdependence and its attendant SACRIFICES...The kind of educational transformation for which we have argued in these pages will not come easily. Changing complex social institutions in any fundamental way requires unlimited quantities of sweat and almost certainly some TEARS, if not BLOOD." - WARD MOREHOUSE [71]
        "On the 8th of October, I had submitted a request for finding the facts in the filing which had been established by the evidence presented:
        *1) The 300th MILITARY POLICE POW COMMAND is located at Livonia, Michigan
        *2) The Dept. of the Army has stated that said Command exists per se the Geneva Convention of 1949, a treaty of the U.S., Article IV thereof under the title relative to the treatment of PRISONERS OF WAR and protection of CIVILIAN PRISONERS.
        *4) Nevertheless, there are separate titles, one of which is;
            a. Multilateral Protection of War Victims/PRISONERS OF WAR;
            b. Multilateral Protection of War Victims/CIVILIAN PERSONS.
        *5) Nevertheless, Article IV of both titles does NOT provide for the creation of any military programs for concentration camps.
        * 6) Whether Mr. Fenren of the 300th Military Police POW Command has stated that the
purpose of the Command is for the detention of FOREIGN prisoners of war and enemies of the
United States.
        * 7) Further, Article III, concerning civilian persons, makes the treaty applicable to conflicts
occurring SOLELY WITHIN THE TERRITORY OF THE U.S. that are not of an international character, which is capable of including any type of conflict in its description whether it be civil war or guerrilla activity or anything else. The text states: 'in case of an armed conflict NOT OF AN INTERNATIONAL CHARACTER occurring in the territory of one of the high contracting parties, each party to a conflict shall be bound to apply to the minimum of the following provisions."
        * 8) Department of the Army field manual FM 41-10, Civil Affairs Operations of Civil Affairs
Organization, lists as one of its functions the assumption of full or partial executive, legislative and
judicial authority over a country or an area and THERE IS NO SPECIFIC EXCLUSION OF THE U.S. as such a country or area." - WILLIAM R. PABST (id. FN#3)
        *9) Said manual defines country along certain geographical population basis, COUNTY, STATE regions and NATIONAL government.
        *10) Said organization in fact CONDUCTED PRACTICED TAKEOVERS OF LOCAL AND STATE GOVERNMENTS in the continental U.S., including but not limited to the state of New Jersey.
        *11) Said organization includes in its study outline page j-24 a section on CONCENTRATION CAMPS and LABOR CAMPS.
        *12) Said organization includes in it composite service operations and PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS organizations.
        *13) Said psychological operation is working with the U. S. Public Health Service, are prepared to operate ANY AND/ ALL MENTAL HEALTH FACILITIES in the U. S. as TOOLS OF REPRESSION against outspoken but nonviolent political conduct of the U. S. citizens in conjunction with all the above, which is to be used for the same purpose.
        *14) Further, the Department of Justice, in conjunction with this program, has had plans for the SUSPENSION OF WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS since the year of 1946, has planned DEPRIVING PERSONS BEING DETAINED under this total program ANY MEANS FOR PROTECTION AGAINST TYRANNICAL POLITICAL REPRESSION. The plaintiff requested that the court make findings of fact and draw conclusions of law, consistent therewith as shown by the evidence on record before the court. The effect of this request is that the case must go back to the district judge for further consideration. I mentioned that it appeared that all this planning for concentration camps was to be directed against anyone regardless of his political persuasion or his ideology who exercised FREEDOM OF SPEECH AGAINST THE ESTABLISHED POWER STRUCTURE of international bankers and multinational corporation. But, with Proposition B-type movements threatening to reduce taxes throughout our nation, I foresee an ACTIVATION OF EMERGENCY PROGRAMS so that the parasites on the federal take will continue to receive their checks.
        "In the same Senate document, on intelligence activities on the rights of Americans referred to on pages 166 and 167, you will find that the federal government has targeted its intelligence activities against one group of Americans. On page 166, the first classification listed is RIGHTISTS and ANTI-COMMUNIST groups. The first group on page 167 on Army Surveillance lists the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY as number ONE and the YOUNG AMERICANS FOR FREEDOM as the number TWO target. Therefore, the groups of U.S. American citizens considered to be THE BIGGEST ENEMY OF THE U.S. by the federal government at this time is the CONSERVATIVE PATRIOT." - WILLIAM R. PABST (id. FN#3)
        "In the U.S. - among elites, at any rate - TRILATERALISM has become almost the concensus position on foreign policy." - RICHARD ULLMAN (Director, CFR) [72]
[Cont. in Ve]


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