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[Cont. from Vb]

        In November 1975, Larry McDonald wrote the foreward to Gary Allen's book on the Rockefellers . He noted "the drive of the Rockefellers and allies to create a one-world government combining Super- Capitalism and Communism UNDER THE SAME TENT, all under THEIR control." He stated that "the Rockefellers and their allies have, for at least fifty years, been carefully following a plan to use their economic power to gain political control of first America, and then the rest of the world...there is...a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent." On August 31, 1983 the plane he was traveling on was SHOT DOWN BY THE RUSSIANS while he was heading a congressional investigation to expose what he called a dangerous INTERNATIONAL CONSPIRACY.
        "An investigation was completed in November, 1975 by...The Conservative publication, 'American Challenge' the leftist 'New Times'; the foundation-financed Fund for Investigative Journalism, and, Don Wood of the trustworthy 'Ozark Sunbeam.' It involves the potential creation of a POLICE STATE through the use of the PENTAGON and its COMPUTERIZED INTELLIGENCE DOSSIER (lodged in the Pentagon basement) of THOUSANDS OF CITIZENS by the National Guard, state and local police departments, the L.E.A.A., plainclothes military forces, SWAT teams, and the Dept. of Justice." - WILLIAM R. PABST (id: FN#3)
        "Brigadier General J.L. Julienit (phonetic spelling), senior Army officer of the Pentagon National Guard Bureau, has admitted, 'I know of NO state that DID NOT HAVE some form of these exercises within the last year.'
        "Today the CABLE SPLICER HANDBOOK is composed of six loose-leaf, three-ring binders that are merely an OUTLINE for the IMPENDING TAKEOVER and DESTRUCTION of our CONSTITUTION. The Sixth Army used the term 'Cable Splicer' for the name of the operation, but it has not revealed the name of the operation in the other military areas within the U.S." - WILLIAM R. PABST (id: FN#3)
        "On page 4, paragraph 10 on Public Information, the instructions state: 'As a means to prevent adverse publicity or misleading psychological effects in regard to coordinating, planning, and conducting this exercise, all military participants involved will perform such duties in CIVILIAN clothing when exercise-oriented-activities are conducted at law enforcement facilities. In the event inquiries are received regarding this exercise, the response should be limited to identifying the activity as a continuous, JOINT LAW ENFORCEMENT MILITARY LIAISON effort and a continuation of coordination established last year.' On page 6, security guidance is explained to the effect that if anybody asks any questions, limit the information that is given out on the basis of it being in the interest of 'NATIONAL INTEREST' (security).
        "Now, in the festivities celebrating the success of completion of the exercises, Attorney
General Stanly R. Larsen, the commanding general of the Sixth Army stated, 'The most serious
challenge facing all of us will be the challenge of discharging our legitimate responsibilities. For a
significant portion of a society at large is likely to regard us with suspicion and to QUESTION, even
challenge, our authority on the basic assumption of our profession. Part of this challenge we must be prepared to deal with; a potentially dangerous portion of our society which in truth, could well become the DOMESTIC ENEMY.'
        "The manual includes instructions on operation of CONFINEMENT FACILITIES, handling and processing PRISONERS - including searching, transporting, feeding, housing and handling of the special class of persons called 'DETAINEES.' The plan also specifically includes a proposition for CONFISCATION of PRIVATELY-owned weapons and ammunition." - WILLIAM R. PABST (id: FN#3)
        "On November 10, 1975, the General Assembly adopted a Resolution urging that the terrorist PLO be invited to PARTICIPATE in all conferences on the Middle East held under U.N. auspices and asking that steps be taken to secure participation of the PLO in the Geneva Peace Conference on the Middle East. It is on this same date that the General Assembly adopted its notorious Resolution defining ZIONISM* as 'a form of RACISM and racial DISCRIMINATION'." - ROBERT W. LEE [39]

        [NOTE: *Well, do tell! And how exactly do they describe ISLAM?! Arafat and the Palestinians' own documents call for the complete EXTERMINATION of the JEWS!!! (Why isn't THIS classified as "racism" or "racial discrimination?" In fact, why isn't it classified as a "HATE crime?"???) Compare
that with this: ZIONISM - "[A] political movement advocating the RE-establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine, the 'PROMISED LAND' of the Bible, with its capital JERUSALEM, the 'city of Zion'." - 'WEBSTER'S NEW WORLD ENCYCLOPEDIA' - Prentice Hall 1993
        By the way, the East Gate of Jerusalem is where JESUS has promised to come, when He returns - and He WILL. But this time He won't be coming as a newborn baby. Instead - as the KING OF KINGS, and LORD OF LORDS, He will be accompanied by ALL THE ARMIES OF HEAVEN - this time He is coming to judge the whole world! Are YOU ready to stand before the Judgement seat? It is interesting to me to note that we - as humans - are only too eager to believe in "aliens" and wonder "Is there life on other planets?" But, totally dismiss (WITHOUT EXAMINATION) the "alien life" and "planet" that we have an actual RECORD of. The Holy Trinity: Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Ghost - and Their far away kingdom of HEAVEN. Considering the Biblical description of the consequences of such a choice, this is the height of foolishness! As I have asked before, WHAT IF YOU ARE WRONG?!!!! - OL]

        [The UN is] "an UPSIDE-DOWN institution, in which the nations that are dominant in the world - by wealth, power, even population - are a tiny minority, and where the nations that are weak and unimportant are in a position of unassailable superiority.*
        "By providing a FIRST-CLASS PROPAGANDA PLATFORM, an opportunity to make and mobilize allies, and...by making [other] such resources available to every comer, the U.N. provides scores of impotent and impoverished new nations with the wherewithall to engage in conflicts THEY WOULD OTHERWISE BE UNABLE TO AFFORD...
        "If the U.N. DIDN''T EXIST...it is hard to imagine that hostilities in the Mideast would seriously engage more than the great powers, Israel, and its immediate neighbors - in all, maybe a DOZEN nations. But the U.N. does exist...[Its members] spend a large fraction of their time at the U.N...on the Mideast question. By now there is scarcely a handful of countries left in the world that haven't long since CHOSEN UP SIDES in that conflict and acquired something of a stake in its outcome...It is a truism that to minimize conflict, issues should be treated separately, questions defined narrowly, and the number of participants kept as small as possible. The U.N. pushes in the opposite direction; It is by nature AN EXACERBATOR AND SPREADER OF CONFLICT." - COLUMNIST PAUL WEAVER [40]

        [NOTE: *The United States today has become nothing more than a microcosm of the UN - only in our case, it is the MINORITY lobbies (i.e., immigrants, people of color, women, "gays," atheists, etc.) who are in "positions of unassailable superiority," whereas the numericallly-dominant American traditionalists are being systematically STRIPPED OF THEIR VOICES (power), along with their CONSTITUTIONAL guarantees of their birthright! - OL]

        "The concept of MASS INTERNMENT CAMPS was implemented during the decade of the 1930's when the idea was either integrated into national security planning or put to actual use in the world's three SOCIALISTIC experiments - the SOVIET UNION, NAZI GERMANY and the UNITED STATES under Roosevelt.
        "On March 9, 1933, Adolph Hitler put his Dachau detention center into operation where thousands of his own countrymen were sent. ('The Holocaust' by Martin Gilber,). Stalin exterminated 7 to 10 Million in his rural collectivization program from 1931-1933 and another 10 Million in the purges of 1934-1939. It was [during] this decade that the Soviet Gulag proved its worth. On August 24, 1939, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover met with FDR to develop a detention plan for the UNITED STATES. Five months after this meeting, Hitler opened the Auschwitz detention center in Poland." - RAY GANO (Publisher) [41]
        "On August 3, 1948, J. Edgar Hoover met with Attorney General J. Howard McGrath to form a plan whereby President Truman could SUSPEND Constitutional liberties during a national emergency. The plan was code-named 'SECURITY PORTFOLIO' and, when activated, it would authorize the FBI to summarily arrest up to 20,000 persons and place them in NATIONAL SECURITY DETENTION CAMPS. Prisoners would not have the right to a court hearing or habeas corpus appeal. Meanwhile, 'Security Portfolio' allowed the FBI to develop a WATCH LIST of those who would be detained, as well as detailed information on their physical appearance, family, place of work, etc. (David Burnham, 'Above the Law').
        "Two years later Congress approved the 'INTERNAL SECURITY ACT' of 1950 which contained a provision authorizing an Emergency Detention Plan. Hoover was unhappy with this law because it did NOT suspend the constitution and it guaranteed the right to a court hearing (habeas corpus).
        'For two years, while the FBI continued to secretly establish the detention camps and work out detailed SEIZURE PLANS for thousands of individuals, Hoover kept badgering...[Attorney General McGrath for] official permission to ignore the 1950 law and carry on with the more ferocious 1948 program. On November 25, 1952, the attorney general...caved in to Hoover." - RAY GANO (Publisher) [id. FN#41]
        "Congress REPEALED the 'Emergency Detention Act' of 1950 more than twenty years later in 1971. Seemingly the threat of civilian internment in the United States was over, but NOT IN REALITY. The Senate held hearings in December, 1975, revealing the ongoing internment plan which had never been terminated. The report, entitled, 'INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITIES, SENATE RESOLUTION 21,' disclosed the covert agenda. In a series of documents, memos and testimony by government informants, the picture emerged of the designs by the federal government to monitor, infiltrate, arrest and incarcerate a potentially large segment of American society.
        "The Senate report also revealed the existence of the MASTER SEARCH WARRANT (MSW) and the MASTER ARREST WARRANT (MAW) which are CURRENTLY in force. The MAW document, authorized by the United States Attorney General, directs the HEAD OF THE FBI to: 'Arrest persons WHOM I DEEM DANGEROUS to the public peace and safety. These persons are to be detained and confined until further order.' The MSW also instructs the FBI Director to 'search certain premises where it is believed that there may be found contraband, prohibited articles, or other materials in violation of the Proclamation of the President of the United States.' It includes such items as firearms, shortwave radio receiving sets, CAMERAS, propaganda materials, printing presses, MIMEOGRAPH MACHINES 9i.e., faxes and copiers), MEMBERSHIP AND FINANCIAL RECORDS of organizations or groups that have been declared subversive, or MAY BE HEREAFTER (!)* declared subversive by the Attorney General." - RAY GANO (Publisher) [id. FN#41]

        [NOTE: *Bear in mind that when Reno was in still in power, this included the Christian Bible and the US Constitution! - OL]

        "Since the Senate hearings in 1975, the steady development of highly specialized surveillance capabilities, combined with the exploding computerized information technologies, have enabled a MASSIVE DATA BASE of personal information to be developed on MILLIONS of UNSUSPECTING American citizens. It is all in place awaiting only a presidential declaration to be enforced by both military and civilian police.
        "The Deputy Attorney General of California commented at a conference that ANYONE WHO ATTACKS THE STATE, EVEN VERBALLY, BECOMES A REVOLUTIONARY AND AN ENEMY by definition. Louis Guiffreda, who was head of FEMA, stated that 'LEGITIMATE VIOLENCE is integral
to our form of government, for it is from this source that we can continue to purge our weaknesses.' It
is significant to note that the dictionary definition of TERRORISM - 'the CALCULATED USE OF VIOLENCE' - corresponds precisely to the GOVERNMENT's stated policy of 'the use of LEGITIMATE violence.' One might ask, WHO ARE THE REAL TERRORISTS?" - RAY GANO (Publisher) [id. FN#41]
        "...I believe our DRUG EDUCATION GOAL should be to teach young people to USE drugs just a bit more skillfully and responsibly, and a bit less hazardously than their parents do." - EDWARD BRECHER [42]
        "I know 30 delegates who will CHANGE THEIR COUNTRY'S VOTE for a blonde, a case of Scotch or $5,000. Those representing the 'third world' countries don't get much money from home, so it's the 'FREEBIES' that make being Ambassador to the U.N. worthwhile." - "U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT" 12/1/75
        During the campaign finance scandals we heard a lot about the Klinton's No. #1 contributor: INDONESIA. The following gives us a graphic look inside this illegal backer of our government. It also raises questions about the worth of OPEC and the United Nations:

        "East Timor had been a Portuguese colony...home to one of the last few remaining ancient civilizations...[who] spoke more than a dozen languages and lived mostly in an assortment of villages in the small island that covers just 7,400 square miles. On December 7, 1975, less than 2 weeks after East Timor declared INDEPENDENCE from Portugal, Indonesia invaded the island. RADIO DILI (capital of East Timor) gave its FINAL BROADCAST to the outside world (including the UN!): 'The soldiers are killing indiscriminately. Women and children are being shot in the streets. We are all going to be killed. I repeat, we are all going to be killed...THIS IS AN APPEAL FOR INTERNATIONAL HELP. Please help us...' *
        "Victims in East Timor were brought to a pier facing the sea, where bodies fell into the water as they were executed. The waters of the Areia Branca beach, east of the capital, were later referred to as 'THE SEA OF BLOOD' by the local population. An eyewitness testified to similar atrocities: 'The Indonesian's tore the CRYING CHILDREN from their mothers and passed them back to the crowd. The women were then SHOT one by one, WITH THE ONLOOKERS BEING ORDERED TO COUNT.' W Two months into the invasion, the Indonesian-installed deputy governor of East Timor said 60,000 Timorese had been killed, roughly 10 PERCENT OF THE POPULATION." - JEFFREY UDIN [43]

        "C. Phillip Liechty, CIA desk officer in Indonesia during the invasion, saw the reports coming out
of East Timor. 'There were people being herded into school buildings by Indonesian soldiers and the building set on fire,' he told award-winning journalist John Pilger. People who tried to get out were shot, 'with MOST OF THE PEOPLE BEING BURNED ALIVE...There were people herded into fields and machine-gunned, and hunted in the mountains simply because they were there. We knew the place was a free-fire zone.'
        "For PHILLIPS PETROLEUM CO., however, a profit was to be made. 'New contract terms were negotiated in 1976,' [according to] Phillips' annual report. After recovery of exploration and development costs, INDONESIA received 85 PERCENT of the production. The Phillips Group, of which Phillips had half the interest, got the remaining 15 percent. Crude oil production was expected to start at 40,000 gross barrels a day in 1977."R - JEFFREY UDIN [id. FN#43]
        "PERTAMINA was Indonesia's biggest enterprise and one of the world's 200 largest corporations, helping oil revenues account for 60 percent of the nation's 1976 budget. The Indonesian military used Pertamina, which all foreign petroleum companies must go through today, to finance their dictatorship and the military. CALTEX CO., a joint venture between Texaco and Chevron, played an especially important role. Oil production in Indonesia rose from 174 million barrels in 1966 to 476 million barrels
per day in 1975 - mostly as a result of contracts between Caltex and Pertamina.
        "Daniel Yergin, scholar turned 'energy consultant,' notes the new production-sharing relationship 'was pioneered by Indonesia and Caltex in the late 1960s' (Yergin never mentions the slaughter in Indonesia or the genocide in East Timor in his work that won him a Pulitzer Prize). Just two days before the invasion, the 'NEW YORK TIMES' spoke of 'the oil men and the generals who were [and are] reaping huge rPRewards' from Indonesia's growing economy. Corruption reached 'STAGGERING proportions,' the 'FAR EASTERN REVIEW' reported. 'Indonesia in 1976 was still klondike country for corrupters. Men with energy andconnections have appeared to plunder the national treasury almost at will.' Meanwhile, U.S. imports - more than 80 percent in oil - rose 30 percent between 1975 and 1976, where it reached

        [NOTES: *Where have we heard this before? Oh, yeah. December, 1961: KATANGA. Neither the United States, nor the United Nations answered THIS call for help, either. What is the UN getting all that money for?
        WWhere was the UN's concern for women and children - not to mention "civil rights" during all this? And what about President Ford?
        RWell that explains a lot. Now we know Indonesia's reason for this slaughter - and it's likely INSTIGATOR! This is called "selling your soul to the Devil" and it also explains why the East is so popular with our multinational companies. Not only for the wealth of their natural resources, but also because they don't have to mess with those pesky CHRISTIAN values!
        TQuestion: Why should we concern ourselves with what happens in little countries like this? It's just a local spat, isn't it? According to the above figures, it can happen anywhere that offers HUGE PROFITS from natural resources - even HERE. And let's not forget that there is no country on earth that has more rich, natural resources than the United States. Maybe that is why Klinton - during his term in office - sold, or gave away nearly half of our natural resources. Which is WHY, of course, our ENERGY COSTS are exploding. We now have to rely on OTHER STATES AND COUNTRIES to supply the natural resources that we have millions of barrels and tons of - because OURS now belong to FOREIGN companies and governments! (P.S. When I wrote this, we hadn't heard anything about California yet. So, take my word for it: California is only the BEGINNING!) - OL]

        In a 1976 interview, Eldridge Cleaver was asked: "Don't you think that some people in the U.S. are always seeing Communists under the bed?" He replied: "But there ARE Communists under the bed!"
        "According to Article Four of the Charter of the United Nations, 'Membership in the UN is open to all PEACE-LOVING states which accept the obligations contained in the present Charter...' Many now seem willing to forget that Communist CHINA was condemned by the United Nations for its aggressive role in Korea. In fact, the UN went to war to protect South Korea against Communist aggression (or so they said!).
        "Now, by stretching the definition found in Article Four to INCLUDE Communist China, the UN has shown that its own Charter is irrelevant to its real operating procedures. It has now embraced the philosophy of 'UNIVERSALITY,' a phrase not found in the Charter, rather than the concept of 'peace-loving,' which is specifically set forth. Yet 'universality' does NOT cover TAIWAN, which has been expelled; RHODESIA, against whom an embargo has been declared; or the REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA." - CONGRESSMAN PHILIP CRANE (R-IL) [44]
        "In 1976, the 'Oakland Tribune' carried the most complete explanation of what is planned. It is reported in its entirety in the 'National Chronicle' which added an analysis to the story. (The 'Oakland Tribune's editor died suddenly after the story was published). And I quote:

        'Last Saturday the California National Guard unveiled a new LAW ENFORCEMENT ASSISTANCE FORCE (L.E.A.F.), a specially trained and outfitted Military Police Unit, whose members will serve as SHOCK TROOPS in the state's war against political protesters and demonstrators. I saw a full-dress exhibition of what the California National Guard has planned for the NEXT AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Helicopters, SWAT teams, civilian military policemen in jackboots and helmets, twelve-gauge shotguns,.38 and.45 caliber pistols, radios, walkie-talkies, and electrically controlled intelligence centers wired for instant communications with any police force in one state. L.E.A.F. is a 1,000 member unit put together this year to handle unique law enforcement problems such as mass civil disobedience, protest demonstrations and riots. In other words, breaking heads and taking names. L.E.A.F. has the support of Governor Brown, a quarter Million dollars worth of grants from the federal government, and NO PUBLIC OPPOSITION FROM CIVIL LIBERTIES' GROUPS.

        'For all its ineptitude however, L.E.A.F. has a frightening possibility from a civil liberty standpoint.
It is a direct product of the California 'CABLE SPLICER' CONFERENCES - a series of high-level secret meetings between government officials, law enforcement officials and military planners held during the late '60s and early '70s. The meetings were held as late as 1975 so far, as many public records show. These were the conferences which 'Counter-Spy' magazine had identified as California's 'GARDEN PLOT SUB-PLAN.' Gary Davis, Governor Brown's right hand man, says L.E.A.F. is to assist civil police, not to replace them. Gary says, 'Civilians could expect a civilian-type law enforcement rather than what is commonly known as MARTIAL LAW." Despite this assurance, L.E.A.F.'s exercises look disturbingly like the military coup described in the novel, 'SEVEN DAYS IN MAY'.
        'L.E.A.F. soldiers with nightsticks stood at intersections, stopping cars with suspicious occupants, checking I.D. cards and generally intimidating onlookers with their SWAT-style uniforms, their sidearms and helmets. Perhaps more ominously, several participants in the role-playing exercises Saturday admitted that even under simulated pressure there has already been a number of incidents where the L.E.A.F. troops used excessive force to quell disturbances - even though their orders forbade it'.' (That ends the quotation.) - "OAKLAND TRIBUNE" 1976; as reported by William R. Pabst (id: FN#3)
        "Former L.E.A.A. Administrator, Charles Ross Dovan (phonetic spelling), is on record as
having stated that LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT has failed and must be REPLACED by a
NATIONAL POLICE FORCE. Patrick Murphy, the administrator of the Police Foundation, states,
'I have no fear of a national police force. OUR 40,000 POLICE DEPARTMENTS ARE NOT SACRED.' Ex-Attorney General William Saxby warned that if we can go on as we are, crime will invade us and
the national police will take over. For the policemen who do not cooperate and still want to be policemen, there is the program of Contemporary Research, Inc. - an organization of psychologists, sociologists, education specialists and economic experts - who work toward a solution of many of today's social problems. The same organization develops specialized computer base systems for law enforcement agencies at all levels of government. The L.E.A.A. alone will receive OVER A BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR over a billion dollars a year over the next four years - even though it has been ineffective against crime. This is because THE L.E.A.A. IS NOT GEARED TO FIGHTING CRIME; IT
IS GEARED TO DEVELOPING A SYSTEM FOR TAKEOVER OF THE UNITED STATES with the assistance of the Department of Defense.
        "One of the programs the L.E.A.A. works on in its fight against crime is PSYCHO-SURGERY.
If you don't cooperate with their programs, you are merely operated on so that you will be as cooperative as an adding machine. Or, the L.E.A.A. supports drug research for the same purpose - to neurological source's violence. Hence, as an example, if a law were passed whereby the ownership of firearms was declared to be illegal, you would be placed in one of these programs if you did not cooperate. The L.E.A.A. control exercise (at the state's level) is from the OFFICE OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE PLANNING of the Governor's office. Here in Texas, Mr. Robert C. Klowers is still the executive director in that office. But ALL states have that particular department." - WILLIAM R. PABST (id: FN#3)
        "...a political and economic elite...have shaped decisions and never had to account for mistakes nor to suffer from injustice. When unemployment prevails, they never stand in line looking for a job. When deprivation results from a confused welfare system, they never do without food, or clothing, or a place to sleep. When the public schools are inferior or torn by strife their children go to exclusive private schools. And when the bureaucracy is bloated and confused, the powerful always manage to discover and occupy niches of special influence and privilege." - JIMMY CARTER (Democratic Nominee) 1976
        "By 1976, [Chip] Taturm was operating out of Lamar, Colorado, in a communications facility called OLAB...From there he was transferred to MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida. [But] shortly before his MacDill posting, Tatum received a call from Colby telling him he was resigning his position as the Director of Central Intelligence, and recommending Tatum should deactivate his clandestine CIA activities...saying that remaining active without Colby there to protect him might place him in personal 'jeopardy,' as he had powerful enemies in Washington. This warning referred to NIXON, KISSINGER and HAIG, and Tatum's role in and survival from 'OPERATION RED ROCK'. Tatum took good notice of the warning and became deactive." - DAVID G. GUYATT [45]
        "Young people today seem to have selected NEW VALUES AND MORALS...and many are no longer fulfilling the traditional expectations in regard to behavior...Children reared in a particular value system can no longer expect to use the same values all of their lives...What one is taught as a child may no longer be functional when that child becomes an adolescent." - LESLIE CHAMBERLAIN [46]
        "Something remarkable is underway. It is moving with almost dizzying speed, but it has no name and eludes description...The spirit of our age is fraught with paradox. It is at the same time pragmatic and transcendental. It values both enlightenment and mystery... power and humility...interdependence and individuality. It is simulataneously political and apolitical. Its movers and shakers include individuals who are impeccably Establishment allied with one-time sign-carrying radicals...It seems to speak to SOMETHING VERY OLD. And perhaps, by INTEGRATING MAGIC AND SCIENCE, art and technology, it will succeed where all the king's horses and all the king's men failed..." - MARILYN FERGUSON [47]
        "In our time a secret manifesto is being written...I speak of the MANIFESTO OF THE PERSON, the declaration of our sovereign right to self-discovery...its influence moves significantly among us, a subterranean current of our history, that awakens in all those it touches an intoxicating sense of how deep the roots of the SELF-REACH, and what STRANGE SOURCES OF ENERGY* they embrace..." - THEODORE ROSZAK - [48]

        [NOTE: *Any Christian or Biblical scholar can tell you what that "strange source of energy" is: LUCIFER - "the angel of light." And just to prove that Roszak is under his spell, let's take a look at what else Roszak has had to say:
        "We finish by believing that sin is the reality of the self...Even more efficiently than a police force, It is DISTRUST OF SELF that makes people VULNERABLE and OBEDIENT (no wonder they spend so much money and time in their attempts to make Americans mistrust their instincts and traditional beliefs!)...The transformative process, however alien it may seem at first, soon feels irrevocably right. Whatever the initial misgivings, there is no question of commitment once we have touched something we thought forever lost - our way home..." THEODORE ROSZAK - It is a "home" alright - an ETERNAL home. But I can guarantee you aren't going to like your landlord! - OL]

        "I have learnt with deep sorrow of the death of His Excellency Mr. CHOU EN-LAI...He was a most distinguished and esteemed leader who served his country and his people with great devotion for many decades. His dedication to the fostering of better understanding among nations and international peace is widely recognized. THE WORLD WILL BE POORER FOR NO LONGER HAVING THE BENEFIT OF HIS STATESMANSHIP IN THESE CRITICAL TIMES.* Mr. Chou En-Lai inspired ADMIRATION and RESPECT among all who were privileged to meet him." - KURT WALDHEIM (UN Secretary-General)

    [NOTE: *"All this praise for a man who not only played a major part in the slaughter of thirty to sixty Million of his fellow citizens, but who also instituted some of the most inhuman tortures ever devised in the process of forcing Communism on the peoples of China." - ROBERT W. LEE [49]
        Well said, as usual, Robert. And, of course, they continue to do this kind of thing today: just listen how they glorified Klinton - and now glorify Bush! - OL]

        "On January 19, 1976, Congresswoman Marjorie S. Holt noted for the record a second 'Declaration of INTERdependence' and clearly identified the United Nations as a 'COMMUNIST' organization, and that they were seeking both production and monetary control over the Union and the People through International Organizations promoting the 'One World Order'." - "THE CONGRESSIONAL RECORD"
        [I am grateful that] "the CRAZIES (i.e., Christians, fundamentalists, patriots) don't do all
that much READING. If they did, they'd find that they have already been defeated." - PROFESSOR SHEILA SCHWARTZ [50]
        "Formal education has a contributory role to play in providing needed information and promoting changed attitudes toward a new world order...Democracy in education, then, would mean the TEACHING OF THOSE VALUES, ATTITUDES, AND ABILITIES MOST LIKELY TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF SUCH A WORLD ORDER...
        "The type of democratic education essential is one that would contribute, even if only indirectly, to the development of an international world order under law. A healthy international world order is not only one that has learned to cope successfully with world crisis in order to survive; it is also one that has developed a basis for mankind pursuing common IDEALS and goals."*  - JOHN MARTIN RICH (U. of Texas) [51]

        [NOTE: *What is this guy smoking? This can't be done! There is no way that Jesus and Satan are going to get into bed together and pursue the same "common ideals" - they have NO "COMMON" IDEALS! Pleasw understand that the REAL reason for demonizing God and His son, Jesus - along with the Bible (His Holy Word) - is because they are a huge THREAT to the "new world order." Therefore, it was necessary for the self-worshipping elite to create a "new" religion: HUMANISM to pander to man's wish to believe there is no God - so he can feel free to sin all he wants. What man doesn't see (easily accomplished, because man chooses NOT to) is that he is walking blindly into the trap these "caring" Servants of Satan have set for him. - OL]

        [The NEA really wants] "a federal educational system, a national school system, so that little Willie's mother would not be able to go down and see the principal or even the school board. She'd actually have to take her case up to Congress in Washington. I believe this is the road to disaster and THE END OF ACADEMIC FREEDOM." - RONALD REAGAN (at a Florida rally) [52]
        "...racial discrimination as defined in article I of the "UN INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION ON THE ELIMINATION OF ALL FORMS OF RACIAL DISCRIMINATION" - (signed on 9/28/66 by President Lyndon Johnson)...is sufficiently broad to encompass any discriminatory condition, however small and however unintentional. NOT ONE UN MEMBER IS FREE OF DISCRIMINATION under its definition, not to speak of states where the grossest discriminations exist, but which the UN, under its selective morality, overlooks." - SIDNEY LISKOFSKY, Director (American Jewish Committee's Division of International Organizations) [53]
        "The socio/economic situation worsened as noted in the COMPLAINT/PETITION filed...by 44 FEDERAL JUDGES [who] complained that 'As a result of inflation, the compensation of federal judges has been substantially diminished each year since 1969, causing direct and continuing monetary harm to plaintiffs...the real value of the dollar decreased by approximately 34.5 percent from March 15th, 1969 to October 1, 1975...As a result, plaintiffs have suffered an UNCONSTITUTIONAL DEPRIVATION OF EARNINGS.'
        "It is quite apparent that the persons holding and enjoying Offices of Public Trust, Honor and/ or Profit knew of the emergency emergent problem and sought protection for themselves, to the damage and injury of the People and Children, who were classified as 'a club that has many other members' who 'have no remedy.' And knowing that 'HEINOUS' acts had been committed, stated that they [judges, lawyers] WOULD NOT APPLY THE LAW, nor would any substantive remedy be applied (checked more or less, but never stopped) 'UNTIL ALL OF US [judges] ARE DEAD'."
        "Such persons FRAUDULENTLY swore an oath to uphold, defend and preserve the sovereignty
of the Nation and several Republican States of the Union, and BREACHED THE DUTY TO PROTECT the People/Citizens and their Posterity from fraud, imposition, avarice and stealthy encroachment." - "ATKINS et al. vs. U.S. [54]
        "Speaking off the record, in the mid-1970s government officials stated that, in fact, MT. WEATHER houses a resident, back-up government. Many federal departments and agencies are represented there, including the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, HUD, Interior, Labor, State, Transportation and the Treasury; and agencies such as FEMA, the Office of the President, the U.S. Postal Service, the Federal Communications Commission, the Federal Reserve, Selective Service, the Federal Power Commission, the Civil Service Commission and others. These highly-placed government sources maintain that the administrators of the Federal departments at Mt. Weather hold cabinet-level rank and are referred to as 'MR. SECRETARY' by the personnel who work for them.
        "These covert 'Secretaries' are said to keep their positions over the course of more than one administration, THEIR TERMS NOT BEING LIMITED BY THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION
CYCLES that govern the terms of office of their Washington counterparts." - RICHARD P. POLLACK [55]
        "Mount Weather serves as a hub for a system of other underground installations and bunkers, known as FEDERAL RELOCATION CENTERS. These are located within a 300-mile- radius of Washington, D.C., known as the 'FEDERAL ARC.' Key government officials and personnel would be evacuated to these centers in the event of nuclear war as part of the CONTINUITY OF GOVERNMENT (COG) plan. Besides Mt. Weather, there are said to be an additional 96 of these centers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina." - ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE U.S. MILITARY [56]
        "Presumably, at least some of the approximately 50 secret, underground command posts...would be among these 96 centers in the FEMA Continuity of Government system. Among other things, the centers are said to contain data files and computer systems maintained by a variety of Federal agencies, and are supervised by the facility at Mount Weather." - RICHARD SAUDER, Ph.D. [57]
        Basing his investigative report on Senate subcommittee hearings and upon "several off-the-record interviews with officials formerly associated with Mount Weather," Richard Pollack describes the facility as "virtually an underground city,' equipped with such amenities as:
        *private apartments and dormitories
        *streets and sidewalks
        *cafeterias and hospitals
        *a water purification system, power plant and general office buildings
        *a small lake fed by fresh water from underground springs
        *its own mass transit system
        *a TV communication system.
        More recently we learned that "Mount Weather is a virtually self-contained facility. Aboveground, scattered across manicured lawns, are about a dozen buildings bristling with antennas and microwave relay systems. An on-site sewage-treatment plant, with a 90,000 gallon-a-day capacity, and two tanks holding 250,000 gallons of water could last some 200 people more than a month; underground ponds hold additional water supplies. Not far from the installation's entry gate are a control tower and a helicopter pad. The mountain's real secrets are not visible at ground level." This article also claims:
        "Few in the U.S. government will speak of it, though it is assumed that all along the Soviets have known both its precise location and its mission; defense experts take it as a given that THE SITE IS ON THE KREMLIN'S TARGETING MAPS."* - TED GUP ("Time" Magazine 1991)

        [NOTE: * I wouldn't be surprised, since Klinton not only generously gave the Russians ALL our "secret" information, he even invited them over here and provided them with a GRAND TOUR of our ABOVE TOP SECRET facilities. Hmmm. (Could THIS be one of the "Great Things" Klinton did "FOR" our country? But, I suppose one must do things like this - if one is trying to "converge" "democracy" with Communism!!) These facilities are so-o-o secret, in fact, that our own CONGRESS isn't allowed to see them:

[Cont. in Vd]


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