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[Cont. from Va]

        Jesus warned us that the sign we must look for to know that the Tribulation, AntiChrist,
Armageddon, and Jesus' return are imminent, is DECEPTION. This is what has happened to my
daughter - and thousands of other victims of the religion of homosexuality. My daughter was given the above rationale by the woman preacher of her "gay" Methodist church. IT IS A LIE. God calls homosexuality an "ABOMINATION." Jesus DID indeed die for our sins and He does forgive them. BUT He also told the Woman at the Well to "Go, and SIN NO MORE." To continue in an activity clearly FORBIDDEN by both God the Father AND His Son, is to spit in the eye of God and DEIFY (make into a god) one's homosexual partner(s). Somehow, I don't think that is a very good game plan for getting into Heaven - do YOU? Well, enough of this "sermon." Let's move along to more "fun and games." - OL]


        "The author wishes to use the occasion of this publication to come out of his closet and declare that he is POLYMORPHOUS PERVERSE."* - SOL GORDON [19]

        [NOTE: *"One can better understand what Gordon means if one looks at his "ZING SEX COMIX" series, telling young people about homosexuality, masturbation, bisexuality, oral and anal sex, and pornography." (YECH! And I thought Larry Flynt was bad! To think this creep was given a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS by HEW's National Institute of Mental Health) "to prepare community leaders to TEACH PARENTS ON HOW TO TALK TO CHILDREN ABOUT SEX." - DENNIS L. CUDDY And what amazes me most of all: he's still ALIVE to talk about it!! - OL]

        "...let me suggest that we make consideration of the future a strong component of every college education. This is a polite way of saying that I would consider a thorough VALUE-laden preparation for the next century an obligation for all students in this country..." - ERNEST BOYER (Chancellor - State University [NY] ) [20]
        "On February 16, 1975, in [the] 'San Gabriel Valley Tribune' it was reported that the L.E.A.A. (funded by the Dept. of Justice) and the Police Foundation (funded by the Ford Foundation) were prime movers toward implementing a NATIONAL POLICE FORCE (as in "police states"). Each, however, contends they support local police agencies. The total program involves military units that have the function of taking over the administration of local and state governments. That program is 'OPERATION CABLE SPLICER' - by Army civil affairs groups, a sub-plan of 'OPERATION GARDEN PLOT' (the Martial Law program). The method by which the national police concept is being presented to the public has changed. It was first disguised under the cover of protection against civil disturbances. This program was as follows:
A) Keep the people from
gathering in the streets.
B) Isolate and neutralize the
revolution's leadership.
C) Dispersal of crowds and

 "This is followed by successful prosecution in order to:

I) Validate the action of the police;
2) Deny the arrestees propaganda
materials, and,
3) Deny them the opportunity to
recover money damages against
the police for arresting them.

        "Let me quote for you the scenario which was developed for Cable Splicer One, Two, and Three to justify the needs for dealing with civil disturbances         "This scenario provides for AN ORDERLY TRANSITION FROM STATE TO FEDERAL CONTROL. The Deputy Attorney General of California commented at a Cable Splicer Three conference, that anyone who attacks the State - even VERBALLY becomes a revolutionary and an ENEMY by definition. They are the enemy and MUST BE DESTROYED. This program was taught in almost every state west of the Mississippi River and included as participants local active military, reserve military and civilian police. The course name was CIVIL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT COURSE.' The official explanation that was to be given if any questions were asked about the program was: 'This activity is a continuous, JOINT LAW ENFORCEMENT MILITARY LIAISON EFFORT and a continuation of coordination established last year."- WILLIAM R. PABST (id: FN#3)
        "...These critical 'SPECIAL VIRUS CANCER PROGRAM' documents, that must be brought to world attention, include the National Institute of Health contracts numbered NIH-71- 2025 and NIH-71-2059, to LITTON BIONETICS and the MERCK PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY. U.S. Congressional Records show both of these companies were linked, during the 1960s and early 1970s, to each other as well as to BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS programs administered by the CIA and U.S. military contractors under National Security Agency oversight. Bionetics employed the world's leading primate cancer virus investigating team. The VIRUSES they MANUFACTURED en masse at that time, using comparatively crude, by today's standards, laboratory methods, included viruses that were functionally and descriptively IDENTICAL to HIV. The evidence for this seemingly outrageous claim is astonishingly certain...
        "...it is clear a virtual 'smoking gun' exists with these contracts that show the unique immune- suppression/leukemia/lymphoma/sarcoma cancer complex, arguably NON-EXISTENT on plant earth PRIOR to the first cases of HIV/AIDS...was precisely what Dr. Gallo, leading the Bionetics team for the National Cancer Institute, spent most of his time and money researching, developing, and testing during the late 1960s and early 1970s. This was precisely timed for the first simultaneous HIV/AIDS outbreaks on two far removed continents in two demographically distinct, and unique, populations." - LEONARD G. HOROWITZ, D.M.D, M.A., M.P.H. [21]
        "More telling is the fact that Litton's lab affiliated with the International Agency for Research in Cancer (IARC) located in Northwest Uganda. From here HEPATITIS B vaccine trials were conducted on AFRICANS as the Merck pharmaceutical company was testing another strain of this vaccine on HOMOSEXUAL MEN in New York, and yet another strain on Willowbrook State School MENTALLY RETARDED CHILDREN on Staten Island. These three study groups, and few others, were chosen because they were alleged to be at higher risk for hepatitis B infections. Merck also used Litton supplied, and apparently CONTAMINATED, African monkeys and chimpanzees. Litton's primate colonies were in Southeast Uganda.
        "The HIV/AIDS-link to chimps is best explained by Merck's use of these Litton supplied non- human primates to help develop four sub-strains of their 1974-1975 hepatitis B vaccine given, once again, primarily to gay men in New York City and Blacks in Central Africa. Few tell, or want to acknowledge, that Litton's shipments of approximately 500 monkeys to European vaccine production labs in 1967 initiated the first MARBURG VIRUS (mother of EBOLA) outbreak in Germany and Yugoslavia. That these vaccine-related studies likely triggered AIDS is further implied by Merck's leading vaccine expert, DR. MAURICE HILLEMAN, President Clinton's 1998 Sabin Gold Medal of Honor awardee. Dr. Hilleman went on record, during a 1986 interview, that HE BROUGHT THE AIDS VIRUS INTO NORTH AMERICA IN CONTAMINATED MONKEYS DESTINED FOR VACCINE RESEARCH AND TESTING AT MERCK. This admission alone, deserves a US Congressional, United Nations, if not World Court inquiry. Thus, your concerns, President Mbeki, are rational, well studied, and entirely caring, while Mr. Leon's statements reflect gross ignorance furthering injustice.
        "Regarding the issues of racism that you have rightly associated with HIV/AIDS, space and time does not permit me to detail here the genocidal theory of HIV/AIDS...Suffice it to say it is likely no coincidence that the Merck pharmaceutical company, along with the IARC-linked ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION, are among the world's leading depopulation funding sources. Viewed as population controllers might, the AIDS pandemic, heavily affecting ethnic populations, is suspiciously utilitarian if not proveably MALTHUSIAN*..." - LEONARD G. HOROWITZ, D.M.D, M.A., M.P.H. [id. FN#21]

        [NOTE: *"...of or relating to Malthus or to his theory that population tends to increase at a faster rate than its means of subsistence and that unless it is checked by moral restraint or by DISEASE, FAMINE, WAR, or other disaster, WIDESPREAD POVERTY AND DEGRADATION inevitably result." - WEBSTER'S NINTH NEW COLLEGIATE DICTIONARY
        Now I don't know about y'all, but I have a problem with this last statement. By his reasoning, how come Malthus and his followers (i.e., Rockefeller and the "elite") - the CREATORS of all this "sudden" disease, famine, war, and other disasters - couldn't manage to "check" the "widespread poverty and degradation" we see all around us today - all over the world??? And here's another question for them: Why would "checking" it (interfere with its "natural" course) NOT bring about "degradation?" For decades now Rockefeller and the Elite have been pounding the theory of "evolution" into our heads - claiming that everything BY NATURE becomes better and more advanced. Now (when it suits their purposes - i.e., a good cover for mass genocide) they are telling us that in the natural course of events, things would "DEGRADE" if they were not interfered with! Not surprisingly, once again they are CONTRADICTING themselves. - OL]

        "According to two experts discussing the mysterious Marburg virus outbreak of 1967, Dr. Rudolph Siegert of the Hygiene Institute of the Philipps University in Marburg, and Dr. Seymour Kalter from the Southwest Foundation's primate lab and the National Cancer Institute's leading diagnostician of viruses that were believed to be 'emerging' iatrogenically from labs, the MARBURG virus was 'MAN-MADE.' Siegert reported in 1972 that the Marburg virus shared the closest similarity to a family of viruses known as RHABDOVIRUS SIMIAN. These included the culprits responsible for RABIES.
        "During my 'Emerging Viruses' investigation I also learned that Litton Bionetics's Director, John Landon, beginning July 1965, preceding the first Marburg virus outbreak two years later, began experimenting with Rhabdovirus simian. He reported to the NCI in 1971, that nine of the original 18 monkeys he had injected had either 'died,' or were 'transferred.' Monkeys that had survived the infection had obviously developed immunity and ANTIBODIES REQUIRED FOR VACCINE PRODUCTION. Thus, they were apparently 'transferred' to Europe's premier vaccine production labs wherein the Marburg outbreaks occurred." - LEONARD G. HOROWITZ, D.M.D, M.A., M.P.H. [22]
        "On March 19, 1975 during a cancer virus research and safety symposium, Dr. Kalter, obviously frustrated by some of his colleagues, and the scientific impropriety of avoiding the truth about the mother of Ebola, testified: 'I believe SIMIAN-HEMORRHAGIC FEVER is important. It appears to be A MAN- MADE DISEASE.' Present was Dr. Alfred Hellman, a leading Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) official, and the chairman of the NCI's section on Biohazards Control and Containment. Following Dr. Kalter's stunning but accurate diagnosis of the 'man-made' origin of Marburg/Ebola, Hellman, at the helm of the conference's steering committee, felt compelled to redirect discussion to less troubled waters.
        "Dr. Hellman, Special Virus Cancer Program reports revealed, was among the world's leading experts in AIRBORNE viruses, as Ebola is believed to be. With his links to the AEC, as well as his work at the U.S. NAVY BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH LAB (NBRL) that included biological warfare research and developments, his intimate links to the CIA and their TOP-SECRET BIO-WEAPONS PROGRAM called PROJECT: MKNAOMI can be surmised. As discussed and documented in 'Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola,' Hellman served as the executive project officer for the NCI in their effort to test the 'AEROSOL PROPERTIES OF POTENTIALLY ONCOGENIC (cancer-causing) VIRUSES' with the Navy." - LEONARD G. HOROWITZ, D.M.D, M.A., M.P.H. [id. FN#22]
        "Hellman, oversaw the NBRL studies in which VIRUSES WERE SPREAD THROUGH THE AIR in an effort to study 'VIRUS-HOST INTERACTION considering both the hazard to humans and animals and the potential for cross-contamination.' These studies, similar to what had been conducted on the USS Coral Sea and the USS F D. Bailey in 1950, were apparently a follow-up to the studies conducted by the Special Operations Division of the Army in cooperation with the Navy and the CIA. This time, in 1971, instead of exposing UNWITTING MILITARY PERSONNEL to aerosols containing relatively mild, Serratia marcescens and Bacillus globigii bacteria, HUMANS AND ANIMALS WERE EXPOSED TO CARCINOGENIC VIRUSES. In these reports, Hellman and his colleagues wisely chose to keep the identity of their human and animal test subjects CLASSIFIED.
        "All of these studies, biological developments, and testing programs, conducted under the guise of 'CANCER RESEARCH,' 'DISEASE PREVENTION,' 'VACCINE DEVELOPMENT,' and/or military 'DEFENSE,' were, in fact, according to the U.S. Congressional Record, often part of the CIA's Project: MKULTRA that included population control (including DE-population), as well as propaganda dissemination for mass shaping of public opinion. However circumstantial this evidence may seem, the fact that the key players, as described above, and elsewhere in my publications, were all administratively and/or financially linked to CIA-SPONSORED population management activities, and thus, by association, to ROCKEFELLER-LINKED POPULATION CONTROLLERS, deserves serious investigation and reconciliation." - LEONARD G. HOROWITZ, D.M.D, M.A., M.P.H. [id. FN#22]
        "In summary, David Baltimore played a leading role in the Rockefeller-linked National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council in 1969 when his unique expertise was apparently called upon to advise DoD officials, and Congressional appropriations committee persons, of the feasibility of developing viruses that were descriptively and functionally identical to HIV and Ebola. NCI Special Virus Cancer Program (SVCP) reports showed MUTANT VIRUSES were developed for which their only conceivable use might be for POPULATION control, much like that being accomplished by HIV/AIDS. The clearest examples of this on the summary list of lethal mutant biologicals under investigation at that time by Bionetics, in association with other military contractors, was the airborne recombinants of
'ACUTE LYMPHCYTIC LEUKEMIA' and 'INFLUENZA' and 'PARA INFLUENZA' viruses. (See page 452 of my book and related SVCP documentation.)
        "In other words, spreading leukemia like a common flu, would better suit a DEPOPULATION objective than it would either cancer research or biological warfare objectives. After all, leukemia kills too slowly for use in traditional biological warfare applications. Not so, however, for 'non-lethal' applications for gross, insidious, and lucrative population reduction. Additionally incriminating is the fact that these appropriations hearings and investigative efforts occurred immediately following HENRY KISSINGER's request for clarification by the Secretary of Defense, Melvin Laird, concerning America's biological weapons capabilities, at a time when Kissinger, as National Security Advisor, was FORMULATING DEPOPULATION POLICIES, particularly targeting Third World nations, and advancing 'urgent' new population policy recommendations for implementation by the UNITED NATIONS, USAID, and the WORLD BANK" - LEONARD G. HOROWITZ, D.M.D, M.A., M.P.H. [id. FN#22].
        "Moreover, given Kissinger's foreign policy objectives for central Africa at that time, including massive depopulation, ordering the CIA to release deadly biologicals in the area is not unrealistic. The ROCKEFELLER protege had, after all:
        "...the National Council for the Social Studies has recognized PEACE EDUCATION and WORLD ORDER EDUCATION* as a legitimate part of the social studies program. Yet few educators and fewer of the general public know what 'world order education' means. World order education is an upgraded form of political education. It...TRANSCENDS THE NATIONALISTIC...VALUES of the old citizenship education...World order education...is an instrument of social-culture change. Its first and continuing commitment is to aid...the creation of GLOBAL institutions..." - WILLIAM BOYER [23]

        [NOTE: *Oh, PU-LEE-EASE! "Peace" education? Shouldn't these idiots first ATTAIN peace, before they attempt to TEACH it to our young?!! And as for "world order" education, the world WAS ordered (and especially America) when GOD was in charge. Now that the HUMANISTS are in the driver's seat, there is so much DISorder, that we are rapidly heading for global CHAOS! And they feel so good about what they have accomplished that they now want to teach our young how to do the same thing!! - OL]

        "...NEITHER MORAL NOR LEGAL RESTRAINTS flow from the invocation of Charter principles at the UN. National interest creates the necessary rationalizations. In the world forum, all states defend all policies by reference to the Charter. Appropriate clauses are selected to support policies on each issue, and states exchange positions easily...Charter principles are clearly CONVENIENT PEGS on which to hang any foreign policy. This debasement of the principles causes them to lose whatever moral authority they might otherwise exert. Furthermore, victorious states are emboldened by the vindication of their policies, and losers are embittered by injustice...
        "Real negotiations require that the parties define differences as narrowly as possible, avoid recriminations, exclude extremists from discussions. At the UN, ISSUES ARE WIDENED, INSULTS ARE COMMON, and the most VIOLENT spokesmen frequently dominate the debate." - ABRAHAM YELSELSON, Chairman (Political Science Dept., Rutgers University) & ANTHONY GAGLIONE (Professor of Political Science, East Stroudsburg [PA] State College) [24]
        In most cases, UNICEF insists on controlling the disbursement of its aid. But they themselves admit there are some glaring exceptions:
        "UNICEF officials in New York acknowledge that this has not been the case in their dealings with the VIETCONG, NORTH VIETNAM, or the KHMER ROUGE rebel forces in CAMBODIA. In these areas UNICEF merely arranges for the types of materials requested by those authorities to be shipped to Hanoi. From there on the goods go into the field without any further UNICEF control over it." - "RELIGIOUS NEWS SERVICE" 4/75
        "It was a little more than thirty years ago that WENDELL WILLKIE wrote his book, 'ONE WORLD.' I can think of no more useful way of RETURNING TO FUNDAMENTALS (?!) on our quest for peace than by rediscovering the power and validity of what he was trying to tell us." - KURT WALDHEIM (UN Secretary-General) 4/23/75
        "In May 1975 the 'L.E.A.A. Newsletter' described the function of one of its organizations: the National Institute of Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice. This organization funds something called the 'United Nations Clearinghouse" in Rome, Italy. The function of that organization is, among other things, THE EXCHANGE OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM INFORMATION WITH THE SOVIET UNION. It goes without saying that we have nothing to learn from the Criminal Justice System of the Soviet Union. These incredible projects are being funded with our tax dollars. The code names for these projects are: 'GARDEN PLOT' and 'CABLE SPLICER.' Garden Plot is the program to CONTROL THE POPULATION. Cable Splicer is the program for an orderly TAKEOVER OF THE STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENTS BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT." - WILLIAM R. PABST (id: FN#3)
        "[The PHOENIX PROGRAM was] the most indiscriminate and massive program of POLITICAL MURDER since the Nazi death camps of World War Two."
        "The prime difference between the types of intelligence provided to the military units and the Phoenix coordinator was that all information going to Phoenix was of a political nature...I was
following through on a reported (VC) suspect that one of my agents had identified. The man was
interrogated at the Marine Counter-Intelligence complex and I was invited to witness it. As I entered the hooch, the man was being taken out, dead. HE DIED FROM A SIX-INCH DOWEL PUSHED THROUGH HIS EAR AND INTO HIS BRAIN."- BARTON OSBORN (former Phoenix case officer) [25]
        "It will be extraordinarily difficult* now to rationalize continued involvement in an Organization (UN) which SPONSORS WARS, passes ONE-SIDED or UNENFORCEABLE resolutions, provides forums for international INSULT instead of diplomacy, and is guilty of the most outrageous examples of SELECTIVE JUSTICE." - PROFESSOR ABRAHAM YELSELSON (Rutgers University) [26]

        [NOTE: *Not difficult at all (as you have already discovered). MOST AMERICANS HAVE STOPPED PAYING ATTENTION. Today they are much more concerned with national political parties, sports, movies and TV shows, etc. As Khruschev and Lenin predicted: they have all conveniently GONE
TO SLEEP. Even Yeltsin - despite his testimony - personally opposes U.S. withdrawal from the UN! - OL]

        "There is a remarkably simple solution to the 'voting problem' in the General Assembly: Don't take any votes. The alternative mode - the action mode - is to DECIDE BY CONSENSUS (agreement) among those whose action together is necessary to carry out any given international program..."* - HARLAN CLEVELAND (CFR) (NATO Ambassador) [27]

        [NOTE: *He is, of course, referring to a tiny handful of the top members of the United Nations. "Consensus" is a favorite word of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR). They claim the decisions THEY SHOVE DOWN OUR THROATS on what is currently "politically-correct" are simply the "consensus" of the American people. And, of course, they are correct: AFTER an all-out MEDIA BLITZ - like sheep - we quietly go to sleep and meekly "CONSENT" to their demands! - OL]

        "In programs purportedly established 'to help children in Indochina,' the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) gave just short of TWO-THIRDS of its collections to North Vietnamese or to the 'Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam,' sometimes confused with the VIETCONG.
        "The exact numbers, conceded by a UNICEF spokesman, run as follows: UNICEF collected and disbursed a total of #13,649,433 for its Indochina (Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam) children's programs. While smidges of this came from abroad, The OVERWHELMING amount came out of the pockets of U.S. TAXPAYERS. Of this eight-figure sum, $8,975,587 went to COMMUNIST recipients...While Communists were thus getting 61 % of UNICEF's largess (gift), OUR ALLY, South Vietnam, got only $5,360,707, or 39 %."* - COLONEL ROBERT D. HEINL, JR. [28]

        [NOTE: *In other words, UNICEF took the money WE paid to help the children of the world, and gave MOST of it to the same enemies who were SLAUGHTERING AMERICA'S CHILDREN: the men and women we had sent over there to protect them! Any question left as to where the United Nations' sympathies lie? Make no mistake about it: the UN is blatantly ANTI-AMERICAN!!! - OL]

        "The educational institutions have reinforced the dissonance (discord) of the family unit. Neglecting their responsibilities to teach the academic skills and perpetuating the culture of the community, they have set themselves up as the AGENTS OF SOCIAL CHANGE and have sought to INDOCTRINATE (brainwash) students into a new world order." - POLICE CHIEF COL. KENNETH WATKINS (Montgomery County, Maryland) [29]
        "DAG HAMMARSKJOLD once predicted that the day would come when people would see the United Nations for what it REALLY is..." - HENRY KISSINGER (Secretary of State (CFR) 7/14/75 [30]
        "Under the Constitution and the laws of the United States, the preservation of law and order is the responsibility of local and state government. The authority to maintain the peace and enforce the law is invested in the authorities of those governments.' There are specific exceptions to the above concept. One of these pertains to federal intervention to the civil disturbances in certain situations. Military commanders are deemed to have the inherent authority to take any measure reasonably necessary for the protection of life and property in the event of a sudden unexpected public calamity which disrupts the normal process of government and presents AN EMERGENCY SO EMINENT AS TO MAKE IT DANGEROUS TO AWAIT THE INSTRUCTIONS FROM APPROPRIATE AUTHORITIES. This includes law enforcement duties. The manual mentions something called 'GARDEN PLOT FORCES,' which we'll discuss at length in a few minutes. - EXCERPTS FROM THE DISASTER PREPAREDNESS PLAN FOR THE MARINE CORPS SUPPLY CENTER - BARSTOW, CA
        "Don Bell (who writes a weekly report) reported on July 25, 1975 that in May of '75 the 303 Civil Affairs group of the U.S. Army Reserves in Kearny, NJ conducted an exercise to sharpen plans for a MILITARY TAKEOVER of the state government in NEW JERSEY. According to Colonel Frances Clark, they had conducted similar studies on how to seize MUNICIPAL and COUNTY government over the past few years. But this was the first time they had studied STATE government...We never had federal troops training to take over government in the United States. When local violence of catastrophe struck, the National Guard - under command of the governor - went into action. This is definitely not the situation at this time..." - WILLIAM R. PABST (id: FN#3)
        "In Communist ideology, the individual's rights are not counterposed to the state but, rather, are an integral part of it. A basically similar view prevails among most of the developing countries of the Third World...A revealing document is the official summary of the UN-sponsored human rights seminar on Africa held in Tanzania in 1973. Protection of the RIGHTS OF THE INDIVIDUAL was frankly acknowledged to be SECONDARY as compared to the needs of the STATE." - WILLIAM KOREY, Director (B'nai B'rith's UN office) [31]
        "At the present time, LESS THAN 10 PERCENT of the world's population, with LESS THAN 2 PERCENT of the financial contributions to the UN, can cast TWO-THIRDS OF THE VOTES in the General Assembly." - DEAN RUSK (CFR) (Secretary of State) [32]
        "It is interesting to note that the U.S. POPULATION - approximately 212 million [in 1975 - B.C. (Before Clinton brought in millions of immigrants to vote for himself!)] - is greater than the COMBINED populations of the 77 SMALLEST countries represented in the United Nations. EACH of these nations ...[also] has ONE VOTE in the General Assembly. The U.S. economy EXCEEDS the total output of goods and services for the COMBINED economies of 124 COUNTRIES in the United Nations."* - SENATOR J. GLENN BEALL, JR. (R-MD) [33]

        [NOTE: *And now - as of the "Millinium Summit" - they want to TAKE AWAY OUR VOTE
COMPLETELY - and OUR SEAT in the UN! - OL]

        "Americans may have to get used to the idea that their right to a private car is NO LONGER ABSOLUTE." - WILLIAM T. COLEMAN (then-U.S. Secretary of Transportation [34]
        "My country's history, Mr. President, tells us that it is possible to fashion unity while cherishing diversity, that common action is possible despite the variety of races, interests, and beliefs we see here in this chamber. Progress and peace and justice are attainable. So we say to all peoples and governments: Let us fashion together a NEW WORLD ORDER." - HENRY KISSINGER [35]
        "When in the course of history the threat of extinction confronts mankind, it is necessary for the people of The United States to declare their INTERDEPENDENCE with the people of all nations...
        "Two centuries ago our forefathers brought forth a new nation; now we must join with others to bring forth a new world order...Narrow notions of national sovereignty must not be permitted to curtail that obligation...We affirm that a world without law is a world without order, and we call upon all nations to strengthen and to sustain the UNITED NATIONS and its specialized agencies, and other institutions of world order, and to BROADEN THE JURISDICTION OF THE WORLD COURT, that these may preside over a reign of law that will not only end wars but end as well that mindless violence which terrorizes our society even in times of peace...to establish a new world order" it "is essential that mankind FREE itself from the limitations of NATIONAL PREJUDICE..."* - HENRY STEELE COMMANGER (CFR) [36]

        [NOTE: *"National prejudice" in NWO lingo translates into PATRIOTISM: "Patriotism stands in national matters as love of family does in private life. Nationalism corresponds to the love a man bears for his wife and children." - PRESIDENT THEODORE ROOSEVELT
        Perhaps that is why they are working so hard to take THAT away from us, too! - OL]] Commanger wrote this document for the World Affairs Council, of which one congressman wrote:

        "Unlike the Declaration of INDEPENDENCE, whose great hallmarks are guarantees of individual personal freedom and dignity for all Americans and an American Nation UNDER GOD, the declaration abandons those principles in favor of cultural relativism, international citizenship, and supremacy over all nations by a world government.
        "THE DECLARATION OF INTERDEPENDENCE IS AN ATTACK ON LOYALTY TO AMERICAN FREEDOM AND INSTITUTIONS, which the document calls 'chauvinistic nationalism,' 'national prejudice.' and 'narrow notions of national sovereignty'." He goes on:
        "[The Council] has even joined with the Philadelphia school systems to develop model fifth-and sixth-grade school programs promoting the 'Declaration of Interdependence.' Children are even asked to PLEDGE themselves to the declaration's concepts, thus REPUDIATING THEIR OWN PATRIOTIC HERITAGE,* and to lobby for signatures from their friends and relatives..." - REP. JOHN ASHBROOK

        [NOTE: *And would you believe it: 131 United States Senators and Representatives ENDORSED this treasonous document - including Christopher Dodd, Robert Packwood, Clairborne Pell, Paul Simon, Pat Schroeder, Ron Dellums, and Les Aspin - Klinton's future Secretary of Defense. Great way to DEFEND THIS NATION, don't you think?! - OL]

        "It calls for the SURRENDER OF OUR SOVEREIGNTY to international organizations. It declares that our economy should be regulated by international authorities. It proposes that we enter a 'new world order' that would REDISTRIBUTE THE WEALTH CREATED BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE." - REP. MARJORIE HOLT (Explaining why she refused to sign the document)
        "THERE WAS A CREAMING OFF and co-optation of the natural elite of the working class [in America]. Some members were drawn off early by opening the channels to higher education. Their followers were pacified in very small measure by vicarious participation in the structure of power and in very large measure by receipt of slightly increased shares of a very rapidly growing pie. There is NO EVIDENCE that any existing wealth was REDISTRIBUTED." - TOM FARER (Inter-American Commission of Human Rights of the Organization of American States) [37]
        "I went from...a tour in Washington to Vietnam. And there, my career, and my life, began to get a little bit more serious. They assigned me a country. It was during the cease-fire, '73 to '75. THERE WAS NO CEASE-FIRE. Young men were being slaughtered. I saw a slaughter. 300 young men that the South Vietnamese army ambushed. Their bodies brought in and laid out in a lot next to my compound. I was up-country in Tayninh. They were laid out next door, until the families could come and claim them and take them away for burial. I thought about this. I had to work with the sadistic police chief. When I reported that HE LIKED TO CARVE PEOPLE WITH KNIVES IN THE CIA SAFE-HOUSE - when I reported this to my bosses, they said:
(1). The post was too IMPORTANT to close down.
(2). They weren't going to get the man transferred or
fired because that would make problems, POLITICAL
problems, and he was very good at working with us
in the operations he worked on.
(3). Therefore if I didn't have the STOMACH for the
job, that they could transfer me.'
        "But they hastened to point out, if I did demonstrate a 'LACK of moral fiber' to handle working with the sadistic police chief, that I wouldn't get another good job in the CIA, it would be a mark against my career. So I kept the job, I closed the safe-house down, I told my staff that I didn't approve of that kind of activity, and I proceeded to work with him for the next 2 years, pretending that I had reformed him, and he didn't do this sort of thing anymore. The parallel is obvious with EL SALVADOR...where the CIA, the state department, worked with the death squads. They didn't meet the death squads on the streets where they actually CHOPPED UP PEOPLE OR LAY THEM DOWN ON THE STREET AND RAN TRUCKS OVER THEIR HEADS (coming soon to a neighborhood near you! - OL). The CIA people in San Salvador met the police chiefs, and the people who ran the death squads, and they did liaise with them...they talked about their children, who were going to school at UCLA or Harvard and other schools, and they didn't talk about the horrors of what [was] being done. They pretended like it wasn't true. - JOHN STOCKWELL [38]
        "What I ran into in addition to that was a corruption in the CIA and the intelligence business that made me question very seriously what it was all about, including what I was doing...risking my life ...what I found was that the CIA, us, the case officers, were not permitted to report about the corruption in the South Vietnamese army...[It] was a skeleton army. Colonels would let the troops go home if they would come in once a month and sign the pay vouchers so the colonel could pocket the money. Then HE COULD SELL HALF OF THE UNIFORMS AND BOOTS AND M-16s TO THE COMMUNIST FORCES...He could use half of the trucks to haul produce, HALF OF THE HELICOPTERS TO HAUL HEROIN.
        "AND THE ARMY COULDN'T FIGHT. And we lived with it, and we saw it, and there was no doubt - everybody talked about it openly. We could provide all kinds of proof, and THEY WOULDN'T LET US REPORT IT. Now this was a serious problem because the south was attacked in the winter of 1975, and it collapsed like a big vase hit by a sledgehammer. And the U.S. was humiliated, and that was the dramatic end of our long involvement in Vietnam... - JOHN STOCKWELL [id. FN#38]
        "In that job [ANGOLA] I sat on a sub-committee of the NSC, so I was like a chief of staff, with the GS-18s (like 3-star generals) HENRY KISSINGER, BILL COLBY (the CIA director), the GS-18s and the CIA, making important decisions and my job was to put it all together and make it happen and run it, an interesting place from which to watch a covert action being done...When the world's gotten blocked up before, LIKE A MONOPOLY GAME where everything's owned and nobody can make any progress, the way they erased the board and started over has been to have big WORLD WARS, and ERASE COUNTRIES AND BOMB CITIES AND BOMB BANKS and then START FROM SCRATCH AGAIN. This is not an option for us now because of all these 52,000 nuclear weapons...
        "I had been designated as the task-force commander that would run this secret war [in Angola in 1975 and 1976]...and what I figured out was that in this job, I would sit on a sub-committee of the National Security Council...where they had access to all the information about Angola, about the whole world, and I would finally understand national security. And I couldn't resist the opportunity to know. I knew the CIA was not a worthwhile organization, I had learned that the hard way. But the question was where did the U.S. GOVERNMENT fit into this thing, and I had a chance to see for myself in the next big SECRET WAR...
        "I wanted to know if WISE MEN (i.e., mobsters; liaisons between government and the Elite - OL) were making difficult decisions based on truly important, threatening information, threatening to our national security interests...And so I took the job...What I found, quite frankly, was fat old men sleeping through sub-committee meetings of the NSC in which we were making decisions that were killing people...the U.S. led the way at every step of the escalation of the fighting. We said it was the Soviets and the Cubans that were doing it. IT WAS THE U.S. THAT WAS ESCALATING THE FIGHTING. THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN NO WAR IF WE HADN'T GONE IN FIRST. We put arms in, they put arms in...we were covering ourselves with lies, and they were telling the truth..." - JOHN STOCKWELL [id. FN#38]

[Cont. in Vc]


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