[Cont. from IVg]

Q. "Would they refer to you as a CRIMINAL, or the others as criminals?"
A. "Yes, I've been referred to. Actually, that was polite, if they referred to me as a criminal
    I took that as a compliment, really. But, yes, we were never - I was never referred to,
    they never referred to anybody else as prisoners of war.
        "Through my entire existence in Vietnam, I never heard them referred to as prisoners
    of war. Criminals of war, criminals, pirates, rapists, murderers, et cetera, et cetera, or
    Americans. It's derogatory in Vietnamese to say that AMERICAN, thang thai, it's kind of
    the same as saying the way we here in the United States would say, in referring to
    another nationality, a SPICK...That's just an example."
Q. "Was there a period of time between Operation Homecoming and Tet of 1974 when the
    number of comparisons, or comparisons between you and other Americans stopped
    being made?"
A. "No, No...They didn't do that in South Vietnam. It seemed to be quite common in
    NORTH Vietnam."

Q. "...whether they were still making comparisons between you and other Americans
    during the period of time there were no prisoners on the other side of the hill?"
A. "No, I don't remember any conversations. That doesn't mean they didn't take place, but
    I don't remember any."
Q. "In the conversations that took place between Tet of 1974 and March of 1974 when you
    left Bat Bat, did you have a sense of HOW MANY DIFFERENT PEOPLE they were
    comparing you to? Could you get any sense of that?"
A. "Yes. Actually, about FIVE people."
Q. "What do you base that on?"
A. "I got bits and pieces of NAMES." - BOBBY GARWOOD [222]
Q. "What is the first bits or piece of name that you got? Or, in fact, why do you not give
    them all to me, and then we will sort them out."
A. "I think that's going to be easier. Over a period of time I've had to sit down and think of
    names. I gave these same names SEVERAL years ago to a Congressional
    Committee,* and I had to sit down and rethink them again. And I have written them
Q. "Have you written them down?"
A. "Yes."
Q. "Okay, why do you not just get that and we will go over them."
MR.CODINHA: "For the record, Dino Carlucci has joined us. He is on the staff of the
Q. "Do you have a list of names?"
A. "Actually, one, two, three, four, five, six - SIX NAMES."
Q. "What I would like to do, with your permission, is just to make a copy of that. Can I do
    that, of that document? I will just make a copy of the side you are showing me." -
(The witness handed the document to counsel.)

        [NOTE: *Then why didn't they act upon this information and RESCUE these POWs
    at THAT time?! - OL]

Q. "What is Exhibit No. 5?"
A. "You're asking me?"
Q. "Yes, it's your list."
A. "It's a list of NAMES that I could remember, that was passed, DISCUSSED BY THE
    GUARDS, of people that I was compared to."
Q. "If you would just read Exhibit No.5 - is this in your handwriting?"
A. "Yes, it is."
Q. "When did you creat this list?"
A. "Well, this list here?"
Q. "This one."
A. "Within the last month."
Q. "Would you just read from the top to the bottom down the list?"
Q. "Now, at first you said there were about five names. Is it five or six names?"
A. "Six."
Q. "Six names from the time you were at BAT BAT."
A. "Yes."
Q. "That you knew."
A. "Let me clarify this. A couple of these names I didn't learn until Yen Bai, and I wrote
    YEN BAI, SON TAY as to the location. So I can narrow down as to the area where these
    people were supposed to have been incarcerated. That was the best that I can
    remember what was told to me."
Q. "If I understand what you have said so far, between March and - I am sorry, between
    Tet 1974 and March of 1974 when you left Bat Bat, you believe you were compared to
    FIVE AMERICANS, five other Americans?"
A. "No, no, that's incorrect."
Q. "Then tell me what I have stated that is wrong."
A. "Now while I was at Bat Bat, this was approximately five Americans. From the time
    right after that sighting, after Operation Homecoming, and up until the time that I was
    transferred to Yen Bai prison camp."
Q. "So, that would have included your time at Bat Bat."
A. "And HA DONG."
Q. "And your time at Ha Dong."
A. "That's correct." - BOBBY GARWOOD [225]
Q. "Were you able to determine how many others were at Bat Bat, that you were
    compared with?"
A. "No, no. I never knew whether they were talking about the SAME individual in different
    conversations or not."
Q. "But you were compared to other Americans while you were at Bat Bat, between Tet
    1974 and March 1974. Is that accurate?"
A. "Yes, I only remember one occasion that sticks out in my mind, and that's this Jim
Q. "What more did they tell you about Jim, except he was from California? It is Jim, he
    was from California, WHAT COLOR WAS HIS HAIR, did they mention that?"
Q. "He had blond hair and blue eyes. What else did they tell you about him?"
A. "He couldn't speak Vietnamese."
Q. "What else could they tell you about him?"
A. "He didn't like fish sauce." - BOBBY GARWOOD [226]
Q. "Do you recall anything else that they told you about him?"
A. "He was always getting SICK. Basically, they just compared our health, my health to
    his health, the way my body was able to adapt to the environment and his wasn't. His
    skin was much WHITER, they said his skin was much whiter than mine. LONGER
Q. "How long was your hair at that time?"
Q. "What else did they tell you about him?"
A. "He's from the village of California."
Q. "They said the 'village' of California?"
A. "Yes, Lang California, Lang California is village, translates as village. They didn't
    understand the United States. I think that they thought that the United States was set
    up kind of like Vietnam, provinces, villages..."
Q. "Can you recall anything else they told you about Jim from California?"
A. "...I told them I was from California, and they had evidently been talking to this
    individual, or found out that his individual was from California, and they figured Vietnam,
    FROM THE SAME VILLAGE, and people grew up together, you KNOW each other. And
    I think that's what they thought, and that's the only reason they brought it up, and I told
    them no."
Q. "When had you told these two guards that you were from California?"
A. "That was in my initial debriefing interrogation when I arrived in Bat Bat prison camp." -
Q. "Were these guards involved in your initial debriefing when you had gotten to Bat Bat?"
A. "There were no guards involved in my initial debriefing, it was cadre and the political
    officer. The guards stood guard outside."
Q. "How did the guards know you were from California, if you know?"
A. "I don't think anything was CLASSIFIED in that camp, as far as any interrogation. I
    think they discussed it pretty much among themselves, as normal conversation."
Q. "Were you able to get a sense of HOW MANY OTHER PRISONERS, AMERICAN
    PRISONERS, were held in the other side of the camp between Tet 1974 and March of
A. "No. I had no way of knowing that."
Q. "Now, you have given me some names of individuals who you dealt with at the camp.
    Are there OTHER individuals whose names you have not yet mentioned to me, who
    who were kept at the camp?"
A. "Yes, DEFINITELY, I just can't remember their names."
Q. "Can you describe them in some way, like by their rank or by their office?"
A. "The camp personnel there at Bat Bat prison camp is from 70 to 100 people."
Q. "You have told us the people who you can remember, however."
A. "Yes, those are the people that I seen the most of, really. There was other people that I
    seen at lot of, but they were pretty close-lipped about themselves or where they came
    from or anything about themselves." - BOBBY GARWOOD [228]
Q. "The conversation that the guards had with you about California, where did that take
    place? Where physically, was it in your hut, was it outside your hut?"
A. "Outside."
Q. "An do you remember - "
A. "Within the compound."
Q. "Was it during the day, was it in the night?"
A. "In the evening, it was in the evening, night."
Q. "Is there a reason why you remember that?"
A. "Where my hut in the compound was, it was right on the edge of a rice paddy. And it
    had to be in the evening IN THE FALL because it was kind of CHILLY, because that's
    the only time you could sit outside, really, without a fire, because of the mosquitos, the
Q. "And you remember there was not a fire?"
A. "It was kind of one of those pleasant evenings where it was cold enough, THERE
    WASN'T ANY BUGS. And I believe there was a full moon, and you just sit out, you just
    sit outside. And they just passed the time waiting for the change of the guard just by
Q. "Were you all sitting down?"
A. "God, I can't remember that. The guards NEVER sat down really, no."
Q. "Did the Jim from California conversation happen on more than one occasion, or WAS
    IT JUST THAT ONE TIME you had a conversation about Jim from California?"
A. "I didn't hear that again until YEN BAI. I was compared to him again at Yen Bai." -
        "...HUMANIZING* EDUCATION isn't easy. It's at least controversial, and at most it's
SUBVERSIVE because attempts at truly humanizing the public schools must run smack up against the fundamental social realities...It's controversial because it necessarily raises, even challenges, the VERY DEEPEST HELD VALUES and assumptions about human beings...It includes the affective and the cognitive domains. It recognizes a child has a mind of his own...has feelings...has a body - physical and SEXUAL...needing to touch and be touched." - JOHN VASCONCELLOS (Assemblyman - CA) [230]

        [NOTE: *Please understand, in Vasconcellos' use of the term "humanizing education," he is referring to the promotion of the religion of HUMANISM in our schools. It requires the eradication of faith in Jesus Christ or ANY other god, for that matter, except MAN. Most parents do not realize the Humanists' agenda is actually authored and directed by SATAN and - by extension, our children. - OL]

        "The design of the home, the church and the school...were as 'MAINTAINERS OF
SOCIETY - that is to teach our young the 'RIGHT' things they would need for the future... The home, the church and the school cannot be effective maintainers since the future cannot be predicted...The problem we face cannot be solved alone, either as individuals or as single states or nations...The traditional cluster of knowledge, skills, values, and concepts will not help our young face the future in their private life, the international situation...values, knowledge, and concepts are presented as if they would last FOREVER.*
        "Without exception, there was agreement that this approach to formal education is
UNACCEPTABLE for today and tomorrow...Perhaps there is a need for the clarification of NEW VALUES needed to solve future problems." Conclusions include: "In addition to the 3 R's, the basic skills would appear to include group participation, environmental relationships and planning for the future,' 'the use of other societal agencies and resources be part of the planned educational program of high school and older youth,' and 'the 50 states should organize a commission to ESTABLISH THE VALUES that are significant in approaching problems (i.e., population) that must be faced in the future." - DR. GRANT VENN (Institute Director '73-'74) [231]

        [NOTE: *They WILL. All values come from either God or Satan - and they will continue throughout eternity. Have you never heard of Heaven or Hell? THEY ARE REAL! - OL]

        TEACHERS are ordered to "OPPOSE Senate Bill 196, the Parental Rights for Public
        "The hope for the foreseeable future lies in the much more decentralised, or pragmatic
process of inventing or adapting institutions of limited jurisdiction. In short, the house of world order will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. It will look like a great booming, buzzing confusion...but an END RUN AROUND NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY, ERODING IT PIECE BY PIECE, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault. The CFR trilateral engineers have improved upon the DIVIDE- RECOMBINE-CONQUER regional strategy...The question is whether this more modest approach can do the job. The hopeful aspect of the present situation is that even as nations resist appeals for 'WORLD GOVERNMENT' and 'THE SURRENDER OF SOVEREIGNTY,' technological, economic and political interests* are FORCING them to establish more and more far-reaching arrangements to manage their mutual interdependence:
        In summary, Gardner advises "The next few years should see a continued strengthening of the new global and regional agencies charged with protecting the world's environment. In addition to comprehensive monitoring of the earth's air, water and soil and of the effects of pollutants on human health, we can look forward to new procedures to implement the principle of state responsibility for national actions that have transnational environmental consequences, probably including some kind of 'International Environmental Impact Statement...the case-by-case approach can produce some remarkable concessions of 'sovereignty' that could not be achieved on an across-the-board basis... while we will not see 'world government' in the old-fashioned sense of a single all-embracing global authority, key elements of planetary planning and planetary management will come about on those very specific problems where the facts of interdependence force nations, in their ENLIGHTENED (you men "illumined?") SELF-INTEREST, to ABANDON THE UNILATERAL (national) DECISION-MAKING in favor of multilateral processes." - RICHARD N. GARDNER (CFR) [233]

        [NOTE: *The "interests" of the GLOBALISTS! - OL]

        "This design was also put forward decades before, by another man who believed in One-World Govenment, JOSEPH STALIN. Stalin also knew that human nature would SURRENDER ITS VALUES more readily PIECE BY PIECE rather than all at once. They wanted to gradually tear people away from their national loyalties and replace them with INTERNATIONAL SOCIALISM. Therefore, it was necessary to break the populations down, firstly from national loyalty to regional loyalty, the final step after this trabalisation would be to REINVENT (Klinton and Hore's favorite word!) all this chaos into a one-world government. Stalin's Communist Party was persistent in their pursuit of creating regional bodies as the means of destroying nationalism. This scenario is also a necessary part of the New World Order agenda...In 1936, Stalin's Communist International forwarded its official programme, officially asserting:
        'This WORLD DICTATORSHIP can be established only when the VICTORY OF
SOCIALISM has been achieved in certain countries (like America, for instance?) or group of
countries (the West?), when the newly established proletarian republics enter into a federative union with the already existing proletarian republics...and when these federations of republics have finally grown into a WORLD UNION of SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLICS, UNITING THE WHOLE OF MANKIND under the hegemony of the international proletariat organised as a state.'
        "...Throughout history, corporate statism has been known by many different names,
NAZISM, FASCISM, POLICE STATISM. No matter what name TOTALITARIANISM travels under, the one common thread of all dictators and oligarches is CENTRAL POLICE POWERS - these are absolutely necessary to impose and maintain control of the populations. Most of the time it is the dictators with their subservient police departments that CREATE the thesis (problem) with the use of extreme violence (Waco, OK City, etc.), that gives the government the much-needed reason to strengthen police powers and DISARM civilians, as ultimate solutions to solving the criminal problem.
disarmed to negate the chance of an effective strike against those in power. A disarmed population was of great benefit and consolation to Adolf Hitler. Hitler knew that in order to establish an authoritarian regime, he needed to control the police and CONFISCATE THE GUNS." - CITIZENS for BETTER GOVERNMENT [234]
        UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. - "The United Nations [International] Children's [Emergency]
Fund (UNICEF) announced plans today for aid to NORTH Vietnam and to areas held by the
VIETCONG in the South. The 3-year program was described in a report by Henry Labouisse, the fund's director, who called for $18 Million to be spent in the North...and $4.5 Million to be spent in the South." - "NEW YORK TIMES" 4/16/74 [235]
            "UNITED NATIONS, NY. April 23 (AP) - About half the United Nations' interpreters called in sick today in protest against long working hours, forcing cancellations or postponement of most meetings at U.N. headquarters."* - "WASHINGTON POST" 4/24/74

        [NOTE: *"An exhaustive search has failed to uncover evidence that any sessions of the United States Congress have been cancelled due to a shortage of INTERPRETERS." - ROBERT W. LEE] [236]

        "There are a hell of a lot of people in the world - black AND white that I wouldn't want even as DISTANT COUSINS, much less as brothers!" - RALPH BUNCHE (CFR) [237]
        "When Richard Nixon was vice-president under Eisenhower, he struck up a friendship with his military aide, ROBERT CUSHMAN. In 1971, it was General Cushman who, as deputy-director of the CIA, provided 'unauthorized' CIA support to the illegal escapades of Watergate plumbers E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy. By June 1974, Cushman had been appointed as the Marine representative on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, one of the five most powerful military men in the nation. Schlesinger watched Cushman closely for several months..." - WILLIAM T. STILL [238]
        "[Secretary of Defense] Schlesinger began to investigate what forces could be assembled at his order as a counterweight to the Marines, if Nixon - in a crisis - chose to SUBVERT THE CONSTITUTION. The notion that Nixon could at any time resort to extraordinary steps to preserve his presidency was far more widespread in the government than the public perceived in the early days of Watergate or perceives today. Schlesinger... continued to believe that Cushman, with his personal loyalty to Nixon, was a WEAK LINK in the new chain of command. He...quietly investigated just which forces would be
available to Nixon...The Marines...Cushman's troops - were by far the strongest presence in the Washington area." - SEYMOUR HERSH [239]
        "About the ONLY thing that Nixon was guilty of, in so far as Watergate is concerned, was his IGNORANCE of what was going on all around him. When James McCord 'confessed' to Judge John Sirica, Nixon should have been on to it like a flash that MC CORD WAS PLAYING A DOUBLE GAME. He ought to have challenged KISSINGER about his relationship with McCord there and then. That would have thrown a spanner in the works and derailed the whole MI6-Watergate Operation.
        "Nixon did NOT abuse his presidential powers. His crime was NOT DEFENDING THE
CONSTITUTION of the United States of America and not charging Mrs. Katherine Meyer Graham and Ben Bradley with conspiracy to commit insurrection. Mrs. Katherine Meyer Graham's pedigree is of the most doubtful kind...But even knowing that, Mrs. Graham's CONTROLLERS IN THE ROUND TABLE would have fought hard to keep the lid on things.
        "The role of the 'Washington Post' was to keep the pot boiling by one 'revelation' after
another, thereby engendering a climate of PUBLIC DISTRUST of President Nixon, even when there was not one shred of evidence to support wrongdoing by him. Yet it shows the immense power of the press, as Lippman and Bernays had quite properly anticipated, in that Mrs Graham, long suspected of the MURDER of her husband, Philip L. Graham - officially classed as 'suicide' - should have retained any credibility at all.
        "Other traitors who should have been indicted for insurrection and TREASON were
Kissinger, Haig, Halperin, Ellsberg, Young, McCord, Joseph Califano and Chomsky of IPS andthose CIA operatives who went to McCord's house and burned all his papers. Again, it is worth repeating that WATERGATE...DEMONSTRATED THE COMPLETE CONTROL EXERCISED OVER THE UNITED STATES BY THE COMMITTEE OF 300...On August 8, 1974, Nixon resigned." - DR. JOHN COLEMAN [240]
        "...there was one historical moment which more than any other delineated the
CHARACTER of George Bush. The scene was the Nixon White House during the final days of the Watergate debacle. White House officials, including George Bush, had spent the morning of thatMonday, August 5, 1974 absorbing the impact of Nixon's notorious 'smoking gun' tape, the recorded conversation between Nixon and his chief of staff, H.R. Haldemann, shortly after the original Watergate break-in, which could now no longer be withheld from the public. In that exchange of June 23, 1972, Nixon ordered that the CIA [to] STOP THE FBI FROM FURTHER INVESTIGATING how various sums of money found their way from Texas and Minnesota via Mexico City to the coffers of the Committee to Reelect the President (CREEP) and thence into the pockets of the 'Plumbers' arrested in the Democratic Party headquarters in the Watergate building.
        "These revelations were widely interpreted as establishing a {prima facie} case of
Obstruction of Justice against Nixon. That was fine with George, who sincerely wanted his patron and benefactor Nixon to resign. George's great concern was that the smoking gun tape called attention to a MONEY-LAUNDERING mechanism which he, together with Bill Liedtke of Pennzoil, and Robert Mosbacher, had helped to set up at Nixon's request. When Nixon, in the 'smoking gun'' tape, talked about 'the TEXANS,' and 'some TEXAS people,' Bush, Liedtke, and Mosbacher were among the most prominent of those referred to. THE THREAT TO GEORGE'S POLITICAL AMBITIONS WAS GREAT..." -WOODWARD AND BERSTEIN [241]
        "Defense Secretary James Schlesinger requested a tight watch in the military chain of command to ensure that no extraordinary orders went out from the White House during the period of uncertainty. Pentagon officials have said that Schlesinger never feared that a COUP would be successful even if attempted. Nevertheless, Defense Department officials said the word went out that no commanders of any forces should carry out orders WHICH CAME FROM THE WHITE HOUSE, or elsewhere, outside the normal military channels.
        "Department officials have confirmed that Schlesinger and Gen. George S. Brown,
chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, discussed among themselves how they should be aware of any ILLEGAL ORDERS being issued to military units outside the formal chain of command structure." - "WASHINGTON POST" 8/27/74
        At the LAW OF THE SEA CONFERENCE in Caracas, Venezuela, the "Wall Street
Journal" reported: "The volume of verbiage (wordiness) is staggering...The UN has 90 mimeograph operators grinding away at 27 machines around the clock, spewing forth 250,000 pages of documents a day. Each is prepared in three, and sometimes five, languages by teams of translators and typists...The list of documents produced so far is itself 160 pages long...
        "So after 70 days of talk about a law to govern the oceans and their resources the
conference is making only one firm decision: to HOLD MORE CONFERENCES."* - BARRY NEWMAN [242]

        [NOTE: *"Clearly, environmentalists are hypocrites if they do not join the drive to abolish the UN in order to SAVE THE WORLD'S TREES!" - ROBERT W. LEE [243] You got that right, Robert! - OL]

        "...seven Central and South American states formed a UNION OF BANANA EXPORTING COUNTRIES (UBEC) and proceeded to raise export taxes against the opposition of the major U.S. fruit companies. The companies retaliated by raising banana prices to the consumer by more than enough to pay the higher taxes, and by cutting back production and purchases from the countries concerned, eventually forcing the UBEC states to reduce or drop the new taxes." - HOLLY SKLAR [244]
            "...in the end the big winner of the banana war may not be the seven members of the cartel but the two US fruit corporations. Only a year ago (1973) the two companies' profit per box was only 20 CENTS. But since the cartel boosted prices - and the companies retaliated by cutting back their purchases, the world price of bananas has INCREASED 40 PERCENT and as a result of the shortage THEY HELPED CREATE, the two companies are now making a profit of nearly 70 CENTS a box..." - NEWSWEEK" [245]
        "On Sept. 26, 1974, Rep. Charles Wiggins, a Republican member of the committee
(investigating Watergate), wrote to ask Chairman Rodino to look into a troubling set of events. That spring, Wiggins and other committee members had asked 'that research should be undertaken so as to furnish a standard against which to test the alleged abusive conduct of Richard Nixon.' And, while 'no such staff study was made available to the members at any time for their use,' Wiggins had just learned that SUCH A STUDY HAD BEEN CONDUCTED - at committee expense - by a team of professors who completed and filed their reports with the Impeachment Inquiry Staff, well in advance of our public hearings.
        "The report was NOT made available to members of Congress. But after the impeachment-inquiry staff was disbanded, It was published COMMERCIALLY and SOLD IN BOOK STORES. Wiggins wrote that he was 'especially troubled by the possibility that information deemed essential by some of the members in their discharge of their responsibilities may have been intentionally SUPPRESSED by the staff during the course of our investigation." - JEROME ZEIFMAN [246]
        "On Oct. 3, Rodino wrote back: "HILLARY RODHAM of the impeachment-inquiry staff
COORDINATED THE WORK... After the staff received the report it was reviewed by Ms. Rodham, briefly by Mr. Labovitz and Mr. Sack, and by Mr. Doar. The staff did not think the manuscript was USEFUL in its present form." On the charge of willful suppression, he wrote: "That was not the case...The staff did not think the material was usable by the committee IN ITS EXISTING FORM and had not had time to modify it so it would have practical utility for the members of the committee. I was informed and agreed with the judgment." - JEROME ZEIFMAN [247]
        "The ECONOMIC COOPERATION that is required will involve us most deeply with our
traditional postwar allies, Western Europe and Japan, but it must also embrace a new measure of comity with the developing countries, and INCLUDE THE SOVIET UNION AND OTHER COMMUNIST NATIONS in significant areas of international economic life." - WALTER MONDALE (Vice President) [248]
        "C. Lloyd Bailey, executive director of the U.S. Committee for UNICEF, acknowledged in a telephone interview from New York yesterday (October 29) that administrative and fund-raising costs are HIGHER than other children's charities, like the Christian Children's Fund and Save the Children Foundation." - "WASHINGTON STAR-NEWS" [249]
        "Publishers, responding to a changing market in college texts, are increasingly resorting to simplified language in their books to adjust to a new element in higher education - the college student WHO CANNOT READ at traditional college levels. In recent years, publishers here report, word has been coming back from the campuses...that their books are 'TOO HARD' for students to grasp." - "THE NEW YORK TIMES" 11/74
        "It is all too easy to justify our power ploys with transparent rationalization that we know what is best for our children...There still remains a high probability that our children will grow up to be wagers of war or voters for war-like or war-liking leaders, especially if our schools continue to teach the same old brand of nationalism that has been taught in generations past. AMERICA IS NOT THE GREATEST COUNTRY ON EARTH. Indeed, 'the greatest country on earth' is a hollow phrase that would be laughable if it were not so dangerous...
        "Nationalism not only blinds us intellectually and dwarfs us emotionally, but also sows the seeds of competitiveness, fear, and war. INTERNATIONALISM reverses these dangerous trends, especially if it has been so well absorbed as to BECOME A HABITUAL WAY OF THINKING, FEELING AND BEHAVING. Many adults recognize the rationality of international cooperation and world citizenship, but the 'America First' orientation is so deeply embedded that they may never be able to escape from it. SCHOOLS MUST CHANGE THIS. Apart from its dubious constitutionality, the requirement of a daily Pledge of Allegiance to the flag provides a vivid exemplar of teachers and administrators hiding their heads in the sands of the past. How PREFERABLE it would be to fly UNITED NATIONS flags from the flagpoles and display them in the classrooms." - LAWRENCE CASLER [250]
        "...I would suggest that our society provide 'Suicide education' as it now provides birth
control information...Society must have free access to information about FORMS OF SUICIDE that are NOT TOO REPULSIVE." - DR. MAX DELBRUCK (Nobel Laureate) [251]
        By invitation, Yasir Arafat addressed the United Nations General Assembly. It was the first time that a representative of any group LACKING OFFICIAL U.N. STATUS had appeared before the Assembly. Arafat's speaking engagement at the U.N. was the "break that changed everything for the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO)...since then it has been going great guns." - HILAIRE DU BERRIER [252]>
        "In 1974, when two of the original four finance ministers - France's Valery Giscard d'
Estaing and Germany's Helmut Schmidt - became heads of their respective governments, they sought to upgrade these informal meetings (G-5) from the ministerial to head-of-state level. The eventual result was the first summit at Chateau de Rambouillet, France, November 15-17, 1975. One focus was achieving a workable INTERNATIONAL MONETARY SYSTEM following the demise of the fixed-rate BRETTON WOODS system in 1973. The leaders of France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, and the United States attended. Canada joined the following year." - U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE [253]
        "Although he [U Thant] lost few opportunities to speak about Vietnam, American
diplomats found him somewhat less forthright in his criticism of Communist behavior...He seldom found cause for strong rebuke of Hanoi. Some analysts put this down to the underlying facts of U Thant's situation. THE SOVIET UNION HELD THE MORTGAGE, as it were, on the workings of the U.N.; by withdrawing support or threatening non-cooperation, Moscow could cause paralysis. Thant knew that THE US WAS UNLIKELY TO RESORT TO SUCH TACTICS." - "WASHINGTON POST" 11/26/74
        "The 'TRADE ACT' OF 1974 provides Congress specific 'fast-track' authority to disapprove Presidential waivers when the situation warrants such action in the judgement of the Congress...Congressional intent, and indeed, the position of this Finance Committee in 1974, was crystal clear - communist countries that did not permit free emigration to their people would not be eligible for U.S. trade credits and investment guarantees. The 'Trade Act' of 1974, specifically Section 403, also made clear that POW/MIA COOPERATION was to be a factor in whether to grant these trade benefits..." SENATOR BOB SMITH (R-NH) [254]
        "The Committee recognizes that segments of the private sector wish the U.S. Government to provide credits and investment guarantees, and other conditions before private capital investments are ventured. The Committee believes that it is equally reasonable to ESTABLISH CONDITIONS ON ALL BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS, including the right to emigrate, BEFORE extending broad concessions to Communist countries." - "REPORT ON THE TRADE ACT" [255]
        "...the last time I did a count I discovered sadly that about 80 per cent of the member
nations of the U.N. are run by regimes I DESPISE - the DEMOCRATIC countries could caucus in my LIVING ROOM!" - PROFESSOR JOHN ROCHE (former Chairman of the "Liberal" Americans for Democratic Action) [256]
        "All States have the DUTY to coexist in tolerance and live together in peace, irrespective of differences in political, economic, social and cultural systems, and to FACILITATE TRADE between States having different economic and social systems."* - "CHARTER OF ECONOMIC RIGHTS AND DUTIES OF STATES" (Article 7)

        [NOTE: *Now do you understand HOW you lost your freedom of choice? And why instead of "free trade," now what we actually have is GOVERNMENT-controlled trade? "POLITICALLY CORRECT" SIMPLY MEANS DICTATORSHIP! Thank the UN and your globalist friends - led by Klinton and his kronies! - and now George W. - OL]

        "SHE VIOLATED HOUSE AND COMMITTEE RULES by disclosing confidential
information to unauthorized persons. In December 1974, as General Counsel and Chief of Staff of the House Judiciary Committee, I made a personal evaluation of HILLARY RODHAM (now Mrs. Clinton), a member of the staff we had gathered for our Impeachment Inquiry on President Richard Nixon. I decided that I COULD NOT RECOMMEND HER FOR ANY FUTURE POSITION OF PUBLIC OR PRIVATE TRUST (and what position would you describe a US Senator?).
        "Why? Hillary's main duty on our staff has been described by her authorized biographer as 'establishing the legal procedures to be followed in the course of the inquiry and impeachment.' A number of the procedures she recommended were ETHICALLY FLAWED. And I also concluded that she had violated House and committee rules by disclosing confidential information to unauthorized persons.
        "Hillary had conferred personally with me regarding procedural rules. I advised her that
Judiciary Committee Chairman Peter Rodino...House Speaker Carl Albert, Majority Leader Tip O'Neill and I had previously agreed NOT to advocate anything CONTRARY to the Rules already adopted and published for that Congress. I quoted Mr. O'Neill's statement that: 'To try to change the rules now would be politically divisive. It would be like trying to change the traditional rules of baseball before a World Series.' Hillary assured me that she had not drafted and would not advocate any such rules changes. I soon learned that SHE HAD LIED: She had ALREADY drafted changes, and continued to advocate them. In one written legal memorandum, she advocated DENYING President Nixon REPRESENTATION BY COUNSEL.
        "This, though in our then-most-recent prior impeachment proceeding, the committee had afforded the right to counsel to Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas. I also informed Hillary that the Douglas Impeachment files were available for public inspection in our offices. I later learned that the Douglas files were then REMOVED from our general files WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, transferred to the offices of the impeachment inquiry staff, and were NO LONGER ACCESSIBLE TO THE PUBLIC.
        "The young Ms. Rodham had other BAD ADVICE about procedures, arguing that the
Judiciary Committee should neither 1) hold any hearings with or take the depositions of any LIVE WITNESSES, nor 2) conduct any ORIGINAL investigation of Watergate, bribery, tax evasion, or any other possible impeachable offense of President Nixon - but to rely instead on PRIOR investigations conducted by other committees and agencies. The committee REJECTED Ms. Rodham's recommendations: It agreed to allow President Nixon to be represented by counsel and to hold hearings with live witnesses. Hillary then advocated that the official rules of the House be amended to DENY members of the committee the right to QUESTION witnesses. This unfair recommendation was REJECTED BY THE FULL HOUSE. (The committee also vetoed her suggestion that it leave the drafting of the Articles of Impeachment to HER and her fellow special staffers.)
        "The recommendations advocated by Hillary were apparently initiated or approved by Yale Law School professor Burke Marshall - In VIOLATION of Committee and House Rules on Confidentiality. They were also advocated by her immediate supervisors, Special Counsel John Doer and Senior Associate Special Counsel BERNARD NUSSBAUM, both of whom had worked under Marshall in the Kennedy Justice Department.
        "During my 14-year tenure with the House Judiciary Committee, I had supervisory
authority over severalhundred staff members. With the EXCEPTION of Ms. Rodham, Doar, and Nussbaum, I recommend ALL of them for future positions of public and private trust." - JEROME ZEIFMAN [257]

[Cont. in Va]

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