[Cont. from IVe]
           "I predict that network programs will soon attempt bare-breasted scenes...When the first response of 'alarm' at this topless attempt dies down, full nudity will follow...In the not-too-distant
future, the most wicked, X-rated porno movies will be shown on select cable networks after midnight ...Along with exploitation of every sex theme, there will be emphasis on blood, violence, and occult practices. Demons, devils, and witchcraft will be glorified. The newest kind of sex deviation will be intercourse between DEMONS and HUMANS.These dramatic presentations will depict the devil as the father of sexuality. Also featured will be movies glamourizing rape, SUICIDE, and mass sex violence - ending in DEATH as the ultimate trip...There will be a flood of magazines designed especially to attract the female market, featuring male nudes...*
        "Sex education classes in senior high school and college will feature the sex act on film. The diagrams now being used will be animated...Students will be told that HOMOSEXUAL LOVE IS NORMALW and that sex acts between unmarrieds is desirableR - 'if each has a high regard for the other'....I have seen things in my vision which make me fear for the future of our children. I speak of WILD, ROVING MOBS OF HOMOSEXUAL MEN PUBLICLY ASSAULTING INNOCENT PEOPLE in parks, on the streets, and in secret places. These attacks by Sodomite mobs are certain to come, and, although they may not be publicized as such, those in the law enforcement circles will know the full extent of what is happening. - DAVID WILKERSON [153]

        [NOTES: *Do you see any of these that haven't already happened? Or haven't become commonplace?
       WNot only students. We are daily told that little lie, ignoring the entire history of the world - with the exception of the Greek and Roman Empires, and of course, Babylon; ALL of which were destroyed - AND - that WE are sick if we don't agree. Notwithstanding the minor detail that GOD Himself labels this behavior an "abomination!" (Not the church. Not the congregation. GOD Himself calls it that in Leviticus 18:22-30; Romans 1:26; I Corinthians 6:9
        The sad part is, this is all simply part of Satan's plan (carried out by the Luciferian globalists): its purpose is to make a mockery of faith in God, spread disease, and (with the help of abortions and racism) to splinter and eliminate familial and national loyalties through the destruction and demonization of the traditional nuclear family. This also creates a ready-made army - loyal only to their paychecks. And when you strip love from people's hearts, the void is quickly replaced with lust and hatred!
       R"Use it or Lose it!" "You don't buy a pair of shoes without trying them on first." Sound familiar? How many times have you heard these admonishments? Those were the first versions I heard when I was a kid. Since then, there have been many variations, but the most popular one is "Unless you try each other out (sleep together) before you get married, you may find you are sexually incompatible.!" (Forget whether you are completely incompatible in every other respect. Virtually NO "dating" like we did when we were young is portrayed any longer on TV or in the movies! - OL]

        "There are only two forces that hold back homosexuals from giving themselves over completely to their sin, and they are rejection by society and the repudiation and teachings of the church...I have seen these two roadblocks being swept away. When that which hinders is taken away, chaos will follow ... mass rapes will come just as surely as predicted in the Gospels. I see them coming in our generation. TWENTY-SEVEN BOYS WERE MURDERED IN HOUSTON, TEXAS, BY A SMALL HOMOSEXUAL GANG. This sordid news story is the beginning of many other such tragic outbreaks...The homosexual community will become so militant and brazen that they will flaunt their sin on network talk shows very shortly...
        "The number one youth problem of the future will be hatred of parents...We are now entering that period when a man's worst enemies will be members of his own household - father against son, mother against daughter, and in-laws hating one another. A teenager's biggest problem will be how to live with his parents...It is no longer an innocent kind of bitterness that can be 'outgrown'...I believe a NEW SEX DRUG will be concocted and distributed soon by the black market to teenagers and students. It will break down moral restraint and lead thousands of teenagers into promiscuous sex activity...those parents who become overly permissive and allow their teenagers to dress and act as they please will soon discover that the teenagers do not know HOW to handle so much freedom so early in life. They will go too far too fast and will, at the same time, RESENT their parents for not providing some kind of discipline...the home that has had NO GOD, NO CHURCH, NO SPIRITUAL TEACHING, NO BIBLE, NO HUNGER FOR GOD is headed straight for DISASTER...I predict that teenagers raised in such homes are going to turn on their parents with venom, hatred, and rebellion... - DAVID WILKERSON [154]
        "An ANTICHRIST SPIRIT will enter the hearts of certain men in high places, in GOVERNMENT, and in the JUDICIAL system, causing these officials to engage in legal maneuvers designed to harass independent churches, missionaries, and ministers...I see the formation of a SUPER WORLD CHURCH consisting of a union between liberal ecumenical Protestants and the Roman Catholic church, joining politically hand in hand, creating one of the most powerful religious forces on earth...This powerful church union will be deeply involved in social action, tremendous charity programs, and ministries of compassion. Its leaders will make sweeping statements about meeting human need by sending out a call for renewed social action, political intervention, and a greater voice in world affairs...
        "...Homosexual and lesbian love will be vindicated by the leadership of this church union and will not only be welcomed but will be encouraged. HOMOSEXUAL and LESBIAN MINISTERS will be ordained and given places of authority in this church union...I see coming, in nearly every major city in the United States and around the world, HOMOSEXUAL AND LESBIAN CHURCHES catering...to the spiritual needs of their own kind, with full recognition and support from organized religion...This super church will accomodate itself to the weaknesses of man's flesh and will set out to comfort mankind in their sins...[teaching] men how to live with their problems and, in fact, to enjoy these weaknesses as 'GIFTS FROM GOD'... - DAVID WILKERSON [155]
        [The BIBLE predicts] "a coming 'SUPERSTAR ANTICHRIST' who will arise in the last days, defy God, and persecute true believers. He will come in the name of peace, law, and order and will succeed in changing the systems of laws and justice....in the last days the Antichrist and nations will meet in a FINAL WAR IN ISRAEL. It will be the war of all wars. This war will, no doubt, be caused by a world-wide energy crisis...Mankind now has stockpiled the destructive force to kill every living thing on the face of the planet. The Bible predicts that during this GREAT TRIBULATION...Satanic forces with an Army of 200 MILLION* will kill ONE-THIRD of the world's population. Today that would mean that about TWO BILLION PEOPLE WILL BE KILLED..
        "The BIBLE predicts the coming of A NEW HEAVEN and A NEW EARTH - renewed by the Holy Spirit. CHRIST IS GOING TO RULE AS SUPREME KING and He will do away with wars, disease, disaster, and all that is evil. You can laugh at it, ignore it, and put it aside as a fantastic hoax, but just as surely as the Jew now has returned to his homeland (exactly as the BIBLE predicted), the Christian is going to sit as the friend of Christ in his coming kingdom. NOT ONE BIBLE PREDICTION OF THE PAST HAS FAILED and not one of these FUTURE prophecies will fail either." - DAVID WILKERSONW[156]

        [NOTE: *There is only one country on earth that is capable of an army of this size - and in fact, BOASTED of this recently: RED CHINA. But in all probability - based on Biblical prophecy, and political observations, as well - they will combine with the old Soviet Union (which is actually very much alive and well) and all the Eastern and Mideastern nations. In the end ALL nations will band together against the tiny nation of Israel - AND THEY WILL STILL LOSE!
       WFor those of you unfamiliar with David Wilkerson or 'The Cross and The Switchblade,' the Rev. Wilkerson has only had TWO visions in his life. The last one was in 1958 and it took him from a small town in Pennsylvania to New York City, where he has been ever since, working with drug addicts and street gangs. HIS MINISTRY NOW SPANS THE WORLD. He is a GENUINE prophet. If you doubt it, consider his predictions and compare them with what is going on in our world TODAY - and remember: this was written back in April of 1973 (ALMOST THIRTY YEARS AGO), when most of the things (that are common today) were UNHEARD of! If you are still unconvinced, just read on - but first put on a sweater: SOME OF THESE ITEMS WILL CHILL YOU TO THE BONE! - OL]

        "...today there is a growing consensus among drug educators that drug information - as it is packaged and pushed today - is onne of the major culprits...FALSE statements made by misinformed or uninformed educators could very well have contributed to the INCREASE of drug useage in this society ...Much money is being wasted on poor materials and misinformation - often worse than NO information at all." - PETER HAMMOND [157]
        "Use of drugs JUMPED from 14 to 36 per cent among students who received drug education. There was a 36% increase in the number of 7th-graders who admitted to trying marijuana. The number of marijuana and LSD sellers increased among students who had had the course, and their level of anxiety about drugs and their effects steadily declined. THE CONTROL GROUP REMAINED FAIRLY CONSTANT." - MICHIGAN STUDY [158]
        "The CIA developed the PHOENIX PROGRAM in 1967 to neutralize: kill, capture or make defective VCI. 'VCI' are civilians suspected of supporting communists. Targeted civilians are not soldiers...Due process is totally nonexistent. South Vietnamese who appear on black lists can be TORTURED and detained for two years WITHOUT TRIAL - or KILLED." - D. VALENTINE [159]
        "When questioned concerning [an] unaccounted-for $1.7 Billion which had financed much of the covert aspect of the Phoenix Program, Ambassador Colby assured the House Subcommittee on Foreign Operations and Government Information that all main problems have been resolved and Congress can rest assured that ABERRATIONS OF BRUTALITY will remain at a MINIMUM. He does not know how many innocent victims the program has killed, maybe 5,000, maybe more. He claims he does not have the authority to discuss the reasons why CONGRESS CANNOT AUDIT $1.7 BILLION WORTH OF TAXPAYER FUNDS which went to CORDS." - "COUNTERSPY" 5/73
        "Although our contributions to UN specialized agencies are rising, no entity in the U.S. government is adequately equipped to judge the effectiveness of particular programs...international
organizational programs at the present time are NOT EVALUATED in a positive, systematic way..." - UN ASSOCIATION OF THE USA [160]>
        DR. KISSINGER: "...we would still like a sentence from you which I don't understand why you can't give us - which says that 'the DRV has been informed there are NO U.S. PRISONERS BEING HELD IN LAOS - that all the prisoners held in Laos have been released.' It would be very important for us."
        LE DUC THO: "I have acknowledged to you that all of them have been released."
        DR. KISSINGER: "Then WHY can't you WRITE IT DOWN?"
        "Despite Dr. Kissinger's request, Le Duc Tho REFUSED to say publicly that no live U.S. POWs remained in Laos. As during the pre-Accords negotiations, Le Duc Tho would not agree to make any public statements which indicated either explicitly or implicitly North Vietnam's control of the Pathet Lao." - SENATE SELECT COMMITTEE [161]
        "...only 10 persons, nine of whom were U.S., were released by the other side as Laos prisoners. Over 300 personnel remain unaccounted for in Laos...we have OVER 1300 AMERICANS WHO ARE UNACCOUNTED FOR, and this means that we have no information to show conclusively that a man is either alive or dead. In a DoD-sponsored press conference held April 12, 1973, I made the statement that DoD had no specific knowledge indicating that any U.S. personnel were still alive and held prisoner in Southeast Asia. This statement has been the basis for all subsequent answers from DoD to questions concerning the possibility that Americans may still be held prisoner in Southeast Asia. It was a totally accurate and factual statement at the time it was made.
        "...I believe THAT ANSWER IS NO LONGER FULLY SATISFACTORY. Specifically, there is reason to believe that the American pilot of an Air America aircraft downed in Laos on May 7 may have been captured along with six Meo passengers, by North Vietnamese forces. The last communication received from the pilot indicated he was landing on a hostile airstrip. A short time after, (intelligence method redacted) indicated that the U.S. pilot and the Meo passengers had been captured. EMBASSY VIENTIANE NOW REPORTS (method redacted) THE CAPTURE OF THE AMERICAN AND HIS PASSENGERS...
        "On 4-5 February 1973, a USAF EC-47 carrying a crew of 8 U.S. personnel was downed in Laos. The search and rescue team succeeded in locating and inspecting the wreckage of the aircraft. Because the area was a hostile one, the inspection was not completed. Nevertheless, parts of four bodies were recovered, only one of which was identified. A short time after the shootdown of the EC-47, (method redacted) indicated that four Americans had been CAPTURED in an area some forty miles from the EC-47 crash site...
        "Given these circumstances, I believe that the DoD position regarding the possibility of men still being held prisoner in SEA (SouthEast Asia) should be ALTERED slightly...I am scheduled to testify on the MIA issue...With your concurrence, I will maintain the position that we DO NOT KNOW whether those now unaccounted for are ALIVE or dead."* - DR. ROGER SHIELDS [162]<

        [NOTE: *The Select Committee's investigation yielded no evidence that Dr. Shields received a RESPONSE to his May 24, 1973 memo to the Assistant Secretary of Defense. - OL]

        On January 1, 1972, the BYRD AMENDMENT took effect. It was then challenged and upheld in the courts. The COMMUNISTS immediately protested:
        "The crucial step today is to compel Congress to repeal the PRO-IMPERIALIST, PRO-RACIST [policy] it adopted, legalizing violation of the U.N.'s embargo (against Rhodesia) in 1971." - "DAILY WORLD" 5/16/73
        "WE NEVER ACCEPTED THE PROPOSITION THAT THEY (U.S. POWs) ARE ALL DEAD, continued to express our dissatisfaction with respect to the accounting for MIAs, and pressed as hard as we could for an execution of their commitments. Between May and June, 1973, I conducted 12 days of talks with the North Vietnamese. I reviewed in detail the North's violations, incuding the failure to account for all of the MIAs, but Hanoi sensed OUR LEVERAGE WAS RAPIDLY ERODING. A host of Congressional resolutions made it clear that we would have no support for military action. On May 31st, the Senate rejected a Republican-sponsored amendment which would have made the cutoff of American military activity in Laos and Cambodia contingent upon the North Vietnamese making a good faith effort to account for the MIAs...Le Duc Tho disdainfully read me EDITORIALS FROM THE AMERICAN PRESS and SPEECHES FROM THE CONGRESSIONAL RECORD...
        "Despite all these obstacles, strenuous negotiations resulted in a joint communique on June 13th, reaffirming and strengthening all the POW provisions, including those with respect to Missing in Action (MIAs) of the original agreement. It was again VIOLATED AND IGNORED. We made no secret of our outrage with Hanoi's violation. During 1973, we delivered at least 30 separate public statements or private messages to that effect." - DR. HENRY KISSINGER [163]
        "The legal adviser to Dr. Kissinger during the May/June talks with Le Duc Tho was George Aldrich. His recollections indicate that - although the question of missing Americans was discussed - the possibility that SOME POWS MIGHT STILL BE ALIVE was NOT:
        MR. ALDRICH: "My memories and my notes on those meetings indicate that the principal
discussions of nonreturn of prisoners related to the nonreturn of prisoners between the Vietnamese
parties, not ours. Our concern as expressed was about the ACCOUNTING in Laos. IT WAS NOT A CONCERN ABOUT NONRETURN."
        SENATOR KERRY: "But at that time there was an issue of nonreturn."
        MR. ALDRICH: "Not in my view. I WAS NOT TOLD THERE WAS ANY ISSUE, sir."
        SENATOR KERRY: "You had no recollection of any issue at that time, then, and no one had put in front of you at that time in May a question about people not accounted for in Laos?"
        MR. ALDRICH: "It was not, as far as I can recall, ever suggested to me that prisoners in Laos had not been returned." - GEORGE ALDRICH [164]
        "Nixon loyalists floated what is known in Washington as a 'TRIAL BALLOON.' They tipped off the local Washington media that a group of Americans who wanted Nixon to remain president for a THIRD TERM, or even longer, had formed a group called 'The Committee to Repeal the Twenty-Second Amendment.' A third term is forbidden by the Twenty-second Amendment to the Constitution. This group gained no immediate support in Washington, and so it quietly died after, at most, a week of local media mention.
        "However, local Washington Nixon watchers began to worry privately that the Committee to Repeal the Twenty-second Amendment signaled something MORE OMINOUS brewing under the surface." - WILLIAM T. STILL [165]
        VICE CHAIRMAN SMITH: "...Why did you, Governor Clements, make a decision to not allow your service secretaries, which as far as I know has never happened before and has not happened since - to not allow your service secretaries TO UPGRADE AN INDIVIDUAL FROM AN MIA CATEGORY TO A POW CATEGORY? Why did you make that decision?"
        GOVERNOR CLEMENTS: "I don't think that I made such a decision."
        VICE CHAIRMAN SMITH: "Governor, I have got it in your own handwriting... 'I want a memo sent to all departments, services, ASD, DIA, JCS, that ANY RECLASSIFICATION FROM MIA to POW MUST FIRST BE CLEARED BY ME - ME.' That is what you said."
        GOVERNOR CLEMENTS: "I have no recollection of making a decision of that kind. Let me tell you something, Senator, it is very, very clear that classification can ONLY be changed WITHIN THE SERVICES. And let's don't get that confused."
        VICE CHAIRMAN SMITH: 'I request that all actions which recommend reclassification of military personnel from Missing in Action to 'CAPTURED' status be SUBMITTED TO ME for approval. Proposed reclassification action should be first routed through the Assistant Secretary of Defense for a preliminary review before referral to me.' That was June 8th, 1973." - SENATOR BOB SMITH (R-NH) [166]
        "...on June 8, 1973, a North Vietnamese defector named Nguyen Than Son surfaced. He told AP, UPI, and NBC correspondents that he had seen SIX prisoners. He believed they were AMERICANS who had NOT YET BEEN RELEASED. An American officer present at the interview requested that news services play down the details. Soon after I began questioning families of MIAs about this press conference, I received a copy of a State Department declassified telegram which persuaded me that the National Security Council move to STOP my story was not the first time attempts had been made to SILENCE THE MEDIA.
        "The telegram, sent from the U.S. embassy in Saigon to Washington, said 'In follow on...AP mention was consistent with embargo request, while UPI and NBC - after talk with embassy press officer - OMITTED ITEM ENTIRELY from their stories." - MONIKA JENSEN-STEVENSON & WILLIAM STEVENSON [167]
        "On June 13, 1973, the United States and the DRV signed a Joint Communique pledging mutual support for full implementation of the Paris Accords. Point 8 of the communique states that:
        'In conformity with article 8 of the Agreement, (a) Any CAPTURED PERSONNEL covered by Article 8(a) of the Agreement who have not been returned SHALL BE RETURNED WITHOUT DELAY, and in any event within no more than 30 days from the date of signature of this Joint Communique...in conformity with Article 8(b) of the agreement, the parties shall help each other to get information about those military personnel and foreign civilians of the parties MISSING INACTION to determine the location and take care of the graves of the dead so as to facilitate the exhumation and repatriation of remains, and to take any such other measures as may be required to get information about those still considered missing in action.'
        "In his statement to the press, Dr. Kissinger interpreted the communique as requiring BOTH SIDES to make 'major efforts to help each other to account for the missing in action throughout Indochina.' As promised, Le Duc Tho said nothing to contradict Dr. Kissinger's statement. Unfortunately, the Committee found no evidence that the DRV undertook the 'major efforts' hoped for by Dr. Kissinger." - SENATE SELECT COMMITTEE - [168]
        "In Alabama...two Black girls, aged twelve and fourteen, from a family on welfare were sterilized. Their illiterate mother put her 'X' on a document she could not read, under the impression she was signing a permission slip for VACCINATIONS. The clinic performing the operation said the operations had been ordered because 'boys were hanging around the girls' and it believed sterilization was 'the most CONVENIENT method to prevent pregnancy'." - "NEW YORK TIMES" 6/28/73
        "...without closer American-European-Japanese cooperation the major problems of today cannot be effectively tackled, and...The active PROMOTION of such TRILATERAL cooperation must now become the CENTRAL PRIORITY OF U.S. POLICY." - ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI [169]
        "...the category of 'Prisoner of War' was to be henceforth closed forever. THERE WERE NEVER EVER TO BE ANY MORE POWs, which the Secretary of Defense had ordered to be a 'CLOSED' category. There could be no more POWs, PERIOD, on order of the Acting Secretary of Defense. And, indeed, other memos show that the Acting Secretary of Defense was actively trying to REDUCE the number of POWs carried on the books. But Acting Secretary of Defense Clements did NOT have the legal authority to give this order embodied in his handwritten note. Only the Secretaries of the Army, Navy, and Air Force had the legal authority to make, and to change, such classifications. Clements seemed to recognize this inherent legal authority of the Service Secretaries when he went on to order Service Secretaries, who by law were responsible for ALL classification decisions, to continue to reclassify 'MIAs' to the category of 'KILLED IN ACTION' on their own legal authority.
        "But even more significantly [sic] than giving what appears to be an illegal order, Acting Defense Secretary Clements was saying in effect that ALL remaining POWs and MIAs are to be reclassified as 'Killed in Action' as soon as possible. It is fair to conclude that Secretary Clements thought that THE EASIEST WAY TO DISPOSE OF THE REMAINING UNRETURNED AMERICAN POWs WAS TO DECLARE THEM ALL TO BE DEAD. This Clements' policy was consistent with the Shields' statement of April 12, 1973, that all unreturned POWs were dead. Moreover, at the very date of this illegal order, the Defense Department was still SECRETLY officially carrying at least 67 MEN in the category of 'CURRENT CAPTURED.' It was clear that Secretary Clements wanted to re-classify these 67 men who, ALMOST TWO MONTHS AFTER THE END OF 'OPERATION HOMECOMING' were still classified as 'current captured,' into 'KILLED IN ACTION.'
        "...Governor, this was your memorandum of 17 July, and you talk about Public Law 37 U.S.C. 551558, where the Service Secretaries are specifically charged with the responsibility for status changes. You say at that time this system has been used effectively to make status changes for missing in action, and you send over to the President, for some reason, a fact sheet discussing the provisions of the law, which raises in our minds the question of WHY THE PRESIDENT MIGHT HAVE BEEN INTERESTED IN THE STATUS CHANGES, and if he was, why then, at a prior time, had you made a decision personally, in your own handwriting, to require the Service Secretaries for the first time to GO THROUGH YOU in order to change somebody? Now, I understand there were 50 - according to your own deposition - there were some 50 to 75 requests by the secretaries to list somebody as POW, not as MIA, and YOU DID NOT APPROVE ANY ONE OF THOSE, correct?" - CHAIRMAN JOHN KERRY (D-MA) [170]
        "Presently, THERE ARE 1,278 MILITARY PERSONNEL WHO ARE UNACCOUNTED FOR as a result of the hostilities in Southeast Asia. Of this number, 67 are officially listed as PRISONER OF WAR based on information that they reached the ground safely and were captured. Now, that is from Clements to President Nixon. And that is on, I believe, the 17th of July, 1973. Now, the point that I want to raise and that I would like to have you respond to is, as I see it, the bottom line is that we may not have known with 100 percent certitude that these men were prisoners. But it seems to me that we sure as heck BELIEVED that to be the case, to the point that we would list them as current captured. We believed it to the point that we had a list entitled 'CURRENT CAPTURED.' And, at the least, it seems to me, this information conflicted with both the NIXON STATEMENT on March the 29th and the SHIELDS STATEMENT on April the 14th.
        "I have got in front of me documents that are entitled 'number of casualties incurred by U.S. military personnel in connection with the conflict in Vietnam.' And the bottom line has a figure that is 'CURRENT CAPTURED.' And I do not know whether they are daily or weekly reports, but probably weekly reports. On March the 31st, 1973, there are 81 listed; 7 April, 73, 80; 14 April, 73, and THAT IS THE DATE THAT SHIELDS MADE HIS STATEMENT THAT THERE ARE NOT ANY ALIVE. WE HAD 75. APRIL 28th, 72." - SENATOR CHARLES GRASSLEY (R-IA) [171]
        "Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in FOSTERING HIGH MORALE and community of purpose...THE SOCIAL EXPERIMENT IN CHINA UNDER CHAIRMAN MAO'S LEADERSHIP IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT AND SUCCESSFUL IN HUMAN HISTORY."* - DAVID ROCKEFELLER ("Chairman of the Establishment" and founder of the Trilateral Commision) [172]

        [NOTE: *As a matter of fact, you were SO impressed, that you now are continuing this same "experiment" (forced abortions, persecution of the Christians, slave labor "re-education" camps, etc. - i.e., the slaughter of MILLIONS by their own government) right HERE in the United States, huh, Rocky?! - OL]

        In the just-released 'GLASSHOUSE TAPES,' Louis Tackwood "claims that he helped set up a SECRET OPERATION which would allow anti-war demonstrators to break onto the floor of the 1972 [San Diego] Republican convention...just as Vice-President Agnew began to speak. Tackwood and his accomplices would then cause a riot on the convention floor, with the demonstrators battling police. During the resulting uproar, THE VICE-PRESIDENT WOULD BE SHOT on nationwide TV to gain maximum impact. This incident would be followed by a wave of nationwide bombings for which the revolutionary left would openly take credit. In response, President Nixon would then have the justification to declare a state of national emergency, and essentially SUSPEND CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS..." - WILLIAM T. STILL [173]
        "The next century can be and should be the HUMANIST CENTURY...we stand at the dawn of a new age...a SECULAR society on a planetary scale...As non-theists we begin with humans NOT GOD, nature not deity*...we deplore the division of humankind on nationalistic grounds...Thus we look to the development of a system of world law and a world order based upon TRANSNATIONAL federal government...The true revolution is occurring." - HUMANIST MANIFESTO II [174]

        [NOTE: *And, of course, that is precisely why everything today is as chaotic and corrupt as it was in the days of Sodom, and Noah - and we know what happened to THOSE cities, don't we?! - OL]

        "The Soviet Union said today [Sept. 28, 1973] that the two international human rights covenants [ESC and CP] it has just ratified gave it specific authority to limit the right of emigration (departure), the FREE FLOW OF IDEAS and OTHER individual liberties. Two major articles in Communist party publications used the covenants today to justify existing restrictions rather than to offer any hope that Moscow was preparing to relax its rules." - "THE NEW YORK TIMES" 9/29/73>
        Q. "When did you become aware AMERICANS WERE GOING TO BE GOING HOME, and I think you said in three separate groups?"
        A. "...over the radio. The language that was used over Hanoi radio, as I remember, was exchange. It was an EXCHANGE OF PRISONERS and the list that would be included on our side was close to 600 American PIRATES - air pirates - would be exchanged for something like five, six, 10,000 people being released from Saigon, the prisons out there."
        Q. "When you heard that, what response did you have to that information?"
        A. "It's kind of like, I'm going home. I'm out of here. All right. I didn't care what happened to this country. I didn't care about the people. I just - I WANTED OUT OF THERE."
        Q. "So that was in early '73, March, April."
        A. "Yes. The first group was released, and the second group was released."
        Q. "How did you know the first group was released?"
        A. "They announced it on the radio."
        Q. "Now, prior to the first group being released, did you have any conversations with any of your captors about your release?"
        A. "No. That was only after the SECOND group. It wasn't until the second group was released."
        Q. "So you heard the first group was released."
        A. "Yes."
        Q. "What did you hear?"
        A. "Just that. I think they gave a number and the procedure took place and some type of
ceremony at Ton Son Nhut Air Base, the U.S. side receiving - receiving the pilots and how things
supposedly went smooth, and that then it was going to be the release of the Vietnamese from the
Saigon prisons and that within coordination of that release, then there would be another group
        Q. "Did you have some conversation with your captors after the first release?"
        Q. "How do you know that?"
        A. "Because the talk - 'Well, you'll be able to REJOIN YOUR FAMILY SOON. Are you happy? Will you be glad to be able to eat bread? Do you think YOUR FAMILY will recognize you?' Things like that." - BOBBY GARWOOD [175]
        Q. "After the second release, did you have any conversation with your captors?"
        A. "Well, I started to get a little concerned. I didn't know what process they were going through and what preparation. They were telling people they were going home, but I didn't see anything changing here."
        Q. "For you, or for anyone else?"
        A. "For me. The daily routine was still the same. Actually, nothing changed at all. No one came to talk to me, no new clothes, there was no hair cut, there was NOTHING."
        Q. "Did you talk to any of your captors about that?"
        A. "Yes."
        Q. "Who did you talk to?"
        A. "I talked to the political officer about that."
        Q. "...What were you told?"
        A. "They didn't tell me anything. They hadn't been advised - they claimed they hadn't been advised. They didn't know what the status was. Well, after the third group went home I was still there...
        "So I kept trying to find out WHY, what was going on, propaganda - was there a FOURTH release, a fourth group, what? - and I didn't become - I was strong, but I wasn't very forceful about it until after the third release, and I was up on the hill gathering wood again a couple of times after that, and I DIDN'T SEE ANY MORE AMERICANS at this camp, other than myself, and I got a little upset about it. It was kind of like THEY WERE ALL GONE. It was kind of looking all vacant and there wasn't much activity going on over there."
        Q. "When was this?"
        A. "Approximately October, maybe. Approximately fall." - BOBBY GARWOOD [176]
        Q. "Fall of '73?
        A. "Yes. Well, my immediate thought was that, not that they had been moved, but that these people had been turned loose, but I'M STILL HERE."
        Q. "These people meaning the OTHER AMERICANS?"
        A. "Right...So finally I got to talk to the political officer and he sat down and sat me down and very forcefully explained to me that I was in a totally different category, that by rights I could have been shot and should have been shot as a spy, and he said second of all Vietnam...never held any prisoners of war. NOBODY DECLARED WAR ON ANYBODY, SO PRISONERS OF WAR ARE NONEXISTENT. He said the only thing that we have and have held are CRIMINALS OF WAR.
        "He went through the typical communist jargon about this to the point, why haven't I been released? Why am I not going home? Everyone else has gone home. He said well, what makes you think everyone else has gone home? Who told you that? I said well, it's announced on the radio, and he said WE didn't announce it, the UNITED STATES did. He said, maybe it's everyone that they want. That DOESN'T mean it's EVERYONE THAT WE HAVE.*
        "I said well, I know that, because I'm still here, and he said well, YOU'RE NOT ALONE, and I said well, when will I be released? He said, I don't know that...and he says, as far as anything else, he says you don't think the United States or anyone would think that Vietnam would be so foolish as to return EVERYONE, and Vietnam would have nothing...a mere signature on a piece of paper - there's no way that we can convince the populace or our allies that would prevent the United States from coming, just after they got what we give them and they were satisfied, from returning and bombing Vietnam, and he said that the war's not over. The U.S. is not out of Vietnam. They left people behind in Saigon in plain clothes, et cetera, et cetera. IT JUST WENT FROM UNIFORMS TO PLAIN CLOTHES. They still have the B-52 bases in Guam, et cetera, et cetera..." - BOBBY GARWOOD [177]

        [NOTE: * He undoubtedly is telling the truth. After all, they WOULDN'T have the ones they had shipped off to RUSSIA AND RED CHINA. But, very shortly now, I will be putting out a Special Report on the POW issue - and it will include many of the behind the scenes stories connected with them. Those veterans and their families who remember the old "POW/MIA Friends & Families" Club on AOL (along with the "Alpha Files") will know what I am talking about. However, this report will include a lot of NEW stuff. Stay tuned - and spread the word! - OL]

        "...Although Nixon did not replace him on the ticket in 1972, [Spiro] Agnew resigned on October 10, 1973, after allegations of corruption and bribery suddenly surfaced. According to Senator Barry Goldwater's autobiography ('Goldwater' - Doubleday 1988), Nixon never liked Agnew because his nomination had been forced upon him by the conservative wing of the Republican party: 'A lot of us in the GOP knew Nixon would have preferred ROCKEFELLER or former Texas Governor John Connolly as his running mate in 1972, but conservatives would not have tolerated that...I was positive of one thing: The WHITE HOUSE itself was leaking some of the allegations against Agnew.'
        "Nixon then selected GERALD FORD to replace Agnew as his vice-president. Ford later granted Nixon a presidential pardon from any future prosecution...The idea in such an assassination strategy is, of course, to create a chaotic condition. This is usually considered a necessity in COUP-MAKING. At the peak of chaos, you move quickly and ruthlessly to SEIZE POWER BY FORCE and KILL YOUR OPPOSITION during the turmoil.* Although President Nixon's role remains uncertain, it is clear that some powerful group was trying to create a chaotic political situation...

        [NOTE: *Remember this as you follow the story on Cheney. You are about to witness this again. - OL]

        "On about October 15, 1973, I was given a memorandum by my father, Lt. Col. William L. Still... who was approached by an acquaintance...[who] asked my father how he and his military friends would feel about a MILITARY TAKEOVER OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT...The Watergate hearings had gone on throughout the summer and now President Nixon was refusing to comply with court orders to surrender the White House tapes as evidence. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was taking out full-page ads in the "New York Times' urging impeachment of the president...Shortly thereafter, [Lt. Col. Still] wrote a memorandum detailing the incident and circulated it in miliary intelligence and FBI channels..." - WILLIAM T. STILL [178] The memorandum follows:
        "...I am not an alarmist, and consider myself to be intelligent, objective and an analyst of above average capability. I am writing this statement only after careful consideration of its POTENTIAL IMPACT on both the country and myself. The following summary is a combination of fact, hearsay, and conjecture. I have limited the subjective data to those areas which I believe will aid in evaluating the source of the rumor, and make no comment on the rumor itself. I have not included the names of pertinent personnel or organizations for their own protection. However, I will cooperate fully with any responsible investigators.
        "A committee exists which is dedicated to the REPEAL OF THE 22ND AMENDMENT to the Constitution. Its goal is to place Mr. Nixon in the White House for a THIRD term. Connected in some manner with this organization is a second committee which has a super-patriotic name such as The Committee for the Preservation of Constitutional Processes (I do not remember the exact name, however it was similar to this). It is to be used as a FALL BACK COVER in the event that the first committee cannot accomplish its goal by Constitutional means. This second committee [despite its name] is dedicated to keeping Mr. Nixon in office by ANY means: ...including a MILITARY COUP by high-ranking officers!
        "I heard this rumor on 3 October 1973. The man from whom I heard this story stated that he had recently been 'sounded out' on a writing job for the second committee, and that there was apparently UNLIMITED MONEY behind it as 'price was no object' in salary discussions. He gave the above rumor as the strategy of the organization. We then entered into a discussion on the tactics which could be used to execute such a coup. During the course of the discussion, I was questioned as to the feasibility of the plan and asked whether I thought SENIOR MILITARY MEN could be enlisted for such an effort." - WILLIAM L. STILL, Lt. Col., USAF (Ret) [179]
        "Why would a U.S. president consider such drastic action, as indeed he did? At first, it seemed that this was merely the act of a power-mad president, but the historical record has not borne out that hypothesis...In a nutshell, President Nixon was probably USED and when proven no longer useful, discarded BY THE SAME GROUP WHO BROUGHT US THE AMERICAN, FRENCH, AND RUSSIAN REVOLUTIONS in the eighteenth and twentieth centuries, and the WORLD WARS, THE UNITED NATIONS, THE KOREAN WAR, AND VIETNAM in the twentieth century.
        "The problem with identifying this group is that THEY HIDE BEHIND NUMEROUS COVERS, but the motive is always the same: money and power. This group has no national affiliation; in fact, they are actively working to eliminate the concept of national boundaries altogether. Their goal is to inflict on the nations of the world an international government which they will control FOR THEIR OWN GAIN... Although it has been known by many names, like the 'GREAT PLAN' to Masonic occultists, it is now generally referred to as the NEW WORLD ORDER."* - WILLIAM T. STILL [180]

        [NOTE: *We were advised during "Watergate," if you remember, to "Follow the money" - but, more importantly, we should follow thhe POWER! - OL]

        "Those who wonder about the President's emotional balance have now begun to suspect that even in the face of a vote to impeach he might try, AS 'COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF,' to use the MILITARY FORCES to keep himself in power." - CARL ROWAN (columnist) [181]
        "In November...Richard Nixon won reelection with a landslide of nearly eighteen million votes, the largest numerical margin in American history. As Clinton and Rodham watched their efforts overwhelmed in usually close-run Texas, Nixon crushed McGovern by more than a million votes, or over thirty percentage points. Only days after the election, at a private dinner in Washington, one of McGovern's exhausted managers, Frank Mankiewicz, fascinated the room with what seemed a frustrated loser's fantasy:
        'In a little while we'll REDISCOVER the Watergate scandal the press buried for the election. We'll find we've elected a crook after all, and it'll be so ugly that nobody will ever want to know what REALLY happened in 1972."* - ROGER MORRIS [182]

        [NOTE: *Hmmm. History really DOES repeat itself:  in 1996 they "rediscovered" WHITEwater! - OL]

        "When I think of all the damnable heresies that have ever been suggested in connection with the Constitution, the doctrine of 'EMERGENCY' is the worst. It means that when Congress declares an emergency THERE IS NO CONSTITUTION. This means its death.
        "It is the very doctrine that the German Chancellor (HITLER) is invoking today in the dying hours of the parliamentary body of the German republic, namely, because of an emergency, it should grant to the German chancellor absolute power to pass any law, EVEN THOUGH THAT LAW CONTRADICTS THE CONSTITUTION of the German Republic. Chancellor Hitler is at least frank about it. We pay the Constitution lip service, but the RESULT is the same..." - US CONGRESSMAN BECK 1933
        "A MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES HAVE LIVED ALL OF THEIR LIVES UNDER EMERGENCY RULE. For 40 years, freedoms and governmental procedures guaranteed by the Constitution have, in varying degrees, been abridged by laws brought into force by states of national emergency. The problem of how a constitutional democracy (?!!) reacts to great crises, however, far antedates the Great Depression. As a philosophical issue, its origins reach back to the Greek city-states and the Roman Republic. And, in the United States, actions taken by the Government in times of great crises have - FROM AT LEAST THE CIVIL WAR - in important ways, shaped the present phenomenon of a PERMANENT STATE OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY...
        "Wilson...[proposed] legislation delegating him almost total economic power and, even before legislative approval, authorized the War Industries Board to exercise extensive powers. Subsequently Congress enacted Wilson's measure, the Overman Act, in April 1918. Other legislation extended the economic authority of the Government in numerous directions. Following the allied victory, WILSON RELINQUISHED HIS WARTIME AUTHORITY and asked Congress to repeal the emergency statutes, enacted to fight more effectively the war. Only a FOOD-CONTROL measure* and the 1917 TRADING WITH THE ENEMY ACT were retained. This procedure of terminating emergency powers when the particular emergency itself has, in fact, ended, HAS NOT BEEN CONSISTENTLY FOLLOWED BY HIS SUCCESSORS. - "SENATE REPORT 93-549" [183]

        [NOTE: *THIS is the REAL method (in conjunction with the Fed, of course) through which we are being conquered and controlled: the Agricultural Adjustment Act, which was enacted in 1937 and controls our food supply. Based on this act, today the federal government controls ALL aspects of our lives. Dr. Gene Schroeder and a colleague have filed a class action lawsuit in the Federal Court of Appeals in Denver over this very issue. It will be heard in a few days. I will fill you in on the details as I learn them. Stay tuned! - OL]

        "The next major development in the use of executive emergency powers came under FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT. The Great Depression had already overtaken the country by the time of Roosevelt's inauguration and confronted him with a totally different crisis. This emergency, unlike those of the past, presented a NONMILITARY threat...In his inaugural address, Roosevelt said: 'I shall ask the Congress for the one remaining instrument to meet the crisis - BROAD EXECUTIVE POWER to wage a war against the emergency, as GREAT as the power that would be given me if we were in fact invaded by a  FOREIGN FOE'...
        "In his first important official act, Roosevelt proclaimed a NATIONAL BANK HOLIDAY on the basis of the 1917 Trading with the Enemy Act - itself a WARTIME delegation of power...After only 38 minutes debate, the House passed the administration's banking bill, SIGHT UNSEEN...the economic measures that were passed in 1933 pursuant to the proclamation of March 5, 1933, by President Roosevelt, asserting that a state of national emergency now existed, were enacted in the most turbulent circumstances. There was a total of only 8 HOURS OF DEBATE in both houses. There were NO COMMITTEE REPORTS; indeed, only ONE COPY of the bill was available an the floor. - "SENATE REPORT 93-549" [184]
        "This pattern of HASTY AND INADEQUATE CONSIDERATION was repeated during World War II when another group of laws with vitally significant and far reaching implications was passed. It was repeated during the Korean War and, again, in most recent memory, during the debate on the Tonkin Gulf Resolution passed on August 6, 1964.
        "On occasion, legislative history shows that during the limited debates that did take place, a few, but VERY few, OBJECTIONS were raised by Senators and Congressmen that expressed serious concerns about the LACK OF PROVISION FOR CONGRESSIONAL OVERSIGHT. Their speeches raised great doubts about the wisdom of giving such OPEN-ENDED authority to the President, with NO practical procedural means to WITHDRAW that authority once the time of emergency had passed.
        "For example, one of the very first provisions passed in 1933 was the 'Emergency Banking Act' based upon Section 5(b) of the 'Trading with the Enemy Act' of 1917. The provisions gave to President Roosevelt, with the full approval of the Congress, the authority to control major aspects of the economy, AN AUTHORITY WHICH HAD FORMERLY BEEN RESERVED TO THE CONGRESS. A portion of that provision, still in force, is quoted here to illustrate the kind of open-ended authority Congress has given to the President during the past 40 years:
        '(1) During the time of war or during ANY OTHER PERIOD of national emergency declared by the President, the President may, THROUGH ANY AGENCY THAT HE MAY DESIGNATE, or otherwise, and under such rules and regulations as he may prescribe, by means of instructions, licenses, or otherwise -
            (A) investigate, regulate, or prohibit, ANY transactions in foreign exchange, transfers of credit or payments between, by, through, or to ANY banking institution, and the importing, exporting, hoarding, melting, or earmarking of GOLD or SILVER COIN or BULLION, CURRENCY or SECURITIES, and
            (B) INVESTIGATE, REGULATE, DIRECT and COMPEL, NULLIFY, VOID, PREVENT or PROHIBIT, ANY acquisition, holding, withholding, use, transfer, withdrawal, transportation, importation or exportation of, or dealing in, or exercising ANY right, power, or privilege with respect to, or transactions involving, ANY property in which ANY foreign country or a national thereof has ANY interest. by ANY person, or with respect to ANY property, subject to the jurisdiction of the United States; and ANY property or interest of ANY foreign country or national thereof shall vest, when, as, and upon the terms, DIRECTED by the President, in such agency or person as may be DESIGNATED from time to time by the President, and upon such terms and conditions as the President may PRESCRIBE such interest or property shall be held, used, administered, liquidated, sold, or otherwise dealt with in the interest of and for the benefit of the United States, and such designated agency or person may perform ANY and ALL acts incident to the accomplishment or furtherance of these purposes; and the President shall, in the manner hereinabove provided, require ANY person to keep a full record of, and to furnish under oath, in the form of reports or otherwise, complete information relative to ANY act or transaction referred to in this subdivision either before, during, or after the completion thereof, or relative to ANY interest in foreign property, or relative to ANY property in which ANY foreign country or ANY national thereof has or has had ANY interest, or as may be otherwise necessary to enforce the provisions of this subdivision, and in ANY case in which a report could be required, the President may, in the manner hereinabove provided, receive the production, or if necessary to the national security or defense, the SEIZURE, of ANY books of account, records, contracts, letters. memoranda. or other papers, in the custody or control of such person; and THE PRESIDENT, MAY, in the manner hereinabove provided, TAKE OTHER AND FURTHER MEASURES not inconsistent herewith for the enforcement of this subdivision."* - "SENATE REPORT 93-549" [185]

        [NOTE: *And they would have us believe we have no KING. Like there is a difference between a "DEMOCRATIC" DICTATOR and a king!
        I realize that many of you are familiar with a lot of the things that I put in my reports. However, nobody so far has read them without learning something new. Which is why I put what is happening and being said in ALL fields in chronological order. It brings to life the overall picture, and I sincerely hope that it is of help to you in seeing the reality of where we are today in their "new world order" plans.
        Normally I try not to say too much personally (except for an occasional comment), because I feel their words speak for themselves. However, something has come up that tells me time has run out and I may not be able to finish this chronology. For that reason, I am going to very shortly be putting out several Special Reports. Included will be "A POW's STORY," "THE TRUE STORY OF JESUS," and "THE FINAL PROTOCOL: THE CONSPIRACY ENDS AND THE BATTLE BEGINS." Now this is not to say I will discontinue "In Their Own Words." I will continue to put them out as best I can. In the meantime, I have a special request: If any of my readers have any current information on Diana Rose Lupe or William R. Pabst, would you please contact me immediately. As I said, time is of the essence. Full credit will be given to the source - unless you request anonymity. Thank you alll and God Bless!  - Your Friend, the OUTLAWLADY]

[Cont. in IVg]


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