[Cont. from IVb]
        "...In common with many of you, I believed it INCONCEIVABLE that so long as we still lived under a GOVERNMENT OF LAWS, rather than MEN, there would be or could be any serious or concerted effort to abridge the inalienable rights guaranteed from the beginning of our Government. In common with many of you, I believed that those who forewarned us of the directions we were taking were, in some instances, more dangerous than the dangers they warned against. I responded with impatience to their cries of peril. I was not moved to bestir myself with any great sense of responsibility. IT IS APATHY, THOUGH, THAT WATERS THE ROOTS OF TYRANNY.
        "Today I see what until now I did not permit myself to see. Our apathy in this Congress, our silence in this House, our very fear of speaking out in other forums has watered the roots and hastened the growth of a vine of tyranny which is ensnaring that Constitution and Bill of Rights which we are each sworn to defend and uphold...Almost 200 years ago...Thomas Jefferson wrote that: 'The NATURAL progress of things is for LIBERTY to YIELD and GOVERNMENT to GAIN GROUND.'

        "...While America's sons have faithfully manned the watchtowers of freedom around the globe, the liberty of our own lives has been yielding steadily before the power, prerogatives, and privileges of government...WE HAVE AUTHORIZED AND PERMITTED THE BUREAUS AND AGENCIES TO ASSUME POWERS THAT BELONG TO CONGRESS...Our consent to these abridgments of our own heritage has emboldened the bureaus and agencies, both to seek and at times, simply to assume exemption from review by the people's representatives...we have granted to the ELITE and SECRET POLICE within our system vast new powers over the lives and liberties of the people...LIBERTY HAS YIELDED. The power of government has gained commanding ground...
        "When the FBI taps the telephones of Members of this body and Members of the Senate, when the FBI stations agents on college campuses to infiltrate college organizations, WHEN THE FBI ADOPTS THE TACTICS OF THE SOVIET UNION AND HITLER'S GESTAPO, then it is time - it is way past time, Mr. Speaker - that the present Director thereof no longger be the Director. The greatest thing we have in this Nation is the Bill of Rights. We are a great country because we are a free country under The Bill of Rights. The way Mr. Hoover is running the FBI today, IT IS NO LONGER A FREE COUNTRY...
        "Within 24 hours, my office began receiving hate mail from every part of the country, impugning my patriotism, loyalty, and character. Letters of support now outnumber letters of opposition. Within 48 hours, my office was being telephoned by prominent newpaper columnists to whom had been released what they describe as the Bureau's 'STANDARD SMEAR SHEET' - a dossier of scurrilous accusations against me which was compiled, reproduced, and distributed at taxpayers expense through the Department of Justice and elsewhere in the first hours I spoke...Mr. Speaker, I submit that 1984 IS CLOSER THAN WE THINK...
        "Agents have been entering the sanctuaries of CONVENTS and HOLY ORDERS, searching under beds, searching through luggage and personal belongings of nuns and priests, questioning and intimidating servants - all WITHOUT PROPER WARRANTS. Mr. Speaker, in this country, it ought not to be that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is unloosing PAID INFORMERS and CONSPIRATORS on campuses to organize and encourage the very demonstrations which its agents are reporting, to demonstrate the Bureaus's alertness and effectiveness...In no country in the world could a director of a nation's secret police escape censure and removal for what is happening now..." - REPRESENTATIVE T. HALE BOGGS (D-LA) 4/22/71
        "...HYPNOSIS is being used in and out of schools in different ways under different rubics... Educational hypnosis offers promise for more permanent behavioral change in children than most of the other modalities used in the classroom...Strange as it may sound, educational hypnosis can be used to free children to do their own things...Educational hypnosis can potentially become a catalytic agent in CHANGING THE WHOLE STRUCTURE AND STRATEGY OF EDUCATION in our society." - MARTIN ASTOR [61]
        "...any revolutionary change must be preceded by a passive, affirmative, non-challenging attitude toward change, among the masses of our people...[a radical organizer] dedicated to changing the life of a particular community must first RUB RAW the resentments of the people of the community; FAN the latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expression. He must search out controversy and issues...An organizer must STIR UP DISSATISFACTION AND DISCONTENT...He knows that all values are relative...truth to him is relative and changing." - SAUL ALINSKY [62]
        Goodness Gracious! I just found out - or to be more accurate, my KIDS just found out - that God DIDN'T create us after all. Actually, GOD HIMSELF WAS CREATED - by some Jewish nomads - or so a current history book is teaching our children! Check this out: "The God of the Judeo-Christian tradition was A god CREATED by desert folk." (!) In this same textbook, we learn:
        "By 1936 the depression was seven years old, and conditions were steadily worsening. Only one bright spot stood out in the gloom. THE COLLECTIVIST ECONOMY OF THE SOVIET UNION...stood without unemployment, unusual hunger, or sign of disease. Is it any WONDER that some...joined the AMERICAN COMMUNIST PARTY?" - 'PERSPECTIVES IN THE UNITED STATES HISTORY' [63]
        "...teachers who CONFORM to the TRADITIONAL institutional mode are out of place. They might find fulfillment as tapdance instructors, or guards in maximum security prisons or proprietors of reducing salons, or agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation - but they damage teaching, children, and themselves by staying in the classroom." - NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION (NEA) [64]
        "As a member of the planetary family of humanity, the good of the world community is my first concern. I will work...to give the UNITED NATIONS the authority to act on behalf of the common will of humanity." - "PLEDGE OF PLANETARY CITIZENSHIP" [65]
        "RED CHINESE intelligence in the United States, as compared with Soviet Russia's, has a major HANDICAP in that Peking is not...a member of the United Nations. This deprives the Red Chinese of a legal base from which to operate spies. A high percentage of Soviet espionage, for example, is carried out by Soviet diplomats assigned to...the USSR's MISSION TO THE UNITED NATIONS in New York." - J. EDGAR HOOVER (Director of the FBI) [66]
        "The more I think about HOWARD HUNT's background, politics, disposition and experience, the more I think it would be worth your time to meet him. I had forgotten when I talked to you that he was the CIA mastermind on the BAY OF PIGS. He told me a long time ago that if the truth were ever known, KENNEDY WOULD HAVE BEEN DESTROYED. If you want to get a feel for his attitude, I transcribed a conversation with him yesterday on it. Needless to say, I did not even approach what we had been talking about, but merely sounded out his own ideas:

        COLSON: "Let me ask you this, Howard, this question: Do you think with the right resources employed that this thing could be turned into a major public case against Ellsberg and the co-conspirators?"
        HUNT: "...Well, I would say so absolutely."
        COLSON: "Then your answer would be that we should go down the line and NAIL THE GUY COLD?"
        HUNT: "Go down the line to nail the guy cold, yes...It has to be made on CRIMINAL GROUNDS and..."
        COLSON: "It also has to be THIS CASE WON'T BE TRIED IN THE COURTS, IT WILL BE TRIED IN THE NEWSPAPERS. So it's going to take some resourceful engineering to..."
        HUNT: "...I want to see this guy HUNG - if it can be done to the ADVANTAGE OF THE
        COLSON: "I think it can be done, I think there are ways to do it and I don't think this guy is operating alone...But I'm not so sure it doesn't go DEEPER than that."

        HUNT: "Oh really? You're thinking of [DNC chairman Larry] O'Brien or..."
        COLSON: "Oh no, I'm thinking of the ENEMY..."
        HUNT: "...the REAL enemy. Well they stand to profit...most, no question about it. You've got codes and policy-making apparatus STRIPPED BARE for public examination, all that sort of thing. Supposing we could get a look at these documents from inside the Kremlin or Peking. [Richard] HELMS COULD BE RETIRED FORTHWITH, and YOU'D CUT DOWN 90% OF OUR EXPENDITURES
ACROSS THE RIVER. That's right, you won't need them anymore. If you've got that kind of thing. You don't need much more..."
        COLSON: "What do you think of doing, the idea of DECLASSIFYING a lot of those old
documents now?"
        HUNT: "I think it's a fine idea. I'm all in favor of it and I would particularly like to see the Bay of Pigs stuff declassified including the alleged AGREEMENT THAT CASTRO MADE WITH JFK".
        COLSON: "Because you were a part of that and knew IT WAS A PHONY."
        HUNT: "SURE."
        COLSON: "Listen, I think nobody is going to get hurt by this except THE OTHER SIDE."
        HUNT: "Let's hope so. This has been very depressing as you can imagine to me and I've just been assuming that you have been involved up to your you know what in this whole thing so far."
        COLSON: "Weren't you the guy who told me, maybe last time we were up to your house for dinner, that if the truth ever came out about Kennedy and the Bay of Pigs, that it would just destroy them?"
        HUNT: "Yea, I've written my MEMOIRS of that, but, of course, I never published them. I've just been holding them for the edification of my heirs and assigns and possibly some university research institute eventually after I..."
        COLSON: "Might want to talk to you about that. Howard, I'll be back to you..."
        HUNT: "Okay, thanks for calling." - WATERGATE EXHIBIT NO. 148 (vol. IX, p. 3877) [67]
        "The MY LAI MASSACRE, the sentencing of LT. CALLEY to life imprisonment, the 'SELLING OF THE PENTAGON,' and the so-called 'PENTAGON PAPERS' are leading examples of attempts to shift all the blame to the military in the eyes of the people. But no one identifies the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS - the CFR - a group of some 1400 Americans which includes as members almost every top level decision and policy maker in the Vietnam War. CBS tells the people it wants them to know what is going on and who is to blame.
        "WHY doesn't CBS tell the American people about the CFR and let the people decide whom to blame for the Vietnam fiasco - the planners and top decision makers of a closely knit financial- industrial-intellectual aristocracy or military leaders under civilian control who have had little or no voice in the overall policies and operations and who are forbidden by law to tell the American people their side. The My Lai incident, the 'Selling of the Pentagon,' and the 'Pentagon Papers' have not scratched the surface in identifying the responsible KINGMAKERS of the new ruling royalty, let alone in exposing the CFR role in Vietnam. Who will tell the people the truth if those who control the 'right to know' machinery ALSO CONTROL THE GOVERNMENT?" - CONGRESSMAN JOHN R. RARICK (LA) [68]
        "Until outlawed in the mid-70s, the CIA was directly involved in ASSASSINATION attempts against Castro of Cuba, and Congolese leader, Lumumba. The CIA also encouraged plots that resulted in assassination of Dominican Republic President Trujillo, South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem in 63 (just prior to the Kennedy assassination) and Chilean Rene Schneider in 73. The most extensive assassination operation was OPERATION PHOENIX conducted during the latter part of the Vietnam war." - TWENTIETH CENTURY FUND [69]
        "...William E. Colby on July 19, 1971, before a Senate subcommittee, testified that [the] CIA's OPERATION PHOENIX had killed 21,587 Vietnam citizens between January, 1968 and May, 1971. In response to a question from Mr. Reid, 'do you state categorically that Phoenix has never perpetrated the premeditated killing of a civilian in a NON-combat situation?' Colby replied: 'NO, I COULD NOT SAY THAT...' " - "COUNTERSPY" 12/78
        "Article I, Section 1 of the United States Constitution is concise in its language: 'All LEGISLATIVE powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.' When the Constitution was proposed, those opposed to a strong central government, the anti-Federalists, argued that there was no Bill of Rights to protect the people and that a centralized government would become too powerful, usurping the rights of the individual States.
        "...Under the Articles of Confederation, the President was known as the President of the United States In CONGRESS Assembled. The one-year Presidency was very limited in its scope, responsibility and authority. The Constitution, in contrast to the Articles of Confederation, established a strong four-year Presidency, but still only providing extremely LIMITED powers to the office...
        "WITHOUT CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL, the President now has the power to transfer whole populations to any part of the country, the power to suspend the Press and to force a national registration of all persons. THE PRESIDENT...HAS DICTATORIAL POWERS NEVER PROVIDED TO HIM UNDER THE CONSTITUTION. The President has the power to suspend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in a real or perceived emergency...these powers are not derived from a wartime need, but from ANY crisis, domestic or foreign, hostile or economic...There has been a steady, consistent series of NEW Executive Orders, originating from President Richard Nixon and added to by Presidents Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter and George Bush that provide an ominous Orwellian portrait, the portrait of GEORGE ORWELL's '1984.'
        "A series of Executive Orders, internal governmental departmental laws, unpassed by Congress... have whittled down Constitutional law substantially. These new Executive Orders and Congressional Acts allow for the CONSTRUCTION OF CONCENTRATION CAMPS, SUSPENSION OF RIGHTS and the ability of the President to declare martial law in the event of a DRUG CRISIS. Congress will have no power to prevent the Martial Law declaration and canonly review the process SIX MONTHS AFTER MARTIAL LAW HAS BEEN DECLARED. The most critcal Executive Order was issued on August 1, 1971. Nixon signed both a proclamation and Executive Order 11615. Proclamation No. 4074 states, 'I hereby declare a national emergency,' thus establishing an economic crisis. THAT NATIONAL EMERGENCY HAS NOT BEEN RESCINDED." - HARRY V. MARTIN [70]
        "The System has been faltering for a decade, but the bench mark date of the collapse is put at August 15, 1971. On this day, President Nixon reversed U.S. International monetary policy by officially declaring the NONCONVERTABILITY OF THE US DOLLAR (Federal Reserve Note) into GOLD." - SENATE REPORT [71]
        The MAINSTREAM MEDIA have become famous for ignoring incidents that might reflect badly on government and the elite, such as the growing corruption in the courts and in law-enforcement circles. Recently, the entire country was outraged (as they should have been) over the beating of RODNEY KING. But, unfortunately, this incident was not unique. During an ANTI-WAR PROTEST in front of the Pentagon:
        "At least four times that soldier hit her with all his force, then as she lay covering her head with her arms, thrust his club swordlike between her hands onto her face. Two more troops came up and began dragging the girl toward the Pentagon...She twisted her body so we could see her face. But THERE WAS NO FACE THERE; all we saw were [sic] some raw skin and blood. We couldn't even see if she was crying - her eyes had filled with the blood pouring down her head. She vomited, and that, too, was blood. Then they rushed her away." - HARVEY MAYES [72] Four years later:
        [Clutchette and Drumgo] "entered the court one day reporting that they had been beaten and burned with cigarettes by guards. When defense attorneys tried to draw attention of the presiding judge to the marks and bruises that were visible to court spectators, HE DENIED BEING ABLE TO SEE ANYTHING OF THE KIND and refused to step forward at the attorney's request to get a closer look. At this point Drumgo's mother fled the courtroom crying and Clutchette's mother began to sob uncontrollably cursing the judge." - MICHAEL PARENTI [73]
        "Suddenly, the SAN FRANCISCO TACTICAL SQUAD, standing with clubs ready in the back of the sealed-spectator section of the courtroom, waded in with clubs flailing...They began one of the longest, most bloody beatings ever witnessed in a demonstration or riot - not to mention INSIDE A COURTROOM. For long moments, the Tac Squad beat PHIL PRICE, a cousin of Fleeta Drumgo, as he lay on the ground, bending his leg over a chair and slamming a club on the leg repeatedly, then forcing him against the wall where they continued to beat him.
        "MARTY PRICE, Phil's older brother was being shoved around the neck with a Tac Squad club but he wasn't beaten. Instead, both were dragged inside to a prison holding cell where the guards forced Marty to watch as his younger brother was clubbed and beaten some more. When they finished, an officer said, 'We need some injured men (cops),' and SEVERAL OFFICERS WIPED THEIR HANDS IN PHIL'S BLOOD, RUBBED IT ON THEIR OWN FACES AND WENT OFF TO HAVE THEIR PICTURES TAKEN. The brothers were charged with ASSAULTING AN OFFICER." - "GUARDIAN" 9/8/71
        "The UNITED NATIONS has been suffering from what I would call a 'DOCUMENT EXPLOSION.' There has been a vast increase in the number of meetings of United Nations bodies and conferences ...These meetings generate large quantities of documents, and there has been little reduction in the documentation of the permanent organs...many delegations complain - privately and publicly - that they CANNOT DIGEST THE CONTENTS of tthe quantity of paper they receive." - SECRETARY-GENERAL U THANT (United Nationss) [74]
        "The assumption is made that the CHANGE AGENT is the decision-maker about the innovation... (but) people cannot be forced to change until they are psychologically ready...The MAJORITY of our youth still hold the SAME VALUES AS THEIR PARENTS...If we do not ALTER this pattern, if we do not resocialize ourselves to accept and plan for change, our society may DECAY...The use of CONVENTIONAL WISDOM as a basis for decision-making is a major IMPEDIMENT to educational improvement...Some very general proposals have been offered that call for government involvement in training linkage experts, and plans to modify the problem-solving model in a way that would utilize personnel from a 'trained' school as CHANGE AGENTS for new schools are under consideration in at least one project...The change agents obviously directed the training activities..." - "REPORT OF TASK FORCE C: STRATEGIES FOR CHANGE" [75]
        "...All the members of the EXECUTIVE BRANCH are the creatures of one elected representative of the people, the President. When you look at the entire Executive Branch, you confront this enormous structure of somewhat conflicting institutions in which only ONE man has been ELECTED by the people. The effects of this are very great...The basic problem is we have a system...with a lot of people who don't know what it means to be accountable to the public. The Congress is the enemy, just as the press is the enemy. And the PUBLIC is seen by members of the Executive in general as the GREAT BEAST, treacherous, ignorant, irrational, not to be respected, either individually or in the mass...
        "The startling thing that came out of them (Pentagon Papers) was how the same sets of
alternatives began to appear to each President, and ultimately the choice was neither to go for broke and adopt military recommendations, nor negotiate a settlement to get out. The decisions year after year were to CONTINUE THE WAR, although all predictions pointed to a continued stalemate with this kind of approach and thus to prolong the war indefinitely. That meant that no one President was responsible in the sense that he acted very differently from his counterparts in other Administrations. It came to seem not like Kennedy's war or Johnson's war. It was a PATTERN OF BEHAVIOR that went far beyond any ONE individual...
        "It was in the early fall of '69 that I began to deliver these documents to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee...it was a decision for which I expected to go to prison for the rest of my life...my first efforts were entirely along the lines of getting Congress and leading Democrats to urge the President, or even require him, to get out, so that the responsibility wouldn't fall entirely on his shoulders...I was communicating with a lot of Democrats, urging them to come out for total withdrawal. They were quite unwilling. So that failed...
        "This has supported a growing tendency by Executive officials to believe that, in the service of the President, they are literally outside the law. They, with the President, have begun to think of themselves as BEYOND ALL LAW and to act like an outlaw. We have an outlaw Executive, a scoflaw executive. Except that a scofflaw suggests parking tickets, and we're talking about MASS MURDER. That's the situation we're in...It is a mistake for an American citizen to believe that our official actions in Vietnam are the result of the normal processes of the state, but rather, I think, they are the result of an Executive branch that is acting BEYOND ANY RESTRAINT BY THE CONSTITUTION...
        "If you give a man such overwhelming power, if you put him in charge of the whole Government, in effect, then he quickly notices that the responsibility for failure is his alone. We compare a war against 18 Million people of South Vietnam and the 19 or 20 Million of North Vietnam to the war against Nazi Germany for control of all of Western Europe...The reality is that whatever the issues are at stake in Indochina for the United States, they are so far removed from issues we faced in World War II in importance, that they could not possibly justify the fact that we have been led to drop in the last two years more tonnage of bombs on Indochina, MOSTLY IN LAOS with its three million people, than we dropped in all the theaters in World War II. We dropped a little over two Million tons in ALL the theaters in World War II. Nixon has dropped 2.7 Million tons, MOSTLY IN LAOS, in his Administration. Nixon. And that's while we're WINDING DOWN the war..." - DANIEL ELLSBERG [76]
        "...the time has come to recognize the UNITED NATIONS for the ANTI-AMERICAN, ANTI- FREEDOM ORGANIZATION that it has become. The time has come for us to cut off all financial help, withdraw as a member, and ask the United Nations to find headquarters location outside the United States that is more in keeping with the philosophy of the majority of voting members, someplace like MOSCOW or PEKING." - SENATOR BARRY GOLDWATER (R-AZ) [77]
        "A Soviet 'diplomat,' named by the 'New York Times' as a veteran espionage agent, will be retained by the United Nations as director of external relations for the Office of Public Information. The $27,000- a-year contract of Vladimir P. Pavlichenko, identified as a VETERAN OFFICER OF THE DREAD KGB, was due to expire earlier this month. It was EXTENDED for two years by Secretary-General U Thant." - "HUMAN EVENTS" 10/30/71
        "Our efforts as educators must not be directed to restoring the past order of morality but to participating in creating a new one...when it is shed there will be a NEW MORAL ORDER to take its place...a counterculture that will burst through to the surface...Perhaps one can establish cells of a counterculture in the classroom...such units would then...contribute to the DISINTEGRATION OF EXISTING INSTITUTIONS...educational institutions may be the most effective source of counterculture units - perhaps the only possible source...
        "Children are to learn to make judgments that will turn them against the prevailing state of indoctrination and manipulated opinion...creating a counterculture that will enable people to REJECT the PRESENT culture and maintain that rejection and resistance even in the face of suppression...Formal education, carried on SUBVERSIVELY,* can be in the forefront of building a NEW MORAL ORDERW ...It provides some measure of the physical and social isolation necessary for the incubation process." - ROBERTA ASH [78]

        [NOTES: *For crying out loud! How much more blatant can they get? This is called "TREASON" for pity's sake! - OL
        W"Why may not the BIBLE and especially the NEW TESTAMENT be read and taught as a divine revelation in the schools? Where else can the PUREST PRINCIPLES OF MORALITY be learned so clearly or so perfectly as from the New Testament?" - U.S. SUPREME COURT 1844]

        "Indeed, the U.N. is the MAIN Soviet ESPIONAGE center in this country." - JACK ANDERSON [79]
        "[E]veryone knows how fraternity brothers can help other brothers climb the ladder of life. If you want to make foreign polity, there's no better fraternity to belong to than the COUNCIL [on Foreign Relations]. When Henry Stimson - the group's quintessential member - went to Washington in 1940 as Secretary of War, he took with him John McCloy, who was to become Assistant Secretary in charge of personnel. McCloy has recalled: 'WHENEVER WE NEEDED A MAN WE THUMBED THROUGH THE ROLL OF THE COUNCIL MEMBERS...And over the years, the men McCloy called, in turn, called other Council members." - ANTHONY LUKAS [80]
        "[All member states (nations) should]...cooperate in achieving a substantial reduction of the rate of population growth...ensure that information and education about family planning, as well as the MEANS to effectively practice family planning (i.e., prophylactics, birth-control pills, abortions), are made available to ALL (including underage adults, i.e., children) individuals by the end of the Second United Nations Development Decade." - UN POPULATION COMMISSION [81]
        "It is still astonishingly laissez-faire, a land where ABSENTEE OWNERS of immense mineral deposits, and the mining companies to which they lease, rule states and counties through PUPPET OFFICIALS, commit with impunity every conceivable assault against the physical environment, and evade their tax liabilities so thoroughly that long tiers of pauper counties huddle broke and impotent atop vast mineral reserves and amid endless industrial activity. THE CORPORATIONS TREAT MINING MEN WITH THE SAME CONTEMPT A FARMER MIGHT RESERVE FOR HIS MULES and shirk virtually all responsibility...for the communities they so ruthlessly dominate." - HARRY M. CAUDILL [82]
        Since President Bush nominated JOHN ASHCROFT for Attorney General of the United States, the Atheists, the Secular Humanists, the Globalists, the Militant Feminists, the Gay Rights advocates, the Communists and the Socialists, and other Far Left radicals have begun an all-out attack on Ashcroft, Bush, and Christianity - all based upon the famous "ROE v. WADE" decision. I think it is fitting that we investigate this famous ruling, which - along with "Engel v. Vitale" (1962) and Abington v. Schempp (1963) (removing prayer and Bibles from the public schools) - did more to destroy this nation than any other rulings before or since. So let's go back to the beginning and see what started it all:

        "It's December 13th, 1971. Chief Justice Warren Burger has called a case that raises an unsettled and unsettling issue in American society: abortion. Only SEVEN justices sit behind the bench. Two longtime justices, Hugo Black and John Harlan, died recently and have not yet been replaced...
        "In 1970 an UNMARRIED pregnant woman (Norma McCorvey, a LESBIAN, DRUG ADDICT, and militant pro-abortionist), using the pseudonym Jane Roe, sued Henry Wade, the Dallas, TX district attorney. Two young lawyers, Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee, asked the federal court to declare unconstitutional the Texas criminal law prohibiting any abortion not intended to save the mother's life. They also sought to bar the district attorney from enforcing the law. The federal judges ruled that the Texas law violated the NINTH AMENDMENT to the U.S. Constitution, which reserves to the PEOPLE those rights not granted to the states. But the judges declined to block enforcement of the law. Both sides appealed to the Supreme Court...

        WEDDINGTON: "I think it's without question that pregnancy to a woman can completely DISRUPT her life.* It disrupts her BODY, it disrupts her EDUCATION, it disrupts her EMPLOYMENT, and it often disrupts her entire family life. And we feel that because of the impact on the woman, this certainly, inasfar as there are any RIGHTS which are fundamental, is a matter which is of such fundamentalW and basic concern to the woman involved that she should be allowed to make the choice as to whether to continue or to terminate her pregnancy.
        "Your honor, in the lower court, as I'm sure you're aware, the court held that the right to determine whether or not to continue a pregnancy rested upon the Ninth Amendment,R which of course reserves those rights not specifically enumerated to the government, to the people. I do feel that it is, that the Ninth Amendment is an appropriate place for the freedom to rest. I think the Fourteenth Amendment is equally an appropriate place, under the RIGHTS OF PERSONS TO LIFE,T liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I think inasfar as liberty is meaningful, that liberty to these women would mean LIBERTY FROM BEING FORCED TO CONTINUE THE UNWANTED PREGNANCY...It is our position that the freedom involved is that of a woman to determine whether or not to continue a pregnancy. Obviously, I have a much more difficult time saying that the state has no interest in late pregnancy...I think it's more the emotional response to a late pregnancy, rather than it is any constitutional...The Constitution, as I see it, gives protection to PEOPLEY after birth." - "ROE v. WADE" [83]

        [NOTES: *It couldn't possibly "disrupt" her life as much as abortion "disrupts" the BABY's!
       WSo, a woman is BORN with the "right" to murder her child? Who GAVE her this right? Only the Creator Himself has the authority to give a person the "right" to kill one of HIS CREATIONS...and you know that ain't gonna happen! So, instead you run to the State. Why? By what authority do THEY decide whether it lives or dies? Is it their CREATION?
       RWhether or not to continue a pregnancy (kill your baby or let it live) does NOT rest on the Ninth Amendment. It rests on the SIXTH COMMANDMENT: "THOU SHALT NOT KILL" - of YOUR Creator, as well as the CREATOR OF THE BABY! Remember: you WILL have to answer for this before the throne of GOD - even if it is not YOUR baby! You will be responsible for its death - along with MILLIONS of other innocent babies!
       TYou are speaking about the right ot the mother to exercise her "liberty" to kill another, so that she can be "free" of this unwanted pregnancy (which SHE instigated), but what about the BABY's right to LIFE?
       YOh, THAT'S the way it goes: your claim that the Constitution gives protection to "PEOPLE" only after birth" - implies that FETUSES are also "people" both before and after birth. It's just that - according to YOU - they aren't entitled to protection from OTHER "people" (like mothers) under the Constitution (a MAN-made law). I very much doubt if the founders of this "free" country - the CREATORS of THIS document - would agrree, and I darned well KNOW that THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE, which includes fetuses (as well as of YOURSELF, Miss Weddington - unless, of course, you come from
ANOTHER universe?) WOULDN'T! - OL]

        "A significant portion of the American public is yet to become aware of the 'Invisible Government of Monetary Power,' although this knowledge is COMMON in Europe. Americans still believe that they are working toward a better way of life. Surreptitiously, however, social customs and forms of administration in the United States are being carefully and gradually modified. The change from one type of culture to another is thus accomplished without arousing serious public challenge.
        "The stark truth is that America is now passing from a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC into a TOTALITARIAN, WORLD-WIDE GOVERNMENT. World dominion is the ages-old dream of the MATTOIDS* who have mastered the science of control over people. Their success in the United States is directly related to two central issues: (1) transfer of MONEY CONTROL from the people into the hands of an international banking combine, and (2) creation of a complex and confusing JUDICIAL SYSTEM designed to frustrate justice..." - ARCHIBALD E. ROBERTS, Lt.Col. AUS, ret. ((Committee to Restore the Constitution) [84]

        [NOTE: *"A mattoid or HALF-FOOL, who is full of organic feelings of dislike, generalizes his subjective state into a system of pessimism, of 'Weltschmertz' - WEARINESS OF LIFE (in other words, JADED). Another, in whom a loveless egoism dominates all thought and feeling, so that the whole exterior world seems to him hostile, organizes his antisocial instincts into the theory of ANARCHISM. A third, who suffers from moral insensibility, so that no bond of sympathy links him with his fellow man or with any living thing, and who is obsessed by vanity amounting to megalomania, preaches a doctrine of the SUPERMAN, who is to know no consideration and no compassion, be bound by no moral principle, but 'live his own life' without regard for others. When these half-fools, as often happens, speak an excited language - when their imagination, unbridled by logic or understanding, supplies them with odd, startling FANCIES and surprising associations and images - their writings make a strong impression on unwary readers, and readily gain a decisive influence on thought in the cultivated circles of their time.
        "Of course, well-balanced persons are not thereby changed into practicing disciples of these morbid cults. But the preachings of these mattoids are favorable to the development of similar dispositions in others; serve to polarize, in their own sense, tendencies of hitherto uncertain drift, and give thousands the courage openly, impudently, boastfully, to confess and act in accordance with convictions which, BUT FOR THESE THEORISTS with their noise and the flash of their tinsel language, they would have felt to be absurd or infamous, which they would have CONCEALED WITH SHAME; which in any case would have remained MONSTERS known only to themselves and imprisoned in the lowest depths of their consciousness.

        "So, through the influence of the teachings of DEGENERATE half-fools, conditions arise which do not, like the cases of insanity and crime, admit of expression in figures, but can nevertheless in the end be defined through their political and social effects. We gradually observe a general LOOSENING OF MORALITY, a DISAPPEARANCE OF LOGIC from thought and action, a morbid irritability and vacillation of public opinion, a RELAXATION OF CHARACTER. Offenses are treated with a frivolous or sentimental indulgence which encourages rascals of all kinds. People lose the power of moral indignation, and accustom themselves to despise it as something banal, unadvanced, inelegant, and unintelligent.Deeds that would formerly have disqualified a man forever from public life are no longer an obstacle in his career, so that suspicious and TAINTED PERSONALITIES make it possible to rise to responsible
positions, sometimes to the control of national business. Sound COMMON SENSE becomes more rarely and less worthily appreciated, more and more meanly rated.
        "Nobody is shocked by the most absurd proposals, measures and fashions, and FOLLY rules in legislation, administration, domestic and foreign politics. Every demagogue finds a following, every fool collects adherents, every event makes an impression beyond all measure, kindles ridiculous enthusiasm, spreads morbid consternation, leads to violent manifestations in one sense or the other and to official proceedings that are at least useless, often deplorable and dangerous. Everybody harps upon his 'RIGHTS' and rebels against every limitation of his arbitrary desires by law or custom. Everybody tries to escape from the compulsion of DISCIPLINE and to shake off the burden of DUTY." - MAX NORDAU [85]
        On December 31, 1971, U Thant retired. KURT WALDHEIM, an Austrian, was selected as Thant's replacement. "One of Mr. Waldheim's greatest assets in his successful campaign was that he was the PREFERRED candidate of the SOVIET UNION from an early stage..." - "NEW YORK TIMES" 12/22/71
Not to be taken from permises
Please do not discuss with anyone!
        "As you know, I am to take complete charge of the 1972 Victory Campaign. To insure that victory, the following program is to be implemented AT ONCE. It is not to be deviated from, by anyone, for any reason, at any time, during the 1972 campaign...Our strategy is to obtain our margin of victory from the minority blocs of votes. The minority groups have been traditionally Democratic but we have devised a strategy which will win them for the President. These measures will succeed because, (A) the Democrats will have a weak candidate, and (B) Governor Wallace will split the Southern White vote. Although we may have received some Wallace votes in 1968, we cannot get them in 1972, and Wallace votes will be taken exclusively from the Democratic plurality. To obtain the NEGRO VOTE, the following measures are being implemented:
        "1 - FORCED HOUSING of White suburbs through the purchase of homes for NEGROS [sic] with Federal Funds. We will pay up to $50,000 each for homes for NEGRO WELFARE MOTHERS in all-White enclaves.
        2 - The Department of Justice WILL NOT SUPPORT OR ENFORCE CRIME CONTROL MEASURES, as negros consider these measures ANTI-NEGRO in effect.
        3 - ...White Union leaders will be arrested on various charges and REPLACED BY NEGROS [sic] approved by the White House Staff...
        4 - Repressive tax measures against private schools. Health, Education and Welfare tells us that integration will not succeed until PRIVATE SCHOOLS ARE SMASHED, as we have no legislation which will allow us to BUS NEGROS to private schools.
        5 - Stern measures will be taken against WHITE CITIZENS' GROUPS. The White leadership is already fragmented and ineffective, and the Department of Justice is ready for a quick mopping-up operation in this area.
        "To obtain the JEWISH VOTE, the Pentagon has scheduled TEN THOUSAND TROOPS for JERUSALEM, six weeks BEFORE the 1972 Election. This will ensure us UNANIMOUS Jewish support, as well as the support of the military-industrial complex. We will create a NEW VIET NAM IN THE MIDDLE EAST to offset Viet Nam WITHDRAWALS. The American troops will actively project the Present Borders of the Israeli to relieve the Jewish people from losses inflicted by the ARAB GUERRILLAS.
        "These measures will insure that the President inherits the Negro and Jewish support which gave PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT his unprecedented FOUR TERMS in the White House. It is of the utmost importance that each of you does his utmost to implement EVERY POINT of this program. Thank you for your cooperation." - JOHN M. MITCHELL [86]
        "Tenements, rooming houses, and housing projects - the dormitories of the ghetto electorate - provide...a shifting, changing human environment instead of the social reinforcements that encourage political involvement in more stable neighborhoods. And the immediate sruggle for subsistence drains the reservoirs of emotional energy available for the distant and complex realms of politics...Elections come and go, and the life of poverty goes on pretty much as before...THE POSTURING OF CANDIDATES AND THE PROMISE OF PARTIES ARE SIMPLY IRRELEVANT TO THE DAILY GRIND OF MARGINAL EXISTENCE." - PENN KIMBALL [87]
        "...within TWO decades the institutional framework for a WORLD ECONOMIC COMMUNITY will be in place...(and) aspects of individual sovereignty will be given over to supernational authority." - ROY M. ASH (Office of Management and Budget) 1972
        "...in recent years a few symbolic policy critics have actually been recruited, but FAILURE to be asked to be a member of the Council has been regarded for a generation as a presumption of UNSUITABILITY FOR HIGH OFFICE in the national security bureaucracy." - RICHARD J. BARNET [88]
        "[COMMUNIST] STRATEGISTS...are convinced that REMOVING FEAR FROM AMERICAN MINDS by projecting the Soviet Union as a peaceful, non-aggressive state can neutralise [sic] the influence of anti-Communism and convert the United States into a non-ideological society friendly to the USSR. This in turn will create favourable conditions for 'restructuring' in the context of US and SOVIET-AMERICAN CONVERGENCE...The new method detects an active Soviet offensive to reach the AMERICAN ELITE and to engage it in close cooperation and 'RESTRUCTURING' IN THE UNITED STATES..." - ANATOLIY GOLITSYN [89]
        Five years ago, SAKHAROV (a KGB agent), the man who introduced "perestroika" to the United States predicted four things:
        (a) The victory of the "realists," economic reforms and EXPANDING 'DEMOCRACY' in the USSR [1960-80]
        (b) The victory of the LEFT-WING REFORMERS, their attack on the 'forces of RACISM and MILITARISM' and changes in the STRUCTURE OF OWNERSHIP in the United States and other capitalist countries [1972-85]
        (c) Soviet-American cooperation over DISARMAMENT and "saving" the poorer half of the world [1972-90]
        (d) The restructuring of society and CONVERGENCE of the COMMUNIST and CAPITALIST systems leading to the creation of a (SOCIALIST) WORLD GOVERNMENT [1980-2000]
        "The period 1972 to 1985 would be characterised [sic] by pressure from the progressive forces in the West combining with pressure from the example of the socialist countries to implement a programme of convergence with socialism...This phase includes an expanded role for the intelligentsia and an attack on the forces of racism and militarism...
        "ALL OF SAKHAROV'S MAIN PREDICTIONS HAVE SO FAR FEEN FULFILLED with the exception of Russian-American partnership in solving the problem of the poorer half of the world and the creation of a world government. What Sakharov, like the present Russian leaders, clearly had in mind was East-West convergence on SOCIALIST terms leading to World Government DOMINATED BY THE RUSSIANS AND THE CHINESE...
        "A campaign for a new system of WORLD GOVERNMENT will be launched at summit level and will be accompanied by pressure from below, the active use of agents of influence and SECRET ASSASSINATIONS of leaders who are seen as obstacles. The campaign will come as a surprise to the US Administration. In the ensuing negotiations, THE US PRESIDENT OF THE DAY WILL FIND HIMSELF FACING COMBINED PRESSURE FROM THE RUSSIANS AND THE CHINESE. The Chinese will by then have adopted a 'reformed,' pseudo-democratic system.
        "In the course of the negotiations the Russians and the Chinese will begin to reveal their true colours, their fundamental antagonism to the free world and the threat they represent to it. The US policy of partnership with Russia will be exposed as BANKRUPT. Internally in the United States, this will lead to divisions, recriminations and a search for scapegoats. Externally, the reputation of the United States as the leader of the free world will be IRREPARABLY DAMAGED and its alliances...will be jeopardised.
        "The US President will find himself without the finest armed services in the world. Reformed and cut back by budget reductions based on mistaken assessments of long-term threats, the services will be equipped for handling regional conflicts but will be UNPREPARED for GLOBAL CONFRONTATION...
        "TOO LATE it will be realised [sic] that there have been NO equivalent reductions in the power and effectiveness of the Russian and Chinese armed forces or their intelligence and security services. A real swing in the balance of power in FAVOUR of a SINO-SOVIET ALLIANCE...will have taken place GIVING THE RUSSIANS AND CHINESE A PREPONDERANT SHARE IN SETTING UP THE NEW WORLD GOVERNMENT SYSTEM...If the Russian leaders continue to demonstrate to the Russian people that they can SUCCESSFULLY EXTRACT WESTERN AID and contribute to signs of economic progress, the Russian people will follow them and, like the Chinese, will END UP LAUGHING WITH THEIR
        "We are the BIGGEST potential political fighting force in this country and we are determined to CONTROL THE DIRECTION OF AMERICAN EDUCATION." - CATHERINE BARRETT (President - National EEducation Association) [91]
        According to "progressive" educators, allowing parents on citizen advisory committees at each stage of planning a school's sex education program may not be a good idea. "[It]...can be a strong force in quieting parents' protests." On the other hand, [some parents and citizens] "...WHOSE PERSONAL ATTITUDES ARE WARPED* may complain or may try to sabotage the program." - "WORKING WITH

        [NOTE: *Is it safe to assume y'all mean "warped" by BIBLICAL and other traditional AMERICAN
values? - OL]

        "...how does the young person choose his own course of action from among the many models and many moralizing lectures with which he has been bombarded? Where does he learn whether he wants to stick to the old MORAL AND ETHICAL standards or try NEW ones?" - SIDNEY SIMON [93] And to think we use to keep these (one-time) innocent things under lock and key:
        "DIARIES...enable students to bring an enormous amount of INFORMATION about themselves into class to be EXAMINED and discussed...For a whole week or longer, students (and the teacher) keep their own individual diaries. If they have chosen a RELIGION diary, they record all thoughts, conversations, and actions having to do with religion." - "STRATEGY NUMBER 77' [94]
[Cont. in IVd]


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