[Cont. from IVa]

        "MAJOR DECISIONS AFFECTING THE WAR were in many cases influenced by political events in the United States. One such event was the killing of four Kent State students by National Guardsmen in the spring of 1970. Kent State had erupted on May 4, 1970, in response to the U.S. invasion of Cambodia, a sign that the war was spreading The political backlash and the public outcry from the Cambodian invasion forced the cancellation of a planned military ground invasion of Laos to destroy the petroleum pipeline under construction there, and to FREE THE POWS.
        "The bullets that killed the students in Ohio had symbolically ricocheted all the way to Terry's trailer in Thailand. On a fateful day in mid-May, an Air Force captain walked into Terry's targeting shop and ordered that computerized 'fail-safes' that prevented inadverdent bombing of the POW camps be removed. 'PULL THE MAP TACKS,' the captain commanded. Terry and the other enlisted men were shocked and appalled when the officer told them a policy change had been made and that THE POW CAMPS WOULD NO LONGER BE PROTECTED FROM BOMBING OPERATIONS.
        "A small mutiny ensued and ended shortly thereafter, with the stunned airmen standing at rigid attention while a full colonel read them the Uniform Code of Military Justice (there's that WORD again: "Justice" Uh huh! For WHOM??), specifically the section about the consequences of refusing to obey a direct order. They were guaranteed immediate lodging in the federal penitentiary at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, if the orders were not obeyed immediately, and were told that replacements from Hawaii would be there within twenty-four hours. The replacements would follow the lawful orders being given. It was going to happen, with or WITHOUT their cooperation.
        "Hadn't the American prisoners taken an OATH, after all, and signed a service agreement to pay the 'Supreme Price' if NECESSARY?* This was the logic the colonel applied. And who WERE the men paying the supreme price? Young men like Terry Reed and Oliver North were seeing the NATION'S VERY BEST slain NEEDLESSLY to avoid upsetting GEOPOLITICAL GOALSW that only Richard Nixon and a select few could secretly articulate. The red tacks came down - and SO DID THE BOMBS..." - TERRY REED & JOHN CUMMINGS [31]

        [NOTE: *Tell us: in what way was this SLAUGHTER BY THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT "necessary?" Whose lives did it SAVE? What did the American people, or the SOUTH Vietnamese people GAIN from this sacrifice? (That IS why we were fighting in the first place, isn't it?)
       WSadly, that is a PERFECT description of war - ANY war. No war is conducted to SAVE lives. As they say, "Follow the money." Who funded all of the wars Beginning with the French Revolution? The ILLUMINATI aka "The Banksters," and the "Olympians" (Committee of 300) - who view "Our Nation's Best" as nothing more than "cannon fodder!" - OL]

        "Some changes are desperately needed. Schools can no longer be permitted to carry out such a horrendously effective program for drying up students' sense of their own SEXUAL identity. The schools must not be allowed to continue fostering the IMMORALITY OF MORALITY.* An entirely different set of values must be nourished." - MARIANNE & SIDNEY SIMON [32]

        [NOTE: *"the IMMORALITY OF MORALITY"?!! Exactly when did we Americans become SO stupid that we actually gave CREDENCE to BLITHERING IDIOTS like this?!!!!!!! - OL]

        "...demands have already been made that the United Nations investigate the slaying of Black Panthers by police officers on the ground that their slaying constituted genocide under article II(a), and that the United Nations investigate the action of the legislature of one State in respect to WELFARE BENEFITS on the ground that the legislative action constituted GENOCIDE (?!) under article II(c)" - SENATOR SAM J. ERVIN (D-NC) [33]
"Here are some quick statistics regarding the decision to

        "1.We received 1500 individual letters of complaint from customers...
        2.We have received Congressional Inquiries from about TWO-THIRDS of the House
           and Senate...
        3.We have only received EIGHT letters of thanks for providing lobby space for these
           card sales; in each case from a MEMBER of a local UNICEF group.
        4.We have received only ONE letter of complaint over our decision to terminate the
        5.We have received 100-200 letters of thank you FOR terminating the program.
        6.Opinion playback from field people generally indicates that they would be happier
           if they DIDN'T have to contend with the program each year."* - DIRECTOR OF
           CREATIVE SERVICES (Department of U.S. Post Office) [34]

        [NOTE: *Despite overwhelming opposition from the public and the Department itself, Postmaster General Winton Blount personally REVERSED the policy and permitted UNICEF to again use TAX-financed post offices for its card sales! - OL]

        "The MOST BASIC DIVISION in the world today is not between communists and non-communists, between blacks and whites, between rich and poor or even between young and old. It is between those who see only the interests of a LIMITED group (defenders of national sovereignty) and those who are capable of seeing the interests of the BROADER community of mankind* as a whole (globalism)." - RICHARD N. GARDNER [35]

        [NOTE: *In other words, advocates of a communistic global government - with the advocates at the HELM, of course! - OL]

        "The United Nations hopes and plans - or, more accurately, the INSIDERS, the Conspiratorial bosses ABOVE IT, hope and plan for it - to use population controls, ecological or environmental controls, controls over scientific and technological developments, control over the arms and military strength of individual nations, control over education, control over health, and all the controls it can gradually establish under all of the different excuses for INTERNATIONAL jurisdiction that it can devise.
        "These variegated separate controls are to become components of the gradually materializing TOTAL CONTROL that it expects to achieve by pretense, deception, persuasion, beguilement, and falsehoods, while the ENFORCEMENT...BY BRUTAL FORCE AND TERROR is also getting under way." - ROBERT WELCH (Founder of the John Birch Society) [36]
        "This letter is to officially advise you of my resignation...My leaving is motivated purely on the grounds of personal moral principle. The public relations or political reasons for granting card sale lobby space to the U.S. Committee for UNICEF aside, I am convinced that this action [the reversal of policy] is MORALLY WRONG AND INJURIOUS TO THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE NATION AND ITS CITIZENS. I make this statement on the basis of an extensive examination of the UNICEF operation, which I conducted as a result of our receiving some 1,500 letters of complaint from customers all across this country.
        "The more I investigated these complaints, the more obvious it became that, since its inception, the constant outpouring of humanitarian pronouncements with which UNICEF is wont to surround itself, have served as little more than a FACADE to HIDE SINISTER MEN AND SINISTER MOTIVES. In short, I was forced to conclude that IT IS MORALLY WRONG FOR AN ESTABLISHMENT OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT TO PROVIDE THE MEANS BY WHICH UNICEF CAN FURTHER ITS FINANCIAL AND PROPAGANDA OBJECTIVES..." - DIRECTOR OF CREATIVE SERVICES (Department of U.S. Post Office) [37]
        "Certainly the least predicted development under the NIXON administration was this great new thrust to SOCIALISM. One encounters people who still aren't aware of it. Others must be rubbing their eyes, for certainly the portents seemed all to the contrary. As an OPPONENT OF SOCIALISM, Mr. Nixon seemed steadfast..." - JOHN KENNETH GALBRAITH [38]
        "A new and broader approach is needed - creation of a COMMUNITY of the developed nations which can effectively address itself to the larger concerns confronting mankind. In addition to the United States and Western Europe, Japan ought to be included...A council representing the UNITED STATES, WESTERN EUROPE and JAPAN, with regular meetings of the heads of governments as well as some small standing machinery, would be a good start."* - ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI [39]

        [NOTE: *Didn't take long to get your wish, did it, Ziggy? You have but to speak, out comes ROCKEFELLER's checkbook - and VOILA! the TRILATERAL COMMISSION is born! - OL]

        Brzezinski also released a book during this year, in which he stated "National sovereignty is no longer a viable concept." In it, he graphically spells out his idea of a BETTER free world:
        "MARXISM represents a further vital and creative stage in the maturing of man's universal vision. Marxism is simultaneously a victory of the external, active man over the inner, passive man and a VICTORY OF REASON OVER BELIEF..."* - ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI [40]

        [NOTE: *AMERICAN to his very core, ISN'T he? And this is the man our Presidents keep insisting on putting in charge of our National Security Council! Doesn't it kind of make you wonder about our PRESIDENTS' loyalties? As I said about Klinton & Kompany: Either they are all corrupt (traitors) or all incompetents! Hmmm. Which would YOU pick? - OL]

        "The racist planned and unplanned terror suffered by more than 40 millions of black, brown, red and yellow citizens of the United States cannot be regarded solely as a DOMESTIC issue...
        "On the basis of simple justice, it is time for the Unitrd Nations to call for universal action to apply economic and political sanctions against the UNITED STATES...until such time as the United States will abide by the Genocide Convention and the Declaration of Human Rights." - "PETITION TO THE UNITED NATIONS TO END GENOCIDE" [41]
        "The ultimate object of the parties of the Socialist International [Communists] is nothing less than world government. As a first step towards it, they seek to strengthen the United Nations." They explain, "the United Nations as a concept is essentially a DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST idea." - ROSE L. MARTIN [42]
        "...When you look at [the] record of the state you realize that NO environmental law enacted by any legislature has had ANY significant effect on saving the environment; and that few local laws have been enacted which can protect Maine communities against the destruction wrought by greedy developers. Examined in the harsh light of reality, the ENVIRONMENTAL CRUSADE in Maine* becomes a bleak illusion." - "MAINE TIMES" 11/15/70

        [NOTE: *Multiply this situation by 50 and you can see what comes of SACRIFICING YOUR CONSTITUTIONALLY-PROTECTED RIGHTS! Of course, this can also be multiplied by however many COUNTRIES there are at any given moment, as well. Perhaps the following will explain WHY environmental laws and regulations don't work. - OL]

        "The approach taken by state, local and federal government in regard to POLLUTION, like the approach taken in most other problem areas, hews closely to three principles:
        (1) the forms of public control must never compete or interfere with the basic PROFIT
             interests of private investment - that is to say, the solutions to pollution must be
             accommodated to the private-profit capitalist production system;
        (2) in keeping with the above requirement, the COSTS of pollution control are to be
             borne by  the PUBLIC rather than by the producers; and
        (3) the companies that pollute the most will get the most...In sum, the polluter is
             REWARDED rather than punished." - MICHAEL PARENTI [43]

        HOW did they alienate your children from you? Simple. During "group therapy" a student's home, family, religion, attitudes or beliefs are criticized, which "produces disillusionment and value disintegration, and encourages acceptance of group values...The person may then suffer DISASSOCIATION FROM PARENTS and others as a consequence of his altered beliefs." - CLIFFORD EDWARDS [44]
        An expert in the field of Education describes some of the expected results of this new age thinking - then explains how this whole thing came about:
        "See the hairy HELL'S ANGEL, unsavory, uncouth, a thrall (SLAVE) to kicks. One reason he's this way is because his school taught him as a kid that rigid standards went out with high-button shoes, and that it's perfectly okay for each person to evolve his own moral code. So he DID, God help him.
        "See the NOISOME HIPPIE, diseased, debauched, degenerate. Down in the grades and with the same good intentions which pave Hell-road, his teachers let him get the idea that life is a ball where imposed toil is tyranny, where loafing on somebody else's money is everybody's RIGHT, and where happiness consists of DOING YOR OWN THING...
        "See the CAMPUS RIOTER, brandishing four-letter-word placards and Molotov cocktails with equal abandon. Some years back, his school told him a lot about individual freedom and nothing at all about INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY. Now he exercises his freedom at the expense of someone else's. Responsibility? That's SQUARESVILLE, man...
        "Mind you, I've never known a teacher who came right out and SAID these things to children. But I've known too many of them who espoused and mouthed an educational philosophy that caused convictions like these to take root in the minds of their pupils as inevitably as the GENERAL AMNESTY that invariably follows the burning down of the university administration building nowadays...
        "The two main GOALS of progressive education are to aid the child to live the life of the GROUP and to enable him to 'adjust' to a constantly CHANGING environment. The child is constantly reminded that he is merely one member of the group and that his success is being measured by how well he is accepted by his companions.
        "Remind you of the S.D.S. (Students for a Democratic Society) zombies prior to their recent split, all salivating together on cue LIKE PAVLOV'S DOGS, all breathing the same obscenities, all mouthing the same party line, knowing no life as individuals, experiencing only what the group experiences?
        "Indeed, the PROGRESSIVE EDUCATIONALISTS have much to answer for. Most dangerous when they are most dedicated, they war against your children in the firm belief that they are helping them. They treat parents as though they were retarded first-graders, glaciating all over them in a fine mixture of contemptuous kindness and smug superiority...For almost three decades now, I've watched the high priests of progressivism inoculate children with the germs of RELATIVISM...

        "TOXIN: 'Society SHOULDN'T try to judge anyone. Every person is responsible only to himself.'
        "ANTITOXIN: Society HAS to judge its dynamiters, or it will quickly cease to be a society. Every
                           person is responsible to every other person, to say nothing of being responsible to

        "TOXIN: 'Who's to say what's GOOD and what's BAD? Is there any validity to these terms
        "ANTITOXIN: Oh, for Heaven's sake, come off it! You could reduce ANY value system to absurdity
                           by this kind of lame-brained questioning...I have before me an S.D.S. handbook
                           detailing methods of SUBVERSION for the faithful, and a letter signed by one
                           Michael Klonsky, National Secretary for the Students for a Democratic Society, in
                           which he describes his national organization as an 'ENEMY OF THE STATE'...The
                           goal of today's 'enemies of the state' is to subvert the control of our institutions of
                           higher learning by the people who support and populate those institutions and to turn
                           them over to groups and individuals who represent nothing more or less than

        "The WEAPONS used are violence and threats of violence, blackmail, arson, and kidnapping. In my own state, I can document the violence at San Francisco State College, the blackmail at San Jose State College, the arson at San Fernando State College, and the mob terror at Berkeley." - MAX RAFFERTY (Superintendent of Public Education - CA) [45]

        "A 3-year project to build a million-dollar monument of information has started in the Dallas Independent Schools District. And, the part of the project which will most affect students and their parents is a SURVEY...to collect personal...information on 36,541 high school students...By 1972, administrators expect to have complete computerized records on each of the 180,000 students in the district. When this is completed, officials said, they will begin compiling information on Dallas TEACHERS and on STUDENTS' HOME LIFE and SOCIO-ECONOMIC background.
        " 'We'll give each FIRST-GRADER a NUMBER* and study him for 17 years,' said Dr. William Webster of the district's Research and Evaluation Department...The survey is...funded by federal money and with $600,000 from ROSS PEROT's [$] 2 million gift to the schools last year." - KAREN ELLIOT [46]

        [NOTE: *Exactly like normal mortals do their CATTLE! - OL]

        "The COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS is "the ESTABLISHMENT." Not only does it have influence and power in key decision-making positions at the HIGHEST levels of government to apply pressure from above, but it also announces and uses individuals and groups to bring pressure from below, to justify the high level decisions for CONVERTING THE US FROM A SOVEREIGN CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC INTO A SERVILE MEMBER-STATE OF A ONE-WORLD DICTATORSHIP." - JOHN RARICK (Former Congressman)
        "Appellant was...wearing a jacket bearing the words 'F--K THE DRAFT' in a corridor of the Los Angeles Courthouse." Held:
        "...the State may not...make the simple public display of this single four-letter expletive a[n] ...offense...The [California statute prohibiting such use of words] infringed his rights to freedom of expression guaranteed by the First and Fourteenth Amendments of the Federal Constitution...THIS IS NOT AN OBSCENITY CASE...That the air may at times seem filled with verbal cacophony is...not a sign of weakness, but of STRENGTH."* (!) - "COHEN v. CALIFORNIA" 1971

        [NOTE: *If this be the case, I guess our goal no longer is to be the "Greatest Nation on Earth," but the "STRONGEST" Nation on Earth - at least in the eyes of SATAN! - OL]

        "Everybody is, in theory, in favor of 'peace.' Most people are in favor of 'world law' - as long as it is NOT enforceable. But if the concept is expressed in terms of 'world government' or 'yielding national SOVEREIGNTY,' most of these groups who think of themselves as having 'a piece of peace' tend to shy away. The term 'world order' tends to attract more supporters, until its necessary connection with world GOVERNMENT is explained..." - SENATOR JOSEPH CLARK (D-PA) (future President of the United World Federalists) [47]
        "We must go back to the MATRIARCHIES...to ancient female religions (like "WICCA" - witchcraft, Lesbos)...In order to break the tyranny of class oppression, it is necessary to establish a SOCIALIST order...In the final hours of capitalism we will dance on the grave of corporate America...MARRIAGE is the key institution that has failed us and we must work to DESTROY it...The nuclear family must be replaced with a new form of family where individuals live and work together to help meet the needs of ALL people in society...With the DESTRUCTION OF THE NUCLEAR FAMILY must come a new way of looking at children. They must be seen as the responsibility of an entire society RATHER THAN INDIVIDUAL PARENTS."* - 'THE DOCUMENT: DECLARATION OF FEMINISM'

        [NOT: *OK, Hillary. We hear you talking! - OL]

        "Among the major CHANGES in the Charter [UN] that would be required to create a limited WORLD GOVERNMENT with power to keep the peace [or wage war!] are:
        (1) Elimination of the VETO in the Security Council;
        (2) substitution for the 'one nation, one vote' in the General Assembly of a more REALISTIC
            system that recognizes the vast disparity of both population and economic power of the
        (3) a self-operating system of financing the UN, such as a LICENSE FEE on concessions in the
            seabed, or a small tax payable directly to the UN TREASURY, on transactions in international
        (4) a strong United Nations Peace-Keeping and Peace-MAKING force, subject to the control of
            the secretary-general acting under instructions of the Security  Council;
        (5) general and complete DISARMAMENT; and
        (6) compulsory jurisdiction over disputes between nations, whether JUSTIFIABLE or not, by the
            World Court (i.e., repeal of the Connally Amendment*);" In addition:
        (7) "admission of ALL nation-states to the U.N." in order to create "a universal federation of all the
             nation-states in a limited WORLD GOVERNMENT..." and give specialized UN agencies "the
            POWER to deal with the problems of pollution, poverty, and population." - SENATOR JOSEPH
         CLARK (PA) (future President of the United World Federalists) [48]

        [NOTE: *Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Tom Connaly (D-TX) put a resolution before Congress, which - while "recognizing as compulsory...the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice in all legal disputes hereafter arising" - provided that such World Court Jurisdictiion would not apply to "disputes with regard to matters which are essentially within the domestic jusrisdiction of the United States," adding the words "AS DETERMINED BY THE UNITED STATES." The resolution passed on August 2, 1946. - OL]

        Those six words "are ALL THAT STAND BETWEEN US and COMPLETE LEGAL SUBJUGATION to the whims of fifteen or nine or five or even two men whose legal backgrounds and personal ideologies may be strongly ANTIPATHETIC to the free world in general and to the United States in particular." - G. EDWARD GRIFFIN [49]

        [NOTE: *Despite this fact, every American President since 1945 has urged REPEAL of this crucial Connally Amendment! I repeat: WHOSE President are they?! - OL]

        "...GENOCIDE means any of the following acts committed with INTENT TO DESTROY, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or RELIGIOUS group..."* - "INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION ON THE PREVENTIION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE" (Article II)

        [NOTE: *Shouldn't this include the protection of CHRISTIANS? Or are they no longer considered a "RELIGIOUS" group? Do any of you recall what the "high priestess of the New Age movement" taught? Let me refresh your memory:
        "['New Agers" and Theosophists must]...oppose...every form of dogmatic theology, ESPECIALLY THE CHRISTIAN, which the Chiefs of the Society regard as particularly pernicious (evil)...to counteract, as far as possible, the effects of missionaries to delude the so-called 'Heathen' and 'Pagans' as to the real origin and dogmas of Christianity and the practical effects of the latter upon public and private character in so-called Christian countries." - MADAME HELENA PETROVNA BLAVATSKY [50]

        "We are confronted by a horde of MADMEN. Mad in the same sense that Hitler was mad - a fact which the whole world accepts. Mad in the sense that their conduct, their aspiration, their reasoning, their actions are those of MINDS OUT OF CONTROL, irrational, unsound, blown by a hurricane of willful insistence upon principles that civilization has proved over and over again to be specious and often DEGENERATE." - DAVID O. WOODBURY (Author of 23 books on science) [51]
        "The WILDLANDS PROJECT is a massive program for restructuring society around nature as the organizing principle...Working in tandem with the Wildlands Project is the Biosphere Reserve Program, a creation of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural Organization (UNESCO).* The objective of the program, conceived in 1971, has been to designate sites worldwide for preservation and to protect the biodiversity of chosen sites on a global level. Toward that end, the SIERRA CLUB has REDRAWN the map of North America into 21 'BIOREGIONS' In turn, each of the 21 bioregions has been divided into three zones:
        (1) WILDERNESS AREA, designated as habitat of plants and animals. Human
             habitation,  use, or intrusion is forbidden.
        (2) BUFFER ZONES surrounding the wilderness areas. Limited, and strictly controlled,
             human access is permitted within this zone.
        (3) COOPERATION ZONES, the ONLY zones where humans will be permitted to live.
        "According to Dr. Michael Coffman of Environmental Perspectives, Inc., a strategy to implement reserves and corridorsW (in the northern Rockies, for example) would be to:
        1) Start with a seemingly INNOCENT-sounding program like the 'World Heritage Areas in
            Danger.' Bring all human activity under regulation in a 14-18 Million acre BUFFER
            ZONE  around Yellowstone National Park.
        2) Next, declare all FEDERAL land (except Indian reservations) as buffers, along with
            PRIVATE LAND within federal administration boundaries.
        3) Next, extend the U.S. Heritage corridor buffer zone concept along MAJOR RIVER
            systems. Begin to convert critical federal lands and ecosystems to reserves.
        4) Finally, convert all U.S. Forest Service, grasslands, and wildlife refuges to reserves.
            Add  missing reserves and corridors so that 50 PERCENT of landscape is preserved..." -
        SPECIAL REPORT [52]
        "In CAPTIVITY, American servicemen made learning the NAMES OF FELLOW PRISONERS the highest priority and pledged to each other that they would all go home together. Admiral James Stockdale, who won a presidential citation for his service to the U.S. while the senior officer was held captive, said the pledge was central to POWs' survival, because it kept them going - through UNSPEAKABLE TORTURE and other adversity:
        'In the matter of accountability for Americans in the prisons of North Vietnam, what appears to be chaotic to the outside after-the-fact investigators, seemed by contrast comparatively orderly to the self-governing, self-accounting body of Yanks who spent considerable time there. Self-governing, self-accounting. That's important. IT HAD TO BE A TEAM OPERATION. We who struggled for years to maintain unity over self, keeping, memorizing, cross-checking names of all Americans physically sighted or whispered to or tapped with, we had stringent requirements to get into the system. It couldn't be hearsay, it couldn't be anything. The guy had to have been seen or whispered to or had some physical contact with somebody. Found in those dungeons - all of this activity found in those dungeons, a meaning of life centered on being YOUR BROTHER'S KEEPER emerged, keeping a memorialized
chronology of contacts and acquaintances that could some day, God willing, when papers and pencils were available, allow you to present to the world a history, in the worst case, of who was last known to be where.
        'There were four very tough years from late '65 through late '69 when many of us were in solitary most of the time, under the gun of a carrot-and-stick EXTORTION AND TORTURE program, when the deepest fear in many of our hearts was to be stashed in ISOLATION in some part of this prison or one of the satellites, WHERE YOU COULD SCREAM TO THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS AND NOBODY WOULD UNDERSTAND ENGLISH, to be stashed in isolation, there to expire by one means or another leaving no audit trail with your surviving comrades that might some day reach your family as a creditable account of your last days.
        'Morbid stuff, but REAL, and in the last instance, the trigger that in the strange high-mindedness of solitary existence drove many of us to be compulsive communicators, RISKING ALL, sometimes when you couldn't be sure the hall was cleared of guards, to get a position report out of who you were and what your predicament was, and we'd do that with that old shave-and-a-haircut and our code that was initiated, that message initiated by that second nature TAP CODE we had so luckily inherited from the reconstructed faint memories of a fellow prisoner named Smitty Harris. It was not part of a - the Government never came up with that. TThis was prisoner-generated from a memory, from an enlisted prisoner in Korea that an Air Force captain named Smitty Harris remembered talking to him about. THAT WAS OUR LIFELINE.
        'What started in August 1964 with the imprisonment of EV ALVAREZ in cell 24 off the Heartbreak Courtyard in HOA LO PRISON in downtown Hanoi, the the first American air crewman captured in North Vietnam, grew over the years to hundreds of Air Force, Navy, and Marine pilots and back-seaters attuned to one another's presence only by that tap code, but kept not only in the hub of the North Vietnam prison system, this Hoa Lo Prison, but spilled over into a family of satellite prisons, some few within the city, but several in the countryside within a radius of some 60 miles from that old French prison, Ministry of Justice and its companion piece, Hoa Lo Prison...'Americans were picked out, blindfolded and handcuffed, and shuttled around in Jeeps during the night, totally uprooted and taken away from what had become their dearest friends, clinging to that memory list of 100 or 200 or eventually 300 or more ALPHABETICALLY ARRANGED NAMES of those they knew to have been seen, tapped with, or whispered with in that private American Hoa Lo universe of ours, while in the meantime our underground resistance organizations coalesced, became disciplined, resolute and effective, and then inevitably fell to purges and were dispersed when these organizations were compromised or became so effective that THEY THREATENED THE COMMISSAR'S...PROPAGANDA
QUOTAS of the general staff. Build an organization and have it torn down. Build an organization and have it torn down: That was the rhythm of our lives. The American prison population grew, the cycles continued, and familiar names kept popping up at Hoa Lo Prison. It was our loop, and the same names kept going round and round.
        "It was the SON TAY RAID of November 1970 that prompted the North Vietnamese to bring them all - all of these chickens out in the satellite camps back, all back to Hoala Prison, where in January 1971 every American prisoner - with two exceptions...who had ever been ssighted, whispered to, tapped to by any other American over the last 6-1/2 years were all locked up in a ring of contiguous large cell blocks around the largest west courtyard of Hoala Prison, and it's half the prison...Little did we 342, in our splendid isolation of that January 1971, know that A NEW MIXTURE OF AMERICAN PRISONERS WAS BEING BROUGHT UP TO HANOI, not just flight crews that had been the case all those first 6-1/2 years, but Army and Marine troops. Prisoners from South Vietnam and a few from Laos were being moved in unbeknownst to us and only known to Ted Guy. We and these last were never mixed until OPERATION HOMECOMING was effectively underway, but by 1971 the war was in a new phase. Of course, more shot-down flight crewmen would join us in late '71 and '72, and particularly a few they took over in 1973, what I call the SECOND AIR WAR in Vietnam. THREE MARINES, for instance, joined us, 24 NAVY, and something just short of 100 AIR FORCE, counting what were the B-52's. . . .
        'We MEMORIZED the shot-down pilots as their names came in, but my memory of them and their numbers is nowhere as vivid as those of my 6-1/2 year sample which I'm concentrating on, because that is the - that's the centerpiece. That went all the way. Men who went through storms of isolation and torture and lost track of nobody. 351 of them. We all came home together, AS WE PROMISED EACH OTHER WE WOULD, but it was 9 and not 8 that came home in body bags because Marine Warrant Officer John Frederick, alive and well at our muster in January of '71, died of an illness a year later. Ted Guy, of course, joined in and filled in wherever the number of living - and kept the number of living at 342. 'Nothing untoward happened to the additional 125 or so live pilots that joined us that last
year - no abductions - and that group brought up the rear at Homecoming, which was designed to
        "In addition to increasing the U.S. Government's information about life in prison, the returning prisoners brought painful news about the difficulties they faced even BEFORE they got to the prison system. As Stockdale testified:

        'Now, I've said nothing about Americans who DIED after they pulled the ejection handle or before they were captured, or after they were captured and before they got to the gate of Hoa Lo, and I EXPECT THERE WERE MANY.
        'For most of my imprisonment, I carried the name of a Navy Lieutenant, RANDY FORD, who one of my fellow prisoners at Hoa Lo told me he whispered to in the darkness at a holding point near Vinh on the way to prison. He said Ford was badly injured and [he] never caught sight of him, but the way he was moaning and barely talking...probably would not make it to prison alive. There were lots of people out there like that, I think. Ford did not [make it to the prison system], but I noticed - I KEPT TRACK. His remains were returned to the States." - ADMIRAL JAMES BOND STOCKDALE [53]

        "Tom (THOMAS E. COLLINS III) doesn't talk about the war and what went on there...But he did tell me that he went down just short of the target, which was a bridge. The airplane wasrolling at 1,000 feet when he went out of it. He got his back- seater out. But he was almost - the plane was almost upside down when he went out, which basically ejected him into the ground. It BROKE HIS BACK He crawled off under a bush and waited. The townspeople came out, not too happy to see him, but maybe thrilled too because they beat him severely. After they beat him severely, he was taken into the village and questioned...When he ejected was the NUMBER-ONE time he could possibly have not made it to Hanoi. NUMBER-TWO time was when the villagers decided to beat him unmercifully.
        "The THIRD time was when he was taken in and...REFUSED to give any information. He was then taken out. He was beaten. That's the next time. Taken out and put in front of the firing squad the next time. He was then taken back in. At this time he was deaf. They had beaten him until they burst his eardrums. He was one total raw piece of meat from head to toe, UNABLE TO WALK, UNABLE TO MOVE, UNABLE TO HEAR. They again questioned him. When he refused to answer anything except what he was supposed to answer, he was taken out again and lined up in front of the firing squad.
    "Now, this isn't enough. HE SURVIVED ALL THAT. Two weeks later, they put him in a truck to take him to Hanoi, and on the way there the truck was BOMBED TWICE by our troops. Both times, he said, had they had a direct hit there was gasoline in the back of the truck where they were hauling barrels. He could have not made it both times. Then - that wasn't enough - the truck fell through the bridge, dumping him into the river WITH HIS HANDS AND FEET TIED. And just before he took his last breath they found him in the deep river, in the dark of night, and pulled him out after fishing for him. He finally made it to Hanoi...During all this period of time, Tom could have been on the ground alive and never made it to Hanoi, and never made it to the prison system, and never made it into the name list...
        "Once he was in Hanoi and caused trouble, he was moved from camp to camp. He was not really in the big system there. He was in every camp they ever had. They took him out and put him there because he was a good communicator and SET UP COMMUNICATIONS [among American POWs]. So, they never wanted him to be anywhere, so they just kept moving him from place to place and he was, at one time or another, in ALL 12 CAMPS, and also in a CAVE. He was kept many times in a cave of 'ONE-STEPPERS.' And those of you who have been in Vietnam know what one- steppers are, which meant that he was just ONE STEP FROM DEATH when fastened in the cave. At the time the PEACE AGREEMENT was signed he was not in Hanoi. He was up on the border and had to be brought back...
        "At one point, when an AMERICAN CONGRESSMAN suggested to General Giap that the best thing to do was to PUT AN AMERICAN IN EVERY CITY IN VIETNAM so that they would not bomb North Vietnam, they took that to heart and fastened Tom and a few of the other POWs to the POWER PLANT to make sure that the Americans didn't bomb that. He hung there until he nearly died with the French handcuffs cutting into his wrists. When he was at the point of death from starvation, they took him down and moved him in. He came very close at that moment, as he did every day of his life, to not surviving. Tom only survived because HE IS THE TOUGHEST HUMAN BEING INSIDE THAT I HAVE EVER KNOWN. If I had to go to hell today and only had one person I could choose to take with me, I would take Tom and go gladly." - DONNIE COLLINS [54]
        "In February, 1970, GENE 'CHIP' TATUM joined the US Air Force, going through "Army jump school, escape and evasion training, jungle training, sea survival school and diving school and was assigned along with six others as 'Combat Controllers' (the USAF equivalent of Special Forces), receiving his distinctive Special Forces burgandy-coloured beret. From there he was assigned to Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma, and then on to Fort Bragg, North Carolina - home of the 'Green Berets' - for training in C4 plastic explosives, mines, nuclear, biological and chemical warfare, plus indoctrination in electronic and psychological operations.
        "Posted to Southeast Asia as Airman First Class (A1C) in December, 1970, he was assigned as a radio operator on a Forward Air Control (FAC) aircraft attached to TASK FORCE ALPHA (the same unit and location that Terry Reed, author of 'Compromised' was assigned to) at Nakhon Phanom, Thailand. In short order, he was recruited (an involuntary "volunteer") to 'Team Red Rock.' The team was composed of eight US Army Green Berets, three US Navy SEALs and two 'cowboys' - a euphamism for CIA paramilitary specialists. With Tatum attached, Team Red Rock totalled 14 in all, and was about to be tasked with an operation that came directly from the White House.
        "In January, 1971, the team received a final briefing from GENERAL ALEXANDER HAIG, who had flown in specially, along with CIA Saigon Chief WILLIAM COLBY...Haig and Colby outlined the plan, stressing its importance and extreme classification. President Nixon, desperate to quell domestic riots over an increasingly unpopular war, sought to withdraw all US personnel from Southeast Asia. Withdrawal would - and in the end, ultimately DID - cause a military vacuum, quickly leading to the defeat of South Vietnamese forces.
        "During those years, Nixon was also running a 'SECRET WAR' in Cambodia and Laos. In Laos, a dwindling number of Meo tribesmen, together with covert US personnel employed by the CIA proprietary company, AIR AMERICA, were battling against superior North Vietnamese ground forces. A much similar pattern was occuring in Cambodia, amid grave fears that the 'domino theory' would result if either of these two nations were to fall to the Communist North Vietnamese. Nixon hoped that the vacuum caused by the withdrawal of US COVERT FORCES could be filled by native Cambodian forces. Lon Nol, the Cambodian leader, stubbornly continued to resist Nixon's diplomatic overtures to take up the slack, being anxious to hedge his bets and realistic about his chances of survival as KHMER ROUGE and Vietnamese forces prepared to swarm in, unhindered by US air power.
        "A plan had been drawn up at the highest levels of Nixon's administration. Team Red Rock were to enter Cambodia's capital, Phnom Penh, in secret and ATTACK THE AIRPORT AND MILITARY AND CIVIL INSTALLATIONS, wreaking as much havoc as possible. The plan called for the team to parachute into the outskirts of Phnom Penh, carrying captured NVA 'Sappers' with them. Taken in unarmed and alive, the Sappers would be 'SACRIFICED' and their bodies left to be discovered by Cambodian forces. A furious Lon Nol would assume NORTH VIETNAM WAS TO BLAME. It was hoped that such an act would stiffen Lon Nol's backbone. With nowhere else to turn, the US puppet would urgently seek US hardware to strengthen his forces and continue the battle.
        "The team members were not told that THEY, TOO, WERE TO BE SACRIFICED BY THEIR PRESIDENT to ensure that word of the operation never reached the light of day. A detachment of Montagnard tribesmen ("the Yards"), in the pay of the CIA, was assigned to LIQUIDATE EACH MEMBER OF THE TEAM and dispose of the bodies. The attack went successfully, but the team's suspicion of 'the Yards' foiled the betrayal. Using their knowledge of 'escape and evasion' tactics, the team decided to trek to the Vietnamese border and back to safety with US forces. Casualties thinned out their numbers until only eight of them remained. Soon these, too, were captured by NVA regulars and underwent hideous torture at the hands of CHINESE and RUSSIAN interrogators. Ultimately, ONLY TATUM AND ONE OTHER TEAM MEMBER SURVIVED the ordeal. Convalescing, Tatum was debriefed by CIA station chief, WILLIAM COLBY, and told he would, in future, be kept close to 'the Agency.' Recruited into the CIA, the yawning door of future 'BLACK' OPERATIONS creaked open. Life would never be the same again for Chip Tatum." - DAVID G. GUYATT [55]
        "The NIXON BUDGET is so complex, so unlike Nixon of the past, so un-Republican that it defies rational analysis...The Nixon budget is more planned, has more WELFARE in it, and has a BIGGER PREDICTED DEFICIT than any other budget in this CENTURY." - JAMES RESTON (CFR) [56]
        "[President Nixon] has asked the independent Federal Reserve System to come up with enough new money to reach a projected increase in the GNP by $88 Billion in order to achieve his objective of prosperity without inflation. The Federal Reserve is not an agency of Government. It is a private banking monopoly. As I have said before, THE POLICIES OF THE MONARCH ARE ALWAYS THOSE OF ITS CREDITORS." - REPRESENTATIVE JOHN R. RARICK [57]
        "...any PERSONALITY TEST constitutes an INVASION OF PRIVACY, as the person tested rarely understands the implications of all the questions...or the significance of the responses. The tests may not only reveal the thoughts and feelings which the student desires to withhold from others, but those he is trying to keep from his OWN consciousness." - CHARLES SHERRER & RONALD ROSTON [58]
            "As originally drafted, the [GENOCIDE CONVENTION] included 'political' as well as 'national, ethnical, racial and religious groups.' The Soviets announced that they wouldn't play unless 'political groups' were expunged from the draft. They insisted on preserving the RIGHT to ASSASSINATE AND EXTERMINATE THE POLITICAL OPPOSITION as essential to the safety of the STATE...Result: the United States yielded, and 'political groups' were eliminated from the draft."* - DR. ALFRED J. SCHWEPPE (a designated reprresentative, American Bar Association) [59]

        [NOTE: *They pretty much HAD to. We have the SAME policy. Here it is called "NATIONAL SECURITY!" - OL]

        "As of 1971 more than 1,517,000 American fighting men were stationed in 119 countries; the U.S. maintained 429 major military bases and 2,972 lesser bases in thirty countries, covering some 4,000 square miles and costing almost $5 Billion a year. Two million native troops and large contingents of native police, under the command of various military juntas, have been trained, equipped and financed by the United States and assisted by U.S. counterinsurgency forces, their purpose being not to defend these countries from outside invasion but to PROTECT CAPITAL INVESTMENTS AND THE RULING OLIGARCHS FROM THE DANGERS OF DOMESTIC INSURGENCY.
        "Since World War II more than $50 Billion in MILITARY AID has been given away by the U.S. to some eighty nations. No one knows precisely how much is being spent on military aid; estimates range from $4.8 Billion to $7 Billion a YEAR. Congress exercises no effective oversight on military aid, and details of the program are withheld from the public AND FROM CONGRESS in 'the interest of national security'." - "PROGRESSIVE" [60]
[Cont. in IVc]


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