[Continued from Part IIIb]

        [NOTE: *Perhaps now you are beginning to understand that it no longer rings true that "every vote counts." What is happening in FLORIDA is a DOG-AND-PONY SHOW. We are being set up for LUCIFER'S NEW WORLD ORDER TAKEOVER, but, of course, first there has to be a "NATIONAL EMERGENCY" warranting "MARTIAL LAW" - which requires the authorities to call in FEMA. America has a great friend and champion in Chicago, who has been successfully exposing the insiders (in court and out of court) since 1963. He explains it this way:

        "In effect, THE YEAR 2000 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION HAS BEEN CANCELLED. So, to be legally accurate, I prefer to call it the alleged 'election.' Here is what is happening: Good sources told us long before the alleged 'election,' that the matter may be resolved in Chicago. The Mayor of Chicago, RICHARD M. DALEY, has his brother WILLIAM as the Gore Presidential campaign chief...FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) officials, some of whom are ALSO federal judges...have reportedly been communicating with the two Daleys. They demand ...that the Mayor and his brother not stand in the way of the FEMA officials orchestrating the outcome ...FEMA is [declared to be] ABOVE the U.S. Constitution, ABOVE the presidency and the Congress [unconstitutional, right?]...
        "...the ELECTORAL COMMISSION, under the 12TH AMENDMENT to the U.S. Constitution...may ORDER a compromise, that is, that a person, NOT ON THE YEAR 2000 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION BALLOT, be selected, by the Electoral College, as the 'ELECTED' President. That has been pre-judged to be JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER IV, who calls himself 'JAY' to be cute." - SHERMAN A. SKOLNICK [66] But, it gets worse:

        "...some of the Federal Judges in the U.S. are also secretly officials of FEMA. Wearing two hats like that is on its face, unconstitutional. Various presidents, however, have entered little-known DICTATORIAL FIATS ("Emergency Orders") into the 'FEDERAL REGISTER,' or NOT RECORDED AT ALL, mandating that in a so-called 'emergency,' it is forbidden for federal judges to take jurisdiction of any challenge in court to the fascist-like orders of FEMA, SUSPENDING HABEAS CORPUS, PROPERTY OWNERSHIP, RIGHT TO TRAVEL from place to place, and more..
        "A foreign aristocracy is NOT the enemy of the American ultra-rich. The ENEMY is the common American, who looks to his guns for the ultimate guarantee of all the other beautiful sounding rights, privileges, and immunities which the central government is forbidden to take away. The year 2000 Presidential Election and WHAT FOLLOWS,* may be the final proof that the American organic law, the U.S. Constitution, is a dead letter after all." - SHERMAN A. SKOLNICK [67]

      [NOTE:*My personal opinion is that they are creating this little scenario to pacify the American people. Too many people are beginning to wake up - and are checking things out for themselves. Naturally, they are becoming very upset by all this betrayal - and with being made fools of. They can't afford this type of situation, while WE STILL HAVE OUR GUNS! So, they must put the people back to sleep - by getting them to believe there really isn't anything going on, and those who still believe something is going on are just "conspiracy nuts."
        Once we are safely back to sleep, watch for an accident or scandal to happen to Bush, putting Cheney in as President. He, of course - ala Ford - will then have to appoint a new VICE-president (most likely Jay Rockefeller). At that point, Cheney will have another "heart attack" (why do you think they put him in in the first place?) and voila: we will have our new WORLD president! - OL]


        [NOTE: This is the last month of 2000 A.D. - the scheduled Satanic global takeover - IN THEIR
OWN WORDS. This is the only option we have left. GUNS will not save this country - or the world. Only its CREATOR can - JEHOVAH-GOD. In a very short time, you WILL be bending your knees - either before God or before your new Earthly masters of the New World Order. If it is before God, America can return to the HEAVEN-BLESSED nation that it was when we were children - "The Greatest Nation On Earth." If it is before the Satanic New World Order masters, it will be a prelude to HELL. Think about it! - OL]

        "[LIBERALISM]...dispensed with the ABSURD CHRISTIAN MYTHS of SIN and DAMNATION and believed that what shortcomings man might have were to be redeemed, NOT BY JESUS ON THE CROSS, but by the benevolent (?) unfolding of history. Tolerance, free inquiry, and technology, operating in the framework of human perfectibility, would in the end CREATE a heaven ON EARTH, a goal accounted much more sensible and wholesome than a heaven IN HEAVEN.
        "Reduced to its fundamentals, the American problem is to arrange the equilibrium of forces in the world so that, at every given moment of decision, the Soviet General Staff will decide against aggressions that might provoke a general war on the ground that they present too great a risk. At the same time, the U.S. MUST NOT SUCCUMB TO DEMANDS FOR AN ANTI-SOVIET CRUSADE nor permit reactionaries in the buffer states to precipitate conflicts in defense of their own OBSOLETE perogatives.
        "Can the United States conceive and initiate so subtle a policy? Though the secret has been kept pretty much from the readers of the liberal press, the STATE DEPARTMENT has been proceeding for some time ALONG THESE LINES. Both Byrnes and Marshall have perceived the essential need to be firm without being rancorous, to check Soviet expansion without making unlimited committments to the anti-Soviet crusade, to invoke power to counter power without engaging in senseless intimidation, TO ENCOURAGE THE GROWTH OF THE DEMOCRATIC LEFT. The performance has often fallen below the conception, but the direction has been correct..." - ARTHUR SCHLESINGER, JR. (Personal Assistant to Kennedy) [68]
        "People become MANDARINS (i.e., a Bureaucrat: "a person of position and influence, especially in intellectual or literary circles" [69]) by performing well in school...their domains: IVY LEAGUE universities, the BIG FOUNDATIONS, WALL STREET, major RESEARCH HOSPITALS and CORPORATE LAW FIRMS." - NICHOLAS LEMANN [70]
        "FIDEL CASTRO's powerful position as the president of the Cuban Agricultural Reform Institute has been turned over to Cuban Communist Carlos Rodriguez...The question which now arises is whether Castro controls or is controlled by the new president of the C.A.R.I....Have the COMMUNISTS now completely captured Cuba and are they retaining CASTRO as a SHOWPIECE? Is it possible that a man as vain and as courageous as Castro would turn over leadership without a struggle? Has there been such a struggle and has the Cuban Communist Party won it?" - "CHRISTIAN CENTURY" 3/7/62
        "A WORLD EFFECTIVELY CONTROLLED BY THE UNITED NATIONS is one in which 'world government' would come about through the establishment of supranational institutions, characterized by MANDATORY UNIVERSAL MEMBERSHIP and some ability to employ physical force. Effective control would thus entail a preponderance of political power in the hands of a supranational organization...[T]he present UN Charter could theoretically be REVISED in order to erect such an organization equal to the task envisaged, thereby codifying a radical REARRANGEMENT OF POWER in the world. The principal features of a model system would include the following:
        (1) powers sufficient to MONITOR AND ENFORCE DISARMAMENT, settle disputes,
             and keep the peace - including TAXING POWERS - with all other powers reserved
             to the nations;
        (2) an INTERNATIONAL FORCE, balanced appropriately among ground, sea, air, and
             space elements, consisting of 500,000 men, recruited individually, wearing a UN
             uniform, and controlling a NUCLEAR FORCE composed of 50-100 mixed land-
             based mobile and undersea-based MISSILES, averaging ONE MEGATON per
        (3) GOVERNMENTAL POWERS distributed among three branches...;
        (4) COMPULSORY jurisdiction of the INTERNATIONAL COURT...
        " 'WORLD' means that the system is global, with NO EXCEPTIONS TO ITS FIAT (command): universal membership.
        'EFFECTIVELY CONTROLLED' connotes...a relative MONOPOLY of physical force at the center of the system...a preponderance of political power in the hands of a supranational organization...
        'THE UNITED NATIONS' is not necessarily precisely the organization as it now exists...Finally, to avoid endless euphemism and evasive verbiage, the contemplated regime will occasionally be referred to unblushingly as a 'WORLD GOVERNMENT'...
        "NATIONAL DISARMAMENT is a condition sine qua non for effective UN control...[W]ithout it, effective UN control is not possible...
        "The essential point is the TRANSFER OF...SOVEREIGN POWER FROM the STATES (countries) to a SUPRANATIONAL GOVERNMENT (i.e., the United Nations!!)...The overwhelming central fact would still be the LOSS OF CONTROL OF THEIR MILITARY POWER BY INDIVIDUAL NATIONS." - LINCOLN P. BLOOMFIELD [71]

        [NOTE: Have any of y'all ever wondered WHY - after all these years, and billions of dollars in
donations - they can't seem to find a cure for cancer, muscular dystrophy, etc., etc.? Well the
answer is simple: If they found a cure for these diseases (purposely-created!) the billions of dollars would dry up! Remember, the Protocols, the Communist strategists, and the "Silent Weapons" - and as y'all will read later, the "Report From Iron Mountain" all state that the NWO leaders must "CREATE" a problem - so they can then rush in and "SAVE" the people! - OL]

        The overriding question remains: are the "INSIDERS" and OUR GOVERNMENT COMMUNISTS, and if not - WHY do they keep aiding them, to the detriment of our own safety and sovereignty??? With one simple statement (given, perhaps, without thinking) Bloomfield gives us the answer:
        "...if the Communist dynamic war was greatly abated, THE WEST MIGHT LOSE WHATEVER INCENTIVE IT HAS FOR WORLD GOVERNMENT." (!) - LINCOLN P. BLOOMFIELD [72]
        After REFUSING U.S. AND SOVIET ORDERS TO FILL UP HIS CABINET WITH COMMUNISTS, PRINCE BOUR OUM [of LAOS] finds his monthly allotment of $4 MILLION in US foreign aid has been cut. Without money to pay his army, WHICH IS UNDER INCREASINGLY HEAVY COMMUNIST ATTACK, Oum now finds himself helpless and deserted.* - "DALLAS MORNING NEWS" 3/5/62

        [NOTE: *Whose side are you on, Mr. President? What happened to your pledge to Congress that you would "NOT ALLOW LAOS TO FALL"? Did your teacher forget to tell you that the Communists are the ENEMY?! - OL]

        This is the prayer that set off the firestorm of "SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE." Only in COMMUNIST nations is PRAYER FORBIDDEN. Maybe we ought to think about that...
        "Neither the fact that the prayer may be DENOMINATIONALLY NEUTRAL* nor the fact that its observance is VOLUNTARY can serve to free it from the LIMITATIONSW of the [First Amendment]...[It] ignores the essential nature of the program's constitutional defects...Prayer in its public school system breaches the CONSTITUTIONAL WALL OF SEPARATION between church and stateR...A UNION OF GOVERNMENT AND RELIGION TENDS TO DESTROY GOVERNMENT AND TO DEGRADE RELIGION."T - U.S. SUPREME COURT

        [NOTES: *"Congress shall make NO law respecting an ESTABLISHMENT of religion or PROHIBITING the free exercise thereof..." An "establishment of religion" means a STATE church (such as the Church of England), specifying one denomination as the "politically-correct" one!
      WThe First Amendment was put in to limit GOVERNMENT - not the people!
      RNowhere in the First Amendment - not even in the Constitution itself - are to be found the words "wall of separation between Church and State," so HOW can there be a "breaching" of this wall?!
      TDoes this apply to England, as well? Since they now rule the "leaders of the free world" they appear to have survived the "Church of England" rather nicely. As for degrading religion, GOD is the one who created government in the first place, and even went so far as to SET UP LAWS FOR GOVERNING - which we, and most of the civilized worldd followed successfully for thousands of years! - OL]

        "When the COLUMBIA BROADCASTING SYSTEM staged its famous TV program called 'THUNDER ON THE RIGHT' it devoted considerable attention to a house bombing in California. "The network, it will be recalled, ran a longish interview with a minister who had been critical of 'right wing extremists,' and who had had a bomb thrown at his house. The episode was treated as an example of what RIGHT-WING AGITATION could lead to.
        "Not, of course, that anyone had IDENTIFIED the house bomber. But it was concluded, this was the kind of thing which happens in the emotional atmosphere created by right-wing extremists. Even though it was unclear WHO executed the bombing, America's right wing revival was deemed ultimately responsible and judged accordingly."
        The "News" then recounted the hanging death of NEWTON ARMSTRONG, JR., the editor of a conservative student newspaper at San Diego State College. His father was a prominent member of the anti-Communist JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY. When Armstrong was found hanging in a bedroom in his home, the "News" reminded its readers, HIS HANDS WERE BOUND BEHIND HIS BACK. His death (like many of the ones surrounding Klinton) was finally labeled a 'SUICIDE' by the authorities. The "News" pointed out that if the nation's press would apply the same standards to Armstrong's hanging as they had to the bombing of the minister's home, then clearly THE HANGING WAS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF 'LIBERAL' EXTREMISTS. They then challenged CBS-TV:
        "We think it would make a compelling documentary by CBS; but we won't hold our breath waiting for it." - "THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS" [73]
        "What is the function of the National Education Association - to improve the education of America's children or to STIFLE CRITICISM of present educational methods?" - "THE TULSA TRIBUNE" [74]
        "The concept of TAXING THE RICH ACCORDING TO THEIR CAPACITY TO PAY, IN ORDER TO CATER TO THE POOR ACCORDING TO THEIR NEEDS, is now well established as a simple canon of social justice in all democratic* countries. It requires only a little imagination to lift this concept to a higher plane, namely the international plane, and to extend its scope from the country to the universe." - U THANT (Secretary General of the United Nations) [75]

        [NOTES: *As defined by the COMMUNISTS: "The creation and maintainence of the illusion of Western-style democracy." Actually, this concept is pure Marxism: "FROM EACH ACCORDING TO HIS ABILITIES, TO EACH ACCORDING TO HIS NEEDS." - KARL MARX [76] and Boy! - Do those party bosses ever have gargantuan needs! According to their "Manifesto":
        "...the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: ABOLITION OF PRIVATE PROPERTY." But, unlike your typical corrupt, greedy politician, taking everything you own is bad enough, but that's not enough for the Communists! They want MORE:

        "There are, besides, eternal truths, such as Freedom, Justice, etc., that are common to all states of society. But COMMUNISM ABOLISHES ETERNAL TRUTHS, IT ABOLISHES ALL RELIGION, AND ALL MORALITY..." - KARL MARX I am not making this up. This is taken VERBATIM from the "Communist Manifesto!" Just prior to the creation of the UNITED NATIONS CHARTER, Stalin spelled out how to make this concept UNIVERSAL:
        "It is essential that the ADVANCED COUNTRIES should render AID - real and prolonged aid - to the BACKWARD COUNTRIES in their cultural and economic development. Otherwise, it will be impossible to bring about peaceful coexistence (WHERE??) of the various nations and peoples - within a SINGLE economic system, which is so essential for the FINAL TRIUMPH OF SOCIALISM." - JOSEF STALIN [77] And just like magic (or was it in answer to Stalin's prayers? To WHOM?) TRUMAN comes up with the MARSHALL PLAN - and the bankrupting of America! - OL]
        "I think one cannot rule out, looking down the long course of history, that CHANGES may take place in the individual nation-states which make up the COMMUNIST BLOC which will transform them from being dangerous, because they are exponents (i.e., advocates; supporters) of a MILITANT, AGGRESIVE, INTERNATIONAL COMMUNISM, to the adoption of postures which will make them EASIER to live with in the world." - GEORGE BALL (Undersecretary of State) [78]
        With Kennedy refusing to relent on the issue of foreign aid, Prince Oum of Laos is left with no other choice. He agrees to a "COALITION" GOVERNMENT. The Communists and the "neutralists" name 13 of the 15 cabinet ministers. (!!) The PRO-AMERICAN, ANTI-COMMUNIST Boun Oum is OUSTED. - "HUMAN EVENTS" 6/23/62
        The PRESIDENT AND KHRUSHCHEV are quite satisfied with their "success" in Laos. They praise the ending of the war there, calling it a "peaceful settlement." - "THE NEW YORK TIMES" 6/14/62
        Once the COMMUNIST "coalition government" is safely in place, American foreign aid payments are RESUMED.* - "THE BALTIMORE SUN" 6/18/62>
        US military forces are withdrawn, and 10,000 North Vietnamese and Red Chinese remain in Laos - in direct violation of Khrushchev's pledge.W - JOHN A. STORMER [79]

        [NOTE: *It's not like you didn't know what you were doing, Mr. President. Do you remember what you said back in 1949? As a young congressman, you pointed out that:
        "Our policy in China has reaped the whirlwind. The continued insistance that aid would not be forthcoming unless a COALITION GOVERNMENT with the Communists was formed, was a crippling blow to the Nationalist government...WHAT OUR YOUNG MEN HAVE SAVED, OUR DIPLOMATS AND OUR PRESIDENT HAVE FRITTERED AWAY." - JOHN F. KENNEDY [80]
        And now it is YOU who are President and YOU who is "frittering away" our freedoms and our national honor. What excuse did you give Congress for cutting off pro-American Prince Oum's foreign aid, I wonder? Lack of funds? But, you had no trouble finding funds to invest in COMMUNISTS did you, Mr. President??!
        WNo surprise here. But, I thought Americans were suppose to be DIFFERENT. We are suppose to be an HONORABLE people. Our word was once our bond. And so - at one time - was our LEADERS'! Shame, shame, SHAME on you, MR. PRESIDENT!!!!! - OL]

        In a speech in Bucharest, Rumania on the 19th, Khrushchev gloats and confidently predicts "The UNITED STATES will eventually FLY THE COMMUNIST RED FLAG...the American people will HOIST IT THEMSELVES!"* - NIKITA KHRUSHCHEV 6/19/62 [81]

        [NOTE: *And so they did - in Long Beach, California - when our NAVY saluted China's COSCO ship by flying the flag of RED CHINA! - OL]

        "[A]ttempts to enforce...acts (voluntary prayer!) OBNOXIOUS to so great a proportion of Citizens tend to enervate the laws in general and to SLACKEN THE BANDS OF SOCIETY."*
        Not all the justices agree: " 'No law' means NO LAW..." [The establishment clause] "PUT AN END TO GOVERNMENTAL CONTROL OF RELIGION AND OF PRAYER." - JUSTICE HUGO BLACK (U.S. Supreme Court) ""ENGEL v. VITALE" [82]

        [NOTE: * "...obnoxious to SO GREAT a proportion of Citizens..." ??!! During this same year, an official survey of the country revealed that 64% of the population enjoyed church membership whereas LESS THAN 3% CLAIMED NO RELIGION AT ALL!! "So great a proportion of Citizens" my dying foot!! - OL]

        "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or ENFORCE ANY LAW which shall ABRIDGE THE PRIVILEGES OR IMMUNITIES OF CITIZENS of the United States."W - FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT

        [NOTE: W"By taking the 'letter' of the Fourteenth Amendment without regard to its 'spirit' or intent, the Court was able to decide that the Constitutional Amendments which had previously pertained only to the FEDERAL government now also pertain to the states. This interpretation is diametrically OPPOSED TO THE INTENT OF THE FIRST TEN AMENDMENTS (the 'BILL OF RIGHTS')." [83] - DAVID BARTON]

        "On every question of construction, carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the DEBATES, and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or INVENTED AGAINST IT, conform to the PROBABLE ONE in which it was passed." - THOMAS JEFFERSON
        "Prior to the adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment, the First Amendment did not apply as a restraint against the STATES." - "EVERSON v. BOARD OF EDUCATION" [84]
        "The germ of dissolution of our federal government is in...the federal JUDICIARY; an irresponsible body, (for impeachment is scarcely a scare-crow), working like gravity by night and by day, gaining a little to-day and a little to-morrow, and advancing its noiseless step like a thief, over the field of jurisdiction, until ALL SHALL BE USURPED FROM THE STATES."
        "Nothing in the CONSTITUTION has given them [the federal judges] a RIGHT to decide for the EXECUTIVE, more than to the Executive to decide for them...but the opinion which gives to the judges the right to decide what laws are constitutional, and what not, not only for themselves in their own sphere of action, but for the Legislature and executive also in their spheres, would make the Judiciary a DESPOTIC branch." -THOMAS JEFFERSON
        In a letter to William Jarvis, Jefferson warned: "You seem to consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions; a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy.* Our judges are as honest as other men, and NOT MORE SO...and THEIR POWER [is] THE MORE DANGEROUS AS THEY ARE IN OFFICE FOR LIFE, and not responsible, as the other functionaries are, to the elective control. THE CONSTITUTION HAS ERECTED NO SUCH SINGLE TRIBUNAL." - THOMAS JEFFERSON
        "As the courts are generally the last in making the decision [on laws], it results to them, by refusing or not refusing to execute a law, to stamp it with its final character. This makes the Judiciary dept PARAMOUNT (superior to) in fact to the Legislature, which was NEVER INTENDED, AND CAN NEVER BE PROPER." - JAMES MADISON

        [NOTE: How right they were! Both Jefferson and Madison have described today's court perfectly, for it has systematically (through the same kind of legal hair-splitting and ignoring of original intent that Klinton used in his questioning of "is") removed the teeth from the Constitution and CHANGED OUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC INTO A SOCIALISTIC DICTATORSHIP.
       *Jefferson was dead-on when he used the word "OLIGARCHY" ("A government in which a small group exercises control, especially for corrupt and selfish purposes") Hand-in-hand with this judicial chicanery, is the empowering of the UNELECTED agencies, i.e., NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS (NGOs). The result of this build-up of unconstitutional power has cost America its sovereignty and each of us our Constitution and our freedom, as you will learn from the UN activities of September 2000 at the end of this report. - OL]

        "This year...President Kennedy went to INDEPENDENCE HALL, of all places (!) and on the FOURTH OF JULY, of all days (!!) and virtually proposed to REPEAL THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE (!!!) in favor of a DECLARATION OF INTERNATIONAL INTERDEPENDENCE." - JAMES RESTON (CFR) [85]
        "But I will say here and now on this day of independence that the United States will be ready for a Declaration of INTERdependence...Today AMERICANS MUST LEARN TO THINK INTER- CONTINENTALLY." - PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY [86]
        "[The U.N.] ADDS to the dangers of wars which now surround us." - HERBERT HOOVER (former U.S. President) [87]
        "First of all, we DECEIVE ourselves if we visualize communism in stark black-and-white terms, as ABSOLUTE EVIL opposed to our absolute good...JESUS AND MARX each lived in a time of social crisis...EACH believed that a new order lay within the reach of man...BOTH recognized...the need for social and moral reform...BOTH revealed a MESSIANIC sense of destiny...BOTH men drew on their HERITAGE OF OLD TESTAMENT PROPHECY to denounce evils in the world...Thus MARX AND CHRIST WERE REVOLUTIONARY LEADERS..." - "ADULT STUDENT" [88]
        "...it would seem basic, all through history, that it's an inherent government RIGHT, if necessary, to LIE to save itself." - ARTHUR SYLVESTER (Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Information) [89]
        Reporting on his interview with NIKITA KHRUSHCHEV, a beloved literary giant warns the American public:
        "...CASTRO'S TANKS...were sitting ducks for attack by air. Confidently, the little invading force waited for its air support to arrive...Hours before...a small, but potent force of B-26s was sitting in readiness on an airstrip 500 miles away, waiting to take off for the BAY OF PIGS. Those were the planes of the invasion force, with Cuban pilots. But, those planes didn't take off. The reason: PRESIDENT KENNEDY FORBADE THEIR USE...He decided that the ANTI-CASTRO CUBANS could not have the support of THEIR OWN AIR FORCE during the invasion. Without that support, the invasion failed." - "US NEWS & WORLD REPORT" 9/17/62
        BREAKING HIS WORD AS AMERICA'S COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF was bad enough, but Kennedy's betrayal went even deeper:
        "A near impossible supply problem was created when the CIA armed the 1400 man invasion force with weapons REQUIRING OVER 30 DIFFERENT TYPES OF AMMUNITION. (!) The guns were purchased in second-hand stores 'TO AVOID IDENTIFYING THE INVADING FORCE WITH THE U.S." - EDITH KERMIT ROOSEVELT [91]
        What's more, the CIA virtually guaranteed the guns and ammo would be inoperable and useless:
        "Some guerrilla groups were supplied with 30.06-CAL. AMMUNITION and 'grease guns' which fired .45-CAL. BULLETS. In other areas, the CIA supplied .45-CAL. AMMUNITION to accompany BAR's (Browning Automatic Rifles), which shoot 30.06-CAL. BULLETS." - EDITH KERMIT ROOSEVELT (F.D.R.'S granddaughter) [92]
        "That the NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION...advocates Federal aid has surprised us at times. But no longer. For control - REAL control over the NATION'S CHILDREN -is being rapidly SHIFTED TO THE NEA. That organization has about completed the job of cartelizing public school education under its own cartel. It is doing so under an organization known as the 'National Council for Accreditation of Teachers Education,' an agency whose governing is tightly NEA controlled...
        "The manner in which the NEA is usurping parental perogatives by determining the type of education offered...is...very simple: [IT] CONTROLS THE EDUCATION AND HIRING OF TEACHERS... NEA has no apprehension regarding federal control of public schools as a consequence of Federal aid. It has control itself. It is extending that control over COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES. In the NEA scheme of things it will be a simple matter to extend control over whatever Washington agency handles the funds." - "THE CHICAGO SUN-TIMES" 10/62
        Once again, a U.S. Congressman tries unsuccessfully to call the American people's attention to the GRADUAL GLOBALIZATION and COMMUNIZATION of our country - via OUR CHILDREN. In a speech promoting HR 10508, he points out that HEW-funded school counselors are testing our children with "difficult or impossible to answer questions - tests which pit loyalties of religion, home, and parents AGAINST each other." "MORAL VALUE" EXAMS ask loyalty-splitting questions like:
        "Which is WORSE: (1) spitting on the Bible; (2) spitting on the American flag?" *
        "Which is MORE IMPORTANT: (1) taking the oath of allegiance to the United States; (2)
          joining a church?"
        "Which is WORSE: (1) denying the existence of God; (2) laughing while the Star  Spangled
          Banner is played?"
        and warns that UNESCO's "right attitudes" can "lead our youth down the path to COLLECTIVISM and INTERNATIONALISM whereby they gradually lose their loyalty to home and nation...their first loyalty will be to WORLD GOVERNMENT." - REPRESENTATIVE JOHN ASHBROOK [93]
        "PERSONALITY TESTS" include (Yes or No):
        "I can't discuss personal things with my parents." "I feel there's a barrier between me and my parents." "My father is a tyrant." "I am ashamed of my parents' dress and manners." "I hate school." "I wish I could quit school now." "My teachers play favorites." "My teachers are too strict." "Class periods are not well organized."
        SUB-TEENAGE CHILDREN are asked:
        "I wonder if I am normal in my sexual development." "I think of sex a good deal of the time." "I wonder if high school students should pet and make love." "I want to know more about venereal disease."
        Typical questions about RELIGION and concepts of RIGHT and WRONG include:
        "I'm bothered by thoughts of Heaven and Hell." "I'm losing faith in religion." "Is it wrong to deny the existence of God?" "Does it really pay to be honest?" "How does one set standards of 'right' and wrong'?" - "YOUTH INVENTORY" (Form A) [94]
        A FOURTH-GRADE TEST includes True or False questions like:
        "I wish I could be sure that my father would always have a steady job." "I wish I could know how you can believe that God is always right and at the same time believe that you should think for yourself." "I wish I knew how you can make lots of money and still be a good citizen." -
        Been wondering where our kids get their INSPIRATION for all their current violence? It doesn't all come from TV and the movies. A seven-part, 344-question test administered to JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS, includes a section of 78 "RULES WE ALL BREAK." The student is asked to answer "yes" or "no" to the following statements:
        "Damage or disfigure furniture in schools." "Steal goods from warehouses or storage houses." "Puncture or cut automobile tires, bike tires." "Tied up person with rope, string, or wire to a tree or similar object and then left them that way." "Damage cemetary property." "Become so angry that you threw things at or hit a teacher or principal or other school official." "Taken part in fights where knives or switchblades were used." "Injured or hurt someone not in your family, but arranged matters so that someone else got the blame."
        Concerning the above "tests," Congressman Ashbrook comments:
        "A parent could well ask what all of THIS has to do with [the] educational process. Suggestions often plant seeds of doubt. Children who are NORMAL may begin to think they are NOT normal. To read all the questions (in a test) tends to give anyone an INFERIORITY COMPLEX." - REPRESENTATIVE JOHN ASHBROOK [96]
        "Congress tried to investigate charges that the KENNEDY ADMINISTRATION had a "NO-WIN" POLICY towards communism. The SENATE ARMED SERVICES COMMITTEE showed in testimony, which totaled over 3000 printed pages, that speeches were being censored, that military training programs on communism were being "softened," and that military officers were persecuted for tough anti-Communist views.
        "The committee assembled over 200 printed pages of the ANTI-COMMUNIST REMARKS which had been deleted from just a few of the 1500 speeches which were censored during the last part of the EISENHOWER ADMINISTRATION and the first months of the Kennedy regime...Deleted phrases included 'the steady advance of communism'...'insidious ideology of communism'...'the Soviets have not relented in the slightest in their determination to dominate the world and destroy our way of life'." - REPORT [97]
        "Congress was unable to learn specifically WHO ordered the censorship because the Administration and its spokesmen took the 'EXECUTIVE FIFTH AMENDMENT.' State Department and military censors were ordered not to answer questions about the censorship of specific speeches. Names of censors actually responsible for deleting anti-Communist remarks from individual talks were withheld from Congress BY PRESIDENTIAL ORDER." - SENATE ARMED SERVICES COMMITTEE [98]
        In a speech delivered in Albuquerque, VICE PRESIDENT LYNDON JOHNSON ridicules Americans who advocate a blockade, as having "more guts than brains," pointing out that "stopping a Russian ship is an act of war." - "DALLAS TIMES HERALD" 10/6/62
        At a Democratic function on October 16th in Indiana, PRESIDENT KENNEDY disparages REPRESENTATIVE HOMER CAPEHART (R-IN) for demanding a blockade or military invasion of Cuba, charging him with "IRRESPONSIBLE WARMONGERING." - JOHN A. STORMER [99]
        FIVE DAYS LATER, KENNEDY ORDERS THE NAVAL BLOCKADE, admitting that Russia does have offensive missiles and jet bombers, based in Cuba. He demands that Russia remove all missiles and missile bases from Cuba. - 'WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA' 1984
        President Kennedy receives a revealing letter from the Russian Premiere:
        "I regard with respect and trust the statement you made in your message on October 27, 1962, that there would be no attack, no invasion of Cuba, and not only on the part of the United States, but also ON THE PART OF OTHER NATIONS OF THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE as you have said in the same message of yours." - NIKITA KHRUSHCHEV (Soviet Premiere) [100]

[Continued in Part IIId]


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