In a July 25th nation-wide television appearance, Kennedy CONFIRMS Khrushchev's state- ments, admitting that he lied in his earlier "Report To The Nation" telecast. Dismissing a growing record of lies, the President promises that American rights in Berlin are not negotiable.* He then asks for expanded defense spending, increased size for the regular Army, and the power to mobilize reserve forces, summing up his speech with these moving words:
        "If we do not meet our commitment to Berlin, where will we later stand? If we are not true to our word there, all that we have achieved in collective security, WHICH RELIES ON THESE WORDS, will mean nothing.W And if there is one path to war, it is the path of weakness and disunity.R - PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY [31]>

        [NOTES: *Sadly, he was telling the truth: American rights in Berlin had already BEEN negotiated!
       WAgain he was telling the truth. It meant nothing to HIM! Although, I would beg to differ with him when he says "all that WE have achieved in collective security. What exactly did he achieve to ADD to our security??
       RRight again. Unfortunately, at that time we didn't recognize - and still don't today - that war doesn't necessarily require guns and bombs. Infiltrating a country's banking system, government offices, and their media is just as effective - just ask the survivors of Nazi Germany, or any Communist regime! A mere SEVENTEEN (17) DAYS LATER, Communists erected the BERLIN WALL. Kennedy (as could be foreseen from his recent actions) and the United States did absolutely NOTHING. At times like this I can't help wondering if he and Klinton were related! - OL]

        "Tetens' comment that the NAZI'S RETURN TO POWER IN GERMANY WAS 'TOLERATED BY THE UNITED STATES' was a historical UNDERSTATEMENT. By...1961, hundreds of convicted Nazi war criminals had already been smuggled out of Germany to avoid prosecution at the war crimes trials at NUREMBERG, recruited by, and on the payroll of several U.S. government agencies, including the ARMY CIC, the OSS, and the OFFICE OF POLICY COORDINATION within the State Department.
        "Over the past fifty years, it is now DOCUMENTED, these Americanized fugitive Nazi war criminals have been involved in, and in many cases in charge of, many U.S. government covert operations - INTERNATIONAL WEAPONS SMUGGLING, DRUG CARTELS, CENTRAL AMERICAN DEATH SQUADS...ANTI-COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIPS, LSD MIND-CONTROL EXPERIMENTS...and the Presidential campaigns of RICHARD NIXON, RONALD REAGAN, and GEORGE BUSH."* - R. WILLIAM DAVIS [32]

        [NOTE: *And that, of course, is when the evil of Rockefeller, Morgan, and the rest of LUCIFER'S AMERICAN ARMY began to spread throughout our government. Installed in these critical areas of our culture, THEIR POISON SPREAD LIKE A CANCER - totally corrupting the Bible-based Americcan value system! - LO]

        "...the witnesses provided a statement showing that U.N. officials got $12 MILLION from the UNITED NATIONS SPECIAL FUND and grabbed $10 MILLION from the UNITED NATIONS CHILDREN'S FUND, UNICEF." - "THE CONGRESSIONAL RECORD" 6/19/61
        "Fundamentally, it is believed that the American people have little, if any need to be alerted to the menace of the cold war...the principal problem of leadership will be, if it is not already, to RESTRAIN THE DESIRE OF THE PEOPLE TO HIT THE COMMUNISTS WITH EVERYTHING WE'VE GOT, particularly if there are more Cuba's and Laos...Pride in victory, and frustration in restraint, during the Korean War, led to MAC ARTHUR'S REVOLT and to MC CARTHYISM." - SENATOR WILLIAM FULBRIGHT (D-AK) [33]
        "...56% of the young MINISTERIAL students do not believe in the VIRGIN birth of JESUS CHRIST..11% said 'NO' when asked, 'Do you believe in the DIVINITY of JESUS?...many of the 89% who said 'Yes' wanted to define divinity to SUIT THEMSELVES. Belief in the IMMORTALITY of man (life after death) ranked as a major belief of only 2% and only 1% were convinced there will be a SECOND COMING of Christ. While only 29% believe in a real HEAVEN and HELL,* 46% believe that JESUS ascended PHYSICALLY into heaven as described in the Gospels of Mark and Luke. (This is a contradiction in itself as twice as many reported believing in the Ascension into heaven as believe in heaven!*)" - "REDBOOK" [34]

        [NOTE: *This is because so many of our young people have been brainwashed from birth with "aliens" and "UFO"s. Now, This is not to say I don't believe they are real. I DO! But, I believe most of them are "humanoids" (false "beings" created by Lucifer, i.e., Satan) - in keeping with the Bible's description of him as the "prince of the air." (The rest of these "beings" are illusions created by the CIA. Several of these "sightings" have already been thoroughly documented.) When some of these students say they believe that Jesus ascended physically into heaven, they are talking about the second heaven - outer space. That is Satan's realm, according to the Bible. - OL]

        "The staid, powerful ASSOCIATED PRESS handled the news of WHITTAKER CHAMBERS (death) in a peculiar way. Chambers, you may remember was a $30,000 a year senior editor of 'TIME' who, in 1948, put the finger on ALGER HISS, the State Department spy, and lost his job, his reputation, and his health. The only reason we can think of is PATRIOTISM. He made a clean breast of everything; HE WANTED TO ATONE FOR HIS MISTAKE BY WARNING THE U.S. OF ITS DANGER.
        "The AP's handling tends to INDICT him for being loyal to the US. The AP calls him a 'TURNCOAT COMMUNIST.' 'Turncoat' is a despised appellation and the inference is that ANYONE WHO TURNS FROM COMMUNISM SHOULD BE DESPISED. The AP says Chambers 'TATTLED.' Telling the truth is honorable, but, from childhood, we are taught that 'tattling' is unworthy. The AP says Chambers 'RECITED' to a 'CONGRESSIONAL SPY-HUNTING COMMITTEE.' Here the inference is that he merely repeated a cooked-up story and that spy-hunting is not a serious matter.
        "Whereas the AP calls HISS 'brilliant,' it kisses off CHAMBERS as being 'pudgy, short and fat' and says 'he lived with a woman outside of marriage.' This was before he married a woman to whom he was devoted for 30 years until his death.* We are living in peculiar times, gentlemen of the Associated Press, when patriots are maligned." - "SENTINEL STAR" (Orlando, FL) [35]

        [NOTE: *What y'all aren't reading here is the REASON for this (one-time) spy's change of heart. It seems, one night - while holding his new-born baby in his arms - Whittaker took to studying the intricacies of her tiny, shell-like ear. Studying his daughter more closely, he realized that there was NO way this exquisite little creature could be just a random accident (i.e., "evolved"). To cut a long story short, Whittaker became a born-again Christian and saw Communism and its goals with brand new eyes - and that is the REAL reason why he came under the vitriolic guns of the media! - OL]

         SENATOR WILLIAM FULBRIGHT (D-AR), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, thinks that perhaps some "accommodation" should be arranged with Russia. He believes that the SOURCE of the threat to Germany is the mass exodus of refugees from East Germany to the West,* an activity that he considers "EMBARRASSING TO KHRUSHCHEV!"W - "HUMAN EVENTS" 8/11/61

       W"It was FULBRIGHT who engineered the plot to...censor the speeches of all...military figures. Why did they delete all criticism of Communism from all the speeches? [He] is the Rhodes Scholar and Fabian Socialist who proclaimed that OUR CONSTITUTION IS OUT-DATED AND OUT-MODED, and in so many words, that what we need (MUST HAVE!) is a ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT!" - MYRON C. FAGAN [36]
        Obviously, this man has forgotten that he is an AMERICAN senator! Wonder what the VICTIMS of Communist East Berlin would give to have nothing more to worry about than a little political embarrass- ment??!! Let's not forget this little vignette, when we start discussing the POWs later! - OL]

        "We must seek to discourage anti-Communist revolts in order to avert bloodshed and war. WE MUST, UNDER OUR OWN PRINCIPLES, LIVE WITH EVIL* even if by doing so we help to stabilize tottering Communist regimes, as in East Germany, and perhaps even EXPOSE CITADELS OF FREE- DOM, like West Berlin, to slow death by strangulation." - "THE NEW YORK TIMES" [37]

        [NOTE: *And just exactly what "principles" would those be? Certainly not the principles of the TEN COMMANDMENTS, upon which - according to our Founders - our Constitution and Declaration of Indeppendence were based. Sounds more like you are referring to the Marxist principles spelled out in the "COMMUNIST MANIFESTO" and echoed in the United Nations' "DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS!" - OL]

        "...At the close of World War II, our forces stood triumphant on the land and sea and in the air. We had at our command the mightiest array of military power in all history. Yet, the last 16 years have witnessed a calamitous RETREAT from victory. During all these years we have suffered defeat after defeat at the hands of international communism.
        "We have retreated from position after position and committed folly after folly...THE NEXT FIVE YEARS," he warns, "WILL DETERMINE FOR CENTURIES TO COME WHETHER MANKIND IS TO LIVE IN FREEDOM OR LIVE IN SLAVERY...We have no more ground to give, no time to lose, no margin for error." - SENATOR THOMAS DODD (father of Senator Christopher Dodd) [38]
        "...it would be unrealistic to demand that such dramas be immaculate before they can qualify for such viewing. For under guidance, WE LEARN FROM THE SORDID AND PATHOLOGICAL...
        "For many people, the church has become a symbol for repression, for restriction, for a desperate fear of wrong...Perhaps it is far better for youth to RISK MORAL STUMBLING than to shrivel into barren and empty spirits, alone with their regrets." - "WORKERS WITH YOUTH" [39]
        "The U.N. PEACE FORCE shall be established and progressively strengthened...to the end that the United Nations can effectively...deter or suppress any threat or use of force...PROGRESSIVE CONTROLLED DISARMAMENT...[will] proceed to a point where NO State (country - including the U.S.!) [will] have the military power to challenge the progressively strengthened U.N. peace force." - PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY [40]>
        "The terms 'arms control' and 'disarmament' mean the identification, verification, inspection, limitation, control, reduction, or elimination, of armed forces and ARMAMENTS OF ALL KINDS (This include privately-owned guns!) under international agreement...to establish an effective system of INTERNATIONAL control*..." - "ARMS CONTROL AND DISARMAMENT ACT" [[41]

        [NOTE: *Meaning, of course, WORLD government. In other words hand over all national arms to the control of an international body, (i.e., the UNITED NATIONS). Bottom line: TEAR DOWN OUR CONSTITUTION and GIVE UP OUR SOVEREIGNTY! - OL]

        "When Congress moved to take action to bar importation of Communist propaganda, THE U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT ENCOURAGED U.S. PRINTING FIRMS TO PRODUCE THE OFFICIAL SOVIET PROPAGANDA MATERIALS in this country. Haynes Lithograph Co., Rockville, MD, for example, with the full approval of the State Department publishes the official Soviet propaganda publication, 'USSR,' which is sold on American newsstands." - "HUMAN EVENTS" 10/13/61
        "Now that we are face-to-face again with a period of heightened peril...THE DISCORDANT VOICES OF EXTREMISM are heard once again in the land. Men who are unable to face up to the danger from without are convinced that THE REAL DANGER COMES FROM WITHIN...They look suspiciously at their neighbors and their leaders...they find TREASON in our finest churches, in our highest court. But you and I and most Americans take a different view of our peril. We know that IT COMES FROM WITH- OUT, not within. It must be met with preparedness, not provocative speeches." - PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY [42]
        ANATOLIY GOLITSYN, a one-time senior analyst in the NATO section of the Information Department of the Soviet intelligence service defects to America. In the '50s he had been involved
in drawing up a proposal on the REORGANIZATION OF SOVIET INTELLIGENCE. In connection with this proposal, he had attended both, a meeting of the secretariat chaired by STALIN, and a meeting of the Presidium chaired by MALENKOV and attended by KHRUSHCHEV, Brezhnev, and Bulganin. During this same time period, he had worked briefly as head of a section responsible for COUNTER- ESPIONAGE AGAINST THE UNITED STATES. He explains:
        "The main purpose of my defection at the end of 1961 was
        (a) to WARN the American Government about the adoption of the current GRAND STRATEGY FOR COMMUNISM and the political role of the KGB and the use of DISINFORMATION and CON- TROLLED POLITICAL OPPOSITION which the strategy entailed, and
        (b) to HELP THE WEST NEUTRALIZE KGB PENETRATION OF THEIR GOVERNMENTS. On arrival in Washington, I asked to be received by PRESIDENT KENNEDY. I was assured by General Taylor, the President's security adviser, that the President would see my appropriate contributions. MR. ROBERT KENNEDY, the Attorney General, told me that in due time a meeting with the President would be arranged." - ANATOLIY GOLITSYN [43]
21 DECEMBER 1961

        "Dear Mr. Golitsyn,
        "I have your letter of December 19, 1961, addressed to the President of the United States. The subject matter is one of considerable interest to this government and your request has received careful consideration.
        "I wish to assure you that the officials with whom you are now in contact have the full authority and responsibility for handling matters of this nature, and I therefore request that you give them your com- plete cooperation.
        "I have asked that I be kept informed of developments in this matter, and you may be confident that information concerning your contribution will be brought to the attention of the President IF and when APPROPRIATE."*  - MAXWELL D. TAYLOR [44]<

        [NOTE: *Excuse me?  IF?!! Just when exactly would it be "appropriate" to bring information (from a
highly-placed insider) - concerning an ENEMY plan to THREATEN THE SECURITY of the U.S. - to its President???!! Bottom line: Mr. Golitsyn was ignored by both the President and the CIA, and since has been forced into hiding. Wonder why? - OL]

        "...U.N. JETS...Screaming in at treetop level...blast the post office and the radio station, severing ...communications with the outside world...One came to the conclusion that the U.N.'s action was intended to MAKE IT MORE DIFFICULT for correspondents to LET THE WORLD KNOW what was going on in Katanga...
        "A car pulls up in front of the Grand Hotel Leopold II where all of us are staying. 'Look at the work of the American criminals,' sobs the Belgian driver. 'Take a picture and SEND IT TO KENNEDY!' In the back seat, his eyes glazed with shock, sits a wounded African man cradling in his arms the body of his ten-year-old son. The child's face and belly have been smashed to jelly by mortar fragments." - SMITH HEMPSTONE (African correspondent for the "Chicago Daily News") [45]
        "The atrocities perpetrated on the civilians in Katanga are so shocking and so sickening, that the forty-six civilian doctors in Elizabethville prepare a heavily detailed report, documenting UN PLANES BOMBING CLEARLY MARKED HOSPITALS; BAZOOKA ATTACKS ON AMBULANCES; BAYONET- TING OF CHILDREN AND ELDERLY CIVILIANS, etc. In their report, '46 Angry Men,' the doctors write:
        "These U.N.O. snipers seem to have no other motive of thus killing unexpectedly and without warning, than to TERRORIZE the civilian population by shooting at peaceful citizens, going about their daily occupations, AS THOUGH THEY ARE SHOOTING AT CLAY PIPES AT A FAIR!!!" - 46 ANGRY MEN [46]
        "In WASHINGTON, where a thousand newspapermen ply their trade, there is a mounting sus- picion that members of the press have begun to grow weary of the exacting watch-dog role and have been attaching themselves to the FIRST ESTATE, the ruling class.
        "The simple truth is that the press has given up on fact-hunting for the less arduous and frequently more profitable role of INTERPRETING what has gone before and PREDICTING what is to come, in con- formity with the Administration's pattern.
        "The temptations to abandon reporting in favor of REVEALING are many...it is far easier to run through the grist of OFFICIAL HANDOUTS than to grub for news...Once a reporter convinces himself that he can bring his readers great news from these handouts, he has little or no compunction (guilt, shame) to lengthening the stride of his dispatches to take in the PROPAGANDA.
        "It is not difficult to convince a reporter that it isn't the news but the way he WRITES it that counts. Especially when he finds that those who hew the line most consistently are acclaimed as journalistic greats...and when he becomes aware that PULITZER prizes go to reporters taking handouts from law firms defending loyalty suspects or from a foreign nation." - WALTER TROHAN [47]
        "The COMMUNIST THREAT from without must not blind us to the Communist threat from WITHIN. The latter is reaching into the very heart of America through its espionage agents and a cunning, de- fiant, and lawless Communist Party, which is fanatically dedicated to the MARXIST cause of WORLD ENSLAVEMENT and DESTRUCTION OF THE FOUNDATIONS OF OUR REPUBLIC."* - J. EDGAR HOOVER, Director (Federal Bureauu of Investigation) [48]

        [NOTE: *Judging by how often we hear our country referred to as a "DEMOCRACY," (I must have heard it at least 50 times since this Florida thing began) it would seem they have ALREADY accomp- lished the SECOND goal! - OL]

        "What is the ESTABLISHMENT'S viewpoint? Through the Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations its ideology is constant: That the BEST way to fight Communism is by a ONE WORLD SOCIALIST STATE GOVERNED BY 'EXPERTS LIKE THEMSELVES. The result has been policies which favor the growth of the SUPERSTATE, gradual SURRENDER OF UNITED STATES SOVEREIGNTY TO THE UNITED NATIONS and a STEADY RETREAT in the face of Communist ag- gression." - EDITH KERMIT ROOSEVELT [49]
        In this century, "...governments probably have murdered 119,400,000 (that's nearly 120 BILLION!) people - MARXIST governments about 95,200,000 (over 95 MILLION.) (That still leaves 24 MILLION - killed by CIVILIZED countries?!) of them. By comparison, the battle-killed in all foreign and domestic wars in this century total 35,700,000." - DR. R. J. RUMMEL These "monstrous statistics,," Rummel comments, "sharply reoriented" his research. "For more than thirty years as a political scientist and peace researcher, I had focused my research on the causes and conditions of war, conflict, and peace. I had believed that WAR was the greatest killer and that nuclear war would be a global holocaust. Now I have found that the total killed by government in cold blood was almost four times that of war. It was as though a NUCLEAR WAR had already occurred..."
        In fact -  "from 1918 to 1953 [the Lenin-Stalin years], THE SOVIET GOVERNMENT EXECUTED, SLAUGHTERED, STARVED, BEAT OR TORTURED TO DEATH, or otherwise killed some 39.5 million of its own people...In CHINA, under MAO TSE-TUNG, the communist government eliminated...45 million people. The number killed in just these two nations is about 84.5 million, or A LETHALITY OF 252% MORE THAN BOTH WORLD WARS TOGETHER. Yet, have the world community and intellectuals shown anything like the same horror or outrage over these SOVIET and CHINESE MEGAKILLINGS as has been directed at the MUCH LESS DEADLY WORLD WARS?"* - R. J. RUMMEL [50]

        [NOTE: *No, Dr. Rummel, they haven't. Instead, we give them our money and technology - and "MOST FAVORED NATION" status! It almoost makes one wonder WHOSE President Klinton really is, doesn't it? Remember, these figures do not include the number being killed here (and in other "free" nations) and written off as "ACCIDENTS" and "SUICIDES" (or as some wonks prefer to call the rash of "suicides" since Klinton took office: "ARKANSCIDES"). The number is still climbing today. In fact, COMMUNIST CHINA - who has already taken over the American retail industry, and is now moving their troops and warships into our country - AT PRESIDENT CLINTON'S REQUEST - even won a place in the 'GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS' for THE MOST PEOPLE KILLED BY THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT!

        Back in 1933, at the request of his "good" Communist friends, PRESIDENT FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT replaced America's CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC with SOCIALISM. Because Americans eagerly accepted this "hand-out" form of government - with all the rules, regulations, and heavy taxation that came with it - today our government is ruled by MARXISTS, and by the end of this year (2000) we will be at the mercy of a TOTALITARIAN ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT. Totalitarian government, Rumble found, is "many times deadlier than war." In light of the recently revealed plans of the UN world leaders, WILLIAM JASPER, Senior Editor of "THE NEW AMERICAN" magazine, poses some rather thought provoking questions:
        "...is war the ultimate evil? Must we be willing to accept anything - even tyranny and slavery - in
order to avoid war?" And he reminds us of the future the globalists have in mind for us: "An all-powerful UN government is a guarantee of GLOBAL TYRANNY and unprecedented HUMAN HOLOCAUST." As the above incidents illustrate quite clearly, I would say the John Birch Society makes an excellent point: GET US OUT OF THE UNITED NATIONS AND GET THE UNITED NATIONS OUT OF THE UNITED STATES!!  AMEN! - OL]
        "We need to DE-EMPHASIZE TRADITION AND THE PAST...Educators can no longer afford to deplore and resist change. Too MANY teachers are still insisting that things must be done the 'RIGHT' way...Messiness, noise, confusion and mistakes, out of which may come originality, creativity and genius, are suppressed in favor of neatness, quiet, order, and 'BEING RIGHT,' out of which can come conservatism...RIGIDITY..." - "PERCEIVING, BEHAVING, BECOMING" [51]
        "When the DEWEY-KILPATRICK theory of progressive education replaced traditional educational theories and practices in this country...(they did so) by making of the school primarily an agency for social leveling, by assuming, in the name of 'whole child schooling, RESPONSIBILITIES NORMALLY RESERVED TO THE FAMILY." - ADMIRAL HYMAN RICKOVER [52]
        "...our leaders may wish to substitute the 'INVOCATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS' for the CHRISTIAN prayers no longer permitted in our schools. The Invocation reads in part:
        'May the Peace and the Blessing of the HOLY ONES pour forth over the worlds - rest upon the United Nations, on the workk and the workers...May the CHALICE the United Nations is building become a focal point for the descent of spiritual force...May the consciousness of the United Nations become ever more at-one, the many lights One Light in the LIGHT OF THE SELF'...
        "Curriculums are being drafted to INDOCTRINATE OUR CHILDREN in what John D. Rockefeller, Jr. calls 'the church of  ALL people'...Plans are being made to set up regional WORLD UNIVERSITIES whose objectives would include 'to instruct in all religions but will not make religion its aim,' 'build a world outlook' and 'teach the physiological, psychological and spiritual (??!) aspects of SEX.'..." - EDITH KERMIT ROOSEVELT (Granddaughter of President Theodore Roosevelt) [53]
        "We urgently request your intervention in order to put a stop to the killing of civilian coloured and European men and women and children BY U.N. FORCES - stop - Women have been shot at and woundeed in their homes, workers in the streets - stop - So have Red Cross servants - stop - During last two days jet planes have been shooting at civilian cars downtown and in the country - stop - Mortars are systematically shelling residential areas - stop - For the second time Prince Leopoldd general African hospital has been shelled - stop - Please inform academic and medical world and public opinion and insist on U.N. giving up SUCH REPULSIVE METHODS* - stop - in name of the 46 CIVILIAN PRACTI-- TIONERS AT ELISABETHVILLE." - PROFESSOR OF SURGERY (name unknown) (Univversity of Elizabethville, Katanga) (former Harvard Fellow) [54]

        [NOTE: *So why DIDN'T Harvard, and those in the academic and medical worlds respond to this urgent call from such a respected colleague? WHAT IF THIS SHOULD HAPPEN IN AMERICA? When it does - and it WILL - are these esteemed scholars then going to turn their backs on their own people again? You better BELIEVE it! - OL]

        "[Human relations or "sensitivity training"] fits into a context of institutional influence procedures which includes coercive persuasion in the form of THOUGHT REFORM or BRAINWASHING..." - 'ISSUES IN (HUMAN RELATIONS) TRAINING' [55]
        "the trainer has no alternative but to MANIPULATE: his job is to plan and produce behavior in order to CREATE CHANGES in other people." - DAVID JENKINS (explaining that the laboratories at NTL have changed their emphasis on skill to "sensitivity training" i.e., brainwashing) [56]
        "It [is] the COMMUNIST party which shows the peoples of Russia the way to FREE themselves from social and national oppression...Only the OCTOBER REVOLUTION made it possible to liquidate the system of oppression of minorities and give equal political rights to all the nationalities and all the races of the USSR...
        "The Soviet Union is a BROTHERHOOD of free and equal peoples comprising 15 sovereign Soviet republics in voluntary association on a footing of complete equality...Each of them embodies the collec- tive will of its people and can decide its own future in entire freedom..."* - I.P. TSAMERIAN and S.L. RONIN [57]

        [NOTE: *UNESCO used this pamphlet to acquaint the public "with one of the MAJOR SOCIAL TRIUMPHS OF OUR DAY, namely, the way in which the problem of nationalities has been solved in the Soviet Union." Whose day? The Communists??!!! I'd be willing to bet the "free and equal peoples" of the various Communist regimes around the world might have a slightly different take on that assessment: for instance Katanga, Rhodesia, Chechnyia, Cuba, ad nauseum - maybe even right here in our own "DEMOCRATIC" SOCIALIST country of AMERICA! - OL]

        "...the NATION-STATE is becoming less and less competent to perform its international political tasks...All these, then, are some of the reasons - economic, military, political - pressing us to lead vigorously toward the true building of a NEW WORLD ORDER...More specifically, I hope and urge ...there will evolve the bases for A FEDERAL STRUCTURE OF THE FREE WORLD." - NELSON A. ROCKEFELLER [58]
        [How do you know what's the truth?] "You try like the devil but you are dependent on the NEWS SERVICES (for national and international news) and if they goof, what do you do? - REX DAVIS (News Director for CBS' affiliate in St. Louis, MO) [59]
        In January, the Republican representative from California introduces H.R.9567, a bill to revoke and rescind membership of the United States in the United Nations:
        "...I introduced this resolution because it is my firm conviction that THIS NATION CANNOT SUR- VIVE AS A REPUBLIC* as long as we are shackled to an international treaty which SUPERCEDES OUR CONSTITUTION."W- JAMES B. UTT (R-CA) [60]

        [NOTES: *Well, he is certainly correct on this one. By the Eighties, all we are going to hear is "Our Democracy, Our Democracy, Our DEMOCRACY!" Our forefathers must be turning over in their graves: our once proud CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC has been turned into something they hated so much, that Jefferson described it as "MOBocracy!" Another described it as "two wolves and one lamb - voting on what they would have for dinner." Guess who won?
     W He is wrong this time. The Supreme Court has ruled that any law that is in CONTRADICTION to the CONSTITUTION of the United States is INVALID. - OL]

        A Senate subcommittee concludes that Castro could not have brought communism to Cuba ex- cept for the continual aid and assistance of the US State Department. - SENATE INTERNAL SECUR- ITY SUBCOMMITTEE <[61]
        According to a national periodical, the subcommittee branded him as "either a DAMN FOOL or a COMMUNIST" - and found that William Wieland, head of the Caribbean desk of the US State Depart- ment, had received and "BURIED" continuing intelligence reports which indicated that Castro was a Communist. - "THE NATIONAL REVIEW" 1/16/62
        "PRESIDENT KENNEDY vigorously defended two State Department employees yesterday against a newspaper woman's charges that they were security risks. He rebuked the reporter, MRS. SARAH MC LENDON, when she made the accusation at his press conference. He personally vouched for clearance of the two men and said he hoped they would continue to serve without detriment to their character by your question'...Mrs. McLendon did not say what lay behind her charge that the two men were security risks...
        "The Senate Internal Security Subcommittee had made public accusation against [William Arthur] Wieland. These were contained in testimony before the committee by three former ambassadors in Latin America, WILLIAM D. PAWLEY, ROBERT C. HILL, and EARL E.T. SMITH (see previous article).
        "Pawley charged that Wieland, while director of the State Department Office of Caribbean-Mexican Affairs between 1958 and 1960, had assisted the overthrow of FULGENCIO BATISTA's government of Cuba by FIDEL CASTRO. Pawley said Wieland had done so by buying the idea of not selling arms to either side in the revolutionary conflict. He also said that Wieland had a 'close association with HER- BERT MATTHEWS of the 'NEW YORK TIMES'.
        "Hill attributed what he termed 'WRONG DECISIONS' on Cuba to Wieland. He said Wieland was either 'a damn fool or a Communist, and I DON'T THINK HE WAS A COMMUNIST.' Smith mentioned Wieland's name in a long list of persons whom he criticized for helping in the overthrow of the Batista regime." - ANTHONY LEWIS [62]
        "At a time when Western civilization is confronted by an extreme militaristic threat looking forward to world conquest, I think it is naive and unrealistic to be preoccupied with the question of disarmament. We know that the COMMUNIST CONSPIRACY has no intention of co-existing with us. We know that they are bent on DOMINATION OF THE WHOLE WORLD...
        "As skeptical as I have always been of the measure of good sense and loyalty within the State Department I never would have believed that these people we call our diplomats could so completely and unabashedly ADVOCATE THE SURRENDER OF AMERICAN RIGHTS AND SOVEREIGNTY until this bulletin appeared (see above: 9/61 #s40-41)...if more of the American people knew about this scheme there would be a NATIONWIDE UPROAR that would make the reaction to the Alger Hiss scandal look like another era of good feeling by comparison." - SENATOR JOHN TOWER (R-TX) (quoting an ediitorial in a Dallas newspaper) [63]
        A former FBI agent claims that, "United States membership in the United Nations has caused A PERVERSION OF OUR FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPT OF GOVERNMENT...We cannot restore Ameri- canism; we cannot have an American policy, either foreign or domestic; we cannot re-establish America as a free and independent constitutional republic, until we WITHDRAW from the United Nations." - DAN SMOOT [64]
        Smoot, of course, is in good company: "We American people sponsored and endorsed a com- pletely ALIEN concept of government when we joined the United Nations...It is high time we gave some consideration to the interests of the UNITED STATES, instead of the United Nations. Let us get out before we are dragged under!" - DEAN RUSSELL (Rockford College, IL) And Russell has the support of none other than former Secretary of Agriculture, EZRA TAFT BENSON.
        "To the vast majority of Americans our FOREIGN POLICY is a complete enigma...We always hear [our leaders] proclaiming that in view of our overwhelming economic and military superiority we must always 'lead from strength.' Yet, in all the Summit Meetings and Conferences they cringe and stammer and stutter and, so to speak, come out with their tails between their hind legs.
        "We cannot understand the FOREIGN AID to TITO, an avowed enemy - to POLAND, an avowed enemy - to ALL THE AVOWED COMMUNIST NATIONS. We cannot understand why the expenditure of scores of billions of dollars has FAILED to slow down, let alone stop, the march of communism. We are perplexed by the (seeming) ineptness of the State Department - of the CIA - of the USIA - of All our Fed- eral Agencies.. Again and again and again we have been startled, shocked, horrified by their mistakes in BERLIN, in KOREA, in LAOS, in VIET NAM, in KATANGA, in CUBA... mistakes that ALWAYS FAVOR THE ENEMY - never the United States! Under the law of averages they should have made at least one or two mistakes in OUR favor - but THEY NEVER DID...What is the answer?
        "The answer is that no one can really understand our Foreign Relations until one knows the parts played by such organizations as the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS (CFR), the FOREIGN POLICY ASSOCIATIONS (FPA), the WORLD AFFAIRS COUNCILS (WAC, the notorious AMERICANS FOR DEMOCRATIC ACTION and similar organizations.
        "From the day ROOSEVELT stepped into the White House the masterminds came into full control of our Foreign Policy, and believe you me, they've made (and are making) frightening progress with it. The betrayal of CHIANG KAI SHEK and delivery of China to the Reds was accomplished in the name of Foreign Relations Policy... ditto the murder of Mihailovitch and the delivery of Yugoslavia to Tito... ditto Hungary, Cuba, Katanga... ditto THE MARSHALL PLAN (Foreign Aid Plot), which is DRAINING US OF ALL OUR WEALTH AND RESOURCES - TO BUILD UP COMMUNIST NATIONS!
        "The WILSON debacle brought the masterminds to the realization that CONTROL OF ONLY THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY WAS NOT ENOUGH! True, they could create a crisis during a REPUBLICAN Administration (as they did in 1929 with their FEDERAL RESERVE MANUFACTURED CRASH AND DEPRESSION) which would bring a Democratic stooge back into the White House. But the four or eight years of disruption in their control of our Foreign Relations policies would play havoc with the progress of the Conspiracy, it could even break up their entire strategy. (As it almost did before Roosevelt saved it with his Recognition of the STALIN regime!) Thereupon...they began to formulate plans to achieve control of BOTH (!) of our National Political Parties.
        "Control of just the man (the PRESIDENT) in the White House would not be enough. They'd have to provide that "man" with TRAINED 'STOOGES' FOR HIS ENTIRE CABINET...men to head the State Department, the Treasury Department, the Pentagon, the CIA, the USIA (United States Information Agency) etc... In short every member of the various Cabinets would have to be a chosen tool of the masterminds. Ditto all Under-Secretaries and Assistant Secretaries. That would give the masterminds ABSOLUTE CONTROL of all our Policies, both Domestic and (most important) Foreign!
        "That course of action would require a RESERVE corps (pool) of trained stooges instantaneously ready for Administration changes - and for all other exigencies. All such stooges would of necessity have to be men of national reputation - high in the esteem of the people. Naturally, they would have to be men without honor, without scruple, without conscience. Therefore, the first step was to invite a thousand or more of such carefully selected unscrupulous opportunists to "membership" in a select and highly exclusive "Club" to be known as THE COUNCIL OF FOREIGN RELATIONS (CFR).
        "First, let me stress that CFR was scheduled to be the most important and vital cog in the entire "wheel" of the GREAT CONSPIRACY. It can best be described as the State Department (plus CIA) of the Conspiracy. ALL authority in the organization is vested in the Executive Committee, and all mem- bers of the Executive Committee are chosen from the hierarchy of the INTERNATIONALIST/COMMU- NIST CONSPIRACY (ICC). By that token, the Hierarchy of the ICC is the Hierarchy of the CFR! The invited members (1500 at this time) have no voice in the formulation of policies, or in arriving at decis- ions. In short, they are merely TOOLS of the Hierarchy, to be used as the Hierarchy sees it fit. In other words: "theirs is not to reason why, theirs is but to do, or DIE.
        "As we know, the CFR was created to achieve one objective: CONTROL OF THE MAN (the Pres- ident) IN THE WHITE HOUSE, and his Cabinet. And that job was accomplished! Thus, both of our national political parties (Republican AND Democratic) go through all the motions of conventions to nominate their candidates. BUT THE CHOICE IS MADE IN ADVANCE - and all the voting and roll calls are just WELL STAGED SHOWS! All potential candidates must first be approved by CFR, all candi- dates must be members in good standing of CFR. Thus, since the early 1920's (up til - and including - today), all candidates for the Presidency were members of CFR, including John W. Davis, Al Smith, Herbert Hoover, Wendell Wilkie, F.D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Henry A.Wallace, Thomas E. Dewey, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Adlai Stevenson, Richard Nixon and John F.Kennedy...ALL OUR PRESIDENTS SINCE 1932 HAVE BEEN CONTROLLED MEMBERS OF THE CFR! ...ditto the defeated candidates.
        "AEC - Contrary to general beliefs that every President-elect has sole control of all appointments to his cabinet, the records show that the CFR has for many years been DICTATING all such appoint- ments. As a matter of fact, even before the CFR came into being, the choice of men for the Cabinets was controlled by the heads of the Parties."* - MYRON C. FAGAN [65]

[Continued in Part IIIc]


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