"The new rock music is intended to broaden the generation gap, ALIENATE PARENTS from their children, and PREPARE YOUNG PEOPLE FOR REVOLUTION." - PAUL CANTOR (Jefferson Airplane)

        "...the loud sounds and the bright lights of today are tremendous INDOCTRINATION TOOLS." - FRANK ZAPPA (Mothers of Invention)
        "DO YOU KNOW WHO OWNS AND CONTROLS OUR MASS COMMUNICATIONS MEDIA? I'll tell you. Practically all the movie lots in Hollywood are owned by the Lehmans; Kuhn, Loeb, and Company; Goldman-Sachs; and other INTERNATIONALIST BANKERS. All the national radio and TV channels in the nation are owned and controlled by those same internationalists bankers. The same is true of every chain of metropolitan newspapers and magazines, also of the press wire services, such as the Associated Press, United Press, International, etc.. The supposed heads of all those media are merely the fronts for the internationalist bankers, who in turn compose the hierarchy of THE CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), TODAY'S 'ILLUMINATI' IN AMERICA...
        "It was the Illuminati-controlled mass communications media that has kept and is keeping our people naive and stupid and UNAWARE OF THE TREASON BEING COMMITTED. Now the great question is: when will the people wake up and do to our traitors of today what George Washington and our founding fathers would have done to Benedict Arnold? Actually; Benedict Arnold was a petty traitor compared to our present traitors in Washington D.C...today our weeklies...[have] finally succeeded in breaking us up into A NATION OF QUARRELING, WRANGLING, SQUABBLING, HATING FACTIONS...
        "To the Lehmans, Goldman-Sachs, Kuhn-Loebs, and the Warburgs; the CFR assigned the job of getting control of the motion picture industry, Hollywood, radio, and television; and believe me they succeeded...If you wonder about all the smut, sex, pornography, and mixed marriage films you see in your movie theater and on your televison set (all of which is demoralizing our youth); you now have the answer.
        "Do you know that THE ONLY TWO SENATORS WHO VOTED AGAINST THE U.N. CHARTER HAD READ IT? Do you know that SINCE THE U.N. WAS FOUNDED, Communist enslavement has grown from 250,000 to 1,000,000,000? (That's one BILLION!) Do you know that since the U.N. was founded to insure peace there have been at least 20 major wars INCITED by the U.N. - just as they incited war against little Rhodesia and Kuwait? Do you know that under the U.N. set up, the American taxpayers have been forced to make up the U.N. Treasury deficit of many millions of dollars because of Russia's refusal to pay her share? Do you know that the U.N. has NEVER passed a resolution condemning Russia or her so-called satellites, but always condemns our Allies? Do you know that J. EDGAR HOOVER said:

'the overwhelming majority of the COMMUNIST
delegations to the U.N. are espionage agents'

        "...66 SENATORS VOTED FOR A CONSULAR TREATY TO OPEN OUR ENTIRE COUNTRY TO RUSSIAN SPIES AND SABOTEURS? Do you know that the U.N. HELPS Russia's conquest of the world by preventing the free world from taking any action whatsoever except to debate each new aggression in the U.N. General Assembly? Do you know that at the time of the Korean War there were 60 Nations in the U.N.; yet 95% of the U.N. forces were our American sons and practically 100% of the cost was paid by the United States taxpayers?
        "And surely you know that the U.N. policy during the Korean and Vietnam Wars was to prevent us from winning those wars? Do you know that ALL THE BATTLE PLANS OF GENERAL MC ARTHUR HAD TO GO FIRST TO THE U.N. to be relayed to Vasialia, Commander of the North Koreans and Red Chinese, and that any FUTURE WARS fought by our sons under the U.N. flag would have to be fought by OUR sons UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE UN. SECURITY COUNCIL?...

        "Where was the U.N. when the HUNGARIAN FREEDOM FIGHTERS were slaughtered by the Russians? Do you know that the U.N. and its "PEACE" army TURNED THE CONGO OVER TO THE COMMUNISTS? Do you know that the U.N.'s own, so-called, "PEACE" force was used to CRASH, RAPE, AND KILL THE WHITE ANTI-COMMUNISTS IN KATANGA? Do you know that the U.N. stood by and did NOTHING while RED CHINA INVADED LAOS AND VIETNAM?...Do you know that THE U.N. WAS DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR AIDING CASTRO? That it does absolutely nothing about the many thousands of CUBAN YOUNGSTERS who are shipped to RUSSIA for COMMUIST INDOCTRINATION. Do you know that ADLAI STEVENSON said:
'the free world must expect to LOSE more and more decisions in the U.N..'
        "Do you know that the U.N. openly proclaims that ITS CHIEF OBJECTIVE IS A ONE-
WORLD GOVERNMENT which means one-world laws, one-world court, one-world schools, and a one-world church in which CHRISTIANITY would be prohibited? Now do you know that the NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CHURCHES passed a resolution in San Francisco which states that the UNITED STATES will soon have to SUBORDINATE ITS WILL TO THAT OF THE U.N. and that all American citizens must be prepared to accept it?...
        "The CREATORS of the U.N. stipulated in advance that there should be NO mention of GOD or JESUS CHRIST in the U.N. CHARTER or in its U.N. HEADQUARTERS...Furthermore; do you know that the great majority of the, so-called, Nations in the U.N. are ANTI-Christianity and that the U.N. is a completely godless organization by orders of its creators: the CFR ILLUMINAT.
        "...the ILLUMINATI/CFR has created a MONSTER called the UNITED NATIONS...WHICH WAS CREATED TO DESTROY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE...I predict that one fine day the American people will come fully awake and cause that very monster to destroy its creator. True! The majority of our people are still being BRAINWASHED, DECEIVED, and DELUDED by our traitorous press, TV, and radio, and by our TRAITORS in Washington D.C.; but surely by now enough is known about the U.N. to stamp out that outfit as a deadly poisonous rattlesnake in our midst...
        "In the FINAL PHASES of the conspiracy, the one-world government will consist of the
KING-DICTATOR, the head of the United Nations, the CFR, and a few billionaires, economists,
and scientists who have proved their devotion to the great conspiracy. All others are to be integrated into a vast conglomeration of mongrolized humanity, actually SLAVES...
        "My only wonder is: WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO AWAKEN AND AROUSE OUR PEOPLE to the full proof? Perhaps this record (transcript) will do it. A hundred thousand or a million copies of this record (this transcript) can do it. I pray to God it will. And I pray that this record (transcript) will inspire you, all of you, to SPREAD THIS STORY TO ALL LOYAL AMERICANS in your community. You can do it by playing it (reading it) to study groups assembled in your homes, at meetings of the American Legion, the VFW, the DAR, all other civic groups and women's clubs; especially the women's clubs who have their sons' lives at stake. With this record (transcript) I have provided you with the weapon that will destroy the monster. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, OF OUR COUNTRY, AND OF YOUR CHILDREN, USE IT! Get a copy of it into every American home." - MYRON C. FAGAN* [1]

        [NOTE: *"Fagan's career encompassed the Theater, Journalism and National Politics, and he is a proven EXPERT in all those fields. He was the youngest playwright in the history of the American Theater...writing and directing plays for...JACK BARRYMORE, DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS...HELEN MORGAN...GEORGE M. COHAN, etc...he was also Dramatic Editor for The Associated Newspapers, including the 'NEW YORK GLOBE' and various HEARST newspapers. But in 1916 he took a sabbatical from the Theater and served as Director of Public Relations for CHARLES EVANS HUGHES, the Republican Candidate for the Presidency...In 1930 Mr. Fagan came to Hollywood where he served as Writer Director with Pathe Pictures, Inc., then owned by JOSEPH P. KENNEDY, father of the late PRESIDENT JACK KENNEDY, and also at 20th Century Fox, and other Hollywood Film Studios...
        "In 1945, at the urgent request of John T. Flynn, the famous author of 'THE ROOSEVELT MYTH,' 'WHILE WE SLEPT,' 'THE TRUE STORY OF PEARL HARBOR,' etc., Mr. Fagan attended a meeting in Washington D.C. where he was shown a set of Micro Films and Recordings of the SECRET meetings at Yalta attended only by FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT, ALGER HISS, HARRY HOPKINS, STALIN, MOLOTOV, and VISHINSKY when they hatched the plot to DELIVER THE BALKANS, EASTERN EUROPE AND BERLIN TO STALIN.

        "As a result of that meeting; Mr. Fagan wrote two plays: 'RED RAINBOW' (in which he revealed that entire plot) and 'THIEVES PARADISE' (in which he revealed how those men plotted to create the UNITED NATIONS to be the housing for a so-called 'COMMUNIST ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT'). At the same time; Mr. Fagan launched a ONE-MAN crusade to unmask the RED CONSPIRACY in Hollywood to produce Films that would AID that one-world government plot. Out of that came...the CINEMA EDUCATIONAL GUILD. As a result of the work of this C.E.G. organization (headed by Mr. Fagan, in 1947) came the CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS at which more than 300 of Hollywood's, (also Radio and T.V.) most famous Stars, Writers, and Directors were unmasked as the chief activist of the Red Conspiracy. That was when the infamous HOLLYWOOD TEN were sent to prison. IT WAS THE MOST SENSATIONAL EVENT OF THAT DECADE! From that time on Mr. Fagan has devoted all of his time and efforts to...keeping up the fight to alert the American people to the plot to DESTROY THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the ensuing ENSLAVEMENT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE in a UNITED NATIONS' One World Government." - Author unknown (Introduction to "The Illuminati and The Council on Foreign Relations")]
        The TEMPLE OF UNDERSTANDING - carrying on the work and traditions of the THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY and LUCIS TRUST (founded as "LUCIFER Publising") - is established. Its stated purpose is to: "advance mutual understanding among the world's religions." It is described as a "SPIRITUAL UNITED NATIONS."
        Although the proposed structure for the six major religions (Christian, Judaic, Confucian, Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic) to be built in Washington, D.C., has not as yet materialized, the Temple of Understanding does sponsor "Spiritual Summit Conferences." These "INTERFAITH GATHERINGS of world religious leaders" are soothingly described in New Age phraseology as "an integrated spiritual grid" in which "all living religions are trying to function." - CONSTANCE E. CUMBEY [2]>
        "...the NATION-STATE, standing alone, threatens in many ways to seem as anachronistic (out of date) as the Greek city-state eventually became in ancient times." - GOVERNOR NELSON ROCKEFELLER (NY) [3]
        With all his wealth and power, ROCKEFELLER couldn't seem to manage to win the republican nomination for President. So, he did the next best thing - he took over control of the most likely ccandidate and REWROTE THE REPUBLICAN PLATFORM:
        "Whatever honor they might have been able to carry from their services on the platform committee had been wiped out. A SINGLE NIGHT'S MEETING OFTHE TWO MEN IN A MILLIONAIRE'S TRIPLEX APARTMENT IN BABYLON-BY-THE-HUDSON, eight hundred and thirty miles away, was about to OVERRULE them..." - THEODORE WHITE [4]
        Of course, the platform was changed to suit Rockefeller, and prompting one alert journalist to comment:
        "It was not as a Standard Oil heir, but as an Establishment heir, a man of 'world good will,' that Nelson Rockefeller FORCED the Republicans to rewrite their platform. Thus the Republican platform was in effect a CARBON COPY of the Democratic platform drawn up by Chester Bowles, CFR member and former trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation." - EDITH KERMIT ROOSEVELT (Granddaughter of President Theodore Roosevelt) [5]
        [Communists must be prepared to] "resort to all sorts of stratagems, manoeuvers, illegal methods, evasions and subterfuge" [to achieve their objectives]. - VLADIMIR LENIN [6]
        "Our only strategy at present is to become stronger and, therefore, wiser, more reasonable, more opportunistic. The more opportunistic, the sooner will you again assemble the masses around you. When we have won over the masses by our reasonable approach, WE SHALL THEN APPLY OFFENSIVE TACTICS IN THE STRICTEST SENSE OF THE WORD." -VLADIMIR LENIN [7]
        "The new method sees 'perestroika,' not as a surprising and spontaneous change, but as the logical result of thirty years of preparation and as the next and FINAL PHASE of the strategy: it sees it in a broader context than Soviet 'openness' has revealed. It sees it, not only as a renewal of Soviet society, but as A GLOBAL STRATEGIC DESIGN FOR 'RESTRUCTURING' THE ENTIRE CAPITALIST WORLD. The following strategic objectives of 'perestroika' may be distinguished:

        (a) 'Restructuring' and revitalisation of the Soviet socialist economy through the
             incorporation of some elements of the market economy.
        (b) 'Restructuring' of the Stalinist regime into a form of 'COMMUNIST DEMOCRACY'
             with an APPEARANCE of political pluralism [='DEMOCRATISM']*
             ATTRACTIVE SOCIALIST MODEL WITH A HUMAN FACADE and a seeming similarity
             to the Swedish social democratic system.

        Economic and political 'restructuring' of the existing regimes into PSEUDO-SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC MODELS while preserving specific national historical features such as the strong Catholic socialist tradition in Poland and the pre-war democratic tradition in Czechoslovakia.

        (a) Bringing about a new political alliance between the PSEUDO-SOCIAL
             DEMOCRATIC REGIMES in the USSR and Eastern Europe and the Euro-Communist parties
             and genuine social democratic parties in Western Europe.
        (b) 'Restructuring' political and military Blocs - NATO and the Warsaw Pact - and THE
             a reunited, neutral Germany.W

        (b) Dissolution of NATO and the US-Japan security pact, and the withdrawal of US troops
             from Western Europe and Japan.

        The introduction and promotion of a new Soviet model with a mixed economy and a HUMAN FACE in Latin America, Africa and Asia through a joint campaign by the PSEUDO-SOCIAL DEMOCRAT REGIMES of the USSR and Eastern Europe and the genuine social democrats of Western Europe LED BY THE SOCIALIST INTERNATIONAL.

             in the American political parties and to create favourable conditions for a VICTORY OF THE
        (b) To 'restructure' the American military, political, economic and social status quo to
             and the eventual creation of a single WORLD GOVERNMENT.R

        "The paramount GLOBAL OBJECTIVE of the strategy of 'perestroika' is to weaken and neutralise anti-Communist ideology and the influence of anti-Communists in political life in the United States, Western Europe and elsewhere - presenting them as anachronistic survivors of the Cold War, reactionaries and obstacles to 'restructuring' and peace...
        "COMMUNIIST CHINA was one of the PRINCIPAL ARCHITECTS of the Communists' long-range strategy." - ANATOLIY GOLITSYN [8]

        [NOTES: *"The Soviets characterise their false democracy as 'democratism' - which can be defined as the creation and maintenance of the illusion of Western-style democracy.
       W"In the course of his Nobel Peace Prize lecture (given in Oslo, June 1992), Gorbachev explained: 'I dare say that the European process has already acquired elements of irreversibility...Should it now gain the necessary momentum, every nation and every country will have at their disposal in the foreseeable future the potential of a community of unprecedented strength, encompassing the entire upper tier of the globe, provided they make their own contribution. In such context, in the process of creating a new Europe, in which erstwhile curtains and walls will be forever relegated to the past and borders between states will lose their 'divisive' purpose, SELF-DETERMINATION OF SOVEREIGN NATIONS WILL BE REALISED IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MANNER' (which is to say, in translation from Gorbachev's Aesopian Lenin-speak, in accordance with the 'architecture of control' drawn up in Moscow.
    "Moreover, for the elimination of all doubt about what he meant by the 'enlarged' Europe, Gorbachev added that 'our (sic) vision of the European space from the Atlantic to the Urals is not that of a closed system. SINCE IT INCLUDES THE SOVIET UNION, WHICH REACHES TO THE SHORES OF THE PACIFIC, IT GOES BEYOND NOMINAL GEOGRAPHICAL BOUNDARIES.' Thus the eastern boundary of 'the new Europe' is not in fact to be the Urals, but the Pacific - since the Soviet Union is 'European.' Note, too, that national boundaries are considered by this long-range strategy implementer to be purely 'nominal'." - ANATOLIY GOLITSYN
    RKlinton has spent his entire administration "converging" Russia with the United States - primarily by bringing Russian troops, cops, spies, etc. over here to train with our troops and teach our cops KGB methods of "interrogation!" - OL]

        "The American people will never KNOWINGLY adopt Socialism. But under the name of 'LIBERALISM' (a name we are becoming well-aquainted with!) they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing HOW IT HAPPENED!"* - NORMAN THOMAS (long-time Presidential canndidate for the US Socialist

        [NOTE: *According to William Jasper (NWO expert and author of 'Global Tyranny...Step By Step'), COLONEL EDWARD MANDELL HOUSE (Woodrow Wilson's "alter ego" and closest friend and advisor) wrote the first draft of the League of Nations covenant, and then persuaded Wilson to create the "INQUIRY" - a cabal of one-worlders who composed Wilson's "Fourteen Points." Included in this super-secret group were Walter Lippman, Allen W. Dulles, John Foster Dulles, Christian A. Herter - and NORMAN THOMAS! - OL]

        "For it becomes clear that the first step toward WORLD GOVERNMENT cannot be completed until we have advanced on the four fronts: the ECONOMIC, the MILITARY, the POLITICAL, and the SOCIAL." - ELMO ROPER (CFR) (Atlantic Union Committee treasurer) [9]
        One of those fronts - "social" - includes education and they receive a great deal of help from government propaganda publications - including one put out by HEW, which describes their "plans to check-up for the next twenty years on the PERSONALITY SCORES of those [children] who took the [special] exams." - "PROJECT TALENT" [10]
        "[I]t is a legitimate American national objective to see REMOVED FROM ALL NATIONS
- INCLUDING THE UNITED STATES - THE RIGHT TO USE SUBSTANTIAL MILITARY FORRCE to pursue their own interests. Since this residual right is the ROOT OF NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY and the basis for the existence of an international arena of power, it is, therefore, an AMERICAN INTEREST to see AN END TO NATIONHOOD as it has been historically defined." - WALT WHITMAN ROSTOW (CFR) (later chairman of the State Department's Policy Planning Board!!) [11]
        "The U.S. Secretary of State calls for disarmament 'to the point where no single nation or group of nations could effectively oppose this ENFORCEMENT of international law by INTERNATIONAL MACHINERY'." - CHRISTIAN HERTER (CFR) 2/18/60
        "Thus far of the leadership of the NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CHURCHES OF CHRIST IN AMERICA, we have found over 100 persons in leadership capacity with either COMMUNIST-FRONT records or records of service to COMMUNIST CAUSES. The aggregate affiliations of the leadership, instead of being in the hundreds as first indicated, is now, according to the latest count, into the THOUSANDS, and we have yet to complete our check, which would certainly suggest, on the basis of authoritative sources of this committee, that the statement that there is infiltration of fellow travelers in churches and educational institutions is a complete understatement." - RICHARD ARENS (Staff Director - House Committee on Un-American Activitiess) At the opening of the hearings, the chairman of the House Committee on Un-American Activities stated:
        "This is not to say that these persons are necessarily consciously supporting Communist
enterprises, but the net result is, for all practical purposes, the same." - REP. FRANCIS WALTER (D-PA) [12]
        "It is indeed appalling that some members of our society continue to deplore and criticize those who stress the communist danger. What these 'misguided' authorities fail to realize is that the COMMUNIST PARTY, USA is an integral part of international communism. As the world-wide menace becomes more powerful, the various Communist parties assume a more dangerous and sinister role in the countries in which they are entrenched. PUBLIC INDIFFERENCE TO THIS THREAT IS TANTAMOUNT TO NATIONAL SUICIDE.
        "Lethargy leads only to disaster...Only the intelligent efforts of all Americans can prevent the decay of public apathy from laying open our Nation to the Red Menace." - J. EDGAR HOOVER (Director - Federal Bureau of Investigation) 3/1/60
        "I HAVE NOT BEEN A BELIEVER IN COMMUNISM FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME, although in the early days of my association with the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia I was an ideological believer...My initial disillusionment with communism in practice began...while I was attending Military Staff School in Prague...I witnessed...numerous incidents where members of the Communist Party, who were high-ranking officers in the Army, took advantage of their position in order to obtain personal advantages and job security. The disillusionment which set in as a result of the excesses...began to shatter my faith in MARXISM-LENINISM."* - COLONEL FRANTISEK TISLER (former military and air attache) [13]

        [NOTE: *Despite the disillusionment, Tisler tells them, he continued as a conspirator for another ten years...rising to a high-ranking position in the party, and its international intelligence network. He finally defected to the USA in 1959. - OL]

        "It was during 1958-60 that the Communist leaders envisaged the CONVERGENCE OF
RESTRUCTURED AND TRANSFORMED CAPITALIST SYSTEMS leading ultimately to one system of WORLD GOVERNMENT. Taking account of the military strength of NATO, the Communist leaders decided to build up their military strength as a guarantee of the success of their programme of domestic 'REFORM' and as a PRESSURE WEAPON for disarmament negotiations with the West and the execution of their strategy of convergence.
        "Accepting the necessity for stability in the political leadership of the USSR for the execution of the long-range strategy, the Soviet leaders rejected Stalin's practice of eliminating his rivals and reverted to Lenin's style of leadership. They solved the problem through the selection by the Central Committee of NIKITA KHRUSHCHEV'S SUCCESSOR in advance of Khrushchev's own retirement. LEONID BREZHNEV had already been chosen in this way in July 1960 when he was made President and was given a special briefing by the CHAIRMAN OF THE KGB in preparation for the new responsibilities he would be assuming when Khrushchev stepped down.
        "A common commitment to the long-range strategy itself became a factor in the prevention of further power struggles. Western experts failed to understand this because KHRUSHCHEV'S RETIREMENT WAS DELIBERATELY MISREPRESENTED BY THE SOVIET LEADERS TO THE WEST AS HIS DISMISSAL. In this and in other ways, the origin of the long-range deception strategy of 'perestroika' ("restructuring") was successfully concealed.
        "...most of the West's leaders today...have evidently allowed Gorbachev and his successors and collaborators to 'restructure' their minds, in accordance with the true meaning of 'perestroika' - the 'restructuring' not of the Soviet system, but of the outlook, thinking and mentality of the West. For Stalin, 'perestroika' meant 're-shoeing' - as of a horse: that is to say, not of the regime itself, but of the system's means to consolidate its power..." - ANATOLIY GOLITSYN [14]
        "We must attempt to strengthen the NON-BATISTA DEMOCRATIC ANTI- CASTRO FORCES IN EXILE (i.e., the FREEDOM FIGHTERS!), and in Cuba itself who offer eventual hope of overthrowing Castro...thus far, these fighters for freedom have had virtually NO SUPPORT FROM OUR GOVERNMENT." - JOHN F. KENNEDY [15]
        " 'Look,' the Communists are saying, 'we are tolerant of religion, we do not want to attack your faith. Rather, let's work together on issues in which we are both interested - peace, civil liberties, economic justice. We Communists are believers in love, justice, and the brotherhood of man. Let's not fight but work together.'
        "Here is the DEADLY 'COME ALONG' OF COMMUNISM, directed today at the Christian pulpit. This enables the Party to move close to unsuspecting ministers and laymen who see only the exterior verbiage and not the concealed danger. How does the Party work here? In many ways: encouraging churchmen to endorse, support and even participate in Communist-front groups, Communist-sponsored petitions; to neutralize clerical opposition to communism. (If a minister can be influenced to keep silent about the dangers of communism, the Party has gained." - J. EDGAR HOOVER [16]
        A strategy conference is held by the 81 Communist parties in the world, including the COMMUNIST PARTY, USA. At the end of the conference, their manifesto mandates:
        "To effectively defend the interests of the working people, maintain peace and realize the Socialist ideals of the working class, it is indispensable to WAGE A RESOLUTE STRUGGLE AGAINST ANTI-COMMUNISM - that poisoned weapon which the bourgeoisie uses to fence off the masses from socialism." - "RED MANIFESTO" [17]
        Kennedy is Inaugurated. Describing the new program he plans for the country, "The New Frontier," (now where have I heard THAT before?) he calls on the help of a cheering, adoring nation:
        "...ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what YOU can do for your country!" -
        "I dream of the hour when THE LAST CONGRESSMAN IS STRANGLED TO DEATH ON THE GUTS OF THE LAST PREACHER and since the Christians love to sing about the BLOOD, why not give them a little of it." - GUS HALL, General Secretary (Communist Party, USA) [19]
        Communists and establishment press join forces and begin all-out efforts to demonize an anti-communist watchdog group, the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY:
    " 'PEOPLE'S WORLD,' a West Coast communist newspaper, describes the Society as a secret fascist outfit. 'PRAVDA' calls Robert Welch, the founder of the JBS, an 'American Fuhrer,' claiming they are 'brandishing the bludgeon of the Hitlerite storm trooper.' And the March 10th issue of 'TIME' Magazine (our favorite commie - oops! So sorry - "liberal" publication) informs their readership that many consider Birchers 'barely a goosestep away from the formation of goon squads.'* CBS NEWS arrogantly lies outright, claiming the Society is stockpiling guns - a story which later proves to be a fabrication. Others terrorize people, calling them in the middle of the night, saying: 'This is the John Birch Society. Get out of town, ya dirty Commie!' " - JAMES PERLOFF [20]

        [NOTE: *I remember that period quite well. Through the media - and even through my school - I was personally led to believe that members of this patriotic organization were, at the least, "crazy," and at the worst, kill-crazy, anti-American maniacs! Sound familiar? Today the media still paints Christians, patriots and Constitutionalists as "crazy," "paranoid,"W "right-wing extremists," and anti-government!
           Isn't it interesting how they try to label all conservatives -
particularly the Christians and the Constitutionalists - as "anti-government? When you think about it, isn't this just a back-handed way of admitting that they are anti-Christian, anti-Constitution, and anti-People?!
       WJames Perloff, the author of 'Shadows of Power,' calls the charge of paranoia over Communism "ridiculous." He reminds us of the millions that have already died under that system, and demands, "What did those people DIE from - PARANOIA?" - OL]

        "...with the approval of Secretary of State Dean Rusk, Treasury Secretary Dillon, Postmaster General Edward Day, and Attorney General Robert Kennedy, THE PRESIDENT LIFTS A BAN ON IMPORTATION AND DISTRIBUTION OF COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA into the United States. The ban against free distribution of Communist propaganda through the U.S. mails had been imposed by PRESIDENT HARRY TRUMAN 13 years earlier." - GENERAL COUNSEL (Post Office Department) [21]
        "In nine months, an estimated 8-MILLION PACKAGES OF COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA materials from Russia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Red China were imported into the United States. Placed in the U.S. mail, AMERICAN TAXPAYERS PAID THE POSTAGE for delivering the Red propaganda to schools, churches, homes, and libraries all over the nation." - "THE CONGRESSIONAL RECORD" 3/1/62
        "CHARTER/GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS are necessary to MERGE THE U.S.EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM WITH THE INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM...The Federal Government must be prepared in the coming decade not only to continue and where appropriate, expand existing programs of aid to education; it must also develop new avenues of assistance and patterns of educational leadership. It must do all that is necessary to support the pluralistic educational system of the Nation. In the area of international educational cooperation,in particular, it must play the major role, since ONLY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CAN ENTER INTO AGREEMENTS WITH OTHER GOVERNMENTS." - "THE ROLE OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT" [22]
        "To PRIVATIZE PUBLIC SCHOOLS by means of FEDERAL/STATE FUNDS is to create neither a private or a public school. In reality, a STATE/GOVERNMENT school is created which removes both private and local/public control. Although written in flowery language with the most clever use of the English language, once the thin veneer of deceit is peeled back, what is really seen is a RAW GRAB FOR TOTAL CONTROL OF THE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM BY THE STATE."* - JAMES R. PATRICK [23]

        [NOTE: *By "STATE" he means the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT - OL]

        "Those that need to turn to both East and West for help with their social and economic problems are always under temptation to talk and vote AGAINST THE UNITED STATES; they know they can do it with IMPUNITY, and they know that opposite behavior would awaken damaging Soviet displeasure." - HAMILTON FISH ARMSTRONG [24]
        "Why was the underground (with whom the CIA was suppose to be working) never given the landing date? Why did Radio SWAN, the CIA's short wave station, FAIL TO BROADCAST THE PRE-ARRANGED SIGNAL to the underground that it was time for them to go into action?" -
        PRESIDENT KENNEDY meets with KHRUSHCHEV in Vienna for a peace summit. In his subsequent report to the nation, Kennedy assures the viewing audience that:
        "No new aims were stated in private that had not been stated in public on either side...Neither of us were there to dictate a settlement...There was no discourtesy, no loss of tempers, NO THREATS OR ULTIMATUMS BY EITHER SIDE." - PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY [25]
        One week later, Russian Premiere Nikita Khrushchev's version differs quite a bit from Kennedy's rosy assurances. Actually, Khrushchev confides, things weren't quite that friendly:
        The Supreme Court finds "SECULAR HUMANISM" as "among RELIGIONS in this country." - "TORASCO v. WATKINS" 6/19/61
        In a letter to the superintendent of Culver Military Academy in Indiana, the FATHER OF TWO OF THE BOYS WHO HAVE BEEN MISSING since the BAY OF PIGS writes:

        "This letter is to inform you that my two sons Jorge (Culver '59) and Mario (ex-Culver '61) together with other Cuban men, were in the US-ENDORSED INVASION attempt in Cuba during the past week. Jorge is a captive and Mario is missing. I want you to know and the world to know that ALL OF US WHO ONCE BELIEVED IN THE GREATNESS OF THE UNITED STATES feel that they and all of us have been the victims of gross, HIGH OFFICIAL TREASON.
        "I allowed them to go because they had an ideal...and WE WERE TOLD THAT THEY WOULD BE BACKED TO THE END BY THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT AND ITS ARMED FORCES if necessary. We believed this because we know that this fight is not for Cuba or the Cubans. IT IS A FIGHT FOR THE VERY LIFE OF ALL AMERICA." - "LETTER TO GEN. DELMAR T. SPIVEY USA (Rett)" [27]

        One of the world's leading experts on psychological warfare is asked to appear before a
Congressional subcommittee. He testifys that the vicious attacks being launched against anti-
Communists in this country are
        "...A RED ANTI-ANTI-COMMUNIST DRIVE, that was openly initiated, under orders issued to the Communist forces of the world, especially to those in the United States, through the 'RED MANIFESTO' of December 5, 1960." - EDWARD HUNTER (author of 'Brainwashing From Pavlov To Powers') [28]
        The head of the Communist Party, USA proposes a "UNITY OF THE LEFT" - a coalition of COMMUNISTS, LIBERALS, and PROGRESSIVES - to defeat the "fascist network" responsible for the anti-Communist movement in America. According to John Stormer ('None Dare Call It Treason'), in Communist jargon, "fascist" is the label for all ACTIVE anti-Communists. Hall calls for unified attacks by the left on the leadership of the "fascist network" including Senator Barry Goldwater (R-AZ), the John Birch Society, Congressional committees which investigate Communism, Military officers, and those Labor Union officials who actively oppose communism. He goes on to advise his comrades that:
        "...it would be a serious mistake to consider the KENNEDY ADMINISTRATION as embarked at present on the fascist road. If the tactical problem is solved correctly, it will be possible to slam the door on the ultra-right, defeat it, and FORCE A SHIFT IN POLICY UPON THE ADMINISTRATION itself in the direction of peace and democracy." - GUS HALL (General Secretary for the Communist Party, USA) [29]
        "In Hunter's analysis of Hall's article, he explains to the Senate Subcommittee that 'PEACE' in Communist jargon indicates a state which arrives WHEN ALL SIDES ACCEPT COMMUNISM. When they talk about 'DEMOCRACY,' they mean a POLICE-STATE FORM OF DICTATORSHIP, such as exists in the Soviet Union. Within days...similar attacks appeared in major magazines, 'liberal' newspapers such as the 'WASHINGTON POST,' 'NEW YORK TIMES,' and the 'ST. LOUIS DISPATCH,' and on the wire service of the 'ASSOCIATED PRESS.' In short, the tremendous smear campaign by government officials, the press, radio, and TV against anti-Communists FOLLOWED THE EXACT LINE PUT OUT BY MOSCOW." - SENATE HEARINGS [30]

[Continued in Part IIIb]


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