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My views on me as a Virgo

I am particle and not very impressed by extravagance. I am moody and sometimes have a problem keeping my temper. I am so generous to the point I feel people are taking advantage of me and I become self centered and mean even to those who have done nothing. People are always trying to understand me but none have succeeded all the way, they usually know only half or nothing at all but telling themselves they do. I am always wanting to change myself weather mentally of physically because IM insecure at times so I can come off as vain because IM always in the mirror. I like to go out and do small things like go see a movie or kick it with a bunch of friends as long as IM far from home but when IM at home IM really home in my jammaz all day. I feel there is no need for me to go outside if IM not going on a new adventure and IM always looking for change. I criticize a lot of people but when it its vise-versa my feelings are hurt easily but ill never show it. I am unpredictable,changeable,perfectionist.

When in love
When in love (which I am now) I am very open with my feelings and to emotional for my own damn good. Ill do almost anything for the one I love and ill spend my last dime to buy something as simple as a piece of candy for my mate simply because he wanted it. IM always dreaming of our future I will even name our future kids. Ill never suggest or hint marriage but if I love my partner and I feel IM ready he will get a yes!!!!!! if he asks.
When something major happens and IM hurt by it I will only confide in my lover and sometimes I wont even tell my best friend.

When not in love
I can come off as aloof,distant,emotionally cold. I can come off as mean and vain.

My friends are usually
My friends are usually opposite of me having atleast a few things in common because I like challenges and a perfect friendship makes me worry.
My friends usually are very outgoing and always have something fun in mind to do and if I call them out of the blue and say lets go to an amusement park they get up and go.

I am a good listener but on my bad days I cant even hear myself talk because IM so far off into space which uses my aloofness as a negative trait as well as positive
I am a VIRGO with LEO rising


As a Virgo

My sun-sign definition of my sign