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Terms And Conditions

We want dedicated members so we have to be a lil strict this time around.

Please read the following all the way through or you will be very confused

Delete more than 2 e-mails from clique officers or president you will be kicked without notice (this does not apply if you delete an e-mail sent from a member)

Must have clique button or blinkie on page someware within first 2 weeks of joining (we will be checking)       

Must have atleast a little knowledge of webdesign but its not a full requirement

2 weeks of inactivity kicked without notice meaning if you read every e-mail but we have no response or actions from you you will be kicked

If you decide you want to resign from the clique at any time please go about it in a mature manner cause we are known to report you to higher authorities

The rules are so strick because we want the right dedicated people in this clique not people who just join to say they are a part of something

Things to expect

You will get an official I love pink blinkie and button when you join. You can choose whice one to display on your page.

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