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 schoolfront.jpg (4699 bytes)The school that we attend is Heart Lake Secondary School. Heart Lake Secondary School opened in 1989. Heart Lake offers a wonderful range of academic as well as technological courses. The school is under the guidance of principal Scott Moreash, Vice principals Ms.Bonnie Baker, and Mr. Marcel Giraldi. There are 1, 856 staff members providing excellent education in the school. The school is very well respected by the community and is known for outstanding volunteer in the community. The students going to Heart Lake are very respectfull to each other and strive for quality and excellence.

Contacting the school:
Address: Heart Lake Secondary School
              296 Conestoga Drive
              Brampton, Ontario
              L6Z 3M1

Phone #:(905) 840-2328
Fax #:(905) 840-6289

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