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Human/Environment Interaction

Have you ever wondered why we or the environment change so much. I mean if in was always sunny and never had to rain but then we'd have no water for plants or to fill lakes for fish. This is almost the same with us. We depend on other people to bring us things we can't make or grow here. We get shipment from all around the world just to supply us with needs. The environment does the same. Geographers study this so we know why, where, when, and how we get these things. For many of us we just get things from the store but that is just like bacteria depending on the environment to shift and give them an advantage to multiply quickly. We depend on the market to get us food to buy, they depend on us for money and the shipment for the food, and so on and so forth. Geographers must know this so they can understand more about the environment and humans as well.

these fishes depend on us not to pollute the water  The first time we move here

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