Elite Softball Camp

December 4th 2010

9:00am to 12:00pm

1:30 to 5:30pm

Includes: Skill Development and Live Games

Cost: $75.00


Tulsa softball staff and players will instruct campers on the advance skills and fundamentals for defensive play and offensive philosophy and strategy on the advanced level during the morning section of the clinic.  In the afternoon session we will be putting the girls into teams and creating live game situations.  Participants eligible for the camp are high school varsity players only.  If you were not on the varsity team the previous season, please bring a referral from you High School coach stating you will be on varsity.  The camp format will cover the below topics in the morning, with live game situation in the afternoon.  Parents are welcome to both sessions of the clinic. There will be an hour and half break for lunch, however lunch will not be provided.


We are looking for a total of somewhere between 30-36 athletes to participate in this camp. This camp will be filled on a first come first serve basis and you can reserve your spot by filling out the bottom portion of this registration form and getting it back to us along with your payment.  If weather does not permit us outside on Saturday, then we will reschedule the following day, Sunday, December 5th.   Same time same place. 


Offensive Coverage

Tulsa softball staff will instruct campers on TU’s philosophy of hitting.  We will cover fundamentals of hitting, bunting, slapping, and drills to improve you bat speed and power.  This part of the camp will also provide hitters with the mental approach to help be a successful hitter and discover the TULSA’s hitters’ walk. 


Defensive Coverage

Tulsa softball staff will instruct campers on advance skills and fundamentals for defensive play.  This includes throwing, fielding (infield and outfield), positional work, and situations for all players.  There will also be skill training and tips for improving pitchers.



*Home to first times

*Live game action in the afternoon



To reserve a spot please fill out the registration form and mail it in with payment.  A $75.00 non refundable payment must be sent to secure a spot.  Final payment must be sent in one week before camp.  Walk-ups (if spots are available) will have an additional $10.00 fee.  Spots are limited to first come, first serve.  If you have any questions please call Brooke Smart, Assistant Coach & Camp Coordinator, @ 918-631-2741 or email:   Please make checks payable to Brooke Smart:  (Mail to) Athletics Softball:  800 S. Tucker Dr.  Tulsa, OK 74104






Elite Softball Camp

December 4, 2010




NAME: ________________________                      GRADE: ____________                    AGE: _______



Home Telephone:__________________                  Email Address:________________________



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Insurance Provider: _______________           Policy Number:________________


Emergency Contact: _______________        Relation to Camper:__________________


Telephone # in Emergency: ___________________


I hereby state that the John Bargfeldt 2010 softball Clinic is not responsible for any pre-existing injury or recurrence of any undisclosed pre-existing injury or illness of the below camper.  I also authorize the directors of the Hurricane camp to act for me according to their best judgment in any emergency requiring medical attention.  I further acknowledge the TU or anyone else associated with the Hurricane Camp will not be liable for any damage from injury or illness sustained at the Hurricane Camp.

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Club Ball Team: ______________________                           Club Ball Coaches Name:_______________________

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