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9|23|02 Moving on.
It turns out that UNLV is the 13th most apathetic campus in the the nation (that explains a lot, actually), and that I participated in nowhere near the world's largest hug, and there was nowhere near thousands of people in it. Man, I am a bad estimater. And, man, that was a let down.
I rediscovered that paying no attention in class and procrastinating studying until hours before a test is not a good idea at all. Imagine that.
I promise, it is better to quietly learn from your mistakes, and pretend they never happened.

9|17|02 The sound of silence.
Still melancholy as hell.
People wonder what's wrong. What I really want to know is

what's right?

9|15|02 One liner.
It has been a terrible weekend.

9|12|02 The good, the bad and the ugly.
I'll start with the good. On September 11th I participated in the world's largest hug. People wore names of people who had lost their lives in the attacks last year, I wore the name Astrid Elizabeth. There were thousands of people all in this huge hug and then the organizers said "we would like a moment of silence" and I thought that they would have to beg and plead for it, but as soon as they said it, I couldn't hear anything but the air rushing by my ears and the sun shining down on us. And I looked around at all of the strangers gathered there, from all around the country and the world, all joined to show an act of love, and all thinking of the same thing and it brought tears to my eyes. It was beautiful.
Also good is that since my last post I got working internet and windows xp. Exciting. =)
Now for the bad. I am on duty this weekend, which means that I have to be in my room all night every night this weekend starting at 7pm. My floor is still immature, it's hard for me to be cool with them when they make me so irritated, which I couldn't forget at the floor council meeting. Also, my relationship with Casey is really stressed at the moment because we are both burdened by school and our jobs. It's really tough.
Finally, the ugly. One of my residents is gay and his roommate is homophobic. The worst combination possible, considering Americans have been educated on other issues such as race. The homophobic one keeps saying all these horrible things that really make me so mad, in addition to threatening his roommate with stuff like, "if you ever look at me, I'll f*cking kill you, fag." This is completely wrong and I just can't get through to him! He doesn't even have a good reason, he's just totally ignorant and simple- & narrow-minded. The thing that makes it even more ugly is that other residents in the hall think that how the homophobic thinks and acts is okay! It's ridiculous and so so ugly that I seriously almost started crying when they told me that. Tell me, what is this world coming to?

Will you stay near me now? Don't leave this town
until we've figured out
Between the two of us, we're strong enough
I feel it in your touch

9|07|02 Stationary.
I am unsatisfied with the way these web pages of ours are going. Maybe I just got too addicted to them and I'm experiencing withdrawl, but guys, come on, update. please? To make up for everyone else's slack, I added a new section to my site - music. That is the only link to the page for now, I'll add it to the menu some other time.
In contrast with Tracy's life lately, things have not been going my way. Being an RA sucks, my residents are so immature and annoying. I am going to be an undergrad for forever. My computer is broken. I am broke. Each of those things has some sort of incredibly sad story behind them, naturally.
Anyway, I would be pleased if anyone, anyone called me or sent me a real mail or something to show some love.