March 12

I stole this, because it's fun. Do it. You know you want to.

- i want to _____ linsey!
- linsey needs _____.
- it would be cool if linsey _____!
- if i were in a dark room with linsey i would _____.
- i _____ linsey!
- i would _____ if linsey was naked.
- linsey is _____.
- if i were alone in a room with linsey, i would _____.
- i think linsey should _____.
- linsey will never _____.
- linsey can _____ my _____.
- when i think about linsey, i _____.
- someday linsey will _____.
- linsey reminds me of _____.
- without linsey ____.
- memories of linsey are ____.
- linsey can be ____.
- ____ is how I describe meeting linsey!
- worst thing about linsey is ____.
- best thing about linsey is _____.
- linsey _____.

March 9

This is me pretending I haven't not updated in 2 weeks:

I was breaking down, hard. But I took some time off from work (didn't see my residents for a long time, it was nice), and school (maybe that wasn't such a good idea...), and I spent some time relaxing, and doing stuff that makes me happy. I also did yoga for the first time. I love it, I hope it becomes something that I do regularly. Anyway, hopefully after that reprieve I am ready to take the rest of the semester head on.

I've discovered that although I treasure and pride myself on my independence so much, I'm ultimately very dependent. I was always so good at following directions, and now I can't make a decision for myself. I'm lucky though, because I've found a great person to be dependent on, who lets me pretend that I'm independent, but always helps me make the right decisions and wants the best for me and loves me. Still, sometimes it's hard to come back to reality.

I hung out with Danielle a couple times and despite my dread, it was incredibly fun and refreshing. We both confessed to fears of having nothing to say to each other except, perhaps, "it was nice knowing you", but we ended up talking for hours. It was nice to finally have somebody who was in a similar position in life that I am - somebody who understands. Danielle, I love you! and I'm sorry I dissed you that night. =)

Tracy never made it down, the wood we knocked on must have been faulty, but it's okay because I am going to go see her in just 5 short days! I think it's just what both of us need. I hope I can speak for Tracy when I say that.

Okay, this is me trying to make up for the beginning of the semester. bye!

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