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6|30|02 Do you like dreaming of things so impossible...
I dream that I have a car. That's not so impossible, is it? Maybe I should dream of only the practical. I'm going to be riding the bus forever. I hope that my winter break dreams aren't impossible.
On Thursday I went with Casey to Segfried & Roy's secret garden and dolphin place. It's not really called "dolphin place", but I couldn't remember the actual word. It was really cool. There were, I think, 9 pretty & friendly & trick-doing dolphins. And there were a ton of tigers and leopards, and I think even a lion or two. We were lucky, because we saw them at feeding time, so the cats were being all playful with the trainers. It was really cute. And there were these audio wands where Segfried and Roy themselves talk to you, their accents are so funny! And one of those guys kept telling really corny stories, too. hehe
That was the high point of the week, I think. Watching Goodfellas & cuddling with Casey that night wasn't too shabby, either, though. Oh yeah, I'm starting The Last Tycoon now, just so you know. And, don't worry, the guy who said that Las Vegas was getting bombed on the 4th of July failed the polygraph test. So I'm safe. And, one last exciting piece of news: the Berdines are moving to Vegas this summer! hooray!
I'm going to go dream some more now. So, yes, I'll see you there...

6|26|02 I wish I was special.
I didn't realize that I just updated yesterday... it must have been after midnight on Monday night. Anyhow. I just wanted to say that online has been really lame lately, with David being at basic training, Kyle at camp cherokee, Tracy at her not-favorite cousins, and Ben at work. Mikey, you are the only one who is there for me, except when I need you to proofread my essay, but I forgive you.
As usual, nothing eventful has happened, except for the old man at the bus stop. He was over 80, and he talked to me for about an hour and half (darn strike) about lots of things that have happened since the 1920s, it was pretty cool, and he was even kinda funny. I had no idea that Dawson's Creek still came on, but guess what, it does. I also didn't know anyone still watched that show, but I guess people do. I still don't have my car! Arg! The whole point of getting a car was so I could get a job and get to class. Instead, I didn't get a job because I couldn't even go turn in an application anywhere and my class is only 2 more weeks long. By the time the car gets here, it will be too late to serve it's purpose. That makes me so so angry. You know what's crazy? That my counter is at 98800-something! How did that happen?
In other news, I wish I was special.

6|25|02 All's well that ends well.
Korea is out of the World Cup, but I must say that getting to the final four teams was a pretty amazing feat and Korea fans shouldn't feel like Korea lost, because they won so much! Yeah, so there. Anyway, I don't really have much to say, but I just wanted to update my site in the hopes that I would inspire some other people to update their sites. Here is something: I was going to read 1984 after Catch-22, but the library didn't have it, so I checked out Animal Farm (also by George Orwell) instead. I've never read it before, and man those pigs are making me mad.

6|22|02 Hey sports fans.
You heard it here first! (well, maybe you didn't. if that's the case, then you're hearing it again.) The red devilish Koreans have done it again, and this time they triumphed over Spain! That's right, my friends. It wwas a exciting 0-0 to double-overtime to a 5-4 shoot out, and a win is a win, and don't you forget it. As Dan Sunwoo points out, the Korean coach, Mr. Hiddink, said before the tournament started, "We're going to shock the world!". And, by golly, I think he's right (in a good way). In any event, hangooks are cool. Korea Go Fight Win!

6|20|02 I'm not always there...
Well lookie here, I'm updating my page, finally! Did you miss me? ^_^ Gosh, it's been so long, and there's so much that I could say, so I'm going to end up hardly saying anything. First of all, I hate hate hate the bus. And you can quote me on that. I spend 3 hours a day being a bus rider for at most an hour of class. At least I made friends with the bus driver because I had to chase the bus down the other day, and now he lets me off right in front of my street instead of at the stop on the corner. Here's the hopefully true & good news, though. The seller-of-my-car guy said that it was finally finally picked up for transport today, and, if they come directly (the ignoramus didn't know), I could have it by early next week! Oh man, I hope hope hope and wish wish wish I get it soon!
You may already know that my teacher does not allow the verb 'to be' at all in our essays. It's incredibly hard, and I think it may be impossible. I just wanted everybody to know my difficult situation, thanks for listening. What else... Oh, I finished reading Catch-22 (way before the other book club members... hurry up!). It was pretty darn good. Catch-22 (the idea, not the book) is genius and infuriating. And now I will just string together a bunch of random things in a row. Han Gook chook-gu hwa-ee-teeng! And go US, hopefully we can show Germany who's boss tonight (p.s. i love reyna). I can't wait til the fourth of July and fireworks. Tomorrow night I'm going to be At The Drive-In with Casey, I can't wait. (when was the last time you were at a drive in? I think I only went once when I was little to see the Flinstones movie hehe). Oh yeah! The state of Nevada licensed me to drive last Thursday, woohoo! I am in non-lesbian love with Ryan Starr.
Hmm.. yes, I think that's it.

6|06|02 Sweetness.
I've had an unusually good past two days, compared to the rest of my summer so far. Yesterday I got to see Casey, for once, which was great in itself. But, we went to see a sneak preview of Windtalkers, which was also great, for two reasons: because sneak previews are cool (and free), and because the movie was really good. Except for Nic's ear. Just the thought of it makes me shudder. (I'm shuddering) So, that whole affair was terrific. Now, listen to this. I started a book club with Ben, and we are reading Catch-22, and it's so good and funny! And I'm so happy that I decided to read it. Ben is ahead of me, I need to catch up. You should join us!
BUT, here is the best thing of all: I am now offically the RA for the 4th floor of Boyd Hall! Yes! I finally got called today, after waiting in agony as Tuesday and Wednesday slowly passed by. I'm so excited! I can't wait to assist residents. ^_^ (and get free room and board)
Still no news about my car, which I want desperately. My summer class starts on Monday. I have to catch the bus there and back everyday until I get my car... *sigh* I'll let you know how it goes. Besides everything I just told you... there is nothing else interesting to say.