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7|23|02 Bittersweet symphony.
Hey strangers, it's Linsey, remember me? I think in the last week I was busy enough to make up for the whole first part of the summer. It was good, though. My sister was in town last week, and we did so much fun stuff. On Tuesday we went with Dawn (my sister's best friend who has known me since I was four years old) up to the mountains to ride her horse. Tracy rode a horse two weeks ago, and since she copied my idea of getting a new screen name, I copied her and went and rode a horse. It was awesome. Last night I was back in the saddle, for longer. I am a freaking cowgirl. ^_^ Anyway, then on Wednesday I hung out with Casey and it actually rained! The second time in 2002 that is has rained in Vegas, I loved it so much. Then on Thursday I got Tracy's birthday card back because stamps went up to 37! I swear that card would have been in Virginia by Thursday, the day of Tracy's birth, if stamps just stayed at 34 like they should have. It's crazy, though, because I also ate at Olive Garden on Thursday. Tracy, we were together in breadstick eating! After dinner, we went to the shark reef at Madalay Bay. It was completely breathtaking. All of the tanks and fish were so beautiful. Then we went to Circus Circus and played some games on the midway and won a bunch of stuffed animals. My sister is a claw champion. On Friday, we went and did the star trek experience at the Hilton. We came in the side door though so I didn't see the statue of Elvis. But, if I was ever into Star Trek, that place would have been heaven. There was a star trek museum and if I felt like it I could have read the entire timeline of star trek and it would have made up for not ever watching the show. But, the ride was really really fun and entertaining, I liked it a lot. Everybody that worked there was dressed up in starship outfits, and my sister was messing with me and I jerked away from her and turned around right into the face of this alien guy! He was the one with the big ears and wrinkled face and pointy teeth that owns the bar or something. It was so freaky to turn around and have that right in your face. Then he smiled and asked if he could "hold" my bag, and then he said something about me chewing my tongue (I was chewing gum, but since he is an alien he didn't know). It was pretty funny, maybe you had to be there. So, then on Friday night I got my car! It's pretty exciting. It was pretty broken, though. So we spent that night and all day Saturday fixing it up as good as we could. Thanks so much Jennifer, Rob, and Dawn! It's in the shop now and should be all fixed up by tomorrow, I can't wait! My dad and I are poor poor people now, though. I still need to get a radio in it, too. Even though I spent the least amount of time talking about my car, that is what I can talk about the most. It has been ruling my life since Friday night. Somehow through all of my business I have been reading 100 Hundred Years of Solitude. It's a pretty interesting book so far. Now that my car's in the shop I can just sit back and relax. Too bad nobody is online (except Mikey, hey Mikey). Well, hopefully I can talk to you guys soon. I think my blog was longer than Mikey's blog. ^_^ Step away from the blog.

7|11|02 Back in the day.
Today I went back in time to an elementary school summer vacation. You know, when you didn't have any friends your age around your block and you didn't have a car, so you had to just sit in the house with your family and do something mindless like watch tv all day. It was horrible. But I guess it's all bearable because Glenn is cool. ^_^ But, for now, I am just living on the hope that I have in the rest of the summer, because...I'm getting my car for sure in less than 10 days! Man, isn't that the best news you've heard in a while? It is for me.
So, since I had nothing to do all day, and I definitely did not want to watch the boob tube, I just blasted some music and contemplated life. It kind of depressed me. It didn't help that like every single even slightly sad song I have came on my winamp in a row. But, I decided that I should look on the bright side. And, since I have been wanting a new screen name for a while, I made a new one tonight. So hopefully I can catch you for a chat with my new outlook. pinker sunsets.

7|09|02 Cruel summer.
Today, I think Las Vegas got really close to reaching the temperature at which human flesh boils. I swear, I was so hot I thought I was going to evaporate. Does anybody else feel like they're going to die when they chew minty gum then drink cold water? Anyway, today was my last day of class, hooray! Now I will only be visiting across town to see Casey, which is much more rewarding than that class was.
I went to an art gallery on Saturday at the Bellagio. It had several impressionist paintings in the small room at the back, but it was mainly the works of Alexander Calder. That man was a genius. He invented the mobile, and those large abstract sculptures in parks (stabiles). I always thought of mobiles as these dumb cut-outs tied with yarn to a hanger, but Calder's were breathtaking. Not to mention the other stuff he did with twisting wire and other stuff. The impressionist paintings were awesome, too. The entire experience was pretty amazing, I'd have to say.
No word from my sister yet, though she is supposed to be here around now, give or take a day. And also no word from the car seller or my dad... or Tracy come to think of it. Am I the only one left?
On the way to class I always pass this billboard advertising "stylish nude" entertainment. Think about that for a minute. Is stylish nude an oxymoron, or is it just me?

7|05|02 It's all nice on ice, alright.
Maybe there is hope for this summer.
I spent a wonderful two days chillin like villains with Casey, and skipped my bane-of-my-summer english class on Wednesday. And, of course, I didn't have class yesterday because it was the birthday of our wonderful country, the Land of the Free. You would think that Las Vegas would have fireworks over, or at least quite near, the strip... but it doesn't. I only saw a couple fireworks way off in the distance, it wasn't spectacular spectacular, but I guess I didn't really mind.
My cell phone stopped working this weekend, and I was pretty mad, until I realized that I get a new phone! My new phone is so fabulous, I swear, it plays a symphony for the ring. Still no word about the car, though, that low-down-dirty-good-for-nothing car seller guy!
Anyway, my sister is going to be in town next week, and my class ends next week, so I'm really looking forward to next week. ^_^ People, update your sites... for my sake.