February 24
A very merry happy birthday to my sister today! Even though it was yesterday in Japan, it is today here.
On Saturday Danielle calls me out of nowhere, after completely dissing me for six months, and tells me that she's freaking married, and that she's freaking coming to Vegas this weekend! That is just too mindblowing.
So this weekend is going to be great, especially because not only will I see Danielle for the first time in over a year, Tracy is going to come down again! (knock on wood)
All I have to do is endure this week.

The years go fast and the days go so slow.

February 21
You can all just kiss off into the air.

February 20
Frog porn, courtesy of your local anatomy and physiology lab manual.

I'm so damn emotional sometimes.

February 19
Hey, sorry, I have been busy lately.
This weekend I went to san diego, and the entire trip is almost forgettable, except that I went to the zoo! Oh man, it was so awesome, I love zoos so much! I could spend aaaall day in a zoo. Unfortunately we only had a couple hours there so I didn't get to see everything, but I did see, for the very first time, koalas! They are incredibly cute! There were 6 or 7, and one of them had a baby! In its pouch! And one of them was eating the eucalyptus leaves and it was adorable, and fun. I'm getting so happy and excited just thinking about them. ^_^
Then I had a ton of tests this week, none of which I got an A on, but I think I did okay, considering. I'm so glad that they're over. Now just a test on Monday and I should be good until after spring break. Speaking of spring break, I can't wait. I think about it constantly. Just 3 more weeks. Hurry up, time!

p.s. the next big thing

February 10
Hey I just wanted to say that when I write something like I wrote in my last entry, you can bet that I wrote it no earlier than 1:30am, and that I had no one to keep me company, which led to one of those moods. Yeah, one of those moods. I'm not really incredibly depressed or angry or hopeless.
That said, today was a totally random day. But a good one. Last night I had a dream full of high school people who I never think about, including Kristina K., who I haven't seen since ninth grade. And then what happens but Jeff, who I haven't spoken to in 2 years, ims me (seemingly) out of nowhere. I skipped class for the third time in a row; I really need to get the notes from that annoying girl. I convinced myself to go to chem at the last minute (10 minutes late), and by golly, I think I finally understand what the heck a mole is! I hope.
For some reason I can get everything done except homework, reading, and studying. That is the whole point I'm here and it's the one thing I can't freaking do. I hope that the fact that I have 3 big tests next week and no idea what is going on in those classes will motivate me.
Cross your fingers.

February 9
I'm getting sick of this site. Mostly of what it doesn't represent. I want a place where I can be candid and true. I want a place that is visited by people who are. Unfortunately I am not and neither are you. I feel like I should change that last sentence to say, "...and maybe you aren't either." Why? That's not what I really think. And that's not what I really mean.
When did people become so dubious (or haughty) that they can't even say what's on their mind, but rather must skirt the issue at hand, or convolute their tentative thoughts into a jumbled riddle, to make sure nobody can rightfully criticize them.
When did people become too insecure to give compliments, not wanting to make themselves look less by making somebody else look (and feel) better. Or, worse, when did people become too just plain mean, not even noticing, or caring.
When did people stop pondering the great questions of life and death, right and wrong, love and hate, masks and truth, being satisfied instead with pretty merchandise to clutter up home and mind.

My site is the biggest pretense.

Let's get to the point.

February 7
Well I spent the last couple days trying to get my life a little organized. I can't say that I did such a great job, but I am very proud to say that I made a work out plan last weekend and I stuck to it all week! It's great because I also get to do a little studying at the same time. Kill two birds with one stone, if you will. It's really really cold at 7am.
I am really looking forward to this weekend. I need a break so badly! Unfortunately I also need to catch up on all of my reading. Wish me luck on that. I have no attention span for text books.
I put up a new song in the music section, and I got a couple deep thoughts this week. Don't forget to look at them, or my pictures, often.
But, most of all, don't forget to leave a comment, or two, or twenty! I live for them. PLEASE comment about my journal, song, cam, poll, your day, anything!
Maybe I'm weird but I love hearing people's reactions and opinions about everything.

February 5
I'm lonely.
Doesn't anybody love me?

February 4
My body and mind are in some weird altered state today. My body feels like crap and my mind doesn't feel like doing anything either. I think I'm going to take like 20 motrin and be comfortably numb the rest of the day. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.
Why can't I ever get a real cold. I am never sick enough that I have to stay in bed, always just feel like total crap but can still be around other people and function. Well, sort of function.
I am so incoherent. I better stop.

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