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8|31|02 Low place like home.
Welcome back to fabulous everyone. It has been so long since I updated that my site got taken off of google. But here is the joyous return! In apology of the unplanned hiatus and in celebration of the resumption, I have put up a new poll and also a new deep thoughts? page! Run, don't walk to check them out.
In case you were wondering what happened to me since July 27, I will tell you now. I sat around for a week, then I moved back into the dorms on Aug 7 and began RA training the next day. Then I proceeded to complete 2 long weeks of training, during which I had my shoes stolen in my sleep to have the strings tied together with all of the other RA's shoes and thrown 10 feet up in a tree, lost my favorite pair of sweat pants, didn't wear my name tag, made a bunch of posters, and suffered without internet or cable. Then came 5 days of checking in the freshmen, what a bunch of punks. The kids on my floor are alright, though, for the most part. Then I started school on the 26th. That was also the day one year after I met Casey. ^_^ School is alright, I haven't been assigned any homework yet except a little reading and to play whole notes of E, F, and G on my guitar. My guitar class is ridiculously elementary, I want to die in there. All of my classes have some kind of wierd quirk that I can't get over, I swear it's right out of Seinfeld. Anyway, that pretty much brings you up to date.
Well, I hope that once again you are enjoying my site. Go ahead and sign the guestbook again and let me know. Until next time...