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4|30|02 The universe works on a math equation that never even ever really even ends in the end.
Well, I have a semester's worth of math homework due tomorrow. Why why why did I procrastinate?! I don't know. But it's terrible. Terrible, I tell you. I also have a speech due next week that is 25% of my grade. Yippee. If anybody has some good credible info about the happenings with napster and proposals to get around the problem, please please please, hook a sista up!
I am happy today, though, because today I made a great decision. Spurred on by the fact that half of my clothes are more than 2 years old, and my shoes are lookin shabby, and Tracy got 20 new shirts this weekend, I have decided to go on a major shopping spree and melt my atm card. I haven't felt this good in a long time, and I haven't even done it yet.
P.S. Good luck to everyone who is taking exams this week! & congrats on finishing a year of college!
P.P.S. If any major changes happen on the site before Friday, then I have succumbed to the sneaky temptation of the combined powers of my computer and the internet. So, hopefully the new question and test won't happen til this weekend. On the other hand, I am still wanting comments about the site, and suggestions, like if you want your site linked, or you have a good question for the deep thoughts page.

4|28|02 If it's cool with you, it's cool with me.
Today was great, wonderful, fantastic! My dorms had the Eat and Get Wet barbecue/water war, and it was the best; three hours of drenched fun! It was so funny to see complete strangers work together so well to gang up on other complete strangers and get them as wet as possible. I made lots of new friends today that way, which is always cool, even when I was the one that was getting dropped in the kiddie pool (which was originally there to hold water balloons, not people). We even bombed a Hawaiian club picnic that was going on by the other dorms. ^_^
Well, then after dinner Casey and I went over to the Desert Passage shopping at the Aladdin. It was cool, seeing it for the first time, but then, as we got near the end, there was a performance going on! It was so awesome. We missed the very beginning, but when we showed up this guy was twirling and dancing with this huge metal shape, like [|], then he put that away and got out a gigantic cube and balanced it on his forehead and spun it around and did all this other cool stuff. Then, these two small guys came out in black tights and suspenders (and that's all), and did all this cool picking each other up and balancing stuff, like the Chinese guy on Ocean's Eleven. Then these two chicks come out and do a little middle-eastern dancing. THEN, these four black guys come out, and they're crazy. They do stuff like the little guys did, except it's way cooler. And they did all this gymnastics and, man, I can't even explain it, but trust me, it was amazing. And throughout all of this, there is a live band of bongo drums and a wooden flute and everything. Perfect.
So that's why today was so fabulous. The past few days were so-so. They were okay for me, but very sad for this site. I put up a new poll, so head that way. I'm also working on a new question for the deep thoughts page, maybe not so deep this time, since not many people could come up with anything for the current one. And I'm working on making a new test for the My Test page, one that everyone (including people that don't know me personally) will hopefully enjoy. And last, but not least, don't be shy - sign the guestbook! I'll sign yours if you sign mine. ;)

4|24|02 Brain stew.
I've had a lot of stress lately, for a number of reasons that I won't bother to name, for the sake of your non-boredom. The two that are killing me right now are this horrible horrible sore throat I have, and the math homework that has amassed due to my earlier procrastination. I'm still in a good mood, though, because this week I get a double dose of the fabulous show Survivor! And, tomorrow will mark eight months with Casey (just thought I'd throw that in there because it makes me happy, even if it makes some other people wanna vomit).
Oh! My school has been having a Unity Fest, and today there were booths of ethnic group clubs in the plaza, and there was a Korean-American Club booth! And they were selling all this yummy delicious Korean food that I haven't had in forever! ...but when I got my money and Paul and his girlfriend and went back, they were sold out! I was very sad. But there was wonderful cheesecake in the dining commons, so I guess it evens out.
Website news: Everyone pitch in your 2 at the "deep thoughts?" page! And you can use that form to send me any comments/suggestions for the site.

4|20|02 It's a beautiful day.
The weather is much better today! And, it's know what that means:
Happy Birthday Goedkoop!

4|19|02 Blowin' in the wind.
What is wrong with Las Vegas? The weather has been crappy lately. Add to that the crappiness of having a cold and the low wich follows all highs... and you get a not-too-good-feeling Linsey. Yeah, and I'm not being a good math student yet, either. And one more thing: I still have a month of school left. ugh. I wish I had my last class yesterday. Not looking forward to living at my cousins' and riding the bus everyday,either. Everybody come to Las Vegas for summer break!
On the brighter side, it's finally Friday! And I'm going to try to add an interactive thing to the site...hopefully it will be cool and people will participate. Besides that, sign the guestbook. That's all for today, I'll see ya next post: same fabulous time, same fabulous channel.

4|15|02 Ray of light.
I had the hiccups all day, and they finally just went away! This morning I found out that there is hope for me to pass my math class, with more than a D. Plus, I got a fabulous letter in my mailbox from a muy bueno chica, and, just when I thought it couldn't get any better, I got a $1600 grant for next year, just for asking!
Today I moseyed on over to a website of someone that I don't keep in touch with very well, and there were a lot of pictures of old friends, and it made me very nostalgic and reflective. You see, a ton of my class went to college in WA, and they get to still hang out with each other, laugh at each other's corny jokes, and know everything that is going on with each other all the time. I miss them, and I wish I had that. But, at the same time, I'm glad I don't, because I am experiencing new things and doing all that other idealistic independent growing stuff.
I am determined to be the best I can be, including being a math student.

4|13|02 Let me blow ya mind.
I found out that Ben is on the GT soccer team, then I found out that there is a post office within walking distance of my dorm, and I can finally mail Tracy's Christmas present. XBOX makes me sick, like those movies where the camera moves around way too much. I'm still working on beautifying the site, any suggestions for content would be greatly appreciated.
P.S. It is my brother's 17th birthday, Happy Birthday Clinton!

4|12|02 In the beginning.
I haven't done anything today yet, besides miss half my classes. Oops.
Working a little on the site, there's not much substance yet...don't expect a lot when I'm done, either.