January 19
Things will get swinging again in a couple more days...

January 12
Back in my dorm. Feels good to have things back to normal.
Well, as normal as things can get.
I can't stand training though. It's not the training part, it's the phony part. "HHEEEEEYYYY!!!!! (humongous hug) How are you?! Oh wow, that's GREAT!!" Ugh! How can somebody possibly feel that excited for every single person they are ever introduced to? And as much as I hate how phony it is, I hope so much that it really is phony and not real. Because if it's real, there is something seriously wrong.
Mike I don't think lyrics in info is selfish or worthy of such anger. Get over it.
Anyway I miss everybody. I haven't talked to anyone in forever it seems.

January 6
I don't think I've ever been as alone as I am right now.
Casey is in Hawaii. Unfortunately there is no aloha for me. And I'm the last person still on winter break...for two more weeks! Oh that's right I have to go back this Sunday for stupid stupid training. Did I mention that my horrible supervisor who made our job a living hell quit? Thanks a lot for screwing everything up and
leaving just when things were starting to get better after all that hard work!
Anyway, I'm so bored. But restless. I've tried to read 1984 so many times but never got further than a paragraph or two. Not because it's boring, but because I just can't sit still and concentrate for some reason.
Oh yes Mikey thanks for reminding me about Joe Millionaire tonight. It's going to be funny! I hope.


Can't wait for Saturday.

January 1
Happy New Year! I hope that this coming year brings good luck and happiness to everyone, especially me. Loquacity is failing me. I'm hungry.

December 24
not a creature was stirring

December 21
Hey everyone, here's a quick run down of the past week. Finally finished closing and moved out of the dorms. Hung around for a couple days. Casey got a floppy eared bunny. I bought a car. Saw Two Towers. Other boring stuff.
The bunny is so cute, but it has attitude! My car is Korean. =) A white 95 Kia Sephia. Two Towers was awesome. Just incredible.
I didn't send out my Christmas cards yet... sorry if you get one a little late!

December 14
I am Charlie Brown
Which Peanuts Character Are You Quiz

December 13
This could go on the deep thoughts page, but it's my site, so it's going here. =)
My favorite winter memories:
After opening presents, going down to the basketball court in Hannam with Becca in the falling snow, and looking up at the sky. It felt so close, like I could touch it. I felt like I was in a snow globe, in a little magical world all my own. I even did that corny movie thing, I put my arms out and spun around, and tried to catch some snowflakes on my tongue. Then we tried to play soccer, but we couldn't see more than 2 feet in front of us for the snow so we gave up.
Getting stuck on base in the middle of a ton of snow, so the busses got cancelled, and walking back to Hannam, on the back hilly streets. It took over 2 hours with all the snowballs and sliding and falling. It normally takes about 40 from where I was.
Getting to Tracy's house with two feet of snow on the playground next to it and saying, "let's play in the snow!" and her going "yeah!!" She picked up a handful and dropped it, and went inside.
Having that huge snowball fight outside of Collier when it snowed so so hard while we were in there for a bomb threat. And hitting Mikey in the ballz.
My worst winter memory:
Making that wonderful snowman with my brother on the sidewalk in front of our apartment, then going to admire it from my balcony, only to see all of the monstrous little kids knocking it over and jumping on it!