If you do not think about the future, you cannot have one
- John Gale
If you don't have a dream, how can you have a dream come true?
- Faye La Pointe
Dreams come a size too big so that we can grow into them.
- Josie Bisset

Being in college, should we worry about our future, or live in the present? How big should our dreams be, in relation to our realistic societal limits?

Stupendous Man:4|22|02
Know your dreams when you go to college, then turn on auto-pilot and coast through, hopefully passing all your classes and not going insane with too much work, or depression in the process.

Entropy Man:4|22|02
A man can only blame society for his mistakes so long as he refuses to think for himself

Entropy Man:4|22|02
Stupendous Man presents a complicated problem. We sacrifice the short-term for the sake of the long-term, and certainly this is justified in the long-term. However, Stupendous Man recommends we live for the short-term, leaving the long-term to chance. I cannot agree; not if the our plans are on a grander scale than blue collar work. Many of our dreams require a very conscious effort. Certainly, there must be some degree of sacrifice, but we cannot forsake the short term. There must be some kind of balance, some short-term repreive, whether its a fun weekend or some other leisure. Our unfortunate circumstance is that we live in both the short and long term and must be true to both of them

We should not worry about the future. Worrying about the future would include being concerned about packing or getting a ride to Salt Lake or finding out my flight information. Totally unnecessary.

everything happens for a reason is no reason not to ask myself if i am living it right

Ferris Bueller:1986
I want to go to a good college so I can have a fruitful life.

no, we shouldn't worry about tomorrow or the next day or five years from now. it adds stress and stress is not cool. care free is the way to be.

yeah, the way to be homeless

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