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Erika's Profile!

Hey, I just wanted to tell all my friends thx 4 bein there 4 me, and i will luv yall 4ever, no matter what!!! *Erika SHOUTOUTS!!! **Whitley I luv u so much, u r so cute, i am so glad we both made jv! I hope I get the house by yours! that would be neato! sry bout the girls that keep droppin u in stunting, tell kristy that i am gunna be ur spotter from now on! cuz i know i won't drop you! **Emmie We need to get along more, lol, i wanna stop fightin cuz we have one like every week, so we r dun, ok? OMG that kid in my class COLENGATED!!! LMAO i guess it is possible!!!I had so much fun @ the beach, thx 4 takin me, luv ya bunchiez! **Haley We have literaly been best friends our hole life, and we always will b, cuz i cant picture not havin u in my life, so u r now glued 2 me 4 ever HAHAHA, lol, we have had lotz of good times together, i have finally got a roundoff, wow i am not very good at that tumbling stuff, o well, u gotta help me on it! Congrats on becoming a flyer, have fun in the air, hahaha sux 4 u, JUST KIDDIN **Kody I am so glad we r g/o. U r the nicest person, if u actually try to b. I have never felt like this towards ne one b4, and i hope this last a long long long long long time!!!!! (i wanted to add sum more longs on it, but then it would fill up the hole page) **Katie S. I am so glad we got those 6 classes together, lol, it gave us lots of bonding time!I hope we can get even better friends cuz u r so awsum! U lil poopy face, u were spossed to try out 4 cheerleadin, so we could be on it together. I am gunna make u try out next year!!! U better go 2 dinner with us, lol, u can have ur lollipop, and ur drink, while i pig out on food! Hehehe, the blow up doll on nightmare on elm street was hillarius, lol good times!